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Oct 9, 2012

:siren: WARNING! :siren:
Since the game is technically a sequel, there are a lot of references and spoilers to the original game scattered throughout. Thankfully, I did an LP of it here that you can check out and catch up on before you continue to read this thread. Alternatively, you can purchase the game here and play it yourself! It is highly advised that you read through it one way or another beforehand, otherwise you’re going to be lost at parts!

What’s this game?

Hatoful Boyfriend Holiday Star is the sequel to the original Hatoful Boyfriend and-

Sword Hunter Gil, in the previous thread posted:

There’s a sequel to this triumph of insanity!?

Indeed there is! Due to the reception of the first game, Hato Moa created a sequel, which focuses on showing what wintertime is like at St. Pigeonation’s for our favorite cast of birdies.
It was released in English on Christmas 2012, and ends up being more of a collection of side-stories to Hatoful Boyfriend rather than a true sequel. Rather than being a dating simulator and focusing on ~romance~, Holiday Star contains four interconnected vignettes about winter break, as well as lots of bonus content for fans of the first game. I feel that moving away from the dating sim structure and focusing more on dedicated storylines really allowed Hato Moa’s writing to shine through, and allowed the writing to focus more on a narrative and character development than the sort of fragmentation that is inherent in dating sim-style games. It also has more event CGs, so there’s lots of original art interspersed with the real-life photos of birds.

How’s the LP going to work?

We will once again be following the amazing adventures of Goon Lourde and her chick helmet for this LP.

This is going to be a screenshot LP. Since there’s a lot of bonus content that unlocks as we complete the main stories, I’ll be showing it off as we gain access to it. Like last time, I’ll be adding in additional dialogue to fill out some of the sparser bits of the game. This game also has more to take note of, so I will likely be including more information on the references made within the game. There are also very few choices to be made, so there won’t be a vote like last time, but you guys will still have a little say in the direction of this LP.

All additions to the dialogue will be in italics. All notes added (musical cues, additional information, etc.) will be in bold.

Additional Notes
No spoilers. There’s a lot more of a developing story within these vignettes, so spoilers for Holiday Star should be avoided.
Spoilers for the original game are free reign.

And in order to curb a couple of questions I expect to pop up eventually: As far as canon goes, any information that we learned about the characters from the first game applies in this game as well. The events of the first game only apply when necessary, but all character backgrounds are relevant.

Chapter 1: The Christmas Thieves Attack! or, Turnabout for the Holidays
Episode 1: Drama, Excitement, and Adventure! A New Case Begins!
Episode 2: Investigation at the High Society Seagull Department Store
Episode 3: Investigation Day 1 End, An Ominous Late Night Operation
Episode 4: The Christmas Thieves Strike Again!
Episode 5: The Culprits are Revealed, and a Trap is Set!
Episode 6: The Trap is Sprung! Crashing a Christmas Party
Episode 7: The Christmas Thieves Strike! A Desperate Struggle
Episode 8: Captured! The Christmas Thieves Tell All
Episode 9: Shuu's New Assistants! Chapter 1 End

Chapter 1 Bonus Material
Radio 1: Living With Birds
Shrine Visit 1: Anghel
Shrine Visit 2: Okosan
Shrine Visit 3: Yuuya
Shrine Visit 4: Nageki
Shrine Visit 5: Shuu
Shrine Visit 6: Kazuaki
Shrine Visit 7: Sakuya
Shrine Visit 8: Ryouta

Chapter 2: Fallen Chronicles - Absolute Zero or, Anghel's Bizarre Adventure: Delusion Is Not Crash
Episode 10: Rally Cry of the Crimson Angel! Preparations for Battle
Episode 11: Ragnarok Approaches! Battle at the Tokyo Big Sight
Episode 12: The First Meetings Begin! The Golden Winged Messenger's Effect
Episode 13: Infiltrating Golden Weekly! The True Scheme Discovered
Episode 14: Surpassed!? Flashback: The Messenger's Motives
Episode 15: The Day Arrives! The Messenger's Wild Attack
Episode 16: Pretty Coore! Open My Hato! The Counterattack
Episode 17: The Messenger Defeated! Chapter 2 End

Chapter 2 Bonus Material
Hatocatch Pretty Coore Dream Drop☆
Radio 2: The Pigeon and The Partridge
Legumentine's Chronicles
Radio 3: Special Talk Show

Chapter 3: The Day the Night Slept or, Journey of Dreams
Episode 18: Nageki's Confession, and the Astronomy Club Event
Episode 19: An Eclipsing Evening
Episode 20: Travelling
Episode 21: First Impressions of the Holiday Star
Episode 22: The First Request - The Mysterious Restaurant
Episode 23: The Second Request - The Exploding Garden
Episode 24: The Third Request - The Approaching Rain
Episode 25: Predawn - Chapter 3 End

Chapter 3 Bonus Material
Radio 4: Spoilers Ahead!
Midnight Attack of the Nightmare

Chapter 4: The Day the Night Slept (After) or, Nightmare in Dreamland
Episode 26: The Dream Will Not End
Episode 27: An Unexpected Obstacle
Episode 28: Smash the World's Shell
Episode 29: The Lying Picture Book
Episode 30: The Uneclosed Picture Book
Episode 31: The Decorated Picture Book
Episode 32: The Black and White Picture Book
Episode 33: The King's Story
Episode 34: The King's Picture Book
Episode 35: Yuuya's Confrontation
Episode 36: Picture Book
Episode 37: Reunion, But Still Something is Missing
Episode 38: A Full Party
Episode 39: The Lighthouse, Determination
Episode 40: Resolution
Episode 41: Peace, The Return to Normal

Chapter 4 Bonus Material
Radio 5: Human Form Questions
Albert's Secret
Preliminary Inspection
Aftermath, Pt. 1
Radio 6: Extra-Large Edition
Aftermath, Pt. 2
The Day the Night Slept (After After)
Aftermath, Pt. 3

Our Main Character

Lourde Goon
The protagonist and narrator. Plucky and cheerful, she is friendly to all of her schoolmates. The only human student at St. Pigeonation’s. Wears a yellow chick helmet in a futile effort to fit in with her peers. Her favorite food is udon.
Her canonical name is Tosaka Hiyoko, where Hiyoko means “chick” in Japanese.

