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May 10, 2012

Changeman! And Not A Moment Too Soon!

I adore how much the card art tries, desperately, to make Greyman and Garuruman look at all cool


Aug 3, 2007
Snorlax Afficionado

Episode 43: so I actually guessed the resolution of the episode just from the first five minutes, purely by accident Because I was JOKING. Hats off to the show, they legit caught me off guard in the best possible way and I couldn't be happier.

Mimi remains the best, if there was ever any doubt.

On the other hand, the actual continuity stuff in the episode was dumb. First off, has it been established that the cast have been navigating based on Tailmon's memories? Because the cast were told to go to FAGA by Lopmon before Tailmon joined them. It honestly looked like the Komondomon knew where they were going. Also, while I don't particularly care that it was resolved because it was not a particularly useful plot point, the way they just dumped it out of the show felt needless. And I mean I'll take immediately solving a problem over what the show did for like 30 episodes where once an episode Koushirou would pop in to remind everyone what the immediate threat of the arc was supposed to be, but on the other hand if it was going to be this unimportant and this easy, why even bring it up? I know that it was pretty blatantly just product placement for the Vital Bracelet, but I had some bad flashbacks to late period 02 where they invented a problem just so Black WarGreymon could nobly sacrifice himself for something and have the heroic ending he didn't deserve. Again, could we not have shifted some of this stuff around so that the alternate evolutions came out of data on the DiM card like you to think it would considering what product they are placing? And are we supposed to be on a time pressure so tight they couldn't backtrack a little ways? Because that is not in any significant way apparent.

Honestly, though, if the show can keep having episodes roughly on a par with this one I think it will ultimately be an acceptable, though not exceptional Digimon show. And that is way higher than my opinion of it back during the dead zone of the late 20s.

May 10, 2012

Changeman! And Not A Moment Too Soon!

Mimi is the best of the franchise without question

Jul 9, 2015

In my mind I just pretend. My brain is my only true friend.

After falling off of the show after the resolution of Tailmon's arc, I come back to a fantastically odd filler episode. Man show, if you did more random stuff like this, I feel like there would have been slightly less criticism of how things have gone. Also, it was great to see some lesser seen mons and one long lost relic from Adventure.

One thing I will say is keep bringing more Frontier mons, they've been wonderful to see again and if I'm reading my summaries right, there's only 1 missing before we've had at least 1 form from the five "bad" mons so please, let's complete the set Toei.

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