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Mar 25, 2011

Tsukiyo - Friday Night.

"Argh, time to move forward then!" Tsukiyo hurries forward, her avatar following suit as it throws the voxellated trash can at one of the unique thugs, hitting him with a loud clang! "That ought to be one of the strongest of them, right?" She rationalizes to herself.

Move: To J -50.
Standard: Chucking the Trash Can at the Dragon. Ranged Basic Attack vs AC: 1d20+18 22 Darn! Using Victor's marks to reroll. Ranged Basic Attack vs AC: 1d20+18 28 much better!
Minor: Taking Battle Wrath stance.
Free: Changing weapon to Spear.

116/116 HP


Sep 8, 2007

All makt åt Tengil, vår befriare.

Akio - Ambrose // Friday Night - Other City

Seeing that the dragon warrior is going for Noriko, Akio throws his hand up to protect her much like how he protected her from Shiokaze's attack on the roof at Other School. "Not so fa-" is all he manages to say before his vision explodes with pain as the Oni's massive axe suddenly strikes him. The agony breaks his concentration and causes the spell to fizzle.

Immediate Interrupt: Dimensional Vortex vs Dragon Will: 1d20+19 24, miss. It's the coolest power I've got and I've yet to roll above a natural 8 with it!

Lifting a hand to his head Akio finds that he's bleeding pretty badly and grimaces. poo poo, that didn't go so well... Pain was the big difference from fighting in DDW, and definitely not something he'd gotten used to, not by a long shot. Gritting his teeth and ignoring the Oni, he teleports away and appears behind the dragon in an instant, now gripping the spitting image of his avatar's spellsword in his hand. "Get away from her!" he yells as he slashes at him with the heavenly blade, getting a good hit in, but hardly enough to make his opponent retreat.

"Ambrose!" he calls, and his persona appears, who immediately points his sword at the clump of thugs while regarding them coolly. The blade starts to glow, and then flashes like a strobe, painting the area in front with a myriad of colors. The thugs fail to shield their eyes quickly enough, and are forced to stumble away in confusion. Akio can't help but smile a little bit as the jerk who attacked Noriko paths straight through the flames his buddy left behind.

I take 10 Fire Damage from starting my turn adjacent to Oni.
Oni's attack and his aura hit my 2x weakness, so I take 6+10 additional fire damage. Down to 54/109 HP and bloodied, Mama Mia!

This turn occurs before Noriko's, but after Tsukiyo's.
Minor: Aegis of Shielding: Dragon and Punk(D-53) are Marked. (Since it's been a while, keep in mind that my marks carry a -3 penalty to hit anyone but me.)
Fortune: Tentacle Slam vs Oni AC: 1d20+20 25 vs AC, miss.
Move: Fey Step: Teleport to I-55. I gain +2 AC/Ref UEOMNT. My next Aegis shields +2 damage.
Free: Melee Basic Attack (Eladrin Swordmage Advance) vs Dragon AC: 1d20+22 33 vs AC, hit! 1d8+11 15 Physical Damage.
Standard: Beguiling Strands vs [Oni, Dragon, Punk(D-56), Thug(G-58), Thug(H-57)] Will: 5#1d20+19 29, 29 (flanking), 36, 28, 27. All hit! They take 5 Psychic Damage and are Pushed like this:

(Oni pushed to D-55, Dragon pushed to E-57, Thugs pushed to I-60 and J-60.)
Dragon takes an additional 10 Fire Damage from moving through the flames.

HP: 54/109 (THP: 0)	AC:	35 (37)	Passive Insight: 28
Surges: 11/11 (V: 31)	Fort:	24 (26)	Passive Perception: 21
Initiative: +12		Ref:	29 (33)	Vision: Low-light Vision
Speed: 8 (Swim 8)	Will:	29 (==)	Action Points: 1
Languages: Common, Elven, Deep Speech	Fortune Points: 2/3

Ame-no-Murakumo Longsword: +20, 1d8+11 (MBA/RBA)