The Husbandoves

Kawara Ryouta
Birthday: December 3
Goon’s childhood friend and a rock dove. He is kind and responsible, but also has an easily upset stomach and poor health. He works during the school year in order to take care of his mother, who is also rather sickly.
His name uses an alternate spelling of Kawara, which stands for the “rock” part of “rock dove”.

Nanaki Kazuaki
Birthday: September 23
The homeroom teacher for room 2-3 and a button quail. Mild-mannered and kind, he teaches mathematics and is considered to be incredibly brilliant. However, he is a narcoleptic and is known to fall asleep during his own lectures.
Kazuaki shares a kanji from the Japanese name for the button quail in his family name.

Shirogane Le Bel Sakuya
Birthday: June 23
A French transfer student and a fantail pigeon. Comes from a noble family, shows it through his snobbish attitude towards his classmates. Apparently related to Sakazaki Yuuya.

Fujishiro Nageki
Birthday: October 19
Freshman student and a mourning dove. Very quiet and stand-offish, he spends a lot of time in the library reading.
The name Nageki comes from the “mourning” part of “mourning dove”.

Sakazaki Yuuya
Birthday: April 25
Upperclassman and a fantail pigeon. Very charismatic, imfamous at St. Pigeonation’s for his flirty attitude. Apparently related to Shirogane Le Bel Sakuya.

Iwamine Shuu
Birthday: December 12
The school doctor and a chukar partridge. Notable for his work, but has an unsettling reputation among the student body. Very cold and known to sneak up on students.
Shuu shares a kanji from the Japanese name for the chukar partridge in his family name.

Oko San
Birthday: July 12
A sophomore student and a fantail pigeon. He is captain of the track team and rather hyperactive. He is a big fan of pudding to an almost obsessive level. He can only speak in coos.
Oko San’s model is Hato Moa’s own fantail pigeon, also named Oko San.

Higure Anghel
A sophomore student and a Luzon bleeding-heart dove. In the other second year class and seems very dramatic. Refers to other students by fantasy titles rather than their names.

Other Characters

Koshiba Azami
A Java sparrow. She rides a pink motor scooter, and is known to drive very carefully. She sells takoyaki and often shouts “Carve it into your soul!” Part of a biker gang called Hell's Birdies.
On her gijinka design, she wears a long coat with her species name written in very complicated kanji. This is a common trend in members of Japanese biker gangs.

Urushihara Kenzaburou
An “extremely elegant” parakeet. Well-spoken and polite, he is the gentlemanly owner of the Torimi Café.

A yellow budgerigar with a Kansai accent. He is a regular customer at Torimi Café, and is friends with the owner, Kenzaborou. He seems out-of-place in the café environment due to his brash attitude and his unkempt appearance.

Mr. One
A cockatiel and the janitor of St. Pigeonation's. Does not tend to talk to students and is considered a dandy, though he seems to be an acquaintance of Yuuya's.

Miru and Kaku
Two mischievous bird... creatures. Filled with an insatiable love for Christmas.

Nishikikouji Tohri
A golden pheasant and the editor-in-chief for Golden Weekly, a manga magazine. Believes in artistry and beauty above all else, and has a particular fondness for his own name.

The King
The king of the Holiday Star. He seems rather quick to cry, but he is very forward and does his best for his citizens.

ElTipejoLoco shows a day in the life of Goon: fighting off jackals, then sitting down with them for a nice bowl of udon.

Ariamaki gives brief reviews and rundowns on the many English Hatoful Boyfriend manga books currently available!
Focus on the Hawks
Kazuaki-kun's Book
Overload! Overflow! EX
Absolute Zero - The Forbidden Epic of Fallen Angel

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Oct 9, 2012

Reserved for stuff later maybe.

Oct 9, 2012

The main menu is similar to the previous game, though the Archive has been replaced by something called “Radio”. We don’t have anything in any of the bonus sections right now, though, so let’s go straight to Story.

We only have access to one of the chapters to start, so let’s get right to it.

We thought they were just an urban legend—until now! They’re after the tree, and that rhymes with T, which stands for Trouble, right here in Littledove Hachiman City.
Christmas trees, disappearing. A dark shadow, wriggling just out of sight.
Can our faithful heroes from St. Pigeonation’s put an end to this mystery before it puts an end to them!?

Umm… it’s almost six.

The time really flew by today; before I knew it, it was already nearing closing time.

You’re not running late, are you? It’s already dark out.
Tell me about it. We were all talking about the nice autumn leaves and all just a few days back, and now I’m darned if it ain’t winter.
Christmas, even, is just a few days away. Swift indeed is the passage of time.
Well, I’d better be heading back. Azami’ll be getting out of work soon.
Be careful, Mr. Rabu! There are all kinds of hooligans out and about at this time of night.

Are you sure you’re not relying on her a little too much…?
We put up our Christmas tree today. Please, have a look at it as you leave.
You did!? I never saw it on my way in. I’ll have to get a real good look at it to make up.
Mr. Urushihara and I put a lot of time into decorating it. I hope you like it!
You bet I will. See y’all around!

The bell on the door rang as he left the cafe.

December certainly does feel like the end of the year. I wonder how much busier it will be at this time next year…

No, not really… I just want to make sure I can take care of my mother.
Worries are an important part of youth, as well.
And sometimes problems will simply disappear as you try to solve them. You never know.

A moment of silence passed between us. I was a little nervous, but I thought maybe Mr. Urushihara would be able to help me out with something.

Umm, Mr. Urushihara… Could I ask you for some advice? I’ve had a lot on my mind…
But of course. I am more than happy to provide whatever assistance I—

Before Mr. Urushihara could finish his sentence, however, I heard a loud commotion coming from outside the store.
The music stops.

That came from out front.
I believe it did… Let us go see what has happened.

We both rushed out of the café.

