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welcome to byob! i know you thought we were the no rules forum, but guess what? we have rules!

1. behave like adults and treat each other with respect. This includes respecting people of different races, nationalities, religions, and gender identities.

2. don't poo poo up threads. especially community threads and effort threads. if you hate a thread, contact one of your iks. we're all tired of not being able to have nice threads because there are 5 people who have no self control skills

3. do not post sexually suggestive pictures of children (either photographs or drawings), pictures of people or animals maimed or dead, or homegrown (this means do not post your genitals or the genitals of someone you know). if you are compelled to post something that's not work safe, put it behind nws tags. a proper nws tag looks like this Click here to view inappropriate image

4. if a mod or idiot king edits your post or asks you to stop doing something, that's a sign that you should stop doing that thing

5. it is now OK to mash the report button as those reports go to your mods examples of good times to do that: someone posts child porn, someone gets drunk and posts their social security number, the forum is literally on fire and you can't find a fire marshal. it's better to report something too quick than not report at all!


6. BYOB is a no politics talk zone. We are all over saturated with news about the presidential election and results. You can't be an island of chill and discuss this, so we're not going to. We have a thread to discuss positive steps you can take in the world and in your own personal life to help us all deal with the political situation, but that thread should be focused on positive suggestions and not divert into political conversations. Thank you for helping us maintain a safe place to take a break from all this chaos.

your byob co-mods are alnilam and Goons Are Great

please use something awful private messaging to communicate with the idiot kings and mods.

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Why did my thread get gassed?

In the early days of byob 8.2, "just post" was our anthem. the forum was full of any garbage thread people wanted to post. this made the forum hard to read and any funny or interesting content got lost in all the garbage.

over the years various mods and idiot kings started imposing "standards" on threads. some standards stayed and some didn't. the following are the standards that the forum as a whole has settled on.

these aren't "rules" per se, but if your thread falls into one of these categories it has a higher than average chance of being gassed.


1. call out threads with user names in them. threads called "bwee post here" or "what are you doing today blub?" or "i sure miss wd-40" are not inclusive and don't make people feel welcome to post in them. the same goes for a "thread for me and my friends to post in". if you're making a thread aimed at 1 person or an exclusive group take it to pms.

2. parody threads. if there's a thread called "post here to have something nice said about you" and you make a thread called "post here to have something mice said about you" and your op is "hahaha", well that's a waste of valuable byob front page space. the RARE exception is when you make a parody thread that actually has content and is funny. i think this has happened twice in the last 2 years so chances are if you're making a parody thread you're wasting space

3. duplicate threads. if we have 1 thread about robin williams dying we do not need 50. unfortunately this is not a made up example. likewise, if what you have to say will fit into an existing thread, please don't make a new one. we have a "hello" thread stickied at all times. come say hello there instead of making a thread for that

4. no content threads/thread spamming. please don't post just to hear yourself mash keys and don't post 20 posts a day. in general, threads should inform, entertain, or help us improve ourselves. the more creative you are the better. a thread with no purpose will not usually survive

5. threads that have stalled or turned into chat threads periodically i will just go through the forum and cull threads that are just lingering to make room for the good stuff. this is just general maintenance and doesn't mean your thread was a bad idea or i hate you or anything. all threads die someday. some just need a little shove

and finally

do not remake a thread after yours gets gassed and don't complain about your thread getting gassed. if you post long enough you're going to get a thread gassed. we have rotating iks and each one is going to try to shape the forum a little differently. maybe it got gassed because it violated a community standard. maybe it got drama-y once it got started. maybe the ik's finger slipped. take a deep breath, try to learn from it, and move on


a word about sigs

yobbers love their sigs and well they should. but there is a growing trend of taking many different sig images and stacking them up so your sig is GIANT and we all have to scroll over your sig over and over again, rendering the forum virtually unreadable

if you must have multiple images, please shrink them so the overall size isn't obnoxious

edited to remove the sig rotator which seems to have broken


Q: Wait weren't images spinning in here?

A: Images used to spin in BYOB. They no longer do.

Q: Why did they stop?

A: Everything in life is transient.



Jaded Burnout posted:

My good friends.

The loss of the Rotating Images from BYOB triggered a bout of introspection in the chat thread, among other emotions. Various suggestions for Alternate Fun Modifications appeared, along with some plaintive cries for the return of The Spin.

Well wait no more. I have created a Chrome extension/Firefox addon which can provide a configurable set of CSS mods to the bee why oh bee, so you can choose how to personalise your own Chill Experience.

If you've got any ideas for fun mods post them here, or if you're feeling technically minded you can contribute directly on github. I've added the classic spinning images to get us started.

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Postin in the springtime


Everyone is abuzz about gang tags community badges, the latest trend in forums posting. What are they? They are small images you can put underneath your avatar by putting it in img tags in the title text part of your av. The trick is you can do that only with images hosted on the SA server.

Anyway some places that have made badges over the years consider them kind of a protected entity like it would be rude to use it if you weren't part of some special thing in that subforum. Idk which ones. Anyway it's Not the case in byob, you can use our badges freely! here are some byob made community badges for your avving pleasure

Two exceptions are the Hog Dawg tag and the Mx BYOB tag, both of which were reserved for the winners of specific contests

Enjoy! We are all buds and pals here.

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