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Sep 9, 2011

What is The Walking Dead: Our World?

The Walking Dead: Our World is the latest Pokemon Go clone with a couple cool twists. Instead of capturing monsters, you shoot zombies and rescue survivors. Instead of visiting pokestops & gyms, you construct your own safe houses and level them up. Instead of trading friend codes, you create a clan and invite your friends there. There is even a clan chat and group challenges so the social features are already much better than in Pokemon Go.

The game will be officially released tomorrow, but it is already available for Android and iOS in some countries.


Feb 2, 2016
Can't post for 44 hours!

I very much look forward to being among the first fuckwits to do something stupid while playing this.

May 31, 2008

I've been playing this for a while and like it very much. There's some great new ideas and the gameplay is very nice except for the energy system. I'm level 9 now and we have a very active group which is important for the weekly challenge board.

The most impressive improvements over the old pogo system:
- Flares: Your group members (up to 25 people) can use a flare to let everyone in the group "teleport" to the flare location for an hour. If you find a nice epic infestation or encounter, or just a bunch of supply boxes it's quite worth it. You can get flares as a reward for completing weekly challenges.
-Weekly challenge board: Your whole team (up to 25 people, again) competes on a 25-challenge bingo board containing smaller rewards and a big one for completing whole board. There's 11 tiers containing 3 boards each, and you get to continue where you left off last week. When you complete the tasks the player who contributed the most gets their profile picture on the board which creates a fun competition.

The basic gameplay is playing different encounters and collecting supply boxes on a map. There's higher reward infestations that take more energy and simpler encounters of slaying zombies and rescuing survivors. The energy system is this game's biggest downfall, if you use up all your energy you can't play until you get more (1 per 5 minutes, or supply boxes). Ofc you can buy some but it's very overpriced.

Instead of pokemons you gather hero, weapon and perk cards which you use to fight the zombies.

Aug 20, 2006

Is there a Goon group running around killing zombies in this???

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