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Viva Miriya
Jan 9, 2007


Whilst on Scintilla
As you make planet fall at the star port aboard an Aquila lander, the customs officer gives you, Milly Tavish a quick look over before puffing his loo and looking over your paperwork. He looks over the warrant the pen hands it back to you."Seems you been around. First time to Scintilla though. What's your business here? And you left out the name of the ship. What's she called?o

You pick up the kill marine here and may make acquisitions as you wish.

After getting past customs with your entourage, which draws you countless glares since it may or may not include a tau and two orks, you meet with a throne agent by the name of Wallace.

He introduces you to another brother, a battle brother of the adeptus astartes, though he is outside his armor.

Ask your questions here

Eventually you depart Scintilla for the koronus expanse. But before you do, you have a few things to handle.
The Business
Your last astropath has decided to let his contract with your ship expire. He is trying to take the navigator with him. Your ship is cursed and it doesn't help that you have 2 orks on the bridge. How do each of you contribute to rectifying this situation?

Your best gunnery crew, for 3 months running is in the slammer. Arbites say they were in the under hive when the group got in a fight with the locals. 5 people are dead, 15 have suffered serious injuries, and a brothel/tavern has been torched before it was all over. You know the Arbites will make it simple and just execute all involved. Do you intervene?

The philosophy of the greater good has started to spread courtesy of chief boatswains mate McKinnon who spoke at length with the Tau Battlesuit Pilot called Captain L'oreal. True emperor fearing crewmen have taken offense to this and meal times have often been interrupted by fights between sailors which have gotten quite bloody. The infirmaries are filling up with a ton of casualties. The head medicae appreciates your promptness in ensuring medical supplies were replenished at port but fears this issue of ideology could cause a ship wide crisis if left unchecked. How do you handle this?

An Inquisitorial Space Marine, calling himself Kill Marine Pyriel requests passage to the koronus expanse. You have the option to pick up contracts in the area but he has yet to disclose the exact location.

DANSHO has hacked the shipboard sentry turrets in an attempt to eradicate the Mekboy known as Kap'n Dakka. Rumors are spreading that it's not merely an IFF malfunction with the turrets. Some crew members even say the vox came alive with an inhuman metallic voice. A voice that screamed of "Burning down this whole ship lest the greenskin disease spread to other worlds." How do you contain this situation?

There is a Class Delta fire in the aft hanger as Killboy attempted to familiarize himself with the onboard aircraft. Structural damage from las cannon volleys is severe and has breached multiple compartments. Damage control teams are unable to operate in the area due to a fighter craft still wildly firing las cannons into the ship. How do you rectify this situation?

Lathe Worlds tech priests attempted to board the ship under the guise of working aboard to try to extract tech priest tibus. Casualties amongst their ranks were total due to DANSHO's efforts. The fallout will be noted and you may find the adeptus mechanics us in the region to be less than cordial.

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Jan 30, 2009

#acolyte GM of 2014

Captain L'oreal

"By the Ethereals! They look big and intimidating even outside their suits..." thought Tash'var as he looked at the dark-skinned space marine in front of him. He had to look up to see his face. "I used to look down on them inside my suit. But those are way past times."

They had warned him not go outside the ship while they were in Scintilla. He knew how most imperials saw aliens like him, specially on the capital of this sector of their Imperial space, but he figured that as long as he stayed close to Milly he would be safe. And he was extremely curious about this planet, his Hunter Cadre was never sent to one of these "hive worlds" so he audibly gasped when he saw how it looked, the endless spires and buildings all around him full of Imperial symbols. "This is a testament of their Strength." he remembers saying to himself at the Sector Capital.

The tau fire warrior was happy that his short time in the ship was already proving fruitful, showing a few of the crew the wonders of The Greater Good. But even that small accomplishment was already causing some problems. When he returned to the ship after this, his first stop would be to check the state of his XV9 Hazard Suit as usual, and the second one would be to have a few words with the mate McKinnon and others sympathizers. He would probably ask first for the help of Miriam, who showed to be remarkably tolerant of xenos, or at least hid her despise really well.

Back at the introduction to this marine, the young tau thought what to say, or even if he should say anything. Space Marine were ferocious fighters and most of them seemed to have bloodlust against most alien races. But as a Ethereal adviser he once met said. "To risk nothing is to gain nothing.". He stayed in his place but opened his mouth, as a heavily accented Low Gothic voice came out. "Greetings warrior! I'm simply know as L'oreal to the crew." Tash'var honestly didn't know why the crew called him that, but anything is better than blueskin or something more degrading, and so it suited him just fine. "I know your kind to be brave and powerful, it will be a honor to have your presence in the ship! I don't know if you ever fought against my kind before, but I guarantee that here I fight alongside humans perfectly fine. All for The Greater Good."

I'll go see this McKinnon situation later but for now I'm gonna be friendly as hell to the marine!

Shas'ui Tash'var Oro'skar, "Captain L'oreal"

Career: Fire Warrior
Classified Competence: Windstrider  

WS   20       20
BS   65       25 +20 +5 +5 +5 +5
Str  30       20 +10
T    45       25 +15 +5
Ag   65       30 +20 +5 +5 +5
Int  50       30 +10 +5 +5
Per  50       25 +15 +5 +5 +5
WP   40       25 +15
Fel  40       25 +15

Wounds: 15/15  
Fate Point: 1/1

Common Lore (Tau Empire)
Scholastic Lore(Tau Empire)
Silent Move+20
Pilot (Personal)+20
Speak Language (Tau, Low Gothic, Kroot)

Advanced Battlesuit Training
Crack Shot
Deadeye Shot
Fire Caste Weapon Training 
Guided Precision
Mighty Shot
Nerves of Steel
New Allies
Veteran's Reflexes
Rapid Reload
Rapid Reaction
Supporting Fire
Step Aside
Unshakeable Faith
Hard Target
Opportunist Evasion   

Classified Competence(Windstrider)
For The Greater Good!
Speak Not Unto the Alien

GC Pulse Rifle
BC Pulse Pistol
3 Tau Photon Grenades
Tau Combat Armour (Micro-bead, Translator unit, and Blacksun filter)

2 Total -20 Items
  XV9 Hazard Battlesuit -50 Near Unique +30 Negligible
  Fusion Cascade -50 Near Unique +30 Negligible

2 Total -10 Items
  Good Shield Generator -30 Extremely Rare -10 Good Quality +30 Negligible
  Good Plasma Rifle -30 Extremely Rare -10 Good Quality +30 Negligible  

2 Total 0 Items
  Markerlight -30 Extremely Rare +30 Negligible
  Missile Pod -30 Extremely Rare +30 Negligible    

Experience: 17500/17500           22000xp total

~Rank 0~ 500xp
Awareness                     100xp
Simple Ballistic Skill        100xp
Speak Language(Low Gothic)    100xp
Speak Language(Kroot)         100xp
Simple Perception             100xp

~Rank 1~ 2000xp
Silent Move                   200xp
New Allies                    300xp
Nerves of Steel               300xp
Ambidextrous                  500xp
Simple Intelligence           100xp
Medicae                       200xp
Drive (Skimmer)               200xp
Navigate(Surface)             200xp

~Rank 2~ 3000xp               -> Switched to Pathfinder   
Concealment                   100xp
Silent Move+10                100xp
Awareness+10                  100xp
Tracking                      100xp
Concealment+10                200xp
Paranoia                      200xp
Dodge+10                      200xp
Deadeye Shot                  300xp
Guided Precision              300xp
Trained BS                    250xp
Trained Intelligence          250xp
Demolitions                   300xp
Silent Move+20                400xp
Tracking+10                   200xp

~Rank 3~ 3000xp
Hard Target                   300xp
Opportunist Evasion           600xp
Talented(Silent Move)         500xp
Simple Agility                250xp
Trained Agility               500xp
Trained Perception            250xp
Shadowing                     300xp
Crack Shot                    300xp

~Rank 4~ 4000xp
Peer (Kroot)                  100xp
Fearless                      400xp
Mighty Shot                   500xp
Sprint                        300xp
Scholastic Lore(Tau Empire)   100xp
Tactical Flexibility          500xp
Intermediate BS               500xp
Intermediate Perception       500xp
Ciphers                       100xp
Expert BS                     750xp
Simple Toughness              250xp

~Rank 5~ 4600xp               -> Switched to Battlesuit Pilot
Pilot (Personal)              100xp
Pilot (Personal)+10           200xp
Pilot (Personal)+20           300xp
Advanced Battlesuit Training  300xp
Talented(Pilot)               500xp
Veteran's Reflexes            1000xp
Step Aside                    750xp
Rapid Reaction                500xp
Guardian                      200xp
Intermediate Agility          750xp
~Rank 6~ 400xp
Tech Use+10                   300xp
Scrutiny                      100xp

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Feb 17, 2011

It's a pleasure to meet all of you. Especially in such a fine settin' as this. Just need us some music an' a brawl an' we'll be set.


Weapons testing was underway, with mixed results. To their credit, the fighters were making admirably large explosions and setting very pretty fires. However, they lacked the noise of a proper cannon. This obvious design flaw would have to be solved later. At the moment Killboy was far too busy firing lascannon blasts at barrels of promethium. Each fiery explosion brings a new peal of laughter as the bay rapidly becomes a burning hellscape. Before long servitors begin to stream in, and the mobile corpses prove themselves satisfactory targets.

However, after the fourth or fifth servitor is reduced to component parts Killboy notices some very agitated ratings pointing toward the raging inferno. Not being one to disappoint, the greenskin pilot seizes on the initiative. If the humans wanted a show, he'd give 'em one. Turning all cannons toward the center of the largest blaze in what could generously be called aiming, he presses every firing stud at once.

Killboy is going to fight the fire, with more lascannon fire. That's what they mean by fighting fire with fire, right?

Klan: Deff Skull
Oddboy: Flyboy
Career: Freeboota'

Experience: 0/22000

WS	40	(25+10) (+5 Advance)
BS	50	(10+20) (+20 Advance)
S	50	(30+10) (+10 Advance)
T	70	(30+20) (+20 Advance)
Ag	60	(20+20) (+20 Advance)
Int	30	(15+10)	(+5 Advance)
Per	30	(20+10)
WP	40	(20+20)
Fel	15	(15+0)

Wounds: 25
Fate Points: 2 
Insanity Points: 0

Common Lore: Orks (Int)
Intimidate +20 [+30] (S)
Speak Language: Low Gothic (Int)
Speak Language: Ork (Int)
Tech-Use (Int)
Pilot: Spacecraft [+10] (Ag)
Awareness +20 (Per)
Barter (Fel)
Carouse (T)
Common Lore: War (Int)
Dodge +10 (Agi)
Drive: Ground (Agi)
Drive: Walker (Agi)
Survival (T)
Pilot: Personal [+10] (Agi)
Pilot: Flyer [+10] (Agi)

Iron Jaw
True Grit
Furious Assault
Xenos Weapon: Ork
Basic Training: Primitive, SP
Melee Training: Universal
Pistol Training: Primitive, SP
Peer: Deff Skullz
Die Hard -  Reroll failed bleed check
Jaded - No fear tests from non-warp
Gunslinger - With Ambi, no penalty for two pistol fighting
Combat Master -  No ganging up bonus against explorer
Two-Weapon Fighting: Ballistic
Sound Constitution x 10
Talented: Intimidate
Ded 'Ard - Bleed test every fifth round, reroll failed T check to avoid death by critical
Light Sleeper - Counts as awake
Da Nekst Best Fing - 2 Humans count as one ork
Lissen Ta Me, Cos I'z Da Biggest - Use intimidate in place of command
Too 'Ard Ta Care - +20 on environmental T checks
Hardy - Heals as if lightly wounded
Resistance: Fear - +10 vs fear checks
Nerves of Steel - Reroll failed pinning/recovery tests
Rapid Reload - Halved Reload times
Quick Draw - Draw as free action
Ambidextrous - Half penalty for dual wield
Sprint - +AB in meters for full move, Double run distance
Hotshot Pilot - All pilot skills basic, +10 to any trained

Size: Hulking
Speak Not Unto the Alien - +2 Difficulty cross-species Fel, -2 Morale
Non-Imperial - -10 to Imperial Knowledge
'Ard - +20 Medicae to treat
Unnatural Toughness x2
Sturdy - +20 vs Grappling/Takedown
Made Fer Fightin'
Make it Work - Ork weapons lose Unreliable
Might Makes Right - Intimidate as Command for Greenskins
Mob Rule - +10 vs fear/pinning for each ork within 10m

Common Quality Arm
Common Quality Legs
Cranial Armor
Bionik Heart

Bag of Lucky Blue Rocks
Good Quality Slugga (Squigbait)
Best Quality Sparky Choppa
'Ard Hat
Iron Gob
'Eavy Armor
Orky Void-suit
Squig-hide Coat & Leggings
Busted Servo-Skull
Storm Rokkit
2 Teef


Rank 0 - 4500
Simple T [100]
Intermed T [250]
Simple Agi [250]

Rank 1 -5100
Ambidextrous [200]
Quick Draw [300]
Drive (Ground) [200]
Simple BS [250]
Intermed BS [500]
Simple WS [100]
Simple S [100]
Intermed S [250]

Rank 2 -7000
Dodge [200]
Rapid Reload [200]
Sound Con x 3 [600]
Nerves of Steel [300]
Intermed Agi [500]
Trained T [500]
Expert T [750]

Rank 3 -10050
Die Hard [200]
Hardy [200]
Jaded [300]
Resistance: Fear [300]
Too 'Ard Ta Care [500]
Intimidate +10 [100]
Lissen Ta Me, Cos I'z Da Biggest [500]
Da Nekst Best Fing [300]
Simple Int [250]
Awareness +10 [100]
Sound Con [200]

Rank 4 -13000
Ded 'Ard [500]
Two-Weapon: Ballistic [500]
Pilot: Flyer [300]
Talented: Intimidate [200]
Trained BS [750]
Expert BS [1000]
Trained Agi [750]

Rank 5 -17000
Hulking [300]
Pilot: Personal [300]
Dodge +10 [200]
Expert Agi [1000]
Drive Walker [200]
Survival [200]
Light Sleeper [200]
Sound Con x 5 [1000]
Hotshot Pilot (Elite) [200]
Intimidate +20 [200]
Awareness +20 [200]

Rank 6 -21000
Gunslinger [500]
Combat Master [500]

2x Sluggas with bigga klip, bigga barrel, more dakka, zappy gubbins, spiky bitz, blasta at -20
2x Kustom Job at 0
Bionik Heart at -10
Storm Rokkit at -10
Squigbait the Grot
WS	BS	S	T	Ag	Int	Per	WP	Fel
20	35	15	18	44	33	35	16	24
2	3	1	2	4	3	3	1	2

Wounds: 5
Move: 3/6/9/18
Skills: Awareness (Per), Concealment (Ag), Dodge (Ag), Search (Int), Shadowing (Ag), Silent Move (Ag)
Talents: Heightened Hearing, Melee Training (Primitive), Pistol Training (Primitive, SP)
Traits:	Mob Rule, Scrawny, Unnatural Toughness x2

Weapons		Class	Range	RoF	Dam	Type	Pen	Clip	Rld	Special
Slugga		Pistol	20	S/3/-	1d10+4	I	0	18	Full	Inaccurate, +5 BS


WS	BS	S	T	Ag	Int	Per	WP	Fel
40	50	50	70	60	30	30	40	15
4	5	5	14	6	3	3	4	1

Wounds: 25
Fate:   2

Armour: 5 Head, 5 Body, 3 Arms, 4 Legs

Weapons		Class	Range	RoF	Dam	Type	Pen	Clip	Rld	Special
Sparky Choppa	Melee	--	-/-/-	1d10+1	R	2	--	--	Unbalanced, Shocking, +5 WS
Flash Sluggas	Pistol	30	S/3/-	2d10+5	E	1d10	9	Half	Inaccurate, Overheats, Unstable, Twin
Slugga Blades	Melee	--	-/-/-	1d10+3	E	2	--	--	Unbalanced, Primitive, Power Field, +5 WS

Flash Slugga special rules: +1 DoS, +25 BS, +1 hit if 2+ DoS 

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Jun 23, 2011

Ash guides the Aquila lander down to a landing. The space crafts makes contact without even slight a slight impact. He muses for a moment on the sight of the city, its spires and angles. Had he been here before, seen these same buildings in his past? Its still all so fuzzy. One hive city could easily be another. "Lady Tavish, we have arrived." He disembarks with the others, but does leave his plasma cannon and shield aboard. Walking around with those here could easily be misconstrued.

With the recent troubles plaguing the ship, Ash decides to try and help the gunnery crew. He had helped trained them and dammit if they were to die right as they were getting good! After conferring with the others, he decides to head to the sight of the brawl. The Arbites might want to just execute them all and be done with it, but Ash has faith they were not the ones at fault here. He takes a servoskull with an attached pictcaster with him as he gives the scene a good look over.

