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Sep 23, 2006


The war has been going for years now, both sides locked in a stalemate. The scarlet steel mines have changed hands dozens of times and currently sit unworked for lack of men. Planting season is about to end, which means hostilities will begin anew. The Takada clan has put out a call for mercenaries to bolster their weakened army, last year's war was hard fought and Takada barely managed to hold onto the mines which lie at the border between them and their rivals the Hirobashi.

Farmers will be given spears and rifles, nobles will climb into their armours, and wanderers will ally themselves with one nation or the other for gold or glory. Will they tell your story?

No restrictions but I reserve the right to veto characters anyway. Format is Play by Post, hit me up on Discord with questions. Game will start in approximately 2 weeks, please have characters submitted by 3/28.


Captain Walker
Apr 7, 2009

Mother knows best
Listen to your mother
It's a scary world out there

Hell yes. Been replaying Fire Emblem Fates; let's see if I can't find a good character concept there. (It might be difficult because Nohr has all the most fun units)

Zeppelin Insanity
Oct 28, 2009

Interest post for a Konghoki.

Alien Rope Burn
Dec 4, 2004

I wanna be a saikyo HERO!

Dusting off an old notion that never saw the light of play.

Years ago, the lands of the Fujiyama Clan came under a terrible plague. Lady Fujiyama of Izumo put out a tremendous reward of 100 ryo for a cure, but doctors' remedies were no good against it. The remedies of mushi-tsukai slowed the plague, but did nothing to stop it. The prayers of priests relieved the suffering of the the ill, but would not prevent their deaths. It went on for days, then weeks, then months, and so the daimyo beseeched Ōmononushi, the great serpent-spirit of the mountains, to relieve her people's suffering. In return for the kami's blessing, she would built a grand temple. Where most temples are built around the shintai, or embodied symbol of the kami, the temple would be built upon the natural body of the mountain kami itself.

There are some in that whisper that the lady paid some greater price, but not too loudly. Before her death, she was heavy with child, the father unknown. There are some that say, too, that she died not of childbirth, but of poison. Whatever the case, her liege, the Regent Kikkawa, would take control of Izumo. The lady would be survived by her daughter, Princess Fujiyama Hanako, whose hair resembled the shade of the mountain's brilliant wisteria blossoms. It is said that though she was a healthy child, she was a willful one, looking for adventure and trouble wherever she could find it. No father came along to guide her, and it is said that the regent and the princess often did not see eye to eye. Still, Hanako was beloved by the people, eager to come to their aid in times of trouble. It is said at times people could not explain her presence in two places at once, or in her swift arrivals. It is said that Toragoro, the chief of the guard, often acted like a father might to her, and taught her in the ways of the blade.

They tell stories of the night that Regent Kikkawa finally tried to seize the young Fujiyama, and drive her out, of how the Regent revealed the secret of the Lady's deal with the mountain god to the people, and how they turned on the child. It is said Ōmononushi's wrath was stoked, that the kami declared a pact broken, and that he swiftly revisited the plague upon the people threefold, sparing only the last child of the Fujiyama family. In days, Izumo was populated solely by bones and ravens. The secret of the Fujiyama would be silenced, all who threatened it wasting away.

It is said that Hanako left the mountains and the castle and the shrine, and now wanders the land, haunted by the nights of horror visited upon her people. It is said that if you see a ronin with hair the color of wisteria, do not face her, for her heart died along with her people, and she will not fall to death like a human might. If the ghosts of Izumo could speak, they would tell the tragic tale of a lady who wed a god to save her people, of how they fell in love, of how they birthed a violet monster-child who has the speed of a striking serpent, who sheds her skin only to have her skin rise like a puppet under her command. They might moan of how the lady promised a god never reveal their marriage, and how her regent broke that promise, and despair at the merciless kami's wrath.

They would curse the names of Fujiyama and Ōmononushi, but the curse would find only irony. Hanako forgives the people of Izumo, but her true curse lies in how she will never forgive herself. Whether or not she bears blame is irrelevant to her - she bore the responsibility, and failed. All she can do now is seek penance for the fact she survived.

