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Josef K. Sourdust
Jul 16, 2014

"To be quite frank, Platinum sucks at making games. Vanquish was terrible and Metal Gear Rising: Revengance was so boring it put me to sleep."

A podcast that hasn’t been mentioned on the SA forums is Regular Features, a British comedy podcast of irregular frequency and amusingness. On the eve of the recording of the 100th episode, it seemed about time to mention it. (Maybe it has been mentioned but I didn’t see a thread for it.)

RF consists of four British/Irish games journalists based in London (Matt, Steve, Log and Gav) not talking about games but instead coming up with features that range from observational comedy to mini-plays, parodies, quizzes and wind-ups. It is produced to no regular schedule, sometimes with lengthy gaps. Special events include recordings from Iceland, Spain and a number of recordings with live audiences. Any podcast that is particularly ramshackle and poorly prepared is designated an “emergency podcast” (four to date). The usual length of the episodes is 20-80min but the live podcasts are unedited and usually come in longer. The live episodes are rather baggy so don’t start with those. The language is definitely Two of the participants are gay and two straight, which leads to some metrosexual homosocial banter and cultural confusion.

The website for the podcast is It is also available on iTunes. Matt is apparently something on the internet and all of them have online presences.

You could start with episode 1 and work your way through. Perhaps goons would like to use this thread to recommend episodes. Here are my top episodes:

Episode 1: Features the legendary quiz “Pedophile or Volcano?”.
Episode 66: Gav finds sperm donation is not as glamorous as he thought it would be.
Episode 78: Gav interprets aggravating neighbours’ behaviour as the plea for rescue from an imprisoned woman.
Episodes 79, 84 and 85: In which Roger Helmer (right-wing nut-bag politician representing England in the EU) is pranked. Helmer maladroitly sent his e-mail newsletter out with recipients listed in CC rather than BCC. When the boys get their hands on Helmer’s mailing list hilarity ensues….
Episode 89: A dual podcast split between London and Iceland in which neither pair knew what the other had recorded. Or something.
Episode 90: In which Log discusses being a bone marrow donor.
Episode 91: Log agrees to buy cruddy video games for a random adolescent.

Fake edit: I lurked a while after registering in the hope of posting something on a thread first to prove that I didn’t join SA as a Regular Features shill. But I couldn’t think of anything amusing/interesting to say. I failed before I even started…


Jan 12, 2014

This podcast is great, just started listening to it from the start.
I'd be interested to know what non-Brits make of some of the stuff.

Jan 31, 2004

Hot Rope Guy

I like Matt's YouTube stuff and I like this. Matt's gaming podcast (Daft Souls) is also really good.

Babby Sathanas
May 16, 2006

bearbating is now adorable

Yeah thanks for posting about this. I'm a fan of Matt Lees YouTube stuff too and didn't know this existed.

Oct 18, 2012

It's a Dirt Devil!
Get it?

Just found out about this podcast after finding Steve's hilarious tweets. Will check out in the near future.


Josef K. Sourdust
Jul 16, 2014

"To be quite frank, Platinum sucks at making games. Vanquish was terrible and Metal Gear Rising: Revengance was so boring it put me to sleep."

Regular Features tackles the Fappening on episode #105, starting at 44:30 and going until the end, though the whole podcast is good. Haven't heard the live ones but the recorded ones are still good. The Patreon funding seems to be doing its work so the podcasts are coming more regularly.

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