At-Will			Encounter			Daily
Aegis of Shielding	[ ] Second Wind			[ ] Vanishing Blade
Booming Blade		[ ] Argent Rain			[ ] Swordmage Shielding Fire
Sword Burst		[X] Fey Step			[ ] Hellspike Assault
			[ ] Armathor's Step		[ ] Impenetrable Warding
			[ ] Dimensional Slash		[ ] Dragon Scales
			[ ] Brawling Warrior		[ ] Rune of the Undeniable Dawn (Fate)
			[ ] Arcane Mutterings		[ ] Cull Weakness (Fate)
			[X] Beguiling Strands
At-Will Interrupts	Encounter Interrupts
Aegis of Shielding	[ ] Countering Thunderclap
			[X] Dimensional Vortex
			[ ] Transposing Lunge*
Magic Items
[ ] Ame-no-Murakumo (Encounter, Free Action): Miss enemy with weapon attack, make a basic attack against a different enemy within range 7.
[ ] Bladed Bolter Bandolier (Daily, Free Action): Spawn a Bolter within Range 5.
[ ] Cloak of Translocation +2 (Daily, Minor Action): Regain the use of an expended teleportation encounter power.
[ ] Gauntlets of Zeal (Enc, Free Action): Lose up to 5 THP to deal that much extra Force/Radiant Damage.
[ ] Guardian's Whistle (Daily, Move Action): One ally in Close Burst 10, teleport ally to an adjacent square.
[ ] Shogun's Kimono (Enc, Imm. Interrupt): Reduce damage of an attack by a marked enemy that targets me and one or more allies by 13.
2x  Beginner's Mocha (Minor): Spend a Healing Surge. Regain 6 HP and gain +2 Defenses USONT.
1x  Perfect Donuts (Minor): Gain Regeneration 3 for the rest of the Encounter.
1x  All-American Cheeseburger (Minor): Spend a Healing Surge. Restore Bloodied Value in HP.

Overseer - Hound: +2 Fortitude, Reduce Push/Pull/Slide by 1.
Overseer - Ryuka: +3 to all Damage.
Super Shrimp Bowl: +2 Attak/Reflex/Initiative.
Cloak of Translocation: +2 AC/Ref UEOMNT.

Damage Resistance: 10 Radiant, Necrotic, Poison
Eladrin Will: +5 bonus to saving throws against charm effects.
War Wizard's Expertise: -5 penalty to hit allies with arcane attacks.
Cowboy's Hat: After using Aegis Interrupt, next attack deals +2 damage. After teleporting, Aegis prevents an additional 2 damage.
Cloak of Translocation: +2 to AC and Reflex UEOMNT after using a teleport power.
Ring of Uncanny Judgement: Automatically know distance and direction to marked targets while mark persists.
Swordshield Action: After spending an action point, gain +2 to all defenses UEOMNT.
Eladrin's Challenge: Marked enemies take -3 penalty from mark instead of -2.
Improved Silver Shield: Gain 13 THP when using Aegis of Shielding Interrupt.
Superior Will: Can make a saving throw against dazed or stunned at start of turn, even if the effect is not save ends.

Support Persona: Kraken (World)
Maha Aques (+16 vs Fort. Area Burst 1 within 10 squares. 3d8+5 Cold/Physical Damage. Ignores cold resistance.)
Tentacle Slam (+18 vs AC. Melee 3. 5d6+5 Physical Damage, and the target is Slowed UEOMNT.)
Passive: Grants Water Breathing and Swim Speed 6
Passive: Immunity to Cold.
Passive: Resist Radiant, Necrotic, Psionic 10.
Weakness: Fire(2x), Poison(2x)

Mar 27, 2011

"a scattering of schizophrenic first worlders who have long ago burned their brains to ash in the radiant heat of their own imaginings"

Noriko // Friday Night

Noriko lets out a yelp as she's caught up in the sudden attack. Looking at her wounded arm, she looks a little stunned for a moment. "you... you made me bleed." With a cold look in her eye, she gestures towards the center of the group of thugs before ripping back to her crow in a puff of smoke and feathers.

Pushing itself out of the dirt at G-57, a single rose comes into bloom; as it unfurls it's petals, vines erupt out from the ground around it, tearing a magic circle into a wide swath of the earth, that encompasses most of the attacking group. As the last vines of the circle connect, the whole circle seems to come into bloom with new roses, showering the area in a haze of psychoactive pollen. Hallucinated terrors stalk half-seen through the fog, tearing at her foes and leaving them reeling.