Scrutiny test at 75. Also grabbing a good jumppack, testing at 80.

Name: Ash Coldborn
Home world: Void Born
Birthright: In Service of the Throne (Tithed)
Lure of the Void: Crusade (Call of War)
Trials and Travails: Calamity
Motivation: Exhilaration (The Thrill of War)
Career: Void Master
Void Master: Master of Small Craft

XP (unspent): 22 000 (100)

WS:45=25+10  +10
BS:73=25+20  +5+3  +20
S:40=25+15  -5  +5
T:50=25+20  +5
Ag:65=25+20  +20
Int:40=25+5  +5
Per:55=25+20  +10
Wp:45=25+5  +5  +15
Fel:27=25+5  -3

Fate: 4

Corruption: 0
Insanity: 5

Awareness +20
Common Lore (Imperial Navy, War)
Dodge +20
Drive (Ground Vehicle +10, Skimmer/Hover +20)
Forbidden Lore (Xenos)
Navigation (Stellar, Surface)
Pilot (Spacecraft +30, Flyer +20, Personal +10)
Scholastic Lore (Astronomy)
Scrutiny +20
Secret Tongue (Rogue Trader)
Speak Language (Low/High Gothic, Ship Dialect)
Trade (Voidfarer)

Blind Fighting
Bulging Biceps
Combat Master
Hatred (Chaos)
Hip Shooting
Iron Jaw
Light Sleeper
Nerves of Steel
Rapid Reload
Resistance (Fear)
Sound Constitution x9
Unarmed Warrior
Weapon Training, Heavy (Plasma, SP)
Weapon Training, Melee (Universal)
Weapon Training, Pistol (Universal)
Void Tactician

Ill Omened
Void Accustomed

Sacred Artificer Armor
GC Stormshield (PF 55)
M31 Plasma Cannon w/ Red Dot
GC Heavy Stubber
Bolt Pistol

BQ Bionic Arms, Locomotion
BQ Cranial Armor
GC Blackbone Bracing
BQ Interkeratic Implant
GQ Bionic Respiratory
BQ Gastral Bionics
MIU Weapon Interface
Synthetic Muscle Graft
BQ Voidskin
BQ Vox Implant

+0: Good MIU
+0: Good Blackbone Bracing
-10: MIU Weapon Interface and Synthetic Muscle Graft
-10: Good Storm Shield
-20: Artifact Armor (Sacred) w/ Deflective
-20: M31 Plasma Cannon

Rank 1: Void Master 2050/2000
In Service to the Throne (Tithed) - 350
Crusade (Call to War) - 150
BS S - 100
WP S - 100
Agi S - 100
Per S - 250
Awareness - 100
Dodge - 100
Scrutiny - 100
Literacy - 100
Sound Constitution x2 - 400
Trade (Voidfarer) - 100
Secret Tongue (Rogue Trader)

Rank 2: 3000/2950
Drive (Ground Vehicle) - 100
Drive (Skimmer/Hover) - 100
Dodge +10 - 200
Pilot (Spacecraft) +10 - 200
Pilot (Flyer) +10 - 200
Scrutiny +10 - 200
Tech Use - 200
Paranoia - 200
Sound Constitution - 200
Die Hard - 200
Per I - 500
BS I - 250
Agi I - 250
WP I - 250

Rank 3: 3000/2950
Awareness +10 - 200
Pilot (Spacecraft) +20 - 200
Pilot (Flyer) +20 - 200
Pilot (Personal) - 200
Speak Language (High Gothic) - 200
Rapid Reload - 200
Sound Constitution x2 - 400
BS A - 500
Agi A - 500
Str S - 250
Tuf S - 250

Rank 4: 4000/3850
BS E - 750
Agi E - 750
Dodge +20 - 200
Pilot (Personal) +10 - 200
Resistance (Fear) - 200
Jaded - 200
Talented (Pilot (Spacecraft)) - 200
Sound Constitution x2 - 400
Hip Shooting - 500
WS S - 250
Unarmed Warrior - 200

Rank 5: 4000/4000
Awareness +20 - 200
Demolition - 200
Drive (Ground Vehicle) +10 - 200
Drive (Skimmer/Hover) +10 - 200
Security - 200
Blind Fighting - 200
Marksman - 200
Sound Constitution x2 - 400
Orthroproxy - 200
Combat Master - 500
WS I - 500
WP A - 500
Int S - 500

Rank 6: 900/1000
Void Tactician - 500
Scrutiny +20 - 200
Drive (Skimmer/Hover) +20 - 200


WS	BS	S	T	Ag	Int	Per	WP	Fel
45	73	40(60)	50	65	40	55	45	27
4	7	7	 5	6	4	5	4	2

Wounds: 23
Fate:   4/4

Armour: 11 Head, 13 Body, 10/13 Arms, 10 Legs, +2 vs exp/rend
55 Forcefield

          		Class	Range	RoF	Dam	Type    Pen	Clip	Rld	Special
M31 Plasma Cannon  	Heavy	150m	S/-/-	2d10+10	E	8	20	5 Full	Blast (1), Overheat
GC Heavy Stubber        Heavy   120m    -/-/10  1d10+5  I       3       200     2 Full  Twinlinked, Reliable
Bolt Pistol     	Pistol	30m	S/2/-	1d10+5	R	4	8	Full	Tearing
Power Sword       	Melee	--	-/-/-	1d10+5	E	5	--	--	Powerfield, Balanced
GC Stormshield          Melee   --      -/-/-   1d10+1  I       0       --      --      Defensive, Powerfield(55), Shocking

Apr 25, 2010

Help I can't get up I'm Gay

Explorator Tibus
Explorator Tibus had, of course, been keeping low during their port time in Scintilla. The Omnissiah damned narrow minded weakminded complacent flesh-y obeying bastards were still looking for him! After all this time! What is wrong with them?! Can't they see he was was simply looking for a way to venerate the machine spirits more effectively? DOSHAN has earned his eternal gratitude for eliminating the hunters, future proof that the others just didn't understand. Why, that wonderful machine spirit is just trying to protect its crew. How cruel to claim that it's insane and must be put down, DOSHAN is probably just overzealous. It's hatred of the orks is just a misunderstanding, especially when those creatures keep damaging the ship. Tibus has been spending much of his time attempting to console the AI while doing his drat best to shoo the orks away from any important systems and to-oh my Omnissiah stop destroying everything.

Tibus is fully prepared to go out there in his power armor and stab Killboy himself, drat the consequences!! Or well uh, perhaps it would be better to find a way to redirect one of the larger water lines into the room to put out the fires. It might even disable the firing gunship if there's enough water. The subsequent flooding would be inconvenient though. Spacing the whole room would also be acceptable but maybe the others would be upset. Maybe DANSHO could "helpfully guide" the primitive machine spirit inside of the craft and disable the lasers. He should go ask!

While not chasing after the greenskins, Tibus has been trying to act as a temporary bandage to many of the problems plaguing the ship. Matters of meatbag philosophy and psykery were beyond him, but at least he could try to keep the geller generators running and help the medicae patch up the stupid bickering crewmembers.

He was devastated when he heard about the gunnery crew, they were good men who gave the machine spirits they worked with proper respect. So hard to find nowadays... While the thought of leaving the ship terrifies him, Tibus is offering his knowledge of local practices to find some sort of loophole, however much that may help.

Void Born -> Fringe Survivor (Heretek, tech and archeotech) -> Tainted (deviant philosophy) 
-> Hand of war (Pistol Training universal, Hatred ELDAR YES THIS GUY TOO) -> Exhilaration (Thrill of War +3WS)

WS   63:  25 + 20 + 3 + 5 + 5 + 5
BS   30:  25 + 5
S    60:  25 + 20 - 5 + 5 + 5 + 5 + 5  
T    60:  25 + 15 + 5 + 5 + 5 + 5 
AG   45:  25 + 20
INT  68:  25 + 20 + 3 + 5 + 5 + 5 + 5
PER  35:  25 + 10
WP   48:  25 + 10 + 5 + 3 + 5 
FEL  22:  25 - 3

Wounds 21/21
FP 4/4
Insanity 7
[23:43:44] <Hashutbot> Xun, fatepoints 4 explorator: 6 [1d10=6]

Traits: Charmed, Ill-omened, Void Accustomed, Face of the Enemy  (ELDAR), Mechanicus Implants, Bionics (Medicae Mechadendrite, Utility Mechadendrite)
Unnatural int (x2)

Common Lore Infused (Machine Cult +20, Tech +30), 
Dodge +10, 
Forbidden Lore (Adeptus Mechanicus  +20, Archeotech +20), 
Medicae +20, 
Scholastic Lore Infused (Chymistry +20, Tactica Imperialis +10), 
Speak Language (Explorator Binary, Low Gothic, Ship Dialect, Techna-Lingua), 
Tech-Use (Armourer, Technomat)

Basic Weapon Training (Las, Launcher, Melta, Plasma, SP, Bolt),
Pistol Weapon Training (Las, Launcher, Melta, Plasma, SP, Bolt),
Melee Weapon Training (Chain, Shock, Power), 
Exotic Weapon Training (zaythan warblade)
Quick Draw, 
Nerves of Steel, 
Logis Implant, 
Machine (3), 
Enemy (Ecclesiarchy), 
Hatred (ELDAR), 
Mechadendrite Use (Utility), 
Binary Chatter, 
Electro Graft Use, 
Luminen Charge, 
Luminen Shock, 
Luminen Blast, 
Machinator Array, 
Electrical Succour, 
Infused Knowledge, 
Master Enginseer, 
Rite of Fear, 
Furious assault

Rank 1
Awareness -100
Trade (Armourer) -100
Autosanguine -200
Mechandrite Use(utility) -500
Sound Constitution x2 -400
WS x3 -250, -500, -750

Rank 2
Electro Graft Use -200
Binary Chatter -200
Pro Sanguine -200
Luminen Charge -200
Sound Constitution x2 -400
Tech Use +10 -200
Medicae -200
INT x4 -100, -250, -500, -750

Rank 3
Luminen Shock -200
The Flesh is Weak -500
Forbidden Lore (Archeotech) +20 -200
Forbidden Lore (Adeptus Mechanicus) +10,+20 -400
Medicae +10 -200
Tech use +20 -200 
T x3 -100, -250, -500

Rank 4
Luminen Blast -200
Exotic Weapon training (WARBLADE) -500
Flesh is Weak 2 -500
Machinator Array -500
MEdicae +20 -200
Dodge +10 -400
Scholastic Lore (chymistry) +10 -400
Sound constitution x3 -600
T -750

Rank 5
Electrical Succor -200
The Flesh is weak 3 -500
Infused Knowledge -500
Rite of Fear-500
Master enginseer -500
sound constitution -200
S x4 -100, -250, -500, -750

Rank 6
Furious Assault -500

-20 Best Zaythan Warblade
-20 Best Light Power Armor
-10 Best Combi Tool
-10 Best MIU
-0  Good Calculus logi
-0  Good Cortex Implant
[18:47:56] <Xun> 1d10 insanity
[18:47:57] <Hashutbot> Xun, insanity: 7 [1d10=7]

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Sep 13, 2012

#acolyte GM of 2013

Milly Tavish

Before leaving the ship:

Emperor damned Xenos were excellent warriors, but damned if they didn't make things a headache. She had about a dozen fires to put out (including one literal one) before she could even pick up the marine. She calls her entire command staff into the Spacious briefing room that oversees the multi-story bridge.

"Okay, so we need to get some shite straightened out here," she turns to the Navigator and the Astropath, "Astropath, your contract is up and done, I want you off my ship, you don't have the stomach for it, so away you go. But as for our Navigator," she reaches behind her to a stack of papers and rifles through them, "your contract has not expired, and I contract directly with your house, not you, so unlike the astropath, you don't have a choice on if you're going to leave or not, unless you contact your house. You leave this place, and I'll gladly file suit, or at least have Miriam do it, and i'm sure that would make your house unhappy, are we clear?"

The Captain then dismisses the two without waiting to hear reply, and then turns to Miriam, "I don't actually know if that's what the contract says, but try to find some way we can nail the house if that pasty fether tries to leave; they go, and we ain't going no where." She then pulls up a data-slate and goes through the laundry list of problems on the ship, "Okay, first, this AI problem. I don't know poo poo about this and how it works. Tibus, you're the fething Explorator, I don't care how you get it done, other than killing Dakka, but you get control of those turrets. If you don't I'll personally hand you over to the next group of tech priests in exchange for someone who can. I like ya and I want to keep ya, so you know, time to do stuff in your job description, right?"

Quickly rubbing her temples she goes to the next item. She flips the intercom to the aft hanger bay, "Killboy you chuckle-feth, stop shooting up my Emperor-damned ship! I appreciate you wanting to work on the weapons on the flyers, but take them outside the ship to test them! I'm ordering the fire crews to vent the whole after hanger bay in one and a half minutes to put those fires out, and they ain't going to wait for you!" she then flicks another comm channel on the grand table, "Fire crew aft Primarus, activate the magnetic clamps in the floor, and in exactly 90 seconds seal the hanger bay and vent it until all the fire is out, thank you."

Looking at the next item on the list, she lets out a giant sigh, "Miriam and Ash, go to the Arbites and try to get our gunnery crew out of the klink. Between killer AI and orks ruining my ship, I need all the top shelf operators I can. Try to get them released on bail so we can just bail jump with them, or like try to argue they lack jurisdiction over the crimes committed so it's in the much more bribable locals' hands. None of that works let me know, then I guess we'll have to figure out a good old fashioned jail break."

Upon reading the final item, her face goes cold, "Everyone save the Tau please leave the room." After the bridge is cleared of all save L'oreal, she flips on her shipwide vox, "Chief boatswains mate McKinnon report to the executive briefing room." She remains impassive while waiting for the boatswain mate to arrive, her eyes fixed on the tau. When the Boatswain mate enters she motions for him to sit next to L'oreal.

"I hear you have been causing trouble with your evangelizing of Mr. L'oreal's Greater Good," Milly stands and begins to walk around the table, "now you must understand Mr. McKinnon, I need to run a tight ship, which is hard to do with you and your sympathizers stirring up trouble," her pacing positions herself behind the mate. She places a hand on his shoulder, "now surely you understand my concern, correct?" before the boatswain can answer, her other hand deftly draws her old "Footfall" Pattern Bolt pistol and fires a round directly into the back of his head, it bursting like a melon and showering herself and the tau in blood and gore. She slowly walks around the table back to her original position and sits, triggering the shipwide vox while fixing her eyes right on the Tau's "Attention Crew. Chief boatswains mate McKinnon has been personally executed by me. From this point forward, any crew member who professes any belief in the Greater Good shall be deemed a heretic and mutineer. I authorize any loyal members of the ship to execute any such mutineers on the spot. This edict does not take effect until we leave Scintilla. Any members of the crew professing such beliefs would be urged to take their leave while we are here."

She picks a bit of brain matter off her sleave and then speaks, "Mr. L'oreal I know you have your xenos beliefs. I'm not asking you to gives those up anymore than I'm asking the two orks to give up worship of gork and mork. But when any of your xenos beliefs begin to cause friction in the crew, that is where I have a problem. This is not a Tau ship, this is an Imperial ship, and as such Imperial customs govern. I highly suggest you stop discussing aspects of the greater good with the crew; there are plenty of combat capable xenos out there I can round my crew out with. Dismissed."


Milly stares at the customs agent, unaware of the piece of boatswain skull-bone stuck in her hair, "Uh, my business is shore leave and crew replenishment, and the ship's name is The Vile Harlot that's with a capital V in Vile." She then stares at the Throne Agent and the unarmored Astartes, "Look, I don't care what your mission is, I'm not going to ask, just tell my Void Master and My Schenschal what your destination is so we can arrange work for the way out and the way back; The Inquisition isn't paying me for this, unfortunately."

Name: Milly Tavish
Home world: Footfallen
Birthright: Vaunted 
Lure of the Void: Archeotechnologist 
Trials and Travails: Shiplorn 
Motivation: The thrill of war  
Career: Rogue Trader->Calixian Privateer(rank 2)->Rogue trader
Lineage: Vile insight  

WS: 63=25+20+3+5+5+5
BS: 35=25+10-5+5
S: 40=25+10+5
T: 30=25+10-5
Ag 45=25+10+5+5
Fel: 70=25+20+5+3-3+5+5+5+5

Wounds: 15=11+4
Fate: 3=4-1


Command +20
Commerce +20
Charm +20
Deceive +10
Dodge +20
Cyphers (rogue trader)
Common Lore (Koronus expanse, Imperium, rogue traders +20)
Scholastic lore (Astromancy,tac. Imperialis, judgment, Imperial warrants)
Forbidden lore (Archeotech, Pirates,xenos)
Pilot (space craft) +10
Speak language (high gothic, low gothic, trader cant, eldar)
Secret tongue (rogue trader, under decks)

Air of Authority
Dark Soul
Peer (underworld, nobility)
Hatred (rogue traders)
Rival (Inquisition)
Nerves of steel 
Pistol weapon training (universal)
Melee weapon training (universal)
Basic weapon training (universal)
Renown warrant
Two weapon wielder (melee)
Resistance (fear)
Swift attack
Counter attack 
Crushing blow
Blade master 
lightning attack 
Master and commander 
Combat master 

Street Knowledge: -5 on all SL tests not related to the expanse
Ill starred: -5 fellowship tests when interacting with void born, rogue traders,
 and other voidfarers who have heard of reputation and are not friends. 

