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Les Os
Mar 28, 2010

Here me out gang: Iíd rather spread my semen among people that really care about me than spew it all over the floor again, filling the cracks in the floor again and disturbing the peace. Iím still gonna watch porno and stroke out but will refrain from being undignified about it. this is NOT coming from an anti-jerkingoff stance. masturbating is a blast but I will no longer be blasting it. I know some people like to think beating others to the masturbation hall of fame ow Iíll have a lot of time on my hand


May 3, 2016

I will no longer masturbate you either, op.

Feb 1, 2002

Dinosaur Gum

Thank you for sharing with us.

I know it must have been hard to come here and spread this news.

Jul 24, 2007

you're gonna get severe blueballs op good luck

May 12, 2001

Taco Defender

I tried this when I was having anxiety with a friend. Ended up just using my left hand to make it more complicated.

I think you have to get to the root of the situation to make it all go away.

The Grimace
Sep 18, 2005

Are you a BigMac of imbeciles!?

Antidepressants are a real bitch

other people
Jun 27, 2004
Associate Christ

fine, more for me

Inexplicable Humblebrag
Sep 20, 2003

weird to use a pandemic as the time to stop working from home

Mar 9, 2007

And you don't remember what I said here, either, but it was pompous and stupid.

Jade Ear Joe

same OP. I think it is v inspiring and I will join you in your quest for self improvement

Mar 9, 2007

And you don't remember what I said here, either, but it was pompous and stupid.

Jade Ear Joe

I'm out

Apr 4, 2004

one step done and another begun

Nap Ghost

if you succeed in this challenge you will sement your legacy

A Grand Egg
Jan 12, 2020

Thats how you get pregnant mate. Gotta get em out of the balls before they grow into babies.

Mooey Cow
Jan 27, 2018


You can't stop jacking it!

You will regret this!!!

I am Toni Lippi
Aug 16, 2004

Les Os puts the barrel of the gun to his own temple. With tears welling up in his eyes he utters his last goodbye. "Starting today I will no longer masturbate."

May 5, 2019

And if you gaze long into an abyss, you will say `look, no ring.`

A Grand Egg posted:

Thats how you get pregnant mate. Gotta get em out of the balls before they grow into babies.

Babies don't come from piss you rube.

Apr 7, 2006

Within a week you'll have crusty sheets from the buildup blasting off in your sleep.

Cyril Sneer
Aug 8, 2004

Life would be simple in the forest except for Cyril Sneer. And his life would be simple except for The Raccoons.

Starting today I will no longer masturbate 4 times a day.

Glenn Quebec
Oct 30, 2005

That's because our downstream reality reflects an upstream case but I'm going to violate it.

OPs heavy, cum laden balls will be a source for his power known as Chi in China.

Professor Shark
May 22, 2012

Bleak Gremlin

Les Os? More like Less O[rgasam]ís ahohoho!

William Henry Hairytaint
Oct 29, 2011

I knew a super religious kid in high school who wouldn't jerk off and he called a girl a whore for wearing an Elvira t-shirt and she kicked him in the balls and semen came out of his nose

William Henry Hairytaint
Oct 29, 2011

Where is your god now cum snorter?

Aug 15, 2015

So you work from home op?

pop fly to McGillicutty
Feb 2, 2004
Im gonna put cupcakes on your mind

I cum into bags that I seal and flush. I hope one day a whole town of my sewer seed will come and take me to my rightful place as their dinner.

Edward Mass
Sep 14, 2011

The Timeless Child is THE DOCTOR? Oh, for God's sake!

Top Cop

Good luck naming all those cereals, Les Os.

Apr 17, 2002

jerking off and not finishing is still masturbating OP. The act of ejaculation isn't the only defining aspect of masturbation.

Apr 29, 2009

In a world gone mad,
we will not spank the monkey,
but the monkey will spank us.

Let us know how many seconds you abstain while watching porn, OP. Then you can aim to top your record.

Mar 9, 2014

Lipstick Apathy

More for me

Oct 28, 2009

I know what you did last summer, and frankly I am displeased.

How is it that none of you loving animals have a cum vase?

Jul 23, 2007

Or, you know.

Not fine.

op have you thought about cutting your dick off?

Feb 15, 2012

I'm accidentally a suicide bomber!

Oh yeah, OP? Well Iím gonna hack off twice as often just to cancel your no-jacking out. Whatcha think about that, tough guy?!

Oct 5, 2005

cmon man consider your choices here are you really not about to Jack off? who are you trying g to fool because it's not me pal

Colonel Cancer
Sep 26, 2015

I thought it was time you had a new av so typed in random picture and this is what came up

Your prostate will blow up and you'll be making GBS threads cum, dude! Woah

Fartington Butts
Jan 21, 2007

We're gonna have so much fun, we'll forget about how miserable we are, and how much life sucks, and how we're all gonna grow old and die someday.


CPL593H posted:

How is it that none of you loving animals have a cum vase?

Best Bi Geek Squid
Mar 25, 2016

op i no longer masturbate either but it's because I no longer have a sex drive and cannot maintain normal sexual function

Bad Titty Puker
Nov 3, 2007


Soiled Meat

if you start jogging your leg up and down op then it's your balls trying to tell you something

Mrs. Sexual
Feb 3, 2020

Iíve done this for 3 days, and itís difficult to maintain. I wish you luck op.

its all nice on rice
Nov 12, 2006

Sweet, Salty Goodness.


Just jack in the shower, OP. Most phones are waterproof these days, so you can pornhub without worrying about damaging it. Easy cleanup, to boot.

Oct 28, 2009

I know what you did last summer, and frankly I am displeased.

I only bring out the cum fountain on special occasions. Doing that these days would be irresponsible due to covid 19 but then this poo poo is over you better believe everyone's going to dipping their pretzel sticks in that poo poo.

Muscle Wizard
Jul 28, 2011

its a good thing to jack off less op. i feel u there. sometimes u jack off way too much and gotta tone it down.


gimme the GOD DAMN candy
Jul 1, 2007

Ask me about the hate crime perpetrated against a gay black man, and how it was a real hate crime and totally not fabricated. I am well acquainted with the facts of this actual hate crime which actually took place in actuality.

one of those male chastity belt dick cages complete with sounding attachment should solve all of your problems.

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