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really queer Christmas
Apr 22, 2014

So what is Omori?

Omori is a kickstarter game that got successfully funded back in June of 2014, and was released on Christmas Day 2020. You can currently play it on steam, though console versions are in the works. The game is based off of old blogs, sketches, and stories written by OMOCAT (the main dev of this game).

What's the general gist of this game?

We will play as Omori, a depressed young boy who goes on adventures with his friends before reality comes crashing down. The game is very heavily inspired by earthbound and mother 3 likes ala Undertale, Lisa, Off, and Jimmy & The Pulsating Mass. There's also a bit of Yume Nikki influences too... which ties into the warning I posted above. I would definitely say this game is pretty close to Jimmy and the Pulsating Mass, though that game didn't gently caress with my head quite as much. Speaking of which...

So what's with the scary warning?

This game is classified as an indie horror game on steam and there's moments where I definitely do not feel comfortable playing it (in a good way). I really want to get across that if you are not in a good state of mind, this game may be something you avoid until you get in a better place. Majority of the things I would consider "Uncomfortable" come later in the game, but I'm still warning you now just to be safe.This game owns, but please take care of yourself in these troubled times.

How does the game play?

It's an Earthbound-like. Turn based combat with the game's own spin to try and hold your attention for... 30 hours.

What's the form of this LP?

Screenshots for most of it, videos for boss fights/important moments. I will likely be abridging gameplay sections except where story-relevant. I also likely won't mention what npc # 5 had to say about the weather because I swear that alone drove me crazy in previous LPs.

Spoiler policy?

This game is 29 days old as of this OP. Keep spoiler discussion LIGHT and if you do talk spoilers EVEN SLIGHTLY then use the black bars please. If you're unsure, either don't post it until it happens or keep it under spoiler tags with a brief warning of what part of the game you're spoiling (early, middle, end) If you spoil someone on this game I will personally kick you into the shadow realm.

If I'm reading from the archive, anything I should know?

There used to be parts of the updates that were linked inside the updates, that have been moved to the Supplemental Updates section, which are located at the bottom of this page. Feel free to come back here during the middle of the update or at the end of the update and read the supplemental part - don't worry, in every case it's just a bunch of images that I didn't want to overload the page with.

Now then.... let's play...

UPDATE 1: Welcome to White Space
UPDATE 2: Mari & Basil
UPDATE 3: Emotions Are a Skill to Control
UPDATE 4: Basil's House
UPDATE 5: It's a Really Vast Forest

UPDATE 6: In Space, No One Can Hear You Dream
UPDATE 7: A Trip To An Otherworld
UPDATE 8: Home Is Where The Junk Is
UPDATE 10: A Happy Family

UPDATE 11: No Game Plan
UPDATE 12: The True Horror of Living
UPDATE 14: The Big Bad Bully
UPDATE 15: The Sun Shined Brighter When She Was Here
UPDATE 16: What Makes a Hero?

UPDATE 17: A Very Sweet Oasis

UPDATE 18: The Lost Forest

UPDATE 20: Hell is Other Sprout Moles
UPDATE 22: The Heart of Darkness

UPDATE 23: So Close, Yet So Faraway
UPDATE 24: My Hero
UPDATE 26: The Boys Night Out
UPDATE 27: This is My Stop

UPDATE 28: The Last Resort
UPDATE 29: The Jaws of Capitalism
UPDATE 30: The Ultimate Employee
UPDATE 31: Around the Headworld

UPDATE 32: Endless Squizzards
UPDATE 33: End of the Well

UPDATE 34: We're Going to have a Whale of a Time
UPDATE 35: Whale, Look Who's Come to Dinner!
UPDATE 36: Don't Worry, Everything Whale be Okay.
UPDATE 37: The Guardians of The Orange Oasis
UPDATE 38: Omourri
UPDATE 39: Something In The Forest