What on earth—


I recognized him immediately.

Mr. Rabu! Are you all right!?
Have you been injured?
Aaa… aaargh…
I let my guard down… They got me from… behind…
They got you!? Do you need an ambulance!? It must have somebirdie settling a grudge from your biker gang days…
N-no! That’s not it…

The music stops.

Ryouta had been telling me a story about his work shift last night, but he lost me there at the end.

No, no! They’re real! They’re out in the streets right now, spreading misery and destruction!
They’ve been coming up on the news a lot, too. Haven’t you seen the headlines? “The Christmas Thieves Invade Littledove Hachiman City at Last!”
Hmm… No, this is the first I’ve heard of them… I think…

Forget the thieves, this is the first time I’ve heard the name of this town!
I guess it just never comes up in conversation or anything. The more you know~☆

Do they show up every year at this time? I don’t remember hearing about them last year.

I worked at Mr. Urushihara’s shop, Torimi Café, during the summer.
The job was only until August, but apparently he decided he could use help for December, as well.
The wilderness gets very cold this time of year, making it dangerous to come home late, so I left it to Ryouta this time. (That and I need time to study!)
And… it sounds like Torimi Café is the mysterious thieves’ latest victim.
This smacks of drama! Drama, excitement, and adventure!

The music stops.

Wh-what was that for!?

Just getting the feel for it. There’s been an incident, right?
I need to make sure my finger-pointing is sufficiently dramatic for when I need to use it!
Eeeeh…? Please don’t go around pointing and shouting at stuff, you’ll give me a heart attack…

It’s too late for that, Ryouta! I’ve already entered investigation mode!

Tell me! Who’s the victim? And the suspect?

And when we found him, the tree was gone.

The music stops.

Wh-wh-wh-wh-what was that for!?

What do you mean, “the tree was gone”???
Please don’t shout everything! You can just ask!
Sorry, I got excited. Teehee!

They must be wandering the town stealing any trees they see. It’s… it’s horrible!
Mr. Urushihara and I worked really hard to decorate that tree, too…
And now all the customers who were looking forward to seeing it will be disappointed…
Monstrous! How could they steal Mr. Urushihara’s incredibly classy hand-decorated tree!?
Let’s look for the thieves! Christmas is at the weekend. They must still be in town!
Mmm, I wonder… They probably are still prowling around here looking for trees…

We can start today!
You two are awfully loud today. Can you not grant the rest of us a little piece and quiet?

A familiar, pompous voice rang out behind me.

Oh! Sakuya, listen! They’ve appeared! The White Demons stand poised to Shatter the Silence of that most Holy Night!
You can’t just go around giving things nicknames like a certain someone next door, Goon…

Ryouta shook his head as he turned to talk to Sakuya.

Christmas trees are being stolen all around town, Sakuya. Maybe you’ve already heard?

Is there not more important news to be run now, of all seasons? How telling it is that so much attention is devoted to such foolishness.
You don’t like Christmas, Sakuya?
What!? From where do you think I hail, plebian?
France… right?
Oh, of course. Christmas probably means a lot more to you than to us Japanese people.

I have even deigned to place it near the window, so that the masses may gaze up at it in awe and wonder. Be grateful!
He who does not celebrate Christmas is no true bird… That is the importance Christmas holds for us.

In other words, Sakuya gets extra jolly this time of year… Better take notes!

Trees are being stolen from in front of shops and on the sidewalk and other easily-visible places, so you should probably be careful too, Sakuya. Don’t let it get stolen!
Hmph! Do not place me on the same level as you Orientals, with your infantile understanding of private security. Did I not say I overlook nothing?

Sakuya… We call that sort of line a “flag”, here in Japan.
Oh well, that’s not our problem now! We must try to find the Christmas Thieves before they strike again!

Let’s start our investigation by asking people around town, Ryouta.
Good idea.
Let us know if you hear anything new or get robbed, Sakuya!
How many times must I tell you!? My tree will not be stolen!

As Sakuya yelled to us about his tree safety, Ryouta and I left the classroom to start our investigation.
The music stops.

Upon leaving the building, Ryouta and I are greeted by the sight of Okosan prancing about on the track.
Prancing, or… maybe skipping? I’m not sure. At any rate, he appears to be in pointlessly high spirits.

You’re in a good mood today, San.
Did something good happen?
Coooooo! (It’s Christmas! Christmas is almost here!)

What! Another Christmas fiend!?
Is there something about Christmas that wakes the ancestral jollity inside a dove’s heart?

Coo, coooo! (Everything is sparkly on Christmas! Okosan is excited!)
Coo, coooo! (And everything smells like delicious food! Okosan is very excited!)
Western pastry shops always look so tempting this time of year…

Okosan had gotten me caught up in thinking about Christmas treats, but thankfully Ryouta was a good assistant and curved the conversation to our job.

You spend a lot of time in department stores, right, San? Have you heard anything about the Christmas Thieves?

Villains out to steal pretty Christmas trees!
Coo, coo! (Christmas trees? Yes! Okosan knows about them!)
Cooooo! (The trees at Okosan’s favorite High Society Seagull Department Store disappeared!)
High Society Seagull Department Store… Do you know where that is, Ryouta?
Yeah, I’ve worked at the samples table there. I’ll show you the way.

Hopefully the security at a High Society store would give us some leads on the Christmas Thieves.
Here we come, High Society Seagull Department Store!
The music stops.

Mar 29, 2010

YES more pigeon loves! :dance:

Edit: Man, I missed Goon :allears:

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Mar 1, 2013

You see,
God doesn't help little frogs.

He helps people like me.
I'm so ready for the next chapter of Pigeon Simulator. :3:

Jun 17, 2007

Yam Slacker
The madness never ends. So be it! Enthrall me with pigeons!

Gay Abortions
Dec 12, 2007

I thought, after everything at the end of the last game, I was prepared for anything this sequel could throw at me.

ChorpSaway posted:

They’re after the tree, and that rhymes with T, which stands for Trouble, right here in Littledove Hachiman City.
And then it goes and makes a reference to loving Music Man and now I don't even know any more.