Fujiyama Hanako, The Wandering Blade of the Wisteria Blooms

Templates: Vassal Servant (5), Swordmaster (30), Paragon (20), Half-Akayashi (35)*
Attribute Cost: 1
Karma: 90

Body 5		Agility 10	Senses 3	Knowledge 3
Spirit 5	Empathy 7	Station 6
Vitality 10	Soul 16		Wounds 5 / 3 / 2 / 1

Skills:		Art of War: Lightning Strike 4, Etiquette 3, First Aid 2, Melee Weapons 4,
		Movement 3, Notice 2

Youjutsu: 	Multiple Forms 2, Superspeed 1

Weaknesses:	Taboo: Cannot Harm a Priest 3, Vulnerable: Buddhist & Shinto Magic 3

Fates:		Other: Seeking Death 3, Secret: You're a Half-Akayashi 2

Equipment:	Short Sword "Ginga"(Dmg +2), 15 additional soulgems,
		Masterwork Ayayashi Soulgem Katana "Gekko" (Dmg +8, RoF 5, Ammo 8)

* Template has been modified for different youjutsu powers and weaknesses as listed.

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Zeppelin Insanity
Oct 28, 2009

Once upon a time, there was a young noble and a cruel man. Their fates first crossed on the field of battle, when the young noble heard the screech of a shiki round and saw his father struck in the heart. The young noble smiled, for his father had been evil.

A year later, the young noble heard the familiar sound. This time it came from his side of the battle, and so he met the cruel man. The noble had a good heart and dreamed of becoming a lord and making the land fairer for it's people. The cruel man, whose hair was beginning to silver, had lived through too many winters to believe in the dream. He believed, however, in the young man's hunger and passion, and saw in it a means of improving his station. The cruel man pledged allegiance to the noble's cause, and together they rose.

The cruel man became the noble's right hand, his general, and - despite their differences - a true friend. The young noble's soul was good, yet the good do not rise. The cruel man knew this, and he became the noble's blade in the dark. Over the years, he committed many dishonorable acts in secret, for he knew that his friend's heart could not bear them. Although the cruel man never took credit, it was because of him that the young noble soon became a young lord.

But in time, the good lord learned from his friend. His heart grew bitter, for each time his reforms struck at the chains that enslaved his people, he earned only their hatred and scorn. The cruel man taught him that love is sometimes a tool of tyrants, and fear is sometimes a tool of liberators. He taught the lord that one gruesome death can keep a thousand swords sheathed, and keeping a thousand swords sheathed can save ten thousand lives. And so, the lord began to rule with an iron fist. As hated lord's people began to prosper, his soul cried out in anguish, hurt by the knowledge of the things he had done in pursuit of his dream. The cruel man smiled, for he found joy in the machinations of court, in the sniper's perch and the in moment of a knife sliding between ribs.

Neighbours began to look with jealousy at the prosperity of the lord's domain, and a strong army was needed. The cruel man convinced the lord that his daughter needed to become an armour-rider to defend his people. The cruel man played games with her, and made her a terror on the battlefield. Yet the innocence of the child touched him. His heart softened, and his blades dulled. For the first time, he believed in the lord's dream. He began to yearn for peace and searched for beauty in the world. He found it in the lord's kugutsu, and they fell in love.

One day, the lord saw the way they looked at each other, and grew displeased. In his anger, he wished to make an example of the cruel man, and punish his kugutsu for unfaithfulness. The man was tortured to death in front of a cheering crowd and his soul was captured into a meikyo mirror. As her punishment, the lord's bride was made to bear witness, and to capture the moment in a masterful painting.

The machine was named the Midnight King in honor of it's role as the dark side of the lord's crown. It stands watch, a symbol of power, wealth and cruelty. With the lord's permission, the kugutsu sought to ease her grief by decorating the machine with exquisite art of carved brass and black lacquer-work. Among the images telling of the lord's laws and the consequences of rebellion, she secretly hid tales of the man she had loved.