UPDATE 40: Welcome to Black Space

UPDATE 41: Back to Reality
UPDATE 42: The Meaning of Life is TRASH
UPDATE 43: The Treehouse
UPDATE 44: My Best Friend
UPDATE 45: Something
UPDATE 46: Don't Worry, Everything Will Be Okay
UPDATE 47: Basil
UPDATE 48: Memories
UPDATE 49: Omori
UPDATE 50: Good Morning
UPDATE 51: Oyasumi
UPDATE 52: Leave
UPDATE 53: Something... Behind You

UPDATE 55: Return to Black Space
UPDATE 56: Neverending Playground
UPDATE 57: Cold and Empty
UPDATE 58: The Sum of All Fears
UPDATE 59: The Abyss
UPDATE 60: Whale Whale, Look Who's Back!
UPDATE 61: Broken Hearted
UPDATE 62: The Black Space Around the Edges
UPDATE 63: Black Space 2
UPDATE 64: Leave Again
UPDATE 65: You'll Forgive Yourself, Won't You?


UPDATE SUPPLEMENTAL 20: Sweetheart's Movies
UPDATE SUPPLEMENTAL 40: Omori's Black Notebook


BONUS UPDATE 1: Anti-Social
BONUS UPDATE 2: Why You Gotta Be So Emotional?
BONUS UPDATE 3: Spraying the Hive
BONUS UPDATE 4: Till Death Do Us Dev
BONUS UPDATE 5: Murder He Wrote
BONUS UPDATE 6: Why You Gotta Be So Emotional 2: Divorcee Boogaloo

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really queer Christmas
Apr 22, 2014


really queer Christmas
Apr 22, 2014

Update 1: Welcome to White Space

Always a good sign when a game opens with a warning like a pack of cigarettes.

...Another good sign is when the game has to tell you that things are going to be alright. Name a game that has tried to comfort you and it ended well.

Two children crying with some ambiguous promise being talked about? My God... it truly is a JRPG.

Omori is constantly getting into arguments with people because he always sees issues in black or white terms.


Not a bad hangout. You got a cat, a sketchbook, a laptop, and some tissues. Replace the cat with a dog and its my room as a teenager.

Possibly, this is a game after all.

Only one tissue box? This boy doesn't have that many sorrows then.

Does anyone remember colored lightbulbs? I distinctly remember my aunt having a purple lightbulb in her living room as one of the hip new things to do and I loved it... because I was 5.

I'm going to post all of these off page in a supplemental update to prevent the page from just being 10 screenshots. Definitely take a look at them though... they are... a thing.

Hmm, I thought about hosting a poll to decide what we should do here (it's a very important decision); but I have decided to unilaterally choose "Do Nothing". My apologies to all the "Do Nothing" people who wanted "Do Nothing" to be our choice for this playthrough.

All in all, you're just like Omori - staring at a wall.

Let's check out the journal, surely we've got something interesting to say.

Well... at least he has friends!

And a warm lap! You can't go wrong with a warm lap!

*screen shakes*

Moving just a bit to the left and we find this... chef's knife. Probably not the best thing to give to a shut-in teen who seems to be as happy as a bowl of tofu.

Getting closer to the knife, we see this red wiggling arm. If you get too close to them, a little "!" appears above their heads and they chase you down. They're much slower than Omori so they can easily be outmanuevered in open ground... which is this entire space. If they do catch you, you just teleport back to "Omori's room".

With the knife in tow, there's nothing else to do here. The door now has a new option...

I've decided to overrule my past self and choose to open this door instead of do nothing. As loathe as I am to change my mind, the LP would be pretty boring if it was just 40 updates of staring at a brick wall desktop background.


Don't give me that, Hero! You only say that 'cause you were losing.


Kinda weird that the neighbor kids just have a party outside our white space room. Don't they know we're trying to train to beat cell?

Anyway, the lightbulb over Aubrey means she has a quest for us. So shes the priority to talk to.

Why would he do something like that? He's so immature... I mean, what did I ever do to him!?

Oh, I know! Can you find my Stuffed Toy for me, Omori? Pretty please?

After you've taken a quest from someone they get those dots above their head to signify that they have an active quest that you can ask them to remind yourself what they need. This quest is pretty simple though, let's explore the area real quick first.

Hell yes we would!