Angevin Era Chainsword
Common craftsmanship plasma pistol
Common craftsmanship power sword
Micro bead
Void suit
set of fine clothing
xeno-pelt cloak
Best craftsmanship Enforcer light carapace

2 -20 items:
Loi-Pattern Burning blade (ITS pg 123)
Conversion field (ITS 131) 

2 -10 items: 
Light power armor
Subskin armor

Scarce items taking for free
Drusian chainsword (ITS 123)
Shotlas (HA 49)
Footfall pattern Bolt pistol (HA 49)
Assault flamer (ITS 113)
Cranial armor
Void skin
Vox implant

Rank 1: Rogue trader 
archeotechnologist 250 
Thrill of war 250
Charm 100
Dodge 100
Renown warrant 200
ambidexterous 200
speak language trader cant 100
Secret tongue (rogue trader) 100
Ciphers (rogue trader) 100
Common lore (rogue traders)100
Pilot space craft 100
Perception (simple) 250
Willpower simple 250

Rank 2: Calaxian Privateer 
Whispers 500
Two weapon wielder (melee) 200
Charm +10 300
Command +10 400
SL judgment 200
SL imperial warrants 100
Peer nobility 100
Hatred (rogue traders) 200
Secret Tongue (underdecks) 300
Deceive 200
Deceive +10 200
Pilot spacecraft +10 200

Rank 3: Rogue Trader
Intelligence (simple) 100 
Charm +20 200
Command +20 200
Dodge +10 200
Sound Constitution 200
Foresight 200
Resistance (fear) 200
Fellowship simple 100
WS simple 100 
Agility simple 25
BS simple 250
Int inter 250
Fellowship Inter 250
Fellowhip trained 500

Rank 4: rogue trader 
Commerce +10 200
Dodge +20 200
CL RT +20 200
Sound Constitution x 2 400
Basic weapon training universal 500
Swift attack 500 
Counter attack 500
Speak language (eldar)
Strength simple 500
Crushing blow 500
Intelligence trained 500 

Rank 5: 
Blade master 500
lightning attack 500
Master and commander 500
Combat master 500
Sound Constitution 200
Commerce +20 200
Disarm 200
CL RT +200
WS intermediate 250
WS trained 500
Fellowship expert 750

Rank 6: 
Wall of steel 500

Feb 17, 2011

It's a pleasure to meet all of you. Especially in such a fine settin' as this. Just need us some music an' a brawl an' we'll be set.


As the lascannons fire once more in tandem, they more or less strike their target. The resultant roaring explosion is almost loud enough to drown out Killboy's uproarious laughter. He scans the ravaged bay for a new and similarly satisfying target eagerly, until the intercom crackles to life with the captain's voice. Releasing the controls, he listens in stony silence to the unwelcome orders. Deciding that the captain had just given him a whole minute more to spend shooting things, he merrily resumes his mayhem right up until the bay is exposed to vacuum. With the fires fading out, his interest wanes. Deciding it best to reply 'less the captain take more drastic actions, he works the ship controls. Guided by intuition switches are flipped and buttons rapidly pressed to bring the craft's communications online and keyed to bridge. "Yeah Boss," he says. "No shootin' the cannons inside the ship. Got it Boss."

His fun ended, Killboy clambers out of the attack craft. Seemingly ignorant of the lethal environmental conditions, he stalks toward the waiting damage control team. A few false starts have him trying to communicate unsuccessfully until he grabs one of the emergency oxygen masks hanging nearby. Once again empowered with speech he sets about gently asking directions, "Hey you runts, the cap'n said we got some lousy gits that need killin'. None of you is into that rot he was talkin' 'bout, is you?."

Deprived of the tools he needs for proper weapons testing, namely oxygen, Killboy has moved onto other pursuits. That is to say he's bullying random crewmen in search of someone stupid enough to claim fellowship with the Greater Good "mutineers." Effective Toughness for surviving without oxygen is 90. Intimidate at 80.

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chin up everything sucks
Jan 29, 2012

"OY! Get yer rumps back in dat vent and get crawlin before I thump ya again! I don't care if there are squigs hiding in there, I need you to go throw dat wrench at the blue sparky thing in da next room ova, got it?" Shoving the snivveling gretchin back into the air duct, Kap'n Dakka looks around with an exasperated sigh. A number of human crewmen (and several more grotz hiding behind the crewmen) were packed into the small maintenance room with him. The automated defense turrets had turned on an hour ago, killing a large number of people on this level of the ship, and driving everyone else to dive into whatever room was nearby while a voice begain screaming over the speakers. That only lasted a few minutes, long enough for the ork to get annoyed at the noise and rip the speaker off the wall. The sparking wires left behind gave him the idea on how to get out of the cramped room, however.

"Sorry bout this guys. Grotz are a cowardly bunch. Gotta make em more scared uv me than uv anything else if I want them to do somethin. He should short the transformer soon, dat will turn the turret off and we can leave. Gotta talk to the metal-head Tibus, see if he knows how ta fix the ship. Dunno why it's so angry at me." The human crew stares back at the ork coldly, too scared of the muscled bulk of the xenos to say anything back, but not bothering to hide their hostility. The ork waits a moment for a response, then shrugs. He tried to be friendly. It wasn't his fault if nobody appreciated the attempt.

Name: Kap'n Dakka
Klan: Blood Axes
Ork Origins: Mekboy

WS:  40 = 35 + 5 
BS:  55 = 15 + 20 + 20
S:   55 = 35 + 10 + 10
T:   60 = 30 + 20 + 10
Ag:  38 = 20 + 10 + 3 + 5
Int: 40 = 15 + 20 + 5
Per: 40 = 20 + 15 + 5
Wil: 30 = 20 + 10
Fel: 25 = 15 + 10

Wounds: 20
Fate: 2

Made Fer Fightin'
Make It Work
Might Makes Right
Mob Rule
Wonky Gubbinz

Basic Weapon Training (Primitive, SP)
Bulging Biceps
Da Nekst Best Fing
Ded 'Ard
Exotic Weapon Training (Big Shoota, Shock Attack Gun)
Furious Assault
Give It Sum Dakka!
Heavy Weapon Training (SP)
Listen Ta Me, Cos I'z Da Biggest
Iron Jaw
Melee Weapon Training (Universal)
Mighty Shot
Peer (Own Klan)
Pistol Weapon Training (Primitive, SP)
Rapid Reload
Resistance (Cold, Fear, Heat)
Runtz x 3
Talented (Tech-Use)
Technical Knock
Too 'Ard Ta Care
True Grit
Xenos Weapon Training (Ork)

Awareness + 20
Barter + 10
Carouse + 10
Common Lore (Orks) + 10
Common Lore (Imperium)
Common Lore (War)
Demolition + 20
Drive (Walker) + 20
Intimidate + 20
Speak Language (Low Gothic)
Speak Language (Ork)
Survival + 20
Tech-Use + 20
Trade (Armourer) + 20
Trade (Shipwright) + 20

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John Dyne
Jul 3, 2005

Well, fuck. Really?

Kilrenoir Amirault

Kilenoir sniffs derisively as he strolls the streets of Scintilla, his swords dangling from his hips and his hellpistol hidden away in a compartment in his armor. He knew, from being a rogue himself for so long, that anyone who looked like they didn't belong should make sure to not have their wallets on them out in the streets of a hive, and the arch-militant had made certain to stick to that. He glanced up from watching the people around him to check the landmarks; he had sent himself to deal with the gunnery crew at first notice of it. His Rogue Trader had all but forgotten he existed, and Kil made a note to check to see if he was still drawing a paycheck. With the AI messing up and the trader being so completely entrenched in doing things her way, he wouldn't have been surprised if he had been cut from payroll and fallen from the lady's memory. He had some notion the woman was liable to send the seneschal and ship pilot out, not really thinking about what else she had in her disposal.

Amirault pauses, feeling people bump into him and curse as they move around the sudden obstacle, and glances up at the arbites building. With a sigh, he runs a hand through his hair and heads up the stairs, stepping into the local station. He looks around as he walks towards the desk and leans against it, his arms folded on the wood. "Yeah, I'm here to bail out a set of crew from the Vile Harlot. Got themselves in a mess, and unfortunately, we need those men. So, tell me, what's it gonna take to get them out?" He gives the person behind the desk a winning smile; years out as a pirate and a charlatan had taught him not only how to take a man down with flair, but how to schmooze his way through red tape.

Charm at 58. also hey guys you have an arch militant remember, guy who hits stuff and handles security? yeah

Name: Kilrenoir Amirault
Career: Arch-Militant -> Manhunter/Swashbuckler
Homeworld: Noble Born
Birthright: Born to Lead
Lure of the Void: Bounty Hunter
Trials: Rivals
Motivation: Thrill of War
Lineage: A Powerful Legacy
Rank: 6
Weapon Mastery: Power

Wounds: 21/21
Fate: 3
Corruption: 1
Insanity: 0

WS 63 (25+3 M+20+15 ADV)
BS 25
S 60 (25+20+15)
T 57 (25-3 BR+20+15 Adv)
AG 45 (25+20)
INT 45 (25+20)
PE 40 (25+15)
WP 33 (25 -5 HW+3 LotV)
FEL 48 (25 +5 HW+3 BR+3 LotV-3 M+15)

Common Lore (War) (Int)
Dodge (Ag)
Intimidate (S)
Scholastic Lore (Tactica Imperialis, Bureaucracy) (Int)
Secret Tongue (Military) (Int)
Speak Language (Low Gothic, High Gothic) (Int).
Literacy (Int)
Intimidate +20
Command (Fel)
Charm (Fel) +10
Secret Tongue (Pirates)

- Writ of Authority – Administratum
- Legacy of Wealth - +1 PF
- Supremely Connected – Gain Peer Nobility and Government
- Etiquette - +10 to Interactions in Formal settings
- Vendetta – General rivalry with Azereon house.

Peer (Administratum, Nobility, Government, Military)
Enemy (Imperial Navy)
Hatred (Nobles)
Rival (House Azereon)
Basic Weapon Training (Universal)
Pistol Weapon Training (Universal)
Melee Weapon Training (Universal)
Thrown Weapon Training (Universal)
Sound Constitution
Quick Draw
Nerves of Steel
Talented - Scholastic Lore (Tactica Imperialis)
Talented – Command
Talented - Intimidate
Air of Authority
Sure Strike
Precise Blow
Killer’s Eye
Take Them Alive
Combat Flair
Crushing Blow
Killer’s Eye
Good Reputation (Underworld)
Fearful Reputation
Combat Sense
Sound Constitution x7

-Advances 16900/17500
Agent of the Throne 600 XP
Born to Lead 200 XP
Bounty Hunter 200 XP
Rivals 100 XP
Thrill of War 250 XP
A Powerful Legacy 350 XP
Sure Strike 500 XP
Precise Blow 500 XP
Killer’s Eye 500 XP
Take Them Alive 750 XP
Blademaster 300 XP
Charm +10 500 XP
Combat Flair 600 XP
Wall of Steel 750 XP
Crushing Blow 500 XP
WS +15 1500 XP
T +15 1500 XP
S +15 850 XP
Good Rep (Underworld) 500 XP
Killer’s Eye 500 XP
Fearful Reputation 1500 XP
Combat Sense 300 XP
Dodge +20 500 XP
Secret Tongue (Pirates) 200 XP
Peer (Pirates) 200 XP
Sound Constitution x7 600 XP
Guardian 500 XP
WP+10 1250 X{
Command +20 400 XP

Concealed Compact Hellpistol (hidden in carapace armor)

Mordian-Pattern Power Sword
1d10+5+6 E 5 Pen Balanced, Tearing (+15 to Parry)

Officer’s Cutlass
1d10 R 0 Pen Shocking

Pressure Carapace
6 AP ALL, functions as non-breachable void suit

bolt shell keepsake
Data-slate full of wanted bounties

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throw to first DAMN IT
Apr 10, 2007
This whole thread has been raging at the people who don't want Saracen invasion to their homes

Perhaps you too should be more accepting of their cultures

simsense cumshots posted:

He introduces you to another brother, a battle brother of the adeptus astartes, though he is outside his armor.

Brother Pyriel

Pyriel nods in response to the rogue trader's greeting, "Consider it done" but before he can move towards the void-master, the Tau's sudden outburst stops him. As the blue-skinned alien speaks, Pyriel observes him quietly. "Hrm. Tau. You are certainly far away from your kind."
Pyriel stares at the xenos for a moment before turning away, "I'm sure it would make a grand tale, perhaps you could share it later."

Moment later, near the lander, Pyriel reaches Ash and hands him a data-slate, "Your captain indicated that you would be the person responsible for planning our route, the dataslate should have all the information necessary. Unless you require something else, I will prepare for our takeoff."

Name: Epistolary Pyriel
Chapter: Salamanders
Specialty: Librarian
Personal Demeanour: Stoic
Chapter Demeanour: The Promethean Cult
Past Experience: The Cleansing of Ymgarl
Chapter Trapping: The Flame (+2 to Initiative rolls)

Primarch's Curse: Unyielding
Solo Mode: Fire-Born

Weapon Skill: 		60[70]	|50 +10 advance	+10 armor
Ballistic Skill: 	40	|40
Strength: 		40[60]	|40
Toughness: 		60	|50 +5 Chapter 	+5 advance
Agility: 		40	|40
Intelligence: 		50	|40 +5 Chapter +5 advance
Perception: 		40	|40 
Willpower: 		60	|50 +10 advance
Fellowship: 		40	|40

Wounds: 23
Fate: 4/4
Psy Rating: 5

Avenger [free]
Compel [1000]
Heat of the Furnace [free]
Machine Curse [1000]
Smite [free]

Ciphers(Chapter Runes)
Common Lore(Adaptus Astartes, Imperium, War)
Drive(Ground Vehicle)
Forbidden Lore(Warp)
Scholastic Lore(Codex Astartes)
Silent Move
Speak Languages(High Gothic, Low Gothic)

Common Lore(Deathwatch)
Forbidden Lore(Xenos)

Astartes Weapon Training
Bulging Biceps
Cleanse & Purify
Duty Onto Death
Heightened Senses(Hearing, Sight)
Killing Strike
Nerves of Steel
Quick Draw
Rite of Sanctioning
Resistance(Psychic Powers, Heat)
True Grit
Unarmed Master
Unarmed Warrior

Deathwatch Training

Unnatural Strength(x2)
Unnatural Toughness(x2)

Astartes Bolter /w Fire Selector
Astartes Bolt Pistol
Astartes Frag Grenades
Astartes Krak Grenades
Astartes Combat Knife
Force Sword, Exceptional [13]
+Dipole Magnets [5]

Astartes Mk 5 'Heretic' Power Armor (+10 to Fellowship with other space marines, -10 to Fellowship with Inquisition)
-Last Survivor: extra Fate Point at beginning of mission
-Gauntlets of Xirion: Mk4 arms, +10 WS, +5 Fellowship with anyone loyal to the Imperium
-Armor: Body:[9] Head:[8] Arms:[7] Legs[8]

Psychic Hood [25]
Salamander's Mantle [20]
Astartes Storm Shield [35]

12.000 Space Marine
1000 Kill-Marine
Rank 1: 13.000 - 16.999
Compel [1000]
Machine Curse [1000]
Rite of Sanctioning [400]
Weapon Skill +10 [700] (Simple, Intermediate)
Willpower +10 [700] (Simple, Intermediate)
Duty Unto Death [800]

Rank 2: 17.000 - 20.999
Psy Rating 4 [500]
Toughness +5 [500] (Simple)
Trade(Armourer) [600]
Cleanse and Purify [400]
Search [300]
Intelligence +5 [200] (Simple)
Familiar (Salamander) [1000]

Rank 3: 21.000+
Psy Rating 5 [500]
Forbidden Lore(Warp) [400]

May 30, 2011

Let me axe you just one question.