Super hyped for the rest of this.

Battle Pigeon
Nov 7, 2011

I am dancing potato
give me millet

Awww yiss. After the madness of the last game, I am so ready for this one. Thanks for LPing it for us!

Sally Forth
Oct 16, 2012
It's good to have Goon back as narrator. Thanks for doing this ChorpSaway, you are a pigeon-dating machine!

Oct 9, 2012

I think it's great that the music in this video is by Kevin MacLeod, whose tracks also appear often in this game. Clever coincidence, or great conspiracy? We just don't know.

Gay Abortions posted:

I thought, after everything at the end of the last game, I was prepared for anything this sequel could throw at me.

And then it goes and makes a reference to loving Music Man and now I don't even know any more.

Super hyped for the rest of this.
I see you noticed that too. That was one of the things that made me pause as I was recording this bit. I think it's really well done and it reminded me early on why Holiday Star is so good.

Sally Forth posted:

It's good to have Goon back as narrator. Thanks for doing this ChorpSaway, you are a pigeon-dating machine!
Pigeon dates are forever. I hope the sequel doesn't come out during this LP so that I can take a break after this, but once you go bird, you... something something I love birds.

Gay Abortions
Dec 12, 2007

ChorpSaway posted:

I see you noticed that too. That was one of the things that made me pause as I was recording this bit. I think it's really well done and it reminded me early on why Holiday Star is so good.
That's one of those references where it both does and doesn't fit the flow of things and so I'm basically super confused as to whether that's a localization of a reference that existed in the original Japanese or if the translator / localizer just decided to remind us all about tacky con man musicals for no reason.

Apr 22, 2008

but at least I don't have
a MLP or MSPA avatar.
I am my own man.

I think I remember hearing about the translator for the original Hatoful being in close correspondence with Hato Moa, it might've been the same thing here? If that's the case, then it's likely something as equally surreal in the Japanese version.

Oct 9, 2012
This is just too good. :allears:

Also, this will be the second piece of media I'm following at the moment that's wonderfully obsessed with Ace Attorney.

Dec 25, 2012
I was too late to the party to follow along with the first LP as it went, so I'm excited to watch as things unfold this time. These are some of my favorite games, so it's been really fun to see people enjoying them who may not have realized how wacky and great they really are!

Thanks as always for the excellent LP! :allears:

Jul 22, 2007

Hail all those who are able,
any mouse can,
any mouse will,
but the Guard prevail.

Clapping Larry
I do hope Goon keeps up the Anghel impression. Or even better, than Anghel gets involved. I want to know what he thinks of Christmas.

Oct 9, 2012

They’re okay, really! Just don’t think about that and it’ll be fine.

He… read my mind…!?

More importantly, we need to ask a clerk about the thefts.
Right, right. Umm, excuse me!

I waved to a nearby clerk to call him over to us.

The clerk gave me a once-over and made an ugly face.

Do you know where you are, young lady?
Umm… This is the High Society Seagull Department Store, right?
That is correct. The High Society Seagull Department Store! Say it once more!
The High Society Seagull Department Store!
Good. This store is of High Society, by High Society, and for High Society.
It is no place for obviously low society humans. Please leave!

The music stops.

This is blatant speciesism! I hope you’re ready to swallow your words or defend them with steel, cretin! Draw, man, draw, before I stick you like a rotisserie chicken!
Calm down, Goon! Getting into a fight here won’t do us any good! Please, don’t act like San!

And just what does Okosan have that makes him so much more High Society than me!?
Before I could yell at the clerk some more, Ryouta - ever the diplomat - had already begun a new discussion.

Please, we just want to ask you a question. We’ll leave right away!

They… did not break into the store, no. They were not allowed in.
However, as you know, the store faces onto the street. The three Christmas trees we had arranged outside were stolen.
Trees placed outside… just like at Torimi Café!

They seem to be quite crafty. I think this might get difficult, Ryouta.
Aah, I can feel the thrill of the chase! My hunter-gatherer blood boils!
Right on time. I knew it was a good idea to ask you along.
The stolen trees were of little value. We have already sent away for new ones.
Do you think you could wait a little before setting them up? The thieves might come back…

Christmas trees are just so much rubbish once it’s the 26th…
They’re not rubbish! You can use them every year!
Umm, were there any witnesses?
The trees were in a blind spot between security cameras, so alas, we have nothing.
Too busy staring down your own noses to look out the window, were you?
I hope I never see you here again, young lady.

Well, that was a disappointment.
About all we’ve found out is that the thieves aim for trees placed in vulnerable spots outside.
Maybe we should leave?

Well the clerk said that the thieves “weren’t allowed in”, but they also stole three trees without being caught, so they may have still found a way into the store.
I decided to check the clothing section first. Plus, while I’m there I can check out all the new winter fashions!

It’s “out of place”, not “face”!

H-he did it again! He read my mind!
…I decided not to think too hard about it and turned to do some window shopping.

Can birds even wear clothes like these? Are they just for decoration?

Shops are always so pretty this time of year! I feel like I’m looking into a different world…
They do look a little unreal. Do you like Christmas, Goon?
My family’s Shin Buddhist, so I’ve never really celebrated it, but… I do like it when everybirdie’s all festive!
I’m not exactly Christian, but I like the atmosphere, too… Actually, I don’t think that many people celebrate it for religious reasons anymore…

You dress up as Santa, right?
With a miniskirt?

Why does Ryouta get all the female main character jobs!?

That must be fun… I’d like to try doing something cute and high school girl-ish like that sometime, too.

Cosplaying as Santa right before junior year exams… Just thinking about it makes my heart flutter!

Well, it seemed as if there were no clues in the clothing section, so we continued our search in the furniture section.

There are humidifiers, hot water bottles, and other thermal frivolities lined up nearby.
Winter goods are awfully fancy… Maybe I should indulge in something? A bonfire alone just doesn’t say “decadent”.

Hey, Goon… Look over there.

The music stops.

A disturbingly familiar quail is fast asleep on a display bed.

