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Tuxedo Ted
Apr 23, 2007

Grimey Drawer

Wow, that's a whole ton of character apps already, but I'm still gonna submit one.

Name: Law
Class: Necromancer
Portrait: Row 1, Column 3
Skin Color: Default purple, it's too good to change
Hair Color: The white/grey default works well here too
Eye Color: I didn't see it in the presets, so whatever looks most like the color of a dead fish's eyes to you.
Voice: (10) Gentleman

Law comes from a village where necromancers are raised as guardians of life and death, protecting the natural flow of things. This also involves putting ne'er-do-wells that'd exploit the dead and undead for their own purposes to justice, as well as anyone who'd seek to unnaturally prolong their own life. Or at least, that was the idea, but like all things corruption eventually settled in. Nowadays, most necromancers from Law's town will happily use necromancy for their own benefit (and for the benefit of others if the price is right) while still claiming to be infallible guardians of nature, and Law is no exception. He's already lost count of how many times he's died (it's starting to show) and he doesn't care in the least about how many kickbacks and benefits he gleans from his work. He does have to keep up appearances, however, and recently back home the hammer has been coming down hard on necromancer corruption.

Law was recently slated for an audit and thought now would be a good time to get far, far away from town for a while and actually do his job properly for a while with some low-key heroics. Y'know, get some solid and well-tabulated work down on his tally sheet before returning home. And maybe he might offer a few of the more cautious adventurers in town some "life insurance policies" on the down-low to earn some pocket money.

Law is easy enough to get along with when he isn't doing his high-pressure salesman shtick, and he's polite enough not to try force sales on his close friends. Once you get past his unending need to abuse his powers and authority for easy coin and favors, he's actually a pretty talented and hardworking necromancer.


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