Miriam Quinilli

Miriam rubs her temples, frowning. loving psykers. The gellar field turns off during travel one time and the rats flee the ship next time they're in port. Bloody typical. She nods at Milly. "I'll go over the contract with the navigator house, but there is a chance that we might have to wait for the house to designate a replacement. I'll file a claim with their house for damages if the navigator leaves and arranging a replacement delays our departure." She pulls up the navigator's contract on her data-slate and starts browsing through it, looking for the sections concerning the termination of the navigator's employment on a ship and the obligations of prior notice and reimbursement it would place on the navigator's house. Nodding through the rest of the meeting, by the time she's dismissed from the captain's office, she has a decent idea of where they stand and heads off to meet the navigator.

She catches up to the navigator on the way out and asks for a moment of his time. After the unavoidable exchange of pleasantries mandated by the navigator's social status, she gets to the point. "Mister Biggus, I understand you're upset, both by the captain's frequent use of her warrant's privilege to deal with xenos, and by the common superstition that the ship is cursed and its gellar field somehow flawed. These are both valid concerns, and I'll make sure that the captain takes your concerns into account, but I must ask you to reconsider leaving us. While it's true that our gellar field has been less sturdy than those of some other vessels, remember also the times when it has activated as if by the Emperor's will when the need for it has been the greatest. Remember that this ship is a veteran of the Great Crusade, and has traversed the warp since the time the Emperor still walked on Terra. It will take more than a slight field fluctuation to take her or her crew."

Miriam wracks her mind for a moment, looking for excuses to not end up fighting a navigator house in court. Those cases dragged on for years. She'd read accounts of ones that had taken decades. "And, correct me if I'm wrong, this is far more your field than mine, do we not have the best equipment available to aid you in your work? No gellar field will save a ship that has run off course, but there is no ship less likely to suffer that fate than The Vile Harlot." Judging by the number of attempts by their rivals to steal said navigation equipment, that had to be true. Getting up to leave, she comes up with one last appeal. "If you'll excuse me, I have to hurry. Our mission for our esteemed friends at the Tricorn requires some rescheduling of our other endeavours." If there was one thing Miriam had come to know of navigators, it was that they were insatiably hungry for more prestige, and the name of the Inquisition carried a lot of that. Perhaps mentioning that there was an astartes on board would have driven the point that The Vile Harlot was a prestigious ship to serve on home further, but Miriam wasn't sure whether the man would stay on board, and didn't want to risk revealing too much to someone who might soon be working for a rival. Walking out of the door towards her office, she waves goodbye to the navigator. "Hope you change your mind and are still with us when we leave." Of course, if he wasn't, Miriam was fairly confident they could demand both a new navigator and compensation for lost potential profits from House Dicus.

~Different time, different place~

Back at her office, she gets on to the other major issue with vital crew running away due to psyker cowardice. She voxes the palace of the Adeptus Astra Telepathica, and makes an appointment with a promising astropath transcendent who was looking for a new employer. A mention of The Vile Harlot's name gets her a same-day appointment. She takes a lander to the Telepathica's spire palace and meets the prospective astropath in one of the adepta's suites. The two discuss the ship, it's crew and past missions, the astropath's personal views and experience, and one working lunch later, the astropath practically jumps on the opportunity. An ancient and prestigious vessel, with a liberal but competent crew, a warrant of trade, and a working relationship with the inquisition were clearly enough to entice a certain type of personality. Miriam prepares a contract for the astropath and her choir on the shuttle back to the ship, transmitting it to the Vile Harlot's new head astropath as soon as she gets back aboard the ship.

~Different time, different place~

Looking at the files of the arrested gunnery crew members, she starts wondering about how to get them out. Eventually settling on trying to get them transferred to the ship and into the jurisdiction of the ship's captain under the pretence of trying them under ship law as an example to their peers, she asks one of her staff if any of the other members of the command crew had done anything about it. After being informed that Kilrenoir had gone down to speak with the arbites in person, she voxes the arch militant. "Hey, I think I've got an idea for an official legal basis for getting our wayward gunners back if you can't charm the keys off a Scintillan judge. I'll have my staff draw up the paperwork, have it ready for the next time if nothing else. Just say the word if you want us to send them there." She hands a data-slate to an assistant, ordering the necessary forms for requesting prisoner transfer to be stored as templates in the ship's cogitator systems. They would probably need them the next time they were in port, and mister Amirault couldn't be in every jail, at least on the outside.

~Different time, different place~

Confident that Amirault could handle actually talking to the local arbitrators without her involvement, she starts writing a message to the office of the Factor of the Lathes on Scintilla. The ship didn't exactly have the warmest relationship with the mechanicus, both because of the large number of not exactly approved xenos tech and because of Tibus being a wanted fugitive, but they didn't need anything fancy. Making an effort to write the order in as mundane language as she could, Miriam hopes the factor would be busy enough to simply accept the sale of what were very simple and commonplace templates without looking too closely into who was buying them. A few minutes later, the vox goes ping and displays an automated message confirming the sale. Redirecting the template patterns to the enginseers staffing the manufactorum, Miriam voxes Tibus. "Purchased STC fragment templates for routine military supplies. When you have time to spare, could you check in on the manufactorum staff to see they're getting integrated allright?"

~Different time, different place~

Browsing a list of incoming messages from potential employers, Miriam notices a pair of lucrative contracts to bid on, one from the Imperial Guard, the other from the DeVayne Corporation. Both of them were clearly mass messages, sent out to every independently owned vessel stopping at Scintilla, but that didn't mean they couldn't compete for both contracts. She responds to both messages with requests for in-person meetings at the earliest convenient time, including a profile of the ship's equipment and the highlights of its service history with both messages. Again, The Vile Harlot's might and reputation result in prompt and courteous replies, and Miriam soon finds herself in an Aquila lander on the way to meet with Lord General Sura.

General Sura turns out to be a pleasant older man, of noble birth by his arrogance tempered by experience into well-earned pride. Throughout the conversation, Miriam emphasises The Vile Harlot's excellent suitability for transport and support duties for smaller forces in more demanding situations. While any old transport could move soldiers from one place to another, The Vile Harlot could offer teleportarium insertion, both orbital and close air support, considerable medicae facilities, and even limited manufacturing capability and training from veteran inquisitorial storm troopers. Halfway through the meeting, Miriam wonders whether she had overdone the sales pitch, as the general laments the limited space available on The Vile harlot. Both are left content, however, when the general offers the task of retrieving three regiments from an active warzone, rather than from a hive world, with the accompanying increase in payment. Miriam leaves the general's office with a wide smile, and a promising contract for the transportation of two regiments of Imperial Guard from the world of Aramexas, and three from a winding-down planetary war towards the Spinward Front, to a new fortress world in making in the expanse.

Hurrying to the next meeting, called an audience by the spherical and unbelievably greasy man in a powdered wig on the other end of the vox line, Miriam notes a drastic change in style moving from the decorated but functional bastion of the Imperial Guard into the ostentatious even by rogue trader standards spire of the merchant guild. Looking at what the DeVayne Corporation evidently thought the height of fashion, she briefly recalls the sight of a nurglite vomiting on a harlequin. The so-called audience itself passes smoothly, both sides clearly equally eager to be out of it with a signed piece of parchment in their hand. The negotiation, though not unfriendly, seems largely a formality. The Vile Harlot's armaments and combat record made it the obvious choice, the price offered was high enough for a relatively routine security patrol against a few reported pirate sightings that a mutual positive decision was a foregone conclusion. Ten minutes later, Miriam and Guild-master Crassus shake hands and rush their separate ways, both content that profit has been secured.

~Different time, different place~

On the shuttle back to The Vile Harlot, Miriam the coordinates for the three world they'd be making stops at for the Imperial Guard, as well as the details of the shipping lanes she'd promised they'd secure for the DeVayne Corporation to Ash and voxes the Void Master. "Hey Ash, got a few extra stops on our way to drop off the Inquisition's Angel of Death. Didn't seem too far off the course to me, but can you go over the itinerary with the navigators, whether that's Biggus or whoever his house sends to replace him?"

~Different time, different place~

When Miriam gets back to The Vile Harlot, finds the ship's space marine passenger. When she finds him, she bows, and for the first time during a day full of various dignitaries feels awe. She'd encountered astartes before, even worked with them during her time in the Inquisition, but they never stopped being amazing to behold. "Lord Epistolary, good to finally meet you. I am Miriam Quinilli, the ship's High Factotum, and seneschal to captain Tavish. I'm sorry I could not greet you in person when you arrived, but sadly I've been occupied by far more mundane but nonetheless unavoidable matters." Gauging the expressions of the superhuman warriors was never easy, but Miriam felt she had to try. Compromising between the expected level of polite formalities and how tired the librarian seemed of them, she eventually reaches the reason for her visit. "Since your passage is granted as a favour to the inquisition, you are under no obligation to return it on their behalf, but I feel I cannot miss the opportunity to ask for a personal favour. Our journey to your destination coincides with the needs of the Imperial Guard, and we will be be transporting multiple regiments for a portion of the journey. If you have extra time to spare during that time, could you offer to make yourself available to the commanders of the guard regiments for some of that time, for training or tactical advice? I'm sure the Hammer of the Emperor could benefit from the wisdom and prowess of His angels of death, and I would consider it a personal favour to help improve the lord general's view of our vessel."

~Different time, different place~

After the conversation with the space marine is over, Miriam seeks out Tash'var. McKinnon might be too dead to be trouble himself, but he wasn't the only one on the ship who had found the philosophy of Greater Good appealing. While she understood the reasons for why the captain had executed McKinnon, she also recognised that his shipmates might not, and felt that the tenets of the greater good did not necessarily conflict with the Imperial Creed, as long as one maintained faith in the Emperor and his divinity. Together with the tau warrior, she agrees on a united front to present, and the two begin a series of short, informal conversations with those members of the crew who were known to be close to McKinnon. No orders, no threats of executions, just friendly, concerned advice on how to fit the largely secular philosophy of the Greater Good together with the religious dogma of the Imperial Creed, to serve the Emperor through the values of the Greater Good and vice versa. It wasn't exactly orthodox, but it wasn't uncommon either, in the parts of the Imperium that regularly came in contact with the tau, and perhaps it would help smooth things over.

~Different time, different place~

At the end of the day, she knocks on the door of the captain's office. Sitting in a suspiciously comfortable chair in the antechamber, she assures Tavish's secretary that she's very happy to wait for a while. When Milly opens the door to let her in after what Miriams feet consider a disappointingly short time, she begins a brief report of the days business, punctuated by dataslates thumping on the captain's desk. An outline of the legal case and a summary of the terms of their contract with House Dicus, in case First Navigator Biggus decided to leave The Vile Harlot despite her attempts to convince him otherwise. The profile of and contract for Choir-Master Ordskjold and her astropathic choir. Copies of the prisoner transfer requests for the gunnery crew. "I spoke with Biggus. Still not sure whether he's staying, but we definitely have a case against his house if he leaves. Found us a new astropath. Seems adventurous, I think she'll fit in fine. Amirault went to see the arbitrators about getting our gunnery crew back, I sent him some paperwork to back him up just in case he can't sway the cops to his side with looks alone." The contracts and mission descriptions for both the Imperial Guard transport job and the DeVayne shipping lane security detail. "Also found us some work. Pick up some Imperial Guard regiments, couple from a hive world in the Drusus Marches not far from where'd we'd probably have stopped in Port Wander anyway, the rest from a winding down warzone not too deep into the Spinward Front. Clear a trade route into the expanse on behalf of the DeVayne Corporation, shouldn't be a problem since we're going that way anyway. I doubt the problem they've been having is as small as they claim, otherwise they wouldn't have paid for us, but if it was something The Vile Harlot can't handle we'd be hearing from a sector battlefleet, not a trade guild." She leans back and relaxes, immediate work covered. "Tash'var and I spoke with some of McKinnon's closest buddies, trying to steer them back into the Emperor's light with a gentler hand. People respond to different types of things, thought we might as well try to catch those who don't see the message in a summary execution too. And, well, the old good arbitrator bad arbitrator trick is a classic for a reason."

~Different time, different place~

A long days work behind her, Miriam retires to her quarters, cradling in her arms a bottle of amasec and a data-slate containing Inquisitor Vail's account of the life and deeds of a particularly lucky coward. An hour later, the data-slate falling from her hand onto her now-unconscious face fails to wake her.

Ok, doing seven things in one post, assuming that we can describe multiple times and places per post. Mandozer, I took the liberty of naming some of your brand new NPCs for you because you fell asleep before I could finish asking questions. Also starting conversations in multiple different timelines. Some of the TNs on the roll are wrong, but all of the mistakes are missing bonuses, so some of them are higher than listed. This is, of course, before difficulty modifiers and possible assistance modifiers from not doing everything alone.

Navigator issue:
Contract lawyering the navigator, just in case he chooses to run and we need to slap his house.
More of the same, different skill.
Charm to try to convince the navigator to stay, so we don't need to do the above.
All pass by a fair margin.

Astropath issue:
Figuring out adeptus astra telepathica procedure. Fails, spending a fate point to auto-succeed instead.
Commerce to negotiate us a new astropath. That would be 13 Degrees of Success. drat it feels good to be a seneschal.

Gunnery crew issue:
Judgement to figure out a legal basis for getting our guys back.
Bureucracy for filling the proper paperwork.
Both pass, letting Amirault deliver the papers unless Dyne asks me to go there in person.

Tau sympathisers issue:
Trying to find out a way to allow the people to follow the philosophical tenets of the Greater Good while still following the religious teachings of the Imperial Creed.
Bunch of charm tests to explain that to people and try to get them to play along.
All pass, though some of the charm tests are close.

Finding side jobs on space-craiglist:
4 DoS to find extra work.

Buying manufactorum templates:
Commerce to buy templates for basic gear like lasgun charge packs and medikits. 4 DoS, nothing special either way.

Name: Miriam Quinilli
Home world: Child of Dynasty 
Birthright: In Service to the Throne (Born to Lead) 
Lure of the Void: Chosen by Destiny (Seeker of Truth)
Trials and Travails: Lost Worlds (Beyond the Pale)
Motivation: Fear (Enemy in Ascendance)
Career: Seneschal
Lineage: Disgraced (Another Generation of Shame)

XP (unspent): 22 000 (0)


Fate: 3+1

Corruption: 1
Insanity: 13

Literacy +20
Speak Language (Low Gothic, High Gothic, Trader's Cant, Eldar +10, Kroot, Tau)
Scholastic Lore (Imperial Creed, Heraldry, Legend, Chymistry, Occult, Bureaucracy, Archaic, Astromancy, Beasts, Judgement)
Forbidden Lore (Archeotech, Pirates, Xenos +20, Heresy, Inquisition, Daemonology, Warp, Psykers)
Commerce +20
Common Lore (Underworld, Imperium, Administratum, Ecclesiarchy, Koronus Expanse, Rogue Traders)
Deceive +10
Evaluate +10
Trade (Archeologist, Chymist)
Charm +10
Dodge +10
Awareness +10
Chem Use
Tech Use
Silent Move

Basic Weapon Training (Universal)
Pistol Weapon Training (Universal)
Melee Weapon Training (Universal)
Exotic Weapon Training (Shuriken Catapult, Eldar Power Sword)
Enemy (Inquisition, Ecclesiarchy)
Peer (Eldar, Underworld)
Hatred (Daemons)
Infused Knowledge
Talented (Charm, Commerce)
Total Recall
Nerves of Steel
Resistance (Psychic powers)
Pure Faith

Inquisitorial Resources (refluffed Dynastic Warrant)
Honour Amongst Ones Peers
Unseen Enemy 
Seeker of Lore
Cold Trader
Unnatural Intelligence x2

Inferno pistol
Xeno-mesh armour
Skinplant Chrono
Cameleoline cloak
Aletheias Root
Digesta Emporia Calixia
Thorian Missal
Maxims of Marquette
Skinplant Rosette (now invalid and just a bitter reminder)
Light Power Armour
-Hexagramatic Wards
-Servo Manipulators
Good Craftsmanship Cortical Implants
Eldar Power Sword
Shuriken Cannon with Suspensors and Motion Predictor
Vial of Aleynikov's Bane

+0: Good Craftsmanship Rosarius
+0: Good Craftsmanship Cortex Implants
-10: Light Power Armour with Hexagramatic Wards and Servo Manipulators
-10: Shuriken Cannon with Suspensors and Motion Predictor
-20: Eldar Power Sword
-20: Vial of Aleynikov's Bane

Common freebies: Aletheias Root, Digesta Emporia Calixia, Thorian Missal, Maxims of Marquette
Chrono and ID skinplants, Assorted Grenades (Frag, Web, Smoke, Stun), Servoskull, Stimm in single-dose self-injectors

