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Applebees Appetizer
Jan 23, 2006

Well sure it pays off if you can finish the job fast, but fast isn't always good for obvious reasons. Another reason why flat rate has a bad rap, techs should be taking their time and doing the job right instead of worrying about book times and how many hours they have into a job.


Aug 31, 2011

Moderator at soon to be mod of AI. MAKE AI GREAT AGAIN. Motronic for VP.

If I really wanted to make money as a tech I would rent a one bay shop somewhere and do only the jobs I specialize in. I can knock out a 97-01 XJ heater core job in 2/3 of book time, subaru engine swaps/HGs/timing jobs, etc. Offer a price that undercuts the other shops rates by just a bit, which still means decent money, but not screwing yourself.

Of course this requires dealing with the public and selling poo poo to people which is something I hate and suck at.

cakesmith handyman
Jul 22, 2007

Pip-Pip old chap! Last one in is a rotten egg what what.

I'm so glad I'm moving back to near the shop I used for 7 years/5 different cars, I trust them absolutely and have never once felt ripped off, except for that time I paid for a timing belts change on a diesel, then later thought they'd not done it because I could see a perishing belt. The next day I was planning to go in and ask when I realised what I could see was the accessory belt, which took me 30 seconds to change.

I once dropped a car off for mot, they charged me £1.40 to fill the screenwash which would have failed me otherwise.

Good shop. They have a jet on the roof and armored cars in the parking lot.

Jul 3, 2006

GramCracker posted:

This is literally exactly what went through my head.

Who takes their car to the dealer for spark plugs and service cycle for plugs is usually outside the warranty period now. But yeah lol.

Oct 17, 2006


The Great Twist

Coredump posted:

Well my friend who is a mechanic at a local Dodge dealership tells me that Dodge only pays 8/10 to 5/10 the hour rating of warranty jobs and other fuckery. Maybe he's referring to that. Friend says he loses his rear end doing warranty work.

This probably explains why it took six attempts between two dealers to get a speaker fixed on my Charger.


Big K of Justice
Nov 27, 2005

Anyone seen my ball joints?

RCarr posted:

There's probably a better chance that the service writer had no idea what was actually being done. You'd be surprised how often the mechanics won't explain what's happening to the writer, or will flat out lie about it.

Also keep in mind that the majority of a service writer's day is getting screamed at by customers for things they A) Are not involved in B) Have no control over

Yeah the service writers tend to be the big swinging dicks.

I've seen a tech drop off a ticket, $225 for a brake job, and had the service manager go " Oh yeah that's per wheel" and bump it up 4x.

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