Now, the lord once more has his blade in the dark. Yet every time he looks upon the painting hanging in his private chambers, he weeps for the friend he had lost.

If anyone ends up making a kugutsu, I'm up for combining backstories and editing mine to suit.

Midnight King

Templates: Konghoki (No equip, 45)
Attribute Cost: 4 total
Karma: 60

Body 4		Agility 7	Senses 7	Knowledge 4
Spirit 6	Empathy 3	Station 6
Vitality 10	Soul 20	Wounds 4 / 2 / 1 / 1

Bestial head            Eyes of Distant Death, Dark Vision
Four arms               -1 body, +2 agility, -1 senses
Torso                   Thruster wings, Type 3 Chameleon Flesh Dragon Scale, Smoke Screen
Two legs

Skills:		Marksman 3, Melee Weapons 3, Evade 3 (swapped from Unarmed Combat), Stealth 3

Fates:		Sealed Memories 3

Special:	        Overdrive

Equipment:	Masterwork Long Rifle "Heartpiercer" (Dmg +5, RoF 1, Long Range, Ammo 3)
		        Many gunpowder pistols (Dmg +2, RoF 10, 20m, Ammo: 150 - Cyclone Gatling Repeater template)
                        Claws, sharpened wingtips, razorwhips (Dmg +2/+3, melee/5m - Kusarigama template)
The Midnight King is a finely crafted Konghoki a little smaller than a man. It has four arms, wings and the posture of a gargoyle. Ordinarily, it is finely decorated and meant as a very visible display, but its surfaces can change colour to blend into its surroundings should it choose necessary. Its frame is light, optimised for stealth and agility rather than durability. It carries the same rifle it did in its past life: a masterfully crafted and heavily ornamented long rifle that stretches the limits of gunpowder-based range.

If it is ever caught in close combat, it is said to dance. Its movements are jerky and without grace, but stunningly fast. To the naked eye, it looks less like a machine and more like a whirling cloud of blades and gun smoke. It wields four pistols at a time, discarding them when it is time to reload and strikes with inhuman precision at multiple targets. Thin, sharp whips spring from its carapce and move in unpredictable patterns, able to grapple armoured opponents or sever exposed limbs.

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Sep 23, 2006


So far so good, although I'm not a fan of the Vassal Servant archetype, is there any way you could drop that ARB?

Feb 17, 2011

Ba Yau, Oni Zedai-ryu Warrior

The promise of Kikoku is the promise of oni who need never fear the human pogroms and hunts, the promise of a peaceful life without danger and harassment. While this promise still stands in Kikoku, many who fought for the revolution have begun to turn their eyes outwards. One country may be safe, but oni all throughout the land still fear, still live and die on the whims of the human lords who intrude on their lands. While most warriors of Kikoku still live there to reap the benefits, some - including the vicious and famed Mi-Hal the Roaring Lightning - have left to travel and protect oni using their newfound knowledge of Zetai-ryu, the resonance-tied art of war. She also brought along her apprentice, Ba-Yau.

The two traveled for some time. More then one they stopped an oni hunting party. At least one village was taught the ways of the Zedaishu to better defend themselves. The name Mi-Hal the Roaring Lightning was spoken in hopeful whispers amongst no small number of oni. Also, her apprentice, Ba-Yau, was present.

When the great Mi-Hal the Roaring Lightning was slain, it was a battle for the ages. Common soldiers lay strewn across the the wastes as they were flung away, onmyouji died in surprise as their summons vanished, samurai shrunk down to simple ordinary humans only to be cut down, kijin found every bullet repelled back at them, such was her mastery of Tae Rayi and Zetai-ryu. In the end, it was her kindness that lead to her falling. Amongst the scores of bounty hunters, a single Yoroi Armour was also sent to bring her down. She had disabled the metalic behemoth and had cut it open to see who would lead it against her, only to find a small child. Despite the child's trembling terror, despite that it had just tried to murder her, Mi-Hal the Roaring Lightning picked the human girl up gently and brought her back down to earth to set her free. She was Zedaishu, and she was better then those humans who would drive away or kill oni children. Behind her a human samurai, near death, gave a rictus grin. As she knelt down to place the Armour Rider, he, in his last breath, drove his blade through her back. The oni of legends was dead.