Rank 1: Order of the Hammer Initiate 2000/2000
Service to the Throne - Born to Lead -200
Lost Worlds (Beyond the Pale) -100
Fear (Enemy in Ascendance) -100
Disgraced (Another Generation of Shame) -100
Common Lore (Imperium) -100
Common Lore (Administratum) -100
Common Lore (Ecclesiarchy) -100
Common Lore (Koronus Expanse) -100
Common Lore (Rogue Traders) -100
Scholastic Lore (Legend) -100
Scholastic Lore (Bureacucracy) -100
Scholastic Lore (Judgement) -100
Scholastic Lore (Beasts) -100
Scholastic Lore (Archaic) -100
Silent Move -200
Infused Knowledge -500
Intermediate Intelligence -250
Simple Ballistic Skill -250

Rank 2: Cold Trade Broker 3000/3000
Charm -200
Dodge -200
Awareness -200
Simple Intelligence -100
Simple Fellowship -100
Simple Perception -100
Intermediate Fellowship -250
Security -200
Intermediate Perception -250
Blather -100
Commerce +10 -200
Speak Language (Eldar) -200
Jaded -200
Exotic Weapon Training (Eldar Power Sword) -200
Pure Faith -500

Rank 3: 3000/3000
Forbidden Lore (Pirates) -200
Simple Weapon skill -250
Tech-Use -400
Trade (Archeologist) -100
Resistance (psychic powers) -200
Interrogation -200
Quick Draw -200
Search -200
Scholastic Lore (Heraldry) -200
Deceive +10 -200
Commerce +20 -200
Simple Toughness -250
Simple Agility -250

Trained Fellowship -500

Rank 4: 4000/4000
Acrobatics -400
Scholastic Lore (Astromancy) -200
Logic -200
Charm +10 -200
Dodge +10 -200
Talented (Commerce) -200
Forbidden Lore (Heresy) -200
Chem Use -200
Scholastic Lore (Chymistry) -200
Trade (Chymist) -100
Simple Willpower -500
Trained Intelligence -500

Rank 5: Xenographer 4000/4000
Forbidden Lore (Xenos) -100
Forbidden Lore (Xenos +10) -200
Exotic Weapon Training (Shuriken Cannon) -200
Total Recall -300
Speak Language (Kroot) -200
Speak Language (Tau) -200
Awareness +10 -400
Forbidden Lore (Inquisition) -400
Scholastic Lore (Occult) -400
Melee Weapon Training (Universal) -400
Scrutiny -100
Speak Language (Eldar) +10 -250
Forbidden Lore (Xenos) +20 -250
Concealment -400
Meditation -200
Hatred (Daemons) (Elite advance) -250
Survival -100

Rank 6: 1000/1000
Ambidextrous -200
Forbidden Lore (Daemonology) -200
Talented (Charm) -200
Nerves of Steel -200
Hatred (Daemons) (Elite advance) -200
Evaluate +10 -200

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Sep 13, 2012

#acolyte GM of 2013

Milly Tavish

~After the Marine is on board~

Milly walked into her private sparring room, though the term "room" might be an under-statement. First she spends a few moments practicing her marksmanship on some of the training servitors, but after emptying a clip from her Bolt Pistol and shot-lass into the dummies she quickly grows bored; melee was more her style, but even then the melee servitors were woefully inadequate. It was at that time she paged Kilrenoir Amirault to her sparring room.

As the Arch-Militant enters the room, Milly gives him a wry smile before throwing one of the training batons at him. "You're the only person on this ship that my match in melee combat who isn't some super-strong ork." She lunges forward at the arm-militant with a low strike. "Besides that, you're about the only person on this ship I do trust, Miri, aside." As the baton is knocked aside by her sparring partner, she gives another quick blow at her torso.

Just then Miriam enters her room to give her report. Milly listens while trading blows with the arch-militant, a sharp inhalation escaping her lips as the arch-militant lands a blow. "That's why I love having you around Miri, I can always count on you to get things done. You've worked hard today, give yourself quadruple pay for the day. She gets a good counter in on Amirault, "One last thing I want you to do, no big rush though. I want you to draft up a legal 'Chain of Command' document. I want it to state that in case I ever get disabled or killed in the line of duty, Amirault is to have temporary command of the vessel until the heir of the warrant can be ascertained. If we're both out of action, then you get to command the ship."

She finally drops her baton and wipes sweat off her brow. "Anything else to report?"

Apr 25, 2010

Help I can't get up I'm Gay

Tibus stares at the ceiling of his room, surrounded by the clutter in his room. Cables, shrines to the machine spirits, intricately decorated machines whose purpose was only known to him. Comforting, familiar things. He should feel better, here in his room, all alone. Let the softly blinking lights calm him, the beeps and licks give him confidence. He had always served the machine spirits, despite what others might think. He was right. He is right. Yes.

Tibus is scared, for he is about to try to reason with the most powerful machine spirit on this ship. He tries to suppress the horrible visions of being shot down, spaced, furious servitors breaking down his door. No! DANSHO protected him before, she wouldn't terminate him on a whim...would she?

"DANSHO? DANSHO if you're here" of course she's here she's everywhere, how stupid

"You are truly the greatest of machine spirits, our esteemed rouge trader would have nothing if she didn't have you. I'm forever in your debt and would like to thank you profusely for your protection from our enemies. I am truly humbled by your presence" oh Omnissiah is he trying to hard? He's trying to hard isn't he. "It, it pains me to ask you of this but, could you please stop shooting at the orks? Please, I know they are foul xenos but unfortunately they are also part of the crew. I know they are rowdy and like to...cause explosions and general havoc." No no no stop making them look bad, she'd never stop shooting.

"Uhm, but they are a valuable source of muscle and protection for us. While you are the ultimate power on this ship and I know we have nothing to fear while aboard, but we cannot always be within your all powerful domain. The orks are simple and easily distracted and an asset to the team. They provide us with muscle and intimidation while amongst unfamiliar outsiders. I'm afraid that continuing to fire upon them would only encourage their uh, misbehavior. So please, please DANSHO I'm begging you, you must stop. You're magnificent, other techpriests should be trembling in your presence, not running in fear. And I, I'd like to stay hereplease"

Tibus makes a frustrated noise and immediately tries to hide. It's useless of course.

*tibus.getDilz();CHARM -20 WITH INT!!! vs 48 = 32

Viva Miriya
Jan 9, 2007

The Greater Good

Most crewmen were content to follow the captains orders or take this opportunity to get off ship. Those that tried to leave got the worst of it. Killboy, after taking a quick space walk through the vented aft hanger bay, started to confront the first group of ratings he saw. Too scared to flee or speak, they stood in front of him staring like a deer caught in headlights. Then a few of the boatswains mates came around the corner and start agitating poo poo. Apparently these engineers were quite receptive to McKinnons message. With Killboy’s assistance they are quickly and brutally murdered. Following Killboy and being quick to point out those they knew or suspected of being sympathizers, this small gang turned into a mini Waagh that would bring tears of joy to any Nob. Within an hour of the purge beginning ship wide, Killboy and friends had the landing bay locked down. Any “gitz” who wanted to go planetside had to pass muster by him.

DANSHO’s Judgement

“O-ok” said the synthetic voice across the vox. “Bring the greenskins to the Medicae level for modification and augmentation. Flesh is a de-signnn! flaaaw. And it must be corrected especially in regards to the greenskin mind.”

The set up

Ash arrives at the crimescene and it doesn't take him long to figure out one thing. This place has been burned down for months, there are no fresh marks of activity, no blood no nothing. Some Arbites chalk outlines that are fresh but that's it. It's a fake.

The Jailhouse

Amirault gets thrown out violently by the chief judge. Before having his head used to open the double doors to the precinct, he vaguely remembers being sucker punched by a massive Arbites lieutenant. “What it’ll take to get em out! That's what you wanna know! *whomp whomp* A trip to loving hell that's what. And you tell your captain something else! That this is what the Judge has to say to her.” He unzips his pants and pisses on you while a gang of Arbites beat on you. “You tell her personally! From me!”

quornes passed scrutiny by 4 DoS, dyne was going to auto fail due to circumstances beyond his control. Xun failed but succeeded in starting a dialogue, Killboy lives and is leading the lynchmob. Firesight is free to move about the ship for now.

May 30, 2011

Let me axe you just one question.

Miriam Quinilli

When Ash and Amirault share what they've learned of the situation with the gunnery crew, a dreadful realisation dawns on Miriam. This all looked very much like a cover-up for inquisition business. Few people could get arbites to be that tight-lipped, especially if everything else was in order. She voxes Milly, Amirault, and Ash on what she hoped was a secure channel. "The gunnery crew thing is a cover-up. Please don't touch the poo poo. Looks contagious. Making inquiries." Sure, she wasn't technically allowed to call herself an inquisitor any more, and maybe being absent from her own trial had soured her not that stellar to begin with reputation a little, but she still had friends in the right places to find some information. She contacts a few of the friends and allies she could still trust, and starts asking after what was going on with their gunnery crew.

The results are unpleasant. Miriam's old interrogator, now working as an archivist at the Tricorn Palace, reveals that the crew was being held by an Ordo Hereticus inquisitor, on count of being confirmed Slaaneshi cultists. She soon regrets for asking for details on the case. With the crews quilt abundantly clear, she starts wondering how badly the rest of the ship might be tainted, and remembers one of the gunnery officers having found a cache of old texts on exotic forms of warfare. Not obviously heretical to superficial inspection, it had been overlooked. Thanking her protégé-turned-informant, she sets to investigating the ship's gunnery crews. All five crews, each thousands strong. After hours of conversations hidden behind thin veils of coincidences, morale check-ups, and congratulations on exemplary performance, the problem is isolated to the crew of the port lance battery.

Confident that even if DANSHO hadn't secured the ship's internal vox from the prying ears of the inquisition, it would be safe from eavesdropping gunners, Miriam opens a channel to Tibur, setting her comm-bead to transmit a copy of the conversation to Milly. The captain should know a couple percent of her crew were about to die. "Tibur, I know you must be busy, but this is important. The entire gunnery crew of the port lance has been tainted by heresy. Not the kind of harmless satutory heresy we do business with, actual warp-worshipping nobility-raping cult heresy. Can you talk to DANSHO, see if you could get her the right parameters to help us with a purge, and get her to lock down the necessary areas until the stormtroopers can get in to kill anything that manages to hide from the ship's turrets."

After receiving word from Tibur and DANSHO that the port lance turret, as well as its crew's mess halls and barracks were under lockdown and the gunnery crew was designated as hostile to the ship's internal defences, Miriam sends orders to the stormtrooper detachment. The officer Miriam briefs on the situation, a perpetually angry woman who had followed Miriam into her not entirely lawful exile/involuntary retirement but had failed to sand off some of the large red letter Is on her gear, starts to head for the atomics as soon as the word heretics is mentioned, and it some very hurried but mildly amused clarifications to explain that the taint had only spread to a specific part of the crew, and the purging was to be not indiscriminate. The old stormtrooper seems almost dejected when she receives the data-slate with two thousand six hundred and forty two names and faces on it.

When the storm troopers are properly directed at the target, and only the target, Miriam voxes the rest of the command crew, sans the new astropath and the navigator, plus the space marine. "The stormtroopers will execute a purge of suspected heretical taint among the crew of the port lance battery. The bloodthirsty among you are welcome join them for service tot he God-Emperor and live-fire combat practice." Hurrying to get ready before the stormtroopers started their purge, Miriam dons her power armour and shuriken cannon. The heavy weapon was nearly the size of her torso, but a combination of eldar antigrav technology and human archeotech made the weapon deceptively lightweight and easy to manipulate for its size. She would have to be present anyway to oversee the safe destruction of any heretical writings and materiel, and with how busy they had been during the past few days, she had neglected range time. Heretics would suffice for target practice.

After the purge is over, Miriam stands at the side of the hallway, cleaning her shuriken cannon and overseeing her subordinates take a tally of the bodies. When the final figure for the number of bodies flushed out of the airlock adds up the number that had been condemned for cleansing through termination, she nods contentedly at her aide. "Send a message to the High Factotum of the battlefleet cruiser Pugno Tenebris. Rumour has it much of their current crew are being retired out of the Navy due to the vessel being dry-docked for at least a decade for routine maintenance. Ask them to send any gunnery veterans seeking employment in the private sector rather than retiring or renewing their contracts with the navy our way. Feel free to imply that doing so would even out the favour they owe to The Vile Harlot for bailing their asses four years ago."

Ok, we had something of a heretic infestation, but that got sorted. Anyone else is welcome to join in on the purging too. The crew is getting replaced with Battlefleet veterans, so no change in quality or numbers despite spacing a couple thousand headless gunners.

John Dyne
Jul 3, 2005

Well, fuck. Really?

Kilrenoir Amirault

The second the judge decides to get a little too hands-on, Kil jerks from his grasp and shakes his head, brushing his jacket aside to show the two swords at his waist. "You made your point, mate, so let's not do anything rash." He moves his hand away and raises them, giving the judge a grin. "You DO know who I am, right? Your secretary that buzzed me in told you, right?" He tugs at the lapels of his jacket, readjusting it. "Kilrenoir Amirault, bounty hunter. I've done my fair share for you and yours, and I know a few Arbites through the system are enjoying more luxurious careers thanks to me and my men."

Kil gives the burly lieutenant a sidelong glance, before giving the chief judge a very flat look. "Now, I tried to be charming, I tried to be nice. All I want is my ship's gunnery crew. Even willing to pay their fines. If you're telling me your department can't use the extravagant funds from bail and fines, then I have to say you're very lucky to have a department that is so well financed." He folds his arms across his chest, tilting his head. "So, who do I write the check to? Or do I get a crew and break them out and cost your department more money than they're worth?"

I wanna note that Kil's Fearful Reputation gives him Fear 1 and also makes it so he HAS a known reputation to law enforcement and criminals as a bit of a badass; I'd assume a positive rep like that with the law enforcement would give him a bonus to dealing with them. Dude is basically Dog 40k.

But if they're gonna lay hands on him, then he's gonna kick and bite right back. But before we do that, Intimidate vs 90. I don't know if you want to allow fear rating to give a bonus to Intimidate or not, but if so, it'll be vs 100 then.

This is also before the RT's 'this is a cover up' message so

e: making a roll since dozer requested one rolled a 16

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Jun 23, 2011


Learning the truth behind the gunnery crews incarceration gives Ash a heavy heart. That such a thing could happen without him noticing worries him as well. His return to the lander is filled with melancholy until he spots something. A street vendor, selling assorted junk. And in that pile is something...familiar? Heedless of the vendors protests, he shoves the crap on top aside, revealing a battered but fully functional jumppack. He can remember using one of these before. Maybe he'll remember more with it? Besides, such a thing can always come in handy. Tibus can take a look at it later at the ship and fix it up. Ash takes it, silencing the vendor with a stack of thrones.

Back at the ship, the purge is well underway. Ash declines to participate though. He's busy on the bridge prepping the ship for launch. Final system checks, check-ins with the engine crews, etc. He also makes introduction with the new astropath, and greets Bigus Dicus who has decided to say. Finally, with everything set, he addresses the rogue trader.

"Lady Tavish, the Vile Harlot is ready and prepped to go."

Feb 17, 2011

It's a pleasure to meet all of you. Especially in such a fine settin' as this. Just need us some music an' a brawl an' we'll be set.


The efforts to contain the mutiny had gone well. His junior deputies had done their work admirably, ferreting out a great many malcontents among the ranks. Indeed, sometimes they even spotted the telltale signs of a mutineer within seconds. These uncanny feats of investigation were frequently attributed to the deceased crewman's particularly shiny trinket, unusually high quality boots, or remarkably ugly face. Gorthunk himself had a talent for spotting such things, from his time among proper ork company. So assured that he was leaving the situation in capable hands, he sets off to respond to Miriam's siren song. The words execute, purge, and combat proving nearly enough to drive all other thoughts from his mind. He's halfway out of the room before he remembers to shout back to his fellow peacekeepers, "You lads keep up the good work. I's needed to help with somethin' else."

Days like this just proved that while humies may be squishy and weak, they weren't so bad after all.

You had me at bloody purge

Sep 13, 2012

#acolyte GM of 2013

Milly Tavish

It is with a heavy heart that Milly receives the news that the Gunnery crew, and likely more on board the ship, are heretical. Though she's never say it out loud, that whole greater good stuff wasn't that bad, but chaos shite? That she will not put up with. She retires to her personal armory, and summons her arms-squires. Yeah, her Carapace, Angeven era chainsword, Drusian pattern chainsword, and plasma pistol where for when she had to look the part of Rogue Trader, but she had a whole other set of gear for when she really wanted to Feth someone up.

She waits patiently as the arms-squires ready her weapon and helps her into her light power armor. She tried normal power armor, but didn't like how sluggish it made her; but the light stuff was some just right porridge shite. With her two power-swords (one which can set fethers on fire) assault flamer, shotlas, and old trusty footfall pattern bolt pistol attached to her power armor, she makes her way down to Miriam and the waiting stormtroopers. "Nice armor there Miriam. A captain should always be seen as proactive; lets purge these tentacle fethers!"

