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shadow puppet of a
Jan 10, 2007


Roderick On The Line is two old men of the west coast talking together weekly to complain about things, hear and embellish on stories about growing up shiftless from the wilderness and a withering nostalgia for every single functional item one has ever come across. Especially, specifically these:

It is hosted by (former?) email productivity guru Merlin Mann

It is hosted by (former?) musical proclivity hoodoo John Roderick

It is hosted by Squarespace here: and everywhere else that can push a podcast onto a phone.

Both have done other podcasts. This space here about their podcast Roderick on the Line.

I don't know much about them other than what I'm told on their show. I don't use Merlin's 43 folders, I don't listen to John's The Long Winters. I know John is unafraid to improve a story with some fiction, but I only know that because he told me, many episodes in. I know Merlin is a fussy about other people. Where Merlin would whine, John would cut down a tree, your tree that you own. But, between them they strike a good balance and speak each other's language.

In a typical episode they'll defy the fraternal order of the Quiet Birdmen. They'll explain the speculative economics and mechanics of a neighborhood home taken over by druggers. They'll pine, boy do they ever pine, for a sort of decorum that society has lost, talk of wearing a hat indoors gets their dander up, right up.

There is some fatherhood talk as an undercurrent throughout the 100+ episode journey. But, and the reason why its still worth listening to through the toddler stories, is that together they do often tease out, sometimes force out, a discussion on a wider psychology of living that they expected to arrive at but never found. Many shows begin with a pet peeve on the mundane but end on a note of existence and identity. And that A to B process sometimes makes sense.

Important concepts to familiarize yourself to before a listen:

Computer Maths: That space of knowledge that permits problem solving and money making. That one piece that if you had, things would be different.

Supertrain: Possibly a cancelled tv show. Very important to the ROTL ethos. Possibly also a new age of Aquarius. Possibly just an exultation.

"Go outside, take your clothes off, throw a garbage can through the window, then set the place on fire." A measured response to disappointment.

Paul McCartney: A topic continually worth exploring in small doses and on occasion, a large one. Its a very Wings-positive space. If you needed to be warned of that sort of thing.


shadow puppet of a
Jan 10, 2007


Ah gently caress there is a thread and this forum has a second page. Time to delete this crap.

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