And her apprentice, Ba-Yau, was present.

Ba-Yau has tried to take on her mantle. She wishes to be as great a Zedaishu as her master was, but those are some mighty big shoes to fill. She remembers her lessons - all of them - but that doesn't mean she understands them as well. Mistrust the priesthood. Protect our people. Yi-yil made us Lu-Tirae to safeguard the earth. Listen always to Dii-go. Hide your horns, but wear your laz-dii-go with pride. The dream of Kikoku is the dream of humans and oni uniting together. That last one is giving her lots of problems. It was humans who killed her master, even as she showed them compassion. Humans who hunt the oni everywhere they've gone. Humans that force her to hide her horns. How can they ever work together if they hate her so much simply for existing?

She's ended up here, between two rival clans. Where humans fight, oni suffer. She doesn't necessarily care who wins. She just wants to make sure the Lu-Tirae doesn't lose.

Name: Ba-Yau
Age: Non-creepily Young
Sex: Female
Concept: Travelling oni knight with lofty aspirations trying to deny her lust for revenge
Archetypes: Oni, Paragon, Swordmaster (-equipment), Hard Luck
Attribute Cost: -1	Karma: 90

Body 7		Agility 6		Knowledge 4
Senses 5	Spirit 8		Empathy 6
Station 3

Vitality: 15
Soul: 24
Wounds: Light OOOOOOO / Heavy OOOO / Critical OO / Dead O

Art of War (Resonance Blade Style): ****
First Aid: **
Melee Weapons: ****
Movement: ***
Persuasion: **
Pursuit/Hunt: ***
Resonance: ****
Willpower: **

Sha-blade (Spirit: Melee Weapons) - Damage: +8
Din (Body: Resonance) - Damage: GM dependent RoF: GM dependent

Goal: Be As Great As My Teacher 3
Misfortune: Humans Slew My Teacher 2

Howling Light Technique
Shield of Brilliant Light
Wall of Radiant Light
Alu - Heaven
Dii - Earth
Mighu - the Calm

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Alien Rope Burn
Dec 4, 2004

I wanna be a saikyo HERO!

Kwyndig posted:

So far so good, although I'm not a fan of the Vassal Servant archetype, is there any way you could drop that ARB?

No sweat, it's not vital. I just need to remember to get to it on my "weekend".

Captain Walker
Apr 7, 2009

Mother knows best
Listen to your mother
It's a scary world out there

Makoto "Raven" Kawara

Though utterly loyal to her clan, asks too many questions about every job, and the elders decide she knows too much to leave alive. Zero Act would be a botched mission to steal an artifact, and her discovery that her so-called comrades were ordered to kill her after obtaining it. She is still in possession of the artifact and now lives as a mercenary under the assumed name of "Raven", torn between finding a way to redeem herself to the Bloodleaf clan and leaving it behind forever.

heavily WIP

Infiltrator (10)

grassy gnoll
Aug 27, 2006

The pawsting business is tough work.

Gun Saliva

Name Kaede
Concept: Cyborg Shinto agent

Kakari-rank Agent
Model B Cyborg

Karma Cost	70	Kiai /
Attribute Cost	-14	Karma 70

Emotion: Loyalty to the Northern Court 3
Misfortune: Someone else's child 2

Vitality 19/19

Soul	9/9

Light 3/3
Heavy 2/2
Critical 1/1 (+2/Vitality Decrease)
Dead 1/1 (+3)