I swear theres more references in media to Stand by me than people ever talking about it.

Anyway, where could that stuffed toy be?

Of course, its the watermelon! How obvious! By the way, that thing next to Omori is a tentacle... why its there... I have no idea though we may find out later. MUCH MUCH MUCH LATER

Now that we have Aubrey's stuffed toy, the dots over her head have changed to a dark lightbulb to let us know the quest can now be turned in. A nice little way of tutorializing through gameplay rathern than just text dumps.

Is that...? Could it be...?

Hey, Kel! Look, it's my stuffed toy!

W-What the heck? Where did you get that?

Omori found it! Lucky for me, I've got some real friends!

Serves you right, Kel. You should know better than to pick on others.

But Aubrey started it... She was the one who was making fun of me for the mole on my...

On your... what?




Despite the looks of all of them, only Kel and Hero are related. Aubrey is just another friend like Omori. You can talk to all of the kids, but only Hero has something to say to progress things.

Mari and Basil invited us for a picnic at the playground! Did you want to go see them?

We could say no here, but uh that would defeat the point of playing the game so let's go see them!

Alright everyone... Let's go see Mari and Basil!

That seems like a fun little adventure for us, here in the game with only fun adventures!

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Feb 18, 2014

Oh hey, it's finally here. I found out about this game in Voice of Dog's LISA LP, when he introduced the concept of Earthbound-likes.

Dec 27, 2011

I had no idea this game had just come out, I've been looking forward to it for a while.

Here's to having some fun adventures with our friends! :)

Sep 2, 2011

I've seen this game around. I was interested but I don't do well with this kind of horror so I was hoping someone would LP it.

I'll be following with interest.

The characters are cute so far! I hope they have lots of fun and charming adventures.

placid saviour
Apr 6, 2009
My guilty pleasure is obscure rpgmaker games, so looking forward!

Aug 11, 2010

Curses! Foiled again!

Ooh I saw this come up as recommended in my Steam queue recently, but had never heard of it before. So I wasn't sure if comparing it to Undertale and LISA actually meant it was good, or that it was something weaker trying to cash in on that kind of audience.

I might just bookmark this LP for now as a reminder to grab the game when it's on sale. It's nice to play stuff like this totally blind.

Feb 19, 2011

End Session?

I just want to say if you found Lisa hard to watch, this game is worse. That big scary warning text is accurate.

Don't be afraid to stop reading if it's getting to be too much. Take care of yourself.

Looking forward to the LP, I'm looking forward to your coverage of everything.

Jan 13, 2013

The ultimate power is clearly roses.

SystemLogoff posted:

Don't be afraid to stop reading if it's getting to be too much. Take care of yourself.

Exactly this.

This game is real good, but if you feel too uncomfortable at points, abort. Your health is more important than an internet SSLP.

Already off to a good read, here's looking forward to the rest!

really queer Christmas
Apr 22, 2014

UPDATE 2: Mari & Basil

It's time to leave White Space and check out... the outside world.

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Nov 1, 2017

it's not what you've got, it's what you make of it
I'm glad there's an SSLP of this now too and I'm glad it's by you, you make good poo poo

the LP I watched before this missed Observe so you already have a leg up on it

Jul 22, 2007
i'm glad i didn't hear about this until a week before its release, because six years is a very long time to wait

game still good though

Viola the Mad
Feb 13, 2010
Oh drat, an Omori Let's Play? I'm glad this game is getting the attention it deserves. Omori is truly worth the wait.

I followed voiceofdog's playthrough that finished about two weeks ago, so I'm going to stick to lurking for the most part. Oh, and as really queer Christmas pointed out: pay attention to the content warning. It's there for a reason.

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really queer Christmas
Apr 22, 2014

Update 3: Emotions Are a Skill to Control

Who likes flowers?

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Nov 1, 2017

it's not what you've got, it's what you make of it
slightly miffed that the triangle chart drawing doesn't list the attack debuff from sad even though the sad tutorial fight mentions it

Mar 10, 2013
Oh hey, this game. It's really great. Will this LP be showing all the content? Some of it gets kind of insanely obscure.