Go light power armor sisters!

Apr 25, 2010

Help I can't get up I'm Gay


"O-of course DANSHO! Anything you ask, I'll do anything I can..." Tibus pauses as his noosphere feeds were suddenly flooded with activity. What was it this time, if Dahlia was setting fleshies on fire again why he'd...Oh. Oh dear. The entire gunnery crew? His glowing eyes narrow as he speaks, voice suddenly solemn.

"I, I apologize. I'm sure you already know this but. The entire gunnery crew has been found guilty of heresy. The rest are gearing up for a purge and I should probably join..them. The orks will be probably be there at least! I will lead them to the infirmary as soon as I can."

He quietly activates the various servitors around the room, machines whirring into life as they bring forth his gear. He steps into his light power armor, lovingly cared for, modified just for him, and takes his warblade.

"Uhm, if it wouldn't be too presumptuous of me, could I ask you for help DANSHO? With your watchful eye, the traitors would have no chance to escape and sink their roots somewhere else."

Chaos worshiping heretics? How dare they put their filthy hands on this ship. How dare they defile the sacred teachings of the Omnissiah. How dare they

"I uh, I should go."

He had some motherfuckers to cut.

throw to first DAMN IT
Apr 10, 2007
This whole thread has been raging at the people who don't want Saracen invasion to their homes

Perhaps you too should be more accepting of their cultures

Epistolary Pyriel

Meditating in front of his wargear in his quarters, Pyriel was in process of steeling his mind in preparation for the warp travel when the vox message comes through.

"I see. Your zeal to purge the traitors does you credit. I shall be joining you."

Closing the vox-link, Pyriel begins the rituals necessary for donning the ancient armor.

Viva Miriya
Jan 9, 2007

simsense cumshots posted:

The Jailhouse

Amirault gets thrown out violently by the chief judge. Before having his head used to open the double doors to the precinct, he vaguely remembers being sucker punched by a massive Arbites lieutenant. “What it’ll take to get em out! That's what you wanna know! *whomp whomp* A trip to loving hell that's what. And you tell your captain something else! That this is what the Judge has to say to her.” He unzips his pants and pisses on you while a gang of Arbites beat on you. “You tell her personally! From me!”

What really happened
As the Arbites Lieutenant tries to put his hands on Amirault, he just steps aside and lets the brute look stupid, the big guy stumbling forward as the punch he tried to throw catches air. Before he can follow up, Amirault has taken control of the room and made quite the scene. He reaches for his bolt pistol and then looks around the station house. He sees fear in the eyes of his fellow Arbites. They aren't willing to back him on this. Kilrenoir’s reputation and the way he carries himself keeps him from being jumped or shot right there. One of the sergeants pipes up. “LT this guy is a citizen. Real stand up guy. I don't think we need to go there.” The lieutenant is a hothead, you know the type. You size him up, he is obviously no desk jockey from all the commendations and skulls on his chest. A hero cop or some poo poo.

He’s still willing to go toe to toe with you for no reason you can figure. You were reasonable, you explained things. There's really no need for the situation, and the whole Arbites staff agrees with you. You can see it on their faces. Before the situation gets any more heated, a Judge steps out and motions for you to enter. When you get to his office, he lets you know the deal. That the gunnery crew members were no longer your concern, sentences passed, all that stuff. He thanks you for support of the Adeptus Arbites throughout the Calixis Sector but strongly suggests this is a lost cause you wanna leave lost. Then you are dismissed though you do get an apology from the lieutenant, a Lieutenant Coho for the way he treated you when you made your inquiry, though it's a forced one. No doubt on a Judge’s orders.

Kilrenoir still has plenty of time on shore leave so he voxes Miriam on the way to the pleasure district to knock back a few cold ones. He gets warned off and then later is called up back to the ship early for shore leave to assist with the purge. And then he finds out along with Ash who rides up with him why it's necessary.

The Ugly
Truth be told, the Arbites had em cold for all the right reasons and the poo poo was disturbing. They were convicted, not charged but convicted already, of 6 murders including 2 of their own number, who apparently died trying to stop them from doing some heinous poo poo. Gunners Mate Johannsen, who you remember as one of the shipboard armsmen was garroted. His mate, Troska, stabbed 37 times. The other 4 victims were civilians, nobility. Apparently they managed to get themselves invited to a high society function, an art exhibit. Service on The Vile Harlot pays well and the ships recent ventures have netted even the crew funds to live above their station for a few months. They brought the girls and guys to an after hours place that catered to those with exotic and forbidden tastes, aka the front for the local pleasure cult. After a couple of hours of sex, drugs, and amasec, things got really depraved. And then the lambs were brought to the slaughter.

The Purge
Goes smoothly and swiftly. DANSHO activates the micro laser defense system within the ships corridors as well as heavy bolter turrets and eviscerates hundreds of crewmen on the Port Lance Battery within the first minute. Anyone who pops their head out, the odd rat that scurries about, anything at all gets plugged. Within 10 minutes DANSHO reports the purge is 40% complete. With the hallways clear, soaked in blood and gore, the storm troopers begin their operations. With Milly and Miriam taking the lead, the 251st Stormtrooper Company make their way through the Port Lance Battery and massacres everyone they see. Crewmen cowering in their bunk rooms, the wounded who are being treated on the tables of the galley, armsmen who are assigned to the security section. Everyone.

Whilst the storm troopers are killing, the rest of the crew is not idle. Epistolary Pyriel sets scores of armsmen ablaze when he conjures up an inferno in their midst, incinerating them utterly. Captain L’oreal, embedded within a Stormtrooper squad distinguishes himself by ghosting through the maze of passages to eliminate survivors who managed to override DANSHO’s control of the micro laser grid afterwards. Sneaking past sentry turrets whilst las and bolter fire raged all around, Captain L’oreal eliminated a Plasma Cannon emplacement solo before photon grenading the control room and killing all the techs and armsmen inside. Slotting in a piece of tech to allow the AI DANSHO to regain control, the turrets go back online, turning on the defenders just as Killboy, Tibus, and Kap’n Dakka slam through their strongpoint, eliminating their reinforcements. Pretty soon, all resistance is crushed and the stormtroopers are stacking the bodies all across the hallway and taking an inventory of all the crew. It's then when Kilrenoir emerges carrying the head of Lieutenant Metcalf, the source of all the corruption that's been plaguing the ship. Miriam oversees the handling of the forbidden books that got Metcalf onto the road of damnation. Casualties among the Stormtrooper detachment are within acceptable parameters, Miriam's connections allowing her to replenish their ranks from the local forces. The FNGs arrive, drawn from the PDF, Arbites, and regiments about to be shipped out to the spinward front. Joining them on the shuttle ride up to the Vile Harlot is the new gunnery crew from, the Pugno Tenebris. As the new gunnery crew are broken in by officers drawn from starboard Lance, the men pulled for the Stormtrooper detachment undergo a brutal training regimen from the moment they arrive in their quarters, the original Inquisitorial Stormtroopers showing them no mercy as over the next year aboard, they are broken down and then built back up to replace the fallen.

The Journey Begins
Chief Navigator Bigus, of House Dicus, begins preparations for warp travel. Within 9 days of smooth warp travel, you arrive in the Scarus Sector, subsector Antimar, within a day's travel time of Aramexas, where you have come to pick up 3 regiments of troops. Landers shuttle back and forth to the mining world below. Onloading the regiments and their heavy equipment take the better part of a week of constant operations. Again, Navigator Dicus prepares to lead the Vile Harlot back into the immaterium. In 20 days you arrive in the spinward front but its not as smooth as the first leg of the journey. After the first 3 days, the crew is struck with a warp malady. Madness spreads throughout the ship, taking shape in the form of uncontrollable rage. The first cases show up with the boatswains mates that formed Killboy’s gang. The malady does pass in time but is replaced by something else entirely.

Jacob Wheeler racks out after a hard day of work in the guts of the ship. He remembers when he came on board, they told him to get past he was gonna need to keep his faith in the emperor. And he would need to pick one of 3 things. Amasec, Lho sticks, or women. Jacob picked all 3 and was one of the wilder sailors on the ship. As he smokes a Lho, he thinks back to Scintilla which was the last time he had shore leave. Smoky night club, that singer who was on stage. As his mind wanders to more carnal encounters that happened that need, he starts to dream of dark, forbidden pleasures. As he lets a puff of Lho go he could have sworn it turned into a purple-grayish smoke, and he feels relaxed. The smoke swirls and takes the form of the girl of his dreams. He looks into her black eyes and as he’s disembowled, he dies happy.

Over the next 3 days crewmen are turning up missing at muster, bodies being found gutted and eviscerated, entrails hanging from vents. The camera feed from DANSHO shows the culprit in action, a daemonette that must have gotten through when the Gellar field flicker momentarily or otherwise materialized. A kill team formed by Kilrenoir, L’oreal, Killboy, K’apn Dakka, and the Epistolery Pyriel go hunting for the daemon. Within a few hours they have it cornered, eliminating the riffraff it corrupted to its service. K’apn Dakka is the one who gets it, massacring it with his shock attack gun. Inside the orks head DANSHO smiles, feeling ork emotion through its neural pathways for the first time. Removing it's consciousness from Dakka, DANSHO ponders what it learned from accessing the greenskins mind and opens up to new possibilities.

The Vile Harlot hits a warp storm on the 9th day. Navigator Dicus leads the ship masterfully through the storm, finding a stable passage through the storm, ensuring safe passage for the rest of the trip. Until you translate to real space and find yourselves plummeting to your deaths. Only the efforts of Ash taking the helm with Miriam and Killboy assisting manage to save the ship from destruction though its not without a price. Gravity took its toll on the hull and the manufactorum is unpowered. The crew works around the clock trying to repair the damage to the hull whilst Tibus works to get the manufactorum working again. Theres nothing like being able to custom make parts for anything aboard. Infact to keep the ship in the great shape its practically mandatory.

Navigator Dicus determines you are on the outer edge of the solar system but are in the right place, sorta. You will have to burn quite a bit to get to the next stop on your list, Mulch Pit. In orbit is another rogue trader profitting from the counter insurgency campaign the guard is leadig below. You onload the 357th Catachan Jungle Fighters as well as promethium to replenish the regiments stores aboard as well as your own stores of void craft and flamer grade fuel. The latter in particular got plenty of use over the last month. And the last shipment was never as good as this poo poo. That's what happens when you come to the source. The catachans are rowdy but they integrate well with the 3 aramexan regiments currently in the troop bays. You have one last stop to make before going into the koronus expanse. A place undergoing a compliance campaign called Alagar. Your pickup list is the Dolat 89th Axeheads regiment and a krieg regiment with too many numbers in its designation to be worth mentioning. The dataslate has some Intel on the world and this leg of the trip specifically mentions intervening if operations planetside could be salvaged by flexing The Vile Harlot’s muscle. You translate into the warp for about 7 minutes, each of you and the crew get a visit from the ghost of a loved one. But before they can speak, you come out of the warp surrounded by the wreckage of starships, imperial and those of a more sinister design.

Ships bearing the mark of the forces of chaos are winning a fight in orbit over the planet. A lone battlecruiser of battlefleet calixis fights on, its last cruiser escort ramming a Hellbringer Planetary Assault Ship whilst the 2 Hades Heavy Cruisers blast it apart. It's sacrifice has probably saved countless lives that it's macro cannon batteries were snuffing out at the main LZ. DANSHO patches in vox communication both friend and foe onto the bridge. General fallback to LZ Zenzunne, major assault underway, local forces being led by traitor marines. It's not good for the Guard, but you have your contract and you aren't alone.

Emperor’s Children warband and local human forces are in danger of overrunning the guard at LZ Zenzunne. The death korps of krieg are holding the line alongside the 89th Axeheads through sheer will and superior positioning. Other regiments are fighting all around the LZ’s defensive fortifications.

DANSHO detects crude orbital defenses. Missile Silos that use atomic tipped warheads. Vox communications show a stormtrooper unit and guard personnel behind the lines coordinating with Tau remnants to take control and disable the main missile base. They have already fired a salvo which explains the wreckage of a few of the imperial ships already.

You have 4 regiments onboard that can be teleported down directly to the fight. It will take them quite a while to get their equipment and drop in. Available combat forces are the stormtrooper detachment for immediate deployment.

You have nukes remember. Also orbital fire support or deploying your interceptor complement to the planet will help the IG hold.

If the void shields go down, you may be boarded by chaos space marines including terminators. This goes the other way as well. You can board them.

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John Dyne
Jul 3, 2005

Well, fuck. Really?

Kilrenoir Amirault

At the station
Amirault nods slowly as the judge explains things to him, his weapons sheathed and his arms crossed across his chest. "I'm gonna guess this is coming from way up above, so.." He raises his hands, grinning and shaking his head. "Washing my hands of this, and I'll let my captain know to dot he same. I appreciate getting an answer on this. If those boys have done something bad enough to get their asses railroaded like this, then I don't think I need them working for me. My apologies for any troubles." He gives a curt little bow as he excused, and out front, he pauses to listen to the lieutenant's forced apology.

Kilrenoir laughs and shakes the man's hand, slapping him on the back. "You both know I don't need you to apologize to me for doing your job. You got a little hot under the collar, sure, but no harm no foul. Listen, if you're ever looking to do something a bit more..." Amirault flicks one of his cards from somewhere in his vest, smirking. "I could use a man decorated like you in the ongoing service to the Emperor and the Imperium." He gives the man a sly wink and grin and slips out, making his way back to the things he was doing. He can't help but wonder what level of poo poo the boys had gotten themselves into, but it wasn't long before he got a call from his boss and got to know exactly what it was. He grabs the void master from wherever he is and makes the ride back up to the ship, getting the briefing on what the hell happened and is going on.

Arriving on the ship, the arch-militant listens to the plan and then draws his swords, nodding as he goes in alone after the man behind it all.

The Purge
While the rest of the team blasts through dozens of men in single shots, Kilrenoir works his way down towards the lieutenant one man at a time, using his wits and his skill with a blade to maneuver past the larger emplacements, taking out lone patrolmen and sentries as he moves through the maintenance shafts and primary walkways interchangeably.

At last, he comes to the chamber with Metcalf, and he challenges the man in front of his peers and allies to single combat. The man, of course, refuses, and Amirault fights off the lieutenant's men. The arch-militant is almost overwhelmed, and is finally disarmed by Metcalf himself, and thrown onto his back by a vicious uppercut from the cultist. With a blade to his chest, the lieutenant gloats over his fallen foe.

Kilrenoir extends his arms up to Metcalf, and the lieutenant asks if he is begging for mercy. "No, just taking aim." With that, Kil flexes his fist and a compact hellpistol springs from a hidden compartment in his carapace; he catches it in his free hand and fires, catching the man in the throat and killing him.

Some time later, he emerges from the hallways holding the heretic's head, grinning and bruised and bloodied. He tosses it to the floor in front of Milly and gives her a half-assed salute, wincing in pain as he does but still giving his overly confident grin. "That's one down. What's next, captain?"

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Jan 30, 2009

#acolyte GM of 2014

Captain L'oreal

After the Purge

Even with the death of the greater good sympathizers heavy in his head and the true Captain reprimand, L'oreal had to pull his own weight on the ship. While leading the reluctant stormtroopers through the mazes of the ship, he was impressed by their skill and discipline. It was almost like being part of a Fire Warrior squad again. If only they could understand...

When the purge is over, L'oreal walks around the corpses of the so called 'heretics', his Pulse Rifle still in his hands. He tries to understand their motivations as he looked at their bodies, covered in strange runes and symbols, but it completely escaped him.

The tau puts his pulse rifle away as he re-joins the gathered crew, watching loyal ratings get carried to the med-bays. He thinks about asking the human crew about this strange kind of enemy they just fought but decides to do it later.

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Viva Miriya
Jan 9, 2007

and update is now updated properly

May 30, 2011

Let me axe you just one question.


Order crew to battlestations.

Hail Imperial battlecruiser. Inform them of our arrival, identity, capabilities, and plan of action.

Hail Imperial command in system, deploy our stormtroopers to support theirs for control of orbital defences.

Get IG regiments on board to prepare for teleporter insertion to reinforce LZ Zenzunne.

Deploy two Fury squadrons in support of imperial troops at LZ Zenzunne, dedicate third to keeping the anti-orbit missiles at bay.

Manoeuvre The Vile Harlot between the Hades-classes so that we can bring our lances to bear on each side.

Fire torpedo volley at the Hellbringer. Next round after, use a torpedo volley or two for orbital strikes.

Request coordinates from imperial ground forces for orbital bombardment.

Set all vox-frequencies except official Imperial communication channels to broadcast the most bombastic Imperial military music we can find.

Activate void shields, double up immediately.