Body (3/)
	Unarmed Combat	x

Agility (2/)
	Movement	x
	Melee Weap.	x
	Evasion		x
	Stealth		x
	Criminal Arts	

Senses (2/)
	First Aid	x
	Notice		x
	Marksman	x
	Pursuit/Hunt	x

Knowledge (3/)
	Information	x

Spirit (6/)
	Willpower	x
	Interface	4
	Buddhist Magic	

Empathy (2/)
	Persuasion	x
	Pillow Arts	x

Station	(8/)
	Etiquette	3
	Shinto		3
	Art of rule	3

Art of War: Other

Weapons (Rating, ROF, Range, Ammo)
Five-barrel Gatling (Dam +3, RoF 5, Rng 20m, Ammo 30)
Type 4O Blade (+3 [+8] Dam, Station 3)
Booster Kick (Dam +2 Rof 1, Ammo 3)


*Model B Cyborg - Karma Cost 20, Attribute Cost 14
Interface (4) (35 Karma)

Model B Mk.2 Chassis (Atrb -14)
Class Hei Eyes (+3 Notice, 1 slot) -1
	Auditory Enhancement
	Interface Helm (+2 Interface) -3
	Supreme Nervous System -2

Class Otsu Arms (+5 dam, 2 slots) -2
	Five-barrel Gatling (Dam +3, RoF 5, Rng 20m, Ammo 30)

Class Otsu Torso (+10 Vit, 2 slots) -2
	Meikyo* Mirror (Use Interface in place of basic Skills) -2
	Storage compartment

Class Otsu Legs (+5 move, 2 slots) -2
	Booster Module (Jump Agi x40 meters, up to 20 meters high
		+2 bonus to Evasion, can be used to attack)
	Shock Absorbers (Cut fall damage in half)

*Aristocrat - Karma Cost 20, Attribute Cost 0
Etiquette 3, Art of Rule 3
Station reg 2
Equip: Fancy clothes, gold jewelry
Soulgem short sword, damage +2 Rof 2 Ammo 4

*Kakari-rank Agent - Karma Cost 30, Attribute Cost 0
Shinto (3)
Equipment: Meikyo Mirror, Anafuda Pass
Flesh can be replaced with metal, to strengthen the body. Nerves can be replaced with scarlet steel, to speed the mind. A child can be replaced by a secret pact, to save a domain. These things are known to the Priesthood. What concerns the highest echelons is - can you replace a soul?

Such concerns are above Agent KD-153's classification level, not that she would pay them any mind in the first place. There is joy to be had in fulfilling her purpose, and her purpose is to serve the Northern Court. KD, or "Princess Kaede" behind her back, was raised by the high priests since childhood to be an elite operative for the Court, an unfailing vessel for the whims of the Empress and her council, built and trained to manipulate the wars of Tenra. There is joy and purpose in both the open hand and the blade.

Now her orders take her to Okuyama Province, where only the Priesthood's future is certain.


So, quick word about the Meikyo mirror. I've paid for it in full, both out of attribute points and karma. The one listed in the kijin rules is just a kimenkyo, and I don't expect an actual Meikyo bonus for anything that uses it; it was flavorful and cool, though, so that was worth the investment.

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Sep 23, 2006


Okay, just a reminder that I'm closing recruitment tomorrow and the game should start later this week.

Although I might have jury duty this week.

Feb 17, 2011

Background added; character done

Alien Rope Burn
Dec 4, 2004

I wanna be a saikyo HERO!

Kwyndig posted:

Okay, just a reminder that I'm closing recruitment tomorrow and the game should start later this week.

Although I might have jury duty this week.

Oh, real quick, is it okay if I keep Vassal Servant but just remove the wonky special ability? I marked the sheet for that, but let me know if there are any issues with it. (Kept meaning to ask and getting distracted.)

Captain Walker
Apr 7, 2009

Mother knows best
Listen to your mother
It's a scary world out there

Definitely won't get time to finish my app this week, sorry

Sep 23, 2006


Okay then. I'll have something up for tomorrow or Friday at the latest and I'll run short Zero Acts simultaneously before the game begins proper so as not to drag too much waiting on single replies.


Sep 23, 2006


Yo, go post

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