Sir, you can’t just crash in a department store! You’re a grown-up now, you need to take care of yourself!

Are you fully awake, sir? We’re not at school!
Oh……? Good heavens, so we aren’t.
You might’ve been here until closing time, if we hadn’t happened by…
Oh, yes… It’s been so cold recently, I was thinking maybe I should buy a new bed.
It does get very chilly after dark. Make sure not to catch cold, you two.

Mr. Nanaki crawls out of the bed and wobbles off towards a table covered in wool blankets of various dimensions.

I bet my Casio Mini he’ll fall asleep on that, too!

Well, it appeared that the furniture section was a bust as well. We headed out to the main lobby again.
The music stops.

All right, where to next?
The thefts have gotten onto the news—if we ask around, we should find some eyewitnesses.
Sounds good!

Before we could start the next step of our investigation, I heard a loud noise from behind me.

What? Huh?

Some glass object splinters with a monumental crash behind us as we make for the exit.
I turn around, and—

Merry Christmas!! Merry Christmas!!!!

What are those? They look… a little like doves, but not really… are they… maybe they are doves??
In any case, a pair of bizarre white creatures are bludgeoning themselves against a number of glass Christmas trees and reindeer.

What are those? Are they doves?
Umm… I’m not sure. I’ve never seen anything like them.

Merry Christmas!! Merry Christmas!!!!

Various sounds of destruction, such as glass breaking and punches, are heard.

The creatures frolic through the Christmas display like fuzzy wrecking balls, leaving behind nothing but broken glass and lost profits.
While we were watching this display, the clerk from before returned with a security guard.

Oh, dear… That’s no good.

The guard pulled the two… birds over.

Merry! Christmas!
In any case, I’ll have to take you to the employees’ lounge. High Society does have rules.
Merry…? Christmas…

The creatures trail dejectedly after the security guard.

What were those?

I guess Christmas gets everyone pretty excited. Sort of like demons which rampage during the full moon!
The music stops.

Apparently trees aren’t just being stolen from outside, but from inside houses as well.
If only we knew what the culprits looked like…
Well, the investigation at the High Society Seagull Department Store was a bust, so Ryouta and I called it a day there.

Oct 2, 2013

ChorpSaway posted:

Merry Christmas!! Merry Christmas!!!!
I don't even know, man. Humans in suits? Some human/dove experiment? Goon and her husbandove's kids, sent back from the future? Are they just doves, and no one will ever comment on why they have arms and legs?

I don't even know anymore.

Oct 9, 2012
Goon really is the best protagonist.

Feb 13, 2012

I confused myself...


Too busy staring down your own noses to look out the window, were you?

Goon's got some clawtalons when she gets slighted.

Oct 2, 2013

Ometeotl posted:

Goon's got some clawtalons when she gets slighted.
Too bad she forgot that birds don't have noses, though.

Bobbie Wickham
Apr 13, 2008

by Smythe

ChorpSaway posted:

I think it's great that the music in this video is by Kevin MacLeod, whose tracks also appear often in this game. Clever coincidence, or great conspiracy? We just don't know.

Kevin MacLeod has done music for everything, and he gives it all away for free. It doesn't hurt that he's fantastic, too.

I followed the LP for the first game, and it was fantastic. It's the LP I read in its entirety, as opposed to just following the OP's posts. I'm stupidly happy that the LP for "Holiday Star" is underway! :syoon:

Aug 14, 2009

Nihilarian posted:

Too bad she forgot that birds don't have noses, though.
Don't blame her, everyone in game seems to forget birds don't have hands. Or that they do. Depending on the situation.

eating only apples
Dec 12, 2009

Shall we dance?
Haha, Ryouta is Maya. :3:

Oct 9, 2012

Ryouta and I decided to finish off the day with a quick trip to the Torimi Café, to see if any clues had been left there.

We searched around where we had the tree, but we couldn’t find any clues… I’m sorry, Mr. Urushihara.
You didn’t see them either, Mr. Urushihara?
Correct. By the time Mr. Kawara and I got outside, the tree was already gone.
That said…
Was there something else?

The music stops.

Please, look at this. Mr. Rabu sent it to me a few minutes ago.

Mr. Urushihara proffers his cellphone. A smartphone! Fancy!
Mr. Urushihara pulled up a picture on his phone and pointed it in our direction.

Y-you mean, these shadows are…!
Mr. Rabu said he took it just before he was rendered unconscious.
Suspicious shadows carrying away the tree… They must be the culprits!

Those silhouettes look awfully familiar… But maybe it’s just my imagination.
Probably nothing! I wouldn’t have gotten this far in the vicious food chain if I worried about little things like that.
There were a few things that we could learn from the picture, however.

There are two of them, then.
They’re awfully small… Though, it’s a little hard to see in this picture.

That does seem like him.

This will help us a lot, Mr. Urushihara. Thank Mr. Rabu for this, too!
How is he doing right now?

That makes sense; Azami always seemed the most capable of the two.
Rabu always seems a little bit incapable, or like he’s in a subtly bad position… Sort of like he’s always stuck being a background character.
It’s not much, but we’ve found a clue. We’ll pick up the trail tomorrow morning!
And so Ryouta and I headed home, in order to prepare for the coming day and a new investigation.
The music stops.

…You’re still here, Sakazaki Yuuya? Haven’t you been instructed to leave with the other students, excepting emergencies?
There is a little something going on, actually.
Aside from the usual? And what would that be?
There have been orders to investigate the Christmas Thieves. High priority.
That’s the string of thefts involving Christmas trees, isn’t it?
It’s not as if they’re growing legs and walking away, after all. And it’s a little hard to imagining them spontaneously disappearing.

I’m quite happy to take up the job to defend everything the ladies and gentlemen of the town have worked so hard to prepare for this special season.
You certainly seem eager enough. It’s good to have a little zeal, but don’t go letting your guard down just because the case in question is completely idiotic.
We never know who may have laid traps for us where.
Roger that. I’ll carve it into my heart, Mr. One.
I’ll go take a look at a few things, then. There is a tree here on campus, after all.
First I’ve heard of it. Where’s it set up?