Jul 11, 2011

Happy foes also have an increased item drop rate, iirc

really queer Christmas
Apr 22, 2014

NewMars posted:

Oh hey, this game. It's really great. Will this LP be showing all the content? Some of it gets kind of insanely obscure.

I will be trying to show off as much as possible. I won't be showing off every NPCs dialogue unless it's real good or requested. I also will be skipping around during gameplay sections since I assume no one wants to see that poo poo in screenshot format (and is the main benefit of screenshots!).

That said, we will be seeing every ending and every quest.

Oxxidation posted:

i'm glad i didn't hear about this until a week before its release, because six years is a very long time to wait

game still good though

I found out about it on January 4th of this year and thank goodness. Would not want to be someone who waited 6 years for it. And yes the game is good, some may even say great (it's me, I'm that someone).

Jul 11, 2016

I like how the characters look like they're drawn in biro.

The sprout fight link leads to the previous Boss fight for me.

really queer Christmas
Apr 22, 2014

cardinale posted:

I like how the characters look like they're drawn in biro.

The sprout fight link leads to the previous Boss fight for me.

Dangit! Fixed


Dec 27, 2011

I "only" waited 3 or 4 years since having found out about it, the aesthetic and themes are extremely my thing.

Having said that I'm not in the right space to play something like this atm so I'm glad for this LP to provide another degree of separation between the events of the story and my person.

Jade Rider
May 11, 2007

All the pages have been censored except for "heck," and she misread that one.

Oh this looks neat so far. It popped up on my Steam queue a couple weeks back and seems interesting, I'll have to give it a try.

Nov 3, 2008

Not as strong as you'd expect.


Like the foe facts and emotion chart, these are items we can view at any time in our inventory. There's a bunch of tutorials for the gameplay which I guess is helpful in case someone who discovered this game has never played an RPG before... I'm sure that person exists!

Think of elder players and new game players. There's no telling when someone will get into gaming, or a certain genre.

Lotus Aura
Aug 16, 2009

Everyone is cool so far, but Hero is just running around in his pyjamas and that means he can't not be the best.

really queer Christmas
Apr 22, 2014

Update 4: Basil's House

Surely you could get a better house than a shoe? Dire economic times in... wherever the hell we are.

Aww, it came out kind of blurry... Well, that's okay. That gives it character. Hope you don't mind the photo.

Of course we don't mind! I wanna see it!

O-Oh, sure thing.

Aubrey's portrait with the stars is probably my favorite. It's just so happy :)

Oh hey, Omori! Did you want to look at the photo too?

D'aww, they are all cute! Not sure how it came out so blurry though. It didn't look like anybody was moving.

It's too bad that it came out kind of blurry, but you all still look so cute. I should add it to my collection!

Woo-hoo! Another shot for the Photo Album!

Move over. Aubrey! I can't see!


W-Wait, hold on! There's no need to fight!


NO, ME!!

Ahh, stop it! You guys are knocking me over!

... ... ...

Uhh... Whoops.

Oh my gosh... Basil... I'm so sorry...

Are you okay, Basil?

You two are in big trouble now! This is why the both of you need to learn how to get along!

I'm sorry... We didn't mean it, Hero! Please don't tell Mari...

You're more scared of telling Mari than your mom? drat, how scary is Mari that she's the first person that pops in your head.

Thank you, Hero!

Yes, wouldn't want to drag mud into your shoe.

Here's a nice view of the whole area. Nothing really interesting to see around here. Gorgeous place though. Too bad about the amount of fungus that would grow here.


Cozy place. Kinda small, though it is a shoe. Rent of course is still 2k clams a month.

Remember photo albums? My mom still has my baby book, which of course embarassed me as a kid and now I'm eternally grateful for. So weird to see how your family looked a lifetime ago.

The game does make you put the photos back. There's a reason for it, but we'll go ahead and jump around a bit

Thankfully, selecting one outlines where it's supposed to go. Not too bad.

I'm really sorry for pushing you over Basil. Even though at least half of it was Kel's fault...

Yeah, I promise to never fight with Aubrey ever again! Unless she starts it first...

