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Dec 25, 2004

and then you'll beg

The official BBL megathread is here!

:vince: :vince: Move over NBA, piss off NFL, it's time to welcome a new player in town. I can't loving wait for this and am thrilled to be the first one posting this thread. Not like I can do this justice myself so just check out the press release from the official BBL homepage!

What is the BBL

Here's some highlights from the official page itself:

BBL posted:

From the creative minds behind the NGA, and BBLA comes a thrilling new revolution in sports. Challenging the hearts and daring us all to dream big, National Golf Association chairman Robert H. Brooks announced Sunday that he is going to launch a brand new professional sports league in the spring of 2015.

The longtime founder of the Hooter's chain has scheduled a news conference in New York City to unveil the league that is expected to play outdoors in eight U.S. cities, including Charleston, New York, Seattle, Las Vegas, and Washington D.C.

"This will be true to American sports, taking place entirely in an underwater 100-yard field, with plenty of fun but most important, lots of in your face attitude." Brooks said. "Americans have become too soft and corporate with too many rules. We're bringing back the old-fashioned, smashmouth sports but with cutting-edge marketing and high production values."

According to reports, Brooks has already secured a television deal that would broadcast his BBL throughout North America, with the hopes of expanding into the Canadian market. Expansion franchises could sprout up in Toronto, Montreal and Vancouver.

What the gently caress does all this mean for me??

A whole lot of THAT!

American "hero" Robert H. Brooks of :wink: Hooters :wink: fame delves a bit deeper into the formation of this "revolutionizing" new sports entertainment that will glue us to our seat edges and make us piss and poo poo in our own mouths and faces:

Hooter's presents...

also from the BBL homepage posted:

NGA Pro Golf Tour, Inc. announces the formation of the BBL - a brand new professional sports league.

The premier season is to feature a ten-game schedule played at brand new stadiums built specifically for the BBL in each city, and will conclude with a four-team playoff, and a Championship game.
The brand new sports league will be known as the Blitzkrieg Ball League and is to take place within a large underwater playing field 100 meters wide and deep. Through subtle rule changes off American soccer and football designed to enhance the speed and action of the game along with the technical innovation of the playing field being completely udnerwater will bring together soccer and football fans alike, accentuating the action both demographics crave.

"The appetite for professional sports continues long past the Super Bowl," said Robert H. Brooks, Founder of the Hooter's chain of resturaunts. "The BBL is more than just an extension of the football that takes place underwater, it is a completely new product that not only fills a void for football and soccer fans, but will give the casual fan of other sports a VIP pass to a sports experience unlike any other in history. The action will feature the top athletes available and will be highly underwater, in your face, and most importantly, absolutely extreme. Guaranteed."

Brooks goes on to explain that Blitzkrieg Ball consists of five players per team on either side of the underwater playing field, with the intent of pitching an specially designed underwater ball past the opposing teams goalie. NGA and the BBLA have built a highly qualified team to launch Blitzkrieg Ball. Similar to his past role with the NGA, Horace Cook, President of the official BBLA Org Inc. will oversee the day-to-day operations of the BBL. His new role will utilize his extensive television syndication, marketing, sponsors, press releases, live event sales and televised experience.

While Robert H. Brooks expects to announce broadcast and cable television contracts at a later date, the BBL has already retained Michael Weisman, a highly respected, award-winning producer whose credits include seven Super Bowls as a broadcast production consultant.

"The BBL will attract the entire football-viewing demographic, strengthened by our unique understanding of the young, adult male audience. That, combined with our extensive experience filling venues and executing live events will help lead to the success of the BBL," Brooks added.

Who are these people?

News posted:

Groundbreaking athlete players sign to play in the brand new sports league

Amidst critical speculation of where the infant sports league will be signing their players from, the BBL has announced a slew of longtime sports professionals have been signed for the premiere season of the official Blitzkrieg Ball playoffs.

When is all this happening I want to watch it with eyes!

As this was literally just announced it may be a bit longer until I can gather some more info for the OP but please stay tuned for all of this, there's a lot of sports to look forward to!


Dec 25, 2004

and then you'll beg


Dec 25, 2004

and then you'll beg

Just found the transcript from the very first exhibition match between the Seattle Steamers and The New York Serfs:


All right, here we go with the blitzoff. Ball comes loose and the Steamers have to congregate in the middle. Brother, along the sideline, another one... they're still in deep trouble at midfield, they tried to do a couple of the ball is still loose, as they get it to Brother! They get it back now to the left field, Oh, he's heading towards his own goal!

He literally swam behind his own goal folks! This is incredible! Nobody on the field seems to know what's going on, they're all swimming in circles! He's just floating there behind his own goal! Oh, and it's time! The Serfs are up by 1 point! Will it count?

We've heard no decision yet. Everybody is milling around on the FIELD! AND THE SERFS! THE SERFS HAVE WON! The Serfs have won! Oh, my God! The most amazing, sensational, dramatic, heart-rending... exciting, thrilling finish in the history of Blitzkrieg Ball! New York has won the Big Game over Seattle! Oh, excuse me for my voice, but I have never, never seen anything like it in the history of I have ever seen any game in my life! The Serfs have won it!

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