Sakuya must want to show off with his big, fine, all-natural tree. He doesn’t let anybirdie touch it, but you can always see it in his window.
It’s really quite childish.
Nothing wrong with a little vanity while he’s still young. To a point, at least.
Anyway, I’ll go take a look at the council room and then head into town. I’ll send my report to HQ later. Adieu!

The music stops.

Stealing the town’s festivity is hardly an admirable pursuit. I suppose I’ll see if I can rustle up any gadgets to give Sakazaki a hand…

But this is him I’m dealing with. It looks like sneaking in is going to be hard, but knowing him he’ll have overlooked something obvious…

As I chuckled to myself, I heard a loud explosion coming from upstairs.

What… was that!?

I ran as quickly as I could up to the student council room.

I don’t know what I had expected to find when I arrived, but it definitely couldn’t compare to what was before my eyes.


Fates End
Oct 17, 2009
So, is this just a what-if or does did we somehow come back to life after the true route? And should we tag spoilers for the previous game?

Oct 9, 2012

Fates End posted:

So, is this just a what-if or does did we somehow come back to life after the true route? And should we tag spoilers for the previous game?

There's a warning in the OP that says you shouldn't read this without experiencing the previous game, so I don't mind if those sorts of things are discussed in this thread.

As for your other question, no one makes note of Bad Boys Love, so it can be assumed that this is an alternate universe. This is really just a collection of short stories, which can be placed within any of the other routes from the first game.

Also, since I meant to respond to this before:

Glazius posted:

I do hope Goon keeps up the Anghel impression. Or even better, than Anghel gets involved. I want to know what he thinks of Christmas.
All of the main characters from the first game (and many of the secondary characters) will appear throughout the four scenarios and bonus material. So everybirdie's perspectives will be seen at some point or another.

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Jul 22, 2007

Hail all those who are able,
any mouse can,
any mouse will,
but the Guard prevail.

Clapping Larry
Oh, Yuuya. You always smell explosives.

Oct 21, 2009

At my signal, DEAL WITH IT.
Taco Defender

ChorpSaway posted:

This is blatant speciesism! I hope you’re ready to swallow your words or defend them with steel, cretin! Draw, man, draw, before I stick you like a rotisserie chicken!


I'm so glad to see this back. I really enjoyed the first one, even if I completely stopped being able to pick what was going to happen.

I hope this one is as suitably insane as the last one (judging by what I have read so far, the answer is yes).

Oct 9, 2012

The morning air this time of year is dangerous indeed. It makes my nose hurt.
The birds are all in full winter plumage… I wonder if it’s like wearing a down comforter everywhere. I wish I had winter plumage.
Sadly my skin is as bare and tender as my heart, so I might as well hurry up and get to school.
The music stops.

As I reached the school, I noticed that something was amiss.
There’s an awful lot of activity on the grounds today. A crowd of birds is milling around the side of the building.
At the front of the mass was Mr. Nanaki, desperately trying to keep everybirdie in line.

Stay calm, everyone. It may be dangerous, so don’t get too close. Let’s make sure nobirdie gets hurt, all right?
Mr. Nanaki! What’s happened? It must be bad, if you’re up and about and wide awake at this time of day!
Oh, good morning, Lourde.

The thieves…?

Could he mean…

That’s right, the Christmas Thieves… Apparently they broke in last night.
It seems they took the tree from the student council room.

Nice work, Sakuya! Nice flag retrieval!

But Sakuya looked so self-satisfied when he was talking about his perfect security! What happened?
Mmmm… Well, look up.

Up? As in, up at the council room?
As I turned my head to look up, I made a small gasp.

The council room’s window… or rather, its wall, is blasted open.

Wow! They’re not just thieves now! I bet they had to break at least five more laws to pull that off!

Huh? The tree was placed near the window, right?
If they broke in like this……


I let my gaze drop as I was lost in thought, and I see something white on the ground.
It’s extremely hard to tell with it mixed in with the broken glass and bits of plaster, but it looks like some sort of fur.
It’s… not a feather. It looks like something that came off of a stuffed animal, or maybe some sort of mammal.
But I’m the only mammal in the school… This could be a valuable clue!
Standing here won’t help me find anything out, though.
I need to get Sakuya to tell me exactly what happened. I might as well check a few other things along the way.

Since I knew I would end up at the council room at some point regardless, I decided to take a slight detour to the library. I thought there was someone there who might know what happened.
The music stops.

You’re looking pale.

I turned to see a familiar face.

Oh good, you’re here!

I always come to see you around lunch and after school… I wasn’t sure you’d be here this early!
I’m always here. In the morning, and the evening. And every time between. Is there a problem?
Of course not! I’m here to see you, after all.
Even though you’re clearly uncomfortable in here? You’ve been shivering since you came in.
Aah… It really is cold in here. They don’t turn the heating on until later, after all. I think my ears are frozen.
Don’t you want to do whatever you came here for quickly and go somewhere warm, then?
U-um! Yes! Some thieves broke into the building last night. I was wondering if you saw them?
Yup! They came sometime between evening yesterday and morning today… I think? Anyway, they broke into the student council room.

…Sorry. I guess I can’t help.
No, don’t worry about it! Sorry for bothering you this early, Nageki.
…Oh! Here! You can have this!
It’s a disposable pocket warmer. I was going to use it today, but I forgot all about it…
Even with your feathers, you shouldn’t let yourself get too cold! Use it if you feel chilly.


With no other business in the library, I headed towards the council room.
The music stops.

Nageki doesn’t seem anywhere near as fluffy as the others, even now. Am I imagining things? Or maybe he’s just the slender type.
Either way, I hope he can stay warm in that frigid library!

It didn’t take long to reach the crime scene.

As if a robbery weren’t enough, there was even a bombing… Out of those two, the latter is almost certainly the more worrying.

Oh, Ryouta! Good morning!
As you can see, Sakuya has magnificently recovered the flag he raised the other day. As expected of an aristocrat!

Now, then! On to the crime scene!

