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Oct 23, 2007

I just watched the Orville season two episode All the World Is Birthday Cake last night, and that is a weirdly bad episode. The entire show is obviously heavily influenced by TNG, but this episode, more than any other, really feels like season one TNG. It's got the classic "this society is just like modern Earth except for one crazy thing" aspect and the extreme oversimplification that you'd expect from a TV show from 30 years ago. Basically, the entire society is represented by one individual. There's no indication of any internal politics or differing beliefs, the leader speaks for everyone and has no opposition other than the outsiders from the Orville. And, like an old Star Trek episode, they're able to pull off a simple trick that not only allows them to escape but also causes massive societal changes pretty much immediately.

I also rewatched the 1998 Stargate SG-1 episode Secrets and I was stuck by the similarity between the childbirth scenes in it and the Orville. In both cases an untrained and inexperienced main cast member has to "help" a woman give birth (by saying "push" a few times and doing literally nothing else) and in both cases it was quick, clean, and straight-forward and the mother was on her feet immediately afterward.

Inspector Gesicht posted:

Probably not as racist as TNG's "Code of Honor"
The best thing about Code of Honor is that the writer turned in the exact same story for an episode of Stargate SG-1, and it's just as bad the second time.


Oct 23, 2007

Comstar posted:

Wait, what? My wife is a HUGE fan of SG1, and now I need to ask her opinion of that episode. Which one was it?

Season one, episode three: Emancipation.

Wikipedia posted:

SG-1 visits a planet inhabited by the Shavadai, a nomadic tribe descended from the Mongols. They regard women as property, and restrict their rights in the belief that to do otherwise would bring "demons" (the Goa'uld) down upon them. Carter ends up being 'sold', but when Carter beats a chieftain in hand-to-hand combat, the team changes the tribe's opinions about the rights of women.

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