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Jul 29, 2003

Oysters Autobio posted:

Router: TP-LINK AC1200 Archer C50

Oysters Autobio posted:

And here's the second:

Interestingly the speed is showing as 100mpbs, so I wonder if its being throttled or limited somehow?

The Archer C50 has four fast ethernet ports which max out at 100Mbps.


Jul 29, 2003

Oysters Autobio posted:

You've gotta be kidding me, I knew it would be something stupid like this. The router has faster speeds on WiFi than it does on ethernet???? What? Why?

Suppliers probably have a surplus of 10/100 Ethernet stuff that they want to get rid of before they become really, really obsolete. 100Mbps is still plenty for lots of people.

Network architecture has become so discordant that a user could find themselves in this scenario in 2020:

Cable: Cat6 = 10Gbps
Computer: Gigabit Ethernet Router = 1Gbps
Router: 10/100 Fast Ethernet = 100 Mbps
ISP: 5 Mbps

Basically it's about money.

Oysters Autobio posted:

So I guess a new router is what's needed here, or can I use a switch to connect both the router and a direct ethernet?

The only thing still odd is that I connected the ethernet straight from the modem as well and still got slow speeds, but when I did the same on my laptop I got my maximum 300mpbs.

Yea, you'll want to get a gigabit router. Connecting a basic switch directly to a modem won't do anything.

As far as the discrepancy between the computer and laptop speeds I'd try connecting both devices through the gigabit router and see if they still both get different results. If they do then I recommend using iPerf You can use that program to test upload/download speeds between devices on your private network to narrow the issue down more and determine if the ISP is throttling the computer somehow or if the computer also has the issue within your network itself.

PS iPerf isn't the easiest program to use so you'll need to read the documentation closely or ask questions here.

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