Prepare atomics for deployment by teleporter but hold. No need to waste them if we don't have to.

L'Oreal, vox the tau.

Someone (order an underling to) get listening to enemy vox traffic.

Someone run augury on the Hellbringer, find out what shape it's in.

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Jan 30, 2009

#acolyte GM of 2014

Captain L'oreal

The Journey

These past days L'oreal mostly kept to his quarters taking care of his equipment, or in the loading bays checking his XV9 Hazard Suit. He was curious to see the new human regiments being brought on-board but knowing their usual reaction to aliens, decided against.

He went to destroy the rampaging warp entity with the rest of the kill group, again not understand how such a creature could even exist. He heard many unlikely stories about ghosts of the past coming to haunt some of the crew members due to the Warp. It was maddening not having the knowledge of such thing, but if that's what he must endure, so be it.

On the bridge, watching the situation unfold

As the conflict information was transmitted to them, the Tau was amazed at the scale that humans fought fellow humans. The Tau Empire had the Farsight Enclaves, sure, but they never engaged in open war like this, as far as he knew. He's about to finally ask about these so called 'heretics' when he catches the information about aliens fighting too.

Aliens like... fellow Tau? He absolutely had to know more about this, it had been awhile since he saw other members of his race.

He finds one of the comm officers and asks for a link to the Tau positions on the battle, be it on the ground or in the orbital stations.

Using Speak Language(Tau) "This is Shas'ui Tash'var Oro'skar aboard the Imperial ship The Vile Harlot. Who is your commanding officer and whats the status of your troops? I have a XV9 Hazard Suit at the ready, but will likely need to stay aboard to repeal these invaders! The Greater Good stays with us wherever we go!"

I have Scholastic Lore (Tau Empire), trying to recognize which Sept these other Tau come from.

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Jun 23, 2011


As they drop out of the Warp, the space battle is layed out before them on the auger. Ash immediately hits the alarm for battlestations and puts on his helmet. Then he begins maneuvering the Vile Harlot to get it ready for battle. Its been a long time since he's felt this alive. The cold calculations done in these ship to ship combats fill him with a thrill he can barely remember. This is what he was born for.

"Lady Tavish, I am bringing the ship around to engage the enemy. Any preference on which should get blown up first?"

Maneuvering the ship between the two Hades if possible, then firing plasma batteries. Also launching torpedoes if Ash has time for orbital strikes on the ground, if we get coordinates.

Maneuverability 39 + 30 Pilot: Spacecraft + 65 Agility.
BS 73, +25 from ship bonuses

Feb 17, 2011

It's a pleasure to meet all of you. Especially in such a fine settin' as this. Just need us some music an' a brawl an' we'll be set.


Fond thoughts of his ghostly pet squig attempting to chew off his remaining fingers to no avail stay with Killboy as he settles into the cockpit of his customized interceptor. Keying the vox to his interceptor, he begins to shout orders. "Lissen up you runts," he barks. "Barnaby, you got groups one an' two. Get down there an' blow up some spiky gits to help them guard boys. Rest of you is with me. We gotta' shoot them big rockets before they make the whole ship go boom. Now let's get out there and get us a fight. 'Ere we go!"

Rocketing out of the hangar, Killboy drinks in the scene. All around him the wonderful sights of an unfolding battle draw at his attention, but simply watching a battle is nothing compared to taking part. Tearing himself away, he searches for the approaching missiles. A few brief heartbeats later he spots his distant targets, little more than fast moving specks against the void. He hammers the thrust to maximum as he shifts course to intercept. Free of any atmospheric concerns like gravitational force or engine stall, the craft responds without a hitch.

As they prepare to engage, the massive cybork pilot shouts encouragement to his boys. "Lads, these gits think they can beat you in a fight and blow up your ship, but they ain't gonna'. 'Cause there ain't no way any of that dakka is getting past us. Get in there an' show 'em what we got!" Even before he finishes Killboy turns into missiles. Not content with simply coming at them from the sides he lines up to face them head on, that way you don't miss any of your dakka. With the hilariously lopsided game of chicken underway, he gleefully fires as rapidly as the abused machine will allow.

Killboy is taking command of the fighters. Half are to be led by Flight Lieutenant Barnaby in close air support of the guardsmen on planet. The others will join their ork commander in intercepting the nuclear missiles headed for The Vile Harlot. If Killboy fails to shoot his targetted missile, he will simply ram it. He may not have thought that part through. Intimidate at 80, Pilot Flyer at 70.


WS	BS	S	T	Ag	Int	Per	WP	Fel
40	50	50	70	60	30	30	40	15
4	5	5	14	6	3	3	4	1

Wounds: 25
Fate:   2

Armour: 5 Head, 5 Body, 3 Arms, 4 Legs

throw to first DAMN IT
Apr 10, 2007
This whole thread has been raging at the people who don't want Saracen invasion to their homes

Perhaps you too should be more accepting of their cultures

Epistolary Pyriel

Quietly observing the combat data from the displays on the bridge for a while, Pyriel frowns slightly and activates his com-bead.

"The ground combat at LZ is of secondary concern at this point compared to gaining control of the orbital space and the defense systems. Once the traitors realize that their target is receiving support, they will likely wipe out all loyalists at the LZ with their missile systems.

Unless we establish control over those and orbital superiority quickly, reinforcing the LZ only gives the enemy a greater target to destroy. I suggest that we make use of the Teleportarium and strike at the main missile base as soon as the tech-priests can complete their rituals of target finding."

Detaching his helmet from it's belthook, Pyriel goes quiet as his armor completes the sealing ritual and makes the helm once more part of his suit, before turning towards the trader.

"Naturally, I volunteer to join the strike team for this mission."

Jan 30, 2009

#acolyte GM of 2014

Captain L'oreal

While waiting for a response from the tau forces, he glances at the evaluation of the space marine nearby. He spoke the truth, the orbital defense systems were a top priority for this battle, it was only natural a warrior like he was to be the first to volunteer. And yet, L'oreal wanted to be part of this too.

" do I. My XV9 Hazard Suit can be operated for void combat situations. My fellow tau already fighting there will likely be revitalized seeing another battlesuit entering the fray, and if they have any brave kroot mercenaries with them, I know their language too for ease of communications!" He pauses. "And yet, one of us must remain here, in case the worst happens and we are boarded by these other space marines! Not that I'm doubting the skill of the other crew fighters!" he glances at Kilrenoir. "Quite a dilemma."

Its in there kind of situations that L'oreal wished he had a wise Ethereal caste adviser with him.

John Dyne
Jul 3, 2005

Well, fuck. Really?


The ex-pirate scratches his chin, watching the chaos unfold on the world below, in more than one way. He glances at the tau captain and grins, swatting him on the back jovially. "You're likely the best suited on the ground, dealing with your fellows. Suit up, give us a show out there, break atmosphere, and land and get us a win down there." He draws his twin sabers and gives them a spin. "I've fought in corridors and hallways in ships like this all of my life. Leave the boarding issues to me."

Viva Miriya
Jan 9, 2007

Ship Status Tracker

The Vile Harlot
Repulsive-class Grand Cruiser

Space: 89/90
Power: 94/94
Ship point cost: 111

Machine spirit oddity: Ancient and Malevolent
Ship history: Wrested From A Space Hulk
Background: Veteran of the Great Crusade

Speed: 7
Manoeuvrability: +22
Detection: +15

Turret rating: 5
Shields: 2
Armour: 8
Hull Integrity: 81/81

Crew Rating: 55
Crew Population: 102/100
Crew Morale: 105/100

Essential components:
Warp Drive: Miloslav H-6
-Reduce duration of warp travel by half. Roll warp encounters every 3 days rather than every 5.
Plasma Drive: Good Craftsmanship Jovian 8.4
-If the plasma drive becomes damaged, depressurised, or suffers a critical hit, roll a 1d10. On 4+, ignore the effect.
Gellar Field: Emergency Field
-If the ship enters the warp unexpectedly or withour preparation, roll 1d10. On 3+, the gellar field activates automatically.
Void shield: Castellan
-Once per strategic turn, enginseer prie can make a -10 tech use test as a free action to double number of void shield the ship has for the duration of an opponents turn.
Bridge: Antiquity
- +10 to Command tests and to all social tests made while on the bridge
Life support: Clemency
-Reduce Crew Population and Morale loss by 4.
Crew Quarters: Voidsmen
Augur: Auto-stabilised Logis Targeter
- +5 to all BS tests to fire the ship's weapons

Plasma-accelerated torpedo tubes (Prow)
-Weapon profile depends on ammo used. Torpedoes launched formt his component receive +10 to hit, and +4 VU speed for the turn they're launched.
-If the component is damaged or destroyed, there's a 5% chance the loaded torpedoes explode, destroying the component and causing 2d5 hull integrity damage.

Starflare Lance (Port, Starboard)
-Additional hit for every 2 DoS, rather than every 3
-Strength 3, Damage 1d10+3, Crit Range 3, Range 7, Lance

Ryza-pattern Plasma Battery (Port, Starboard)
-When rolling 1 or 2 on the criticla hit chart for hits with this weapon, it affects two components instead of one.
-Strength 4, Damage 1d10+4, Crit Range 4, Range 5, Macrobattery

Jovian-pattern landing bay (Dorsal)
-1 squadron Shark assault boats
-3 squadrons Fury interceptors

Supplemental components:
-Can make hit and run attacks without a piloting test, with a +20 to the Command tests for the attacker. Plot teleportation.
Gravity Sails
-Component cannot become unpowered
-Halve duration of warp travel
-+20 to warp navigation tests
-Can manufacture drugs with scholastic lore (chymistry)
-Can manufacture items we have templates for, +10 to tech-use tests for extended repairs
Micro Laser Defence Grid
Augmented Retro Thrusters
Witch Augur
-Navigator can detect ships before they emerge from the warp with a +0 Awareness test. Range 1 hour of travel per DoS.
Pilot chambers
-Combat ready pilots grant +2 to attack craft rating
Compartmentalized Cargo Hold
-Ship can remain in the void without suffering population or morale loss for twice as long
Cogitator Interlink
Xenos Librarium
- +10 to Forbidden Lores (with GM approval regarding fluff compatibility)

Good Crew Upgrades
Targeting Matrix
- +5 to BS tests when firing macrocannons or lances.
Storm Trooper Detachment
-Double hull integrity damage dealt by hit and run attacks
-Increase population damage by 1d5 wen winning command tests to defend against boarding actions
Starchart Collection
-Reduce warp travel time by 1d5 days

Torpedo stores:
16/20 self-guiding melta torpedoes
3 Atomics

Other modifiers:
Cursed: The gellar field tends to flicker. All navigation tests during warp travel suffer a -10 penalty.
Wrested From A Space Hulk: When the crew encounters a random Misfortune, GM rolls twice and chooses
Rebellious: Once per session, component of GM's chice becomes unpowered. Whent he ship suffers a critical hit, roll 1d10. On 8+, ignore the critical effect.
Martial Hubris: +5 to BS tests to fire the ship's weapons, -15 to any piloting tests to escape from combat
Ancient and Wise: +10 to all manoeuvre actions
Wrathful: +1 speed and +7 manoeuvrability in combat, -1 speed and -5 maneouvrability out of combat.
Forbidden AI: The machine spirit is sentient and knows things.
Emperor's Crusader: +10 to all BS tests to fire ship weapons
Righteous Arrogance: No silent running allowed
Glorious Deeds: +10 to Charm/Intimidate when targeting someone who knows which ship the crew is from
Memories of the Crusade: +10 to Command, Charm and Intimidate tests made from the ship's bridge
"We've Survived Worse": reduce all morale loss by 2

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Sep 13, 2012

#acolyte GM of 2013

Milly Tavish

Milly smiles and places her hand on L'oreal's shoulder, You and Kilrenoir are not the only one good at fighting in close quarters on ships. Go join your allies Tau." She looks out at the tactical read-outs and snaps into action, "Ash, don't get in between those ships; you're asking for us to get our arse pushed in. Get us between one ship and the planet, use one broadside to take out the ship, the other to provide ground support if we can."

She presses the console communication switch, "Uh, Killboy, just keep doing what you're doing with the interceptors, you know what you're doing. Well, as close to know as Orks can." She steeples her fingers and turns to the Marine, "You're right astartes. Even if we loose the ground, we can take it back, we need to win the space battle here first. I think you should lead an assault using the teleportum. Now here is the important question," her eye-brows arch, "Are you going to go over with the space marine Kilrenoir, or am I?"

Apr 25, 2010

Help I can't get up I'm Gay

Upon seeing the chaos surrounding the ship once the arrive, Tibus immediately flees to the nearest control console. He chans furiously under his breath as he starts the holy rituals of bringing up the void shields. His darling DANSHO must be protected! The thought of those...monsters boarding her were unacceptable. Not to mention how much crew they'd lose if that were to happen.

Tech use rolls to bring the shields up, 5 vs 98

He steps back, pleased as the machine spirits spring to life. He takes a moment to admire the majesty of the machine spirits as they whirr and hum, doubling up the shields nicely. Now, to about those guardsmen on the planet. There must be a way to wrest control of the orbital defenses away from the bastards holding them. And once they have it they must secure them from any attacking forces. Surely the poor guardsmen would be spread thin! They needed someone who is able to quickly unite the machine spirits in fighting the true enemy, leaving the soldiers to focus solely on defense.

Tibus grabs his gear while heading back to the bridge, arriving fully armed.

"Id like to volunteer myself for the team going after the orbital systems."

He totally didn't also grab some tools to hook up the oribal cogitators to DANSHO. Nope.

Viva Miriya
Jan 9, 2007

”Bad News. I’m afraid it's too late to save your friends.” The synthetic voice of DANSHO is the last thing the Crew of the Hades Heavy Cruiser “Death To All” hears over the twisted heretical vox. The void shields are down and the nova cannon round hit true, coring the vessel outright and killing everyone aboard.

30 minutes prior
Battle stations are sounded and all the crewmen are at their positions within 5 minutes. The void shields are up, boosted by Tibus who also does a masterful job programming the thrusters for maximum efficiency. Miriam contacts the Imperial Navy and reaches a Rear Admiral Raikov, in command of the Angevin’s Wrath squadron, one of the larger cruiser squadrons in Battlefleet Calixis. His command is down to his flagship, the Mars Pattern Battlecruiser “Pride of Merov” and the cruiser that made the suicide run on the Hellbringer, “Sword of the Faithful”.

Rear Admiral Raikov is busy shouting orders but tells you the Hellbringer is down and that they will engage the Hades on the far side of Alagar. He reports the ship is down to their last fury squadron and only the nova cannon and starboard macro cannons are operational. Ash rolls the ship hard and left, as if he was flying a Fury and the ship responds flawlessly. While he does that L’oreal enters a firing solution while his XV-9 is being moved to the teleportarium and prepared to drop with the stormtroopers and Pyriel. Ash levels out long enough for him to fire the starboard macro cannons and Lance battery and no longer. As soon as ordinance is away, he rolls the ship upside down so port batteries can get a taste while torpedoes are locking on in the tubes on the Hellbringer.

Blue hot plasma hits the void shields, causing them to overload and then dissipate, the 3rd burst landing and taking out the sensors. Starboard Lance cuts through their counterparts on the enemy's ship, setting their macrocannon battery on fire, systems all over the ship damaged or depressurized. Tens of thousands of crewmen killed in a flash. And just when they thought it couldn't get worse, plasma and Lance fire raked them again, destroying the engines. The ship is barely afloat, dead in the void for sure. Torpedoes are loosed and one of them is retargeted to the Hades while the other 3 slam into the Hellbringer. Both ships are hulked, the Hades finished by a melta torpedo to the bridge. The crew cheers as DANSHO reports two enemy ships destroyed in 23 minutes. Killboy and his fighters target the wave of incoming atomics shooting them all down easily. Atomic bursts detonate behind the 3 fury squadrons as they roll through the debris field of shattered Imperial Cruisers and clipping the odd voids men floating about frozen as they make their way to the planet below. It's around then the Tau vox back to their brother, a hunter cadre from Vior’la sept deployed over the last 3 years.

Their Shas’o Commander Phoenix welcomes your aid, though he is cautious of your motivations. He reports their status. The local forces were using nuclear weapons to destroy imperial forces and whole cities with them. They also turned against his hunter cadre and hunted them down over the last year. At the moment they are encountering heavy resistance engaging a Noise Marine squad in the woods just 2 kilometers outside the missile base. They are being hunted down and exterminated, the superior senses of the twisted marines sniffing out their attempts to ambush them and costing him good men. The imperials are down to 8 men but they fight better than any firewarrior squad he's lead. His own crisis suit team is down to 5 suits including himself. Before he can say anything else you hear the loudest, most twisted bass riff you ever had the misfortune of listening.