Standard: Enlarged Dark Gathering (ranged burst 3) centered at G -57 - Clockwise - Punk, Punk, Oni, Dragon, Thug, Thug, Thug, Thug
Dark Gathering - P,P,O,D,T,T,T,T, Will, Psychic Damage: 8#1d20+20 33 29 40 31 39 24 24 35 1d10+12 21
Crit: 3d6 14

Hits everyone for 21, crits Oni for 22 + 14 (36)

Targets are Dazed UEONT, AOE burst 3 zone centered at G-57 - squares in zone are heavily obscured to enemies

All affected enemies take -2 to their next attack roll

Move: Familiar's Call, teleport to crow, crow enters passive mode

Free: Regenerate 2 HP (47 -> 49)

HP: 49/77 (THP: 0)       AC:   28    Passive Insight: 20
Surges: 7/7 (V: 23)      For:  22    Passive Perception: 20
Initiative: +12   	 Ref:  26    Action Points: [1]
Speed: 7                 Will: 28    Vision: Darkvision
Languages: Common, Deep Speech, Abyssal (/w item)

At Will			Encounter			Daily		            Fortune [3/3]
One with Shadow     [ ] Mind Shadows                [ ] Phantom Chasm           [ ] Tarukaja 
Ghost Sound         [ ] Grasping Shadows            N/M Horrid Whispers         [ ] Foul Breath
Light               [ ] Phantom Foes                [ ] Visions of Avarice      [ ] Mamudoon
Mage Hand           [ ] Echoing Dirge               N/M Tasha's Frcbl Conscrp       
Prestidigitation    [X] Dark Gathering              N/M Mirage Arcana               Special
Winged Horde        [ ] Hekiah's Trance		    [ ] Phantasmal Killer       [ ] Crown of Madness
Illusory Ambush     [ ] Sign of the Golden Ram      [ ] Corellon's Boon         [ ] Bat Form
Call Familiar

    Encounter Utility	                            Daily Utility                      
[ ] Orb of Deception	      N/M Wizard's Escape          [ ] Headband of Intellect
[ ] Shadow Warp		      [ ] Circle of Antipathy      [ ] Bracers of Escape
[ ] Twisting Fortune          N/E Mini Khakkara Orb        [ ] Madeth's Magical Music
[X] Familiar's Call           N/E Thought Eater Armor      [ ] Madeth's Charm Atk Bonus
[ ] Monk's C. Casual Robes    [ ] Amulet of Resolution     [ ] Inescapable Consequence
[ ] Orb of Nimble Thought     [ ] Band of Venom
[ ] Second Wind               [ ] Blood-Soaked Chanters

+1 to Push, Pull, and Slide
Illusion Power hit: give Mori combat advantage vs Target UEONT (or until save)
Psychic Power hit: Target takes -2 to their next attack.
On AP: one creature within 5 squares takes ongoing 5 psychic dam (save ends)
On AP: +3 Attacks for AP Action
-2 to enemy saves vs all Wizard powers
Aura 3: -2 to enemy saves, -5 to enemy saves vs Charm powers
Regeneration 2
Weakness: Fire, Radiant

Crow Familiar (link)

Rank 2 Academics - [+1 Int/Wis skills]
Rank 2 Charm ** - [+2 Dex/Cha skills]
Rank 2 Courage *** - [+2 Str/Con skills]

(this sheet might be a little bit behind i need to go through the thread and verify)

Mirthless fucked around with this message at Feb 20, 2018 around 20:57

Look Around You
Jan 19, 2009

You're just lucky my jaw is broken!

Kasaya Itsumi
[HP:91+12 AC/F/R/W: 28/28/26/32, INIT: +10]

"Akio, be careful!" Itsumi says, alarmed at how much damage he's taken in such a short amount of time. She strides forward, with Sunbright gesturing towards him with her spear, causing a brilliant light to flash over him, mending his wounds. She then turns her attention to the enemy in front of her, directing Sunbright to attack it. Her blow hits and it grants Itsumi some extra protection from the next damage coming into her.

Move: to G-50
Minor: Ardent Surge: 3d6 8 on Akio: he can spend a surge and regain an extra 8 hp
Standard: Energizing Strike (0) vs AC: 1d20+20+2 30 1d10+10 14 vs [E-50] and I gain 12 THP.

(i'll make a combat block soon, i wanted to make sure i got a post up though!)

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