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Oct 23, 2010

Legit Cyberpunk

new long walk thread is up, new tdome thread going up soon so delete your stories now if you're going to.


Dec 15, 2006

b l o o p

docbeard posted:

Thunderdome 2017: Write A drat Thing

May 3, 2003

Who wants to live


College Slice
Thunderdome 2017: Five Million Words (some good)


Thunderdome 2017: i cant read, and yet i write

Crabrock - thanks for judging and the crit. Oh and it was Mrenda that compared my story to an Adam Sandler movie, not you.

Grats Mrenda. You have defeated me but I will rise again!

Aug 2, 2002




My vote for prose and cons

Jan 12, 2012

Tr*ckin' and F*ckin' all the way to tha

crabrock posted:

My vote for prose and cons

Dec 11, 2013

by Pragmatica
Thunderdome 2017teen: Success Is Like A Boomerang that you catch with your face.

The Saddest Rhino
Apr 29, 2009

Put it all together.
Solve the world.
One conversation at a time.

thunderdome 2017teen: i'm a rhino

Mar 22, 2013

it's crow time again

Thunderdome 2017teen: word counts are upper limits you utter dunces

Mar 22, 2013

it's crow time again

Thunderdome 2017: we finally stopped making the same joke about a five-year-old story

Apr 21, 2010

Deceitful and black-hearted, perhaps we are. But we would never go against the Code. Well, perhaps for good reasons. But mostly never.
Thunderdome 2017teen: Running this one into the ground way past 2020ty

Apr 12, 2006
Thunderdome 2017teen: my god this isn't hard just write more

Oct 19, 2011

Lovely night, no?
Grimey Drawer
Thunderdome 2017teen: Writing In Agony

Sitting Here
Dec 31, 2007

Djeser posted:

Thunderdome 2017: we finally stopped making the same joke about a five-year-old story

lol yeah right

The new thread is live!

Here's to another year of lovely, lovely rear end words. Thunderdome is unironically one of my favorite things about my week, whether I'm reading, judging, or chatting about stories for recaps. I hope we can do this together for a long time, because the community in this weirdass little corner of the internet is unlike anything else I've been a part of.

All of you mean the world to me. Your stories, even the lovely ones, inspire me to keep pursuing the craft of writing. So thanks. You're all the best (but also the worst).

I will leave the thread open for a couple of days so latecomers can edit their stories out. Please direct all of your bad posts to the new thread!

I love you, TD.


Nov 3, 2010

Scoffing at modernity.
A last crit from me in this venerable thread:

************ *************************

flerp, for France 2014: "The Mysterious Mustachioed Merman"
Lyrics: Twin Twin - "Moustache"

Kai's Video Notes: Can you believe this came in last place? The live performance lacked a lot of the charm and je ne sais quoi of the preview video, so I gave you the version that wasn't boring. The kooky game show in which Weird Al Yankovic seems to be a contestant gets unsettling when smoke pours from the buttons; the host laughs and laughs; I wonder which circle of Hell has a moustache hung prominently on its wall. The song's greatest evil is being so catchy that it's hard to stop listening. Themes: pastels, game shows, prizes, pressure, futility, false gaiety, wealth, materialism, desire for the unattainable, dishabille, moustaches!

What unreasoning world is this in which foraging is a crime? In which mermen walk out by night or day?? In which they has is an acceptable construction??? Don't let the excessive punctuation fool you into thinking I care much about any of that. You could have proofed more thoroughly and thought harder about your merworld, sure, and you probably wanted hydrodynamic instead of aquadynamic since aerodynamic is of Greek and not Latin extraction, but we're talking about the sparkling tale of a merman (ba-dum pum, oh lord kill me) and his moustache here. It is possible to think too much about these things.

I quite like Moustache's respect for the merpolice. December Diamonds needs to make a cop merman stat, if for no other reason than to round out their Village People lineup. The random interjections about how heroic police are make no more sense than anything else, and they're charming for it. The humor's probably a little overdone in spots. Who cares, though, while there are lines like Moustache considered, for a brief moment, to rename Plain Face to Rotten Eggs, but then decided this wasn’t the time to make such brash decisions? (You know considered to rename is abhorrent, though, right? Just checking.)

You do miss everything about your song other than the moustache. That might have damaged your chances in the round, insofar as that's an issue given that this has zilch to do with winning and everything to do with being a glittering Christmas gift.

Flawed and silly as this is, it's sincerely funny. Good work! Thank you! Merry Christmas!

************ *************************

Farewell, Thunderdome 2016teen! Thank you for being our home for a terrible, wonderful year.

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