Sakuya’s flawless security has been completely destroyed.
As if beckoned by my critique, Sakuya stormed into the room.

What is this lunacy!? Do you mean to tell me that bombing school buildings in common practice in this barbaric land!?
Ummm… No, I don’t think it is.
I’ve never seen anything like this before.

Wasn’t your security perfect, Sakuya? I thought you said it was on a completely new level compared to our primitive concepts.

I know I shouldn’t kick a bird while he's down, but his attitude yesterday really calls for some sass now.

Arrrgh… It was perfect! Around the door, at least!
What kind of rascal blows their way in through the wall!? If they’re going to break in, why not act with some semblance of decency and come in through the door!?

Blowing up the window isn’t exactly a common way of forcing an entry, but isn’t it a little bit of a problem if there’s only security on the front door?

Did you see the criminals at all, Sakuya?

Look! Look at that.

He gestures at the corner by the window.
There’s a pile of blackened stuff on the floor… What is that?

…W-what is that…
The Christmas tree? Or what’s left of it…

Looks like it got blown up along with the window!
I was wondering if something had happened to the tree. It was right next to the window and wall that got blown up, after all.

Nothing left but ashes…
They’ve left a criminal ultimatum next to it.
An ultimatum!? They haven’t done that before, have they? Let’s take a look.
We all gathered around in order to read the note left at the scene.
The music stops.

“We oopsed. We’re very sad the tree went boom. Sowwy. It’s a little lonely but we’re taking mister sparkly star. Merry Christmas. Merry Christmas.”
That’s… the ultimatum…?
It reads more like a kid’s note apologizing for breaking Auntie Mildred’s antique vase…

Tree topper??
The star that sits at the very top of the tree.
Oooh! So that’s what it’s called!

That would be vigilantism, Sakuya! Japan is a constitutional nation! You can’t do that!

But it’s not as if I don’t see where he’s coming from.
If I spent that much time and effort decorating something just to have someone blow up the room it’s standing in, I’d be pretty angry too.
Mr. Urushihara’s tree stolen, Sakuya’s tree reduced to cinders and the topper stolen… We have to make sure these tragedies don’t repeat!

…But we can’t really find the culprits just from this apology, or Christmas card, or ultimatum, or… whatever it is.
Let’s ask Mr. One if he saw anything. He’s on night shift, so he should have been here.
Oooh, good plan!
Lead us there, Lourde.

Stop treating me like your underling, you satin-pantsed prairie chicken!

See you in a little while, Ryouta!

And so Sakuya and I left to see if Mr. One had any information on last night’s activities.
The music stops.

It’s awfully cold in here… I guess with a hole that large in the wall I might as well be outside.

I know I signed up to watch the room, but I was starting to regret it now.
However, I was startled out of my chill when I heard the door to the council room open. A familiar face entered.

Doctor Iwamine…? I hadn’t expected to see you here.

Wh-what corpse!? Where’d you hear there was a corpse!?
Oh. No corpse? And here I had my hopes up…
Please don’t say that with such a genuinely dejected look on your face.
Well, no matter. It still is quite the fascinating crime scene. I suppose I shall look around.

Alone with the doctor is a half-collapsed room… I hope I make it out of here alive.

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Apr 22, 2008

but at least I don't have
a MLP or MSPA avatar.
I am my own man.

Good to see you aren't being any less creepy, Doctor. :stare:

I suppose the whole "stealing the tree-toppers" thing is where we got the name "Holiday Star" from, huh?

Oct 9, 2012
It just keeps getting better.

Mar 1, 2013

You see,
God doesn't help little frogs.

He helps people like me.
Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy for the doctor. :allears:

Also I like how Goon doesn't know about Nageki's condition in the sequel. Doesn't spoil it for people who haven't done his route in the first game, but it's a bonus for people who have.

Jul 22, 2007

Hail all those who are able,
any mouse can,
any mouse will,
but the Guard prevail.

Clapping Larry
Well, there is a corpse in the room. Unless Sakuya used an artificial tree.

Jun 17, 2007

Yam Slacker

Glazius posted:

Well, there is a corpse in the room. Unless Sakuya used an artificial tree.

That's more of a copse.

Jun 5, 2011
Lowtax banned me because he thought I was trolling by acting really stupid. I wasn't acting.

AJ_Impy posted:

That's more of a copse.



This is so great, cannot 5 hard enough. :allears:

May 13, 2013

tlarn posted:

Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy for the doctor. :allears:

Also I like how Goon doesn't know about Nageki's condition in the sequel. Doesn't spoil it for people who haven't done his route in the first game, but it's a bonus for people who have.

Well, Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy has always been the Doc's Theme Song since his introduction in the Previous Game: it just feels thematically right in this vignette along with the other Christmas Jingles...

That said, I should reassert the fact Holiday Star is a Expansion Pack/Midquel of the Original, so it's natural she wouldn't know about something Nageki would only reveal her in his route around two months from when the Christmas Thieves story is dated.

Oct 9, 2012

What is this depressing room?
It’s the maintenance office. Mr. One’s night quarters are here, too. I think it’s comfy! It feels very lived-in.
Comfy? Hmph!
Let us do whatever we are here for and leave, before the poverty and reprehensibility rub off.
Mr. One! Are you in here?


He’s sitting at a low tea table.
Oh, no… The irresponsible and slightly worn-out Yuuya might be just a little bit too attractive…

I knew it! A place as disgusting as this is bound to draw disgusting company.
And a very fine morning to you too, Sakuya.
We came to talk to Mr. One… What brought you here, Yuuya?
I’m holding down the fort while One is out.
Out? Immediately after a break-in?

You misunderstand. He’s taking care of a few things so our investigation of the theft can go more smoothly.
After all, he and I both saw…

Yuuya and One…?

You saw the crime in progress!?

Why did you not notify me immediately!? Filthy mongrel!
Notify you how? I’ve been asking for your phone number for months, and you always blow me off.
Did you see the culprits, Yuuya?
Yes… Fearsome foes, indeed. Stick your beaks too far into this and you could lose them. Don’t say I haven’t warned you.