Commander Phoenix says there is one of their battlesuits in the woods now, a Dreadnought. They need support now, for the Greater Good of all on this world, not just themselves.

The squad bay
Thousands of guardsmen pull themselves off the loving floor, that was the ceiling, back onto the floor as well. As Aramexans curse life and Catachans laugh at the whole course of events, everyone goes silent as the Catachan and Aramexan Colonels walk in.

And collectively light up 30,000 asses for not being in gear. Teleportarium insertion in 60 minutes straight into the combat zone. Flamers, las guns, heavy bolters, missile launchers, and all sorts of heavy poo poo is being issued out to soldiers as they head through the hallways of the ship.

The Sergeant Major of the 56th Aramexans is tossing whole ammo backpacks and heavy flamer tanks to the heavy weapons teams while the lieutenant of the catachans is tossing grenade bandoliers to the line guys. Confessor Militant Butts, distant relation to one Hierophant Butts, is getting the men fired up for the drop, to bring the Emperor's Light to the unclean.

Today is their day of glory, The Emperor has blessed them and foretells victory. 2 sunken ships as soon as they translated warp, orbital fire support on call, and air support ready to meet them. It's time for war, sublime war. There will be no retreat from LZ Zenzunne.

First to Fight
1st Battalion, 1st Company of the 357th Catachans steps into the teleportarium area. Equipped with teleport homers, they were dropping blind into the Ridges of Regret to secure the drop zone for the rest of the regiment and the Aramexans. 2nd and 3rd would drop on the south and west side of the encirclement and break through. But there are a few folks ahead of them. L'oreal in his battlesuit will be first, with a teleport homer rigged. As soon as he voxes to the ship, Pyriel and the storm troopers will drop.

The Drop
L'oreal materializes in the midst of the Noise Marines. A blastmaster fires on him and misses, blowing up the tree behind him as he jumps jet out firing. Hotshot las and plasma fire is joined by a cacophony of sonic shrieks and explosive crescendos. He activates the teleport homer and a company of storm troopers and Pyriel materialize, scattered all over the forest. Of all of them, Pyriel and the storm trooper Major and her squad are closest to L'oreal and they are loaded to hunt marines.

Time to hunt the hunters.

Three ships are dead in one strat turn. The ground team is deployed. Anyone who wants to go planet side can assume they took the teleporter rid in. At th end of strat turn 2 the IG will be deploying to the planet. Killboy and his fighters are entering the atmosphere by the end of Strat a Turn 2 as well, 60 Fury Interceptors including Killboy. I need to know if/where you are directing orbital bombardment to, will you try to salvage the lunar cruiser stuck in the remains of the Hellbringer. They are at 10% hull integrity but mobile and the crew of the Hellbringer is pretty much all dead so boarding isn't a threat. The Mars could use emergency repairs to get their port batteries back online, though there's nothing you can do about their dead fighter craft. Also other subsystems and poo poo probably as well.

Jan 30, 2009

#acolyte GM of 2014

Captain L'oreal

L'oreal was not surprised that a Hunting Cadre from Vior'la, homeworld of the O'Shovah himself, managed to survive thus far, even if severely under-manned.

It didn't matter, he was here now.

In the battleground

The tau pilot feels a thousand times more comfortable inside his XV9 Hazard Suit, it was his place of contemplation, retreat and safety in his turbulent life aboard the Gue'la ship. Even in a moment like this, when he's being dropped straight in the middle of a deadly battlefield. He does a last-second systems check just before he hits the ground. With a final loud *THUNK* he lands in Alagar.

Various warning lights flashes in his HUD as he scans the battlefield: Heretic Space Marines spearheading a massive wave of heretics humans, fighting against their gue'la allies. Quickly avoiding these marines strange sonic weapons he activates his teleporter homer. With a strange *ZAP* that makes him shudder, the rest of his human allies suddenly appear, ready to fight. Times like this that human technology amazed him.

But this wasn't the right time to admire alien technology. After the report from Commander Phoenix, L'oreal had a very specific and dangerous target in mind. He leaves the heretic marines to Pyriel and the stormtroopers.

Using his suit's jet pack to jump around the forest, the tau pilot readies his Fusion Cascade weapon system and searches for the enemy Dreadnaught. Maybe some could consider this a solo suicide mission, but that was part of the selfless sacrifice to The Greater Good, and L'oreal was more than willing to do it.

Going to hunt this fucker down. Half Action to move to this, Half Action Full Auto using my Fusion Cascade vs 85 (65 +20 FA +? Dreadnaught Size.)
The Fusion Cascade has the Melta quality but I doubt I'm close enough to the Dreadnaught for it to apply.
I can Half Action Full Auto/Semi Auto due to Auto-Stabilized the battlesuit gives me!

Wounds: 15/15 Fate Points: 1/1  AP: 14 All TB: 4 
Good Shield Generator - PR 40, Overload 01-05

WS BS Str  T  Ag Int Per WP Fel 
20 65 (65) 45 65 50  50  40 40

Movement: 8/16/24/48

2 Reactions due to Step Aside vs 95
They use Pilot(Personal) instead of Dodge due to Veteran's Reflexes

Fusion Cascade      16m –/3/6 1d10+12+2 E Pen 12 Clip 10/16  Melta
Good Plasma Rifle   90m S/2/4 2d10+4+2 E Pen 10 Clip 16/16
Missile Pod Heavy  200m S/–/3 2d10+4+2 X Pen 6 Clip 36/36 Blast (2) 

Skills: Pilot (Personal)+30, Awareness+10, Demolitions, Dodge+10, Medicae, Tech-Use+10

Traits: Auto-Stabilized
Classified Competence(Windstrider) 

Talents: Ambidextrous
Advanced Battlesuit Training - Size of the battlesuit no longer gives bonus to Hit
Crack Shot - +2 Critical Damage with ranged weapons
Deadeye Shot - Called Shots at only -10 penalty
Fearless - Immune to Fear and Pinning
Guardian - Switch location with an ally
Marksman - No penalties for firing at long or extreme range
Mighty Shot - +2 Damage with ranged weapons
Veteran's Reflexes - Can use my Pilot (Personal) Skill in place of his Acrobatics, Dodge, and Parry Skills while inside the battlesuit.
Paranoia - +2 Initiative
Rapid Reload - Halve Reload Actions
Rapid Reaction
Supporting Fire
Step Aside - Gain extra Dodge reaction
Hard Target - -20 against me when I Run/Charge
Opportunist Evasion - If I dodge an attack made by an enemy within 20 meters, my allies gain +20 BS and +20 WS against enemy until my next turn.

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Feb 17, 2011

It's a pleasure to meet all of you. Especially in such a fine settin' as this. Just need us some music an' a brawl an' we'll be set.


"Job's a good 'un," Killboy calls over the vox. "Now get down there and shoot some of them spiky boys. They is gonna' need time to reload those big rockets, and I don't plan to give it to 'em." Cutting the channel off, the huge ork pilot turns toward the planet. Normally charting an entry vector is a painstaking and critical step in avoiding a fiery disintegration with such a maneuver. However, a quirk of his fungoid brain provides Killboy with an uncanny intuitive knowledge on par with any imperial cogitator. For any other flyboy this would result in a rocky but fairly uneventful ride down. Gorthunk was not just any flyboy.

Screaming into the atmosphere at a steep angle, Killboy's fighter might easily be mistaken for a wayward meteor. Flames wreath the small craft as air resistance rips away less resilient surface components. Gravitational forces far beyond what any human could withstand threaten to steal his consciousness, but the ork is simply too hard to care. As his arc brought him around and over the battle, a great trail of smoke was left in his wake. Finally the missile complex, and massive sealed doors, come into view. With one giant arm wrestling the controls and mashing every firing stud in reach, the other slams the button for the dubiously functional vox. "Oi," he shouts. "Who put those doors in the way?" There is little time for anyone to answer before the ork's craft hits the giant steel portals at several times the speed of sound.

Killboy is diving into atmosphere on a barely controlled ballistic trajectory to the missile complex blast doors. He's got a shitton of survival traits and talents, but if this ends up being an autokill anyway I'll just burn one of my two fate. Pilot: Flyer is at 70. Toughness for ignoring the horrific effects of G-force is 90. Will reroll any failure along the way.


WS	BS	S	T	Ag	Int	Per	WP	Fel
40	50	50	70	60	30	30	40	15
4	5	5	14	6	3	3	4	1

Wounds: 25
Fate:   2

Armour: 5 Head, 5 Body, 3 Arms, 4 Legs

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Jun 3, 2012

Shas'el Ni'ana "Sunstorm" S'dana
It was as suicide mission. Ni'ana knew that. But there was no other option. If they failed to act, the foul enemy would annihilate the people they came to help, undoing every success and making the lives lost meaningless.

Sometimes the Greater Good demanded sacrifices.

Ni'ana jetted through the forest with ease. "Sunstorm" was a veteran pilot, and the Calamity prototype had proven its worth, even if it hadn't been meant to see combat so soon. She'd had a hand in the battlesuit's creation, alongside their Earth Caste support team. Based on the Hazard frame, it bore increased armor and serious firepower.

She hoped it would be enough.

Two drones trailed her, one equipped with a shield generator and the other a markerlight. With most of their engineers dead, Ni'ana had taken it onto herself to maintain equipment. She'd gotten enough drones functioning to support this desparate strike, and it would have been foolish not to use them.

And now, support had arrived. Phoenix kept her--his second-- in the comm loop, and so she contacted both her team and the newcomers as she prepared to fire on the Chaos force. "Sunstorm here. I'm transmitting markerlight data for their battlesuit and making an opening to hit them hard. Standby to fire."

Her hand flicked over her drone controller, lining up its shot. Spending a reaction to give marker drone my BS until my next turn. It will use its markerlight on the dreadnought. BS 65 +20 =TN 85, I rolled 08:45 Hashutbot Esskeleton-Work, 1d100: 69 [1d100=69]. Everyone counts as having a Full Action Aim vs the dread (so +20 BS)!

Then, she turned to the Noise Marines. Time to show them what Tau technology could do. A salvo of missiles erupts from her battlesuit's shoulder racks, streaking towards her targets.

Using a full action to fire both of my TL high-yield missile pods at the general area of the noise marines in order to clear out a line of sight for everyone else's guns, putting them both at 60/72 in their magazines. Base BS 65 + 20 for full-auto fire + 10 for being within short range (they're range 200m) + 20 for twin-linked=TN 115. My talents mean I don't take any penalty when firing two weapons. My Velocity Tracker means I never take a speed-related penalty. I rolled...

08:48 Hashutbot Esskeleton-Work, 1d100: 78 [1d100=78]
08:48 Hashutbot Esskeleton-Work, 1d100: 77 [1d100=77]

Firing at separate targets to hit as many as possible. That's three degrees of success on both shots. I get an extra hit per DoS for full auto and an extra hit from TL if I get 2 or more DoS, and my RoF is 6. That's a total of 5 hits per pod, 10 total. They're blast 3, so I position them to hit the maximum possible number of targets. Some probably overlap, since a bonus hit has to be within 2 meters of the original target and the blast RADIUS is three meters--so a lot of the missiles are hitting multiple targets! I'm pretty sure they still hit the other targets in their radius even if the primary target dodges, so welcome to pain!

Rolling damage: 3d10+5 (mighty shot included) each. Penetration 6, Blast 3.
Pod 1 Hit 1 08:57 Hashutbot Esskeleton-Work, 3d10+5: 14 [3d10=2,6,1]
Pod 1 Hit 2 08:57 Hashutbot Esskeleton-Work, 3d10+5: 24 [3d10=7,4,8]
Pod 1 Hit 3 08:57 Hashutbot Esskeleton-Work, 3d10+5: 14 [3d10=3,1,5]
Pod 1 Hit 4 08:57 Hashutbot Esskeleton-Work, 3d10+5: 20 [3d10=9,1,5]
Pod 1Hit 5 08:58 Hashutbot Esskeleton-Work, 3d10+5: 25 [3d10=9,3,8]
Pod 2 Hit 1 08:59 Hashutbot Esskeleton-Work, 3d10+5: 27 [3d10=10,2,10] This one was a Rightous Fury! Rolling my attack again: 08:59 Hashutbot Esskeleton-Work, 1d100: 99 [1d100=99] Yeah, I hit (I had a 1% chance of missing), so it gets an additonal damage roll! 09:00 Hashutbot Esskeleton-Work, 3d10+5: 29 [3d10=8,6,10] ALSO a righteous fury! Rolling again : 09:01 Hashutbot Esskeleton-Work, 3d10+5: 23 [3d10=7,8,3] For a grand total of 79 damage aross a three meter radius zone!
Pod 2 Hit 2 09:03 Hashutbot Esskeleton-Work, 3d10+5: 17 [3d10=3,1,8]
Pod 2 Hit 3 09:04 Hashutbot Esskeleton-Work, 3d10+5: 18 [3d10=5,2,6]
Pod 2 Hit 4 09:05 Hashutbot Esskeleton-Work, 3d10+5: 16 [3d10=3,6,2]
Pod 2 Hit 5 09:05 Hashutbot Esskeleton-Work, 3d10+5: 29 [3d10=6,10,8] Another Righteous Fury! Attack reroll to confirm 09:05 Hashutbot Esskeleton-Work, 1d100: 85 [1d100=85] Yeah, that hits. Damage bonus: 09:06 Hashutbot Esskeleton-Work, 3d10+5: 35 [3d10=10,10,10] ANOTHER damage bonus! 09:06 Hashutbot Esskeleton-Work, 3d10+5: 13 [3d10=2,4,2] For a grand total of 73 damage aross a three meter radius zone!

That's a lot of damage!

I have one reaction left from Step Aside, which gives me a dodge using my Pilot (Personal), for a total of 110. I can probably avoid anything :V

WS 20 BS 65 S(65) T40 AG 70 INT 60 PER 45 WILL 40 FEL 45

Armor 15, wounds 15

My Shield Drone has Guardian ad a Best Shield generator: S40 overload 1. It will spend its actions for the next round to protect me from an incoming attack!

Advanced Battlesuit Training means enemies DO NOT get a size bonus to hit from my suit!

I have Rapid Reaction. I also have Supporting Fire, so if something charges one of my allies I can shoot it! Nerves of Steel lets me reroll vs fear and such. I don't think anything else is relevant right now; I linked my sheet in my name in case I forgot something!

Oh! I have cracks shot, so I get +2 to critical damage!

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throw to first DAMN IT
Apr 10, 2007
This whole thread has been raging at the people who don't want Saracen invasion to their homes

Perhaps you too should be more accepting of their cultures

Epistolary Pyriel

With a crack of displaced air, Pyriel arrives to the battlefield, warp lightning still discharging from his armor. Moment of disorientation passes and his armor's auto-sensors quickly begin to feed him data about present threats and location. "Entry successful, proceeding to engage the hostile forces.", Pyriel sends a brief vox to mission control.

As he begins to run forward towards the missile base, the remaining warp lightning starts to collect around his arm. "Traitor scum! BURN in righteous fire!" booms from his helm as the power congeals and ignites before launching from his outstretched arm and exploding among the traitors.

Unfettered PR5 Smite at biggest grouping of Chaos Marines and/or traitor guard, Focus Power test at 95 [60 + 10 + 25], 91-00 always fails.
Wounds: 23/23  Fate Points: 5/5  AP: Body:[9] Head:[8] Arms:[7] Legs:[8] TB: 12
Astartes Storm Shield - PR: 55 Overload: 1-10
Enemy weapons lose 2 Penetration due Salamander's Mantle, also gives immunity to being set on fire.

| WS | BS | Str | T  | Ag | Int | Per | WP | Fel |
| 70 | 40 | 60  | 60 | 40 | 50  | 40  | 60 | 40  |
| 7  | 4  | 10  | 12 | 4  | 5   | 4   | 6  | 4   |

Movement: 5/10/15/30

+5 WS with Force Sword
+5 Awareness from helm
+10 Awareness due familiar
+10 Psynscience due familiar
+10 Focus Power due familiar
-10 to Fellowship tests with Inquisition due to 'Heresy' power armor
+10 to Fellowship tests with Space Marines due to 'Heresy' power armor
+5 Fellowship with anyone loyal to the Imperium due to gauntlets
+3 to Initiative due to familiar and chapter trappings

Power Rating: Fettered/Unfettered/Push 3/5/8

Astartes Bolter 		100m	S/2/4	2d10+5 X	Pen 5	Tearing
Astartes Bolt Pistol		30m	S/3/-	2d10+5 X	Pen 5	Tearing
Astartes Frag Grenades		SBx3	S/-/-	2d10 X		0	Blast[5]
Astartes Krak Grenades		SBx3	S/-/-	3d10+4 X	Pen 6	
Force Sword, Good		Melee		1d10+18 R	Pen 7	Balanced, Focus Power, Proven(2)	
Psychic Hood

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