And nothing was learned that day.

Hm? That's strange. A photo must have been loose.

Huh? What is this? Did I take this photo?


Something about it seems... so familiar.


Well... that was jarring. We seem to be back in white space. There's no music playing to start off with, but moving at all causes the soundtrack to become... a heartbeat. Not a good feeling that. Examining anything in the room gives us the same results as earlier... but the sketchbook... has something new towards the end.


Not that the earlier drawings were wholesome, but adding this as a new one isn't the most... pleasant. Let's talk to the cat, I guess...

MEWO: Meow (Waiting for something to happen? There's not much to do around here is there? Or is there? Are you looking for a way out? There always is one... but...)

Uh.... what the hell are you getting at cat?




Kinda weird to go from... whatever the hell just happened to peeping on a kid sleeping but ok game, you do you.

The risks of putting this up to a vote and getting DONGS is just too great. So we'll stick with Sunny, it fits the theme of the game; which of course is happiness and living a life of joy.

Welcome to the real world! Kinda sucks, though. I can see why you'd want to live in a dream world instead. The landline phone has a voicemail... remember landlines?? That alone is enough for me to confidently state this game is dated in like the 90s. Anyway, let's check out the message.

The movers are going to be at our house in a few days, so I left a list of things for you to do before they arrive. Also, sorry! Mommy messed up! I forgot to tell the electric company that we need a few extra days before we're ready to move, so the lights might cut out sometime tonight. Anyway... I know moving to a new place can be a little nerve-wracking right now, but I think a change of scenery will be positive for both of us! I know you haven't talked to anyone in a while, but you might want to say goodbye to your old friends before we leave. Kel has been trying really hard to get a hold of you ever since we put our house up for sale. He's been calling us every week for the past few months! He seems a little lonely... Maybe you should pay him a visit. Ok, that's it for now! Mommy loves you! Bye, honey!

Aww. So we're still at home with mom, and Kel is real and wants to talk to us but we've been... avoiding him. Interesting. I could see Kel getting annoying in large doses to be honest.

*Sounds of stomach rumbling*

Ah, the midnight munchies. At least we're alone in the house so we won't wake anyone up by stomping around... at least I assume we're alone. No sign of our dad or Mari yet.

Trying to go back to bed gets us an angry message from Sunny that he's hungry. Can't blame the guy for not wanting to sleep on an empty stomach.

Aha! We've got some steak ready to go for us in the fridge. Let's head on down.

D'aww. :unsmith:

There's the list of chores Mom mentioned. We'll have to get to these eventually, but for now lets raid a fridge.

That's some intense atmosphere we got going on right now.

Just the bathroom in here, nothing special.

There's a good look at Sunny. Did he wear a vest to sleep? That's gotta be uncomfortable.

Door at the end of the hallway is Sunny's Mom's room. Nothing special in there besides a picnic basket to save. So let's head downstairs.

Uhh, well I WAS until you asked me if I was sure. Now I really don't want to.

Sunny agrees, and won't go down the stairs either. Guess he'll have to try and get some sleep on that empty stomach after all.

Back to bed we go!

*Sounds of stomach rumbling*

Welp! So much for that. Guess we got to try and head downstairs then.


Ah! It looks like it's almost sunup! That should help us walk around a bit. At least we can see things now. Not sure why theres a high pitch noise in our ears now.

...Um. That wasn't locked before. Maybe... Mom or Mari came home earlier?

...Maybe they're both home?

Okay, yeah we're in spooksville. Population: Us.

Those stairs... got considerably longer since we last saw them.

I do not know what kind of interior decorating our Mom did but I do not approve!

At this point, a soft whispering can be heard that begins to grow louder and louder as we continue down the steps.

We've got another knife... this one's real though. Not uh, a good sign to find a big knife like this just out and about.




WELP! Fighting a monster at the end of the stairs. Sunny, your world sucks! No wonder you've got a dreamland you stay in.

Running isn't allowed so we've somehow got to fight this thing.