I, too, swear to retrieve the stolen trees, on my honor as a hunter-gatherer!
How brave of you. Let me reward your courage with a little evidence.

Yuuya picks up one of a number of photographs lined up on the table, and holds it out to us.

They were already on their way out when I arrived at the scene, and alas, I was unable to keep their trail.
But I am a professional, and I couldn’t just let them get away. I made sure to capture them on film.
These… are the culprits.

The music stops.

Wh-what are these… white things!?


That’s not it, Yuuya! I know these creatures!
Oh? Are they friends of yours?
Who are they, and where do they live!? Tell me this instant!
I don’t know who they are, exactly…

I recalled the scene that Ryouta and I had stumbled upon the day before.

Merry Christmas!! Merry Christmas!!!!

Merry! Christmas!
In any case, I’ll have to take you to the employees’ lounge. High Society does have rules.
Merry…? Christmas…

They were caught breaking things in the Christmas section of a department store yesterday and got taken away by security.
What in…

We’d thought they were only going after easy targets, but it looks like once they get a sight of something they won’t rest until it’s theirs or destroyed!
The entire city is filled with Christmas decorations. We have no way of knowing where they will strike next, and thus no way of ambushing them…

They’ve got guts, but they don’t seem particularly intelligent. I agree with Yuuya, I think we should try to bait them.
Then it’s settled. And the best bait would be the finest tree in the city… right, Sakuya?
The finest tree in town… Do you know of a good one, Sakuya?

Of course! Given how much work he put into the council room tree, he almost certainly has a gorgeous and decadent tree at home!

It seems like the best choice. And you aren’t about to just let them get away with having burned your other tree, are you?
Of course not.
Where is your tree set up, Sakuya?
In the main salon. It is not visible from outside.

Hmmm… We’ll have to rely on newspaper ads and word of mouth, then.
“The Le Bel family, moved here to Littledove Hachiman City from France, is displaying its gorgeous Christmas tree to the public!”, or something.
Who said anything about opening the mansion to the public!?

Come on, Sakuya. Open it up to the whole city! Let everybirdie know you have an extravagantly decorated tree at home.
The thieves should hear the rumors, and they’ll come to see. And then we can catch them.

Cool. I’ll get everything ready for an announcement in the evening papers.
Something like “The Le Bel family’s Christmas tree is open for public viewing tonight! All Christmas enthusiasts welcome!” will be fine, right?
That sounds good… but what kind of super high school student are you, to have that much clout with the newspaper companies?

Yuuya quickly left the room, eager to begin his work.
The music stops.

…Loose-tongued cur!
Yuuya’s laying the bait for us, so… should we work on a plan to catch the thieves at your house, Sakuya?
A reasonable suggestion. We shall plan our strategy after school, then.

And so, at the end of the school day, we gathered in the council room to discuss our plan.

At least today was a half-day. It would be freezing in here if it were already evening!

Why are we having the meeting in here, Sakuya…?

Your domain, though despoiled?
Scum! Do you mock me!? There is no “despoiled” in the dictionary of Le Bels!
Whatever! Let’s just make our plan already.

Sakuya is unexpectedly good at getting off topic.

They used explosives here. How do you think they’ll attack the mansion?
They might pretend to be normal guests, and sneak in the front entrance.
They might, yes… But their goal is the tree, so even if they get inside—
They will not be able to remove the tree. Yuuya’s photograph showed them to be quite small, so there is no way the two of them could carry it out.
How could they get it outside, then?

So you think they’ll… show up in a truck, or something?
Any suspicious vehicles approaching the mansion will be neutralized immediately.
So, we need to have guards watching in all directions for any sort of truck or crane.
The mansion opens at seven. Should we be there this evening, too?
Yes. That should help things go the most smoothly.
I’ll see you two there, then. We need to catch these thieves before Christmas itself arrives!

And so we went our separate ways to prepare for the upcoming event.
The music stops.

Not quite enough to go home myself… What should I do? Maybe I should go pick up some sort of weapon in town.
Didn’t Anghel say something about one of the old shops in town starting to stock Excalibur? Maybe I should go there.

A door opened in front of me with a loud creak.


A familiar figure emerges from the chemistry lab.


I was just heading home… What about you, sir?

He appears to be trying to hide the large rack of test tubes he is carrying.

I was doing some… tests. To confirm… some things.
…To think that I would only get access to these samples now. It is simply unreasonable.

He looks genuinely displeased.
Has he ever been this openly emotional before? Maybe the tests went badly?

Well, I’m not sure what’s going on, but… Cheer up, sir! I’m sure something good will come of it!

And with that blunt remark, he heads off towards the infirmary.
I wish I could share some of my cheerfulness with him. I have so much I could brush my teeth with it!

…Tell me, Miss Lourde.
Y-yes, sir!?

He stops, and turns around.

Umm… allergies…?

Like to peanuts, or fish?

To soybeans… for instance.
No, I don’t… I don’t think I do, at least.
…Is that so?

He walks away, a self-satisfied expression on his face.
You need to explain why you’re asking, sir! If you just walk away looking pleased like that you’ll get reported!
Well, I suppose the doctor helped waste some time. I better be off to Sakuya’s now!
The music stops.

Jan 6, 2013

Law of the jungle
Great idea! But does this sequel stand on its own or does it draw plot from the previous one?
Just because I think the first one wasn't completed... and hadn't yet covered the glroy of the science teacher route... :(

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Jan 24, 2007
i want to achieve immortality through not dying
There was an incomplete LP of the first game, but also a complete one linked in the OP. :eng101:


Oct 9, 2012

Readingaccount posted:

Great idea! But does this sequel stand on its own or does it draw plot from the previous one?
Just because I think the first one wasn't completed... and hadn't yet covered the glroy of the science teacher route... :(

It's true that Epee Em didn't finish his playthrough... But I certainly did! ^^^drat you, Sindai!
Each story in this game uses some amount of information from the base game, some more than others. The bonus materials tend to avoid spoilers and straight up tell you when they draw from spoiler-y material from the original game.

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