Sunny has no skills right now, though even if he did we can't use them. Afraid is the final emotion we haven't seen yet. Afraid prevents you from using skills besides attack. Really bad especially when you're alone and have no one that can give you a better emotional state.

We are officially fighting "something". Cool.

Our attack did nothing while theirs hurt, even better!

And now, Sunny has an ability.


Well that was a terrifying experience just to walk down some stairs. Jesus Christ Sunny, the hell made you so afraid of stairs of all things?

We don't need this right now, but who knows we may get attacked by a toaster oven demon in the kitchen.

Sunny won't even walk in here. If the dude struggles to make it down some stairs, I can't imagine what hell lies in this room.

It's always weird to see a house without furniture that you've lived in for even a little bit. I moved around a lot as a kid so moving just became one of those things for me, but I never got used to the sight of carpet where furniture once stood.

"Also I left you a mace to fight the rug monster. Don't forget to not get too greedy in between dodges honey!"

Similar to the room next to the stairs, Sunny won't head into the backyard. Only place left to check is the kitchen.

Nice of mom to also leave gigantic glowing hands to let us know where the fridge and steak knife is.

I can't eat steak after it's been refridgerated. The taste is just... ugh. I'll always try and eat the steak fresh and save sides for leftovers if need be.

At least Sunny has SOME standards.

Grab the knife first, gotta cut it into pieces before heating it up so it doesn't leave a cold middle piece.



*sounds of someone noisly eating steak*

Look, I know a hungry person has to eat. But well done steak is only eaten by lizard people, and you're too human for that Sunny. That's why you're sick now. :colbert:

*sounds of barfing*

Well this night can't really get any worse. Sheesh, let's just head back to bed.

What? Who could that be this late at night. Is it Kel? Mom did say he was trying to reach us. Maybe he heard us and was worried?

Oh, hey Mari! Jeez, it's pretty late out! What were you doing to be out so late. Of course we'll let her in.


I was just kidding about the rug monster game!! You didn't have to make it real. Sigh. Let's just... go to bed.

May 11, 2008


What, didn't check the mirror?

really queer Christmas
Apr 22, 2014

Tallgeese posted:

What, didn't check the mirror?

I knew someone would ask about this. The official LP reason is that I couldn't fit it into the narrative.

The real reason is I hate this thing and it freaks me out.

Head Hit Keyboard
Oct 9, 2012

It must be fate that has brought us together after all these years.

really queer Christmas posted:

I knew someone would ask about this. The official LP reason is that I couldn't fit it into the narrative.

The real reason is I hate this thing and it freaks me out.

Oh sweet jesus I didn't know about that one :stonk:

Feb 28, 2008

I wanna get a Super Saiyan Mohawk when I grow up! :swoon:
I dunno about Sunny (or anybody else), but for me, the fear of heights is more the fear of falling. I can play on one of those really well netted climbing adventure things all day, but if I have to stand near a waist-high railing I get super nervous even if it's only a couple feet off the ground (I've seen movies! I know what happens to people who stand too close to waist-high railings!).

Jul 22, 2007
like that glass-bottom walkway in china that went viral a few years back

pretty sure someone actually did die from falling off that thing

Sep 2, 2011

Ah, now there's the horror!

Yeah, I definitely wouldn't get on with playing this game, but I'm enjoying reading it.

placid saviour
Apr 6, 2009
I don't understand why I keep reading these kinds things right before I go to sleep

Jul 11, 2011

So, between the LP and the Steam reviews promising this to be a "life-ruining experience," I'm playing along.

I'm, uh

I'm still not sure if I'm having a good time or a bad time

really queer Christmas
Apr 22, 2014

Update 5: It's a Really Vast Forest


We're back in White Space, it's somehow comforting to be here compared to... reality. Nothing's changed here... except for the laptop.

Welcome to the HANGMAN game. This is a very special game where you collect the letters of the alphabet within the game and right letters will be added to the bottom while incorrect ones add a line to the right. Getting this correct is a key way of getting the good ending. Good luck!

It's impossible to fail this on a normal playthrough.

I'm not sure how easy it is to add things like this in RPG maker, but it still impressed the hell out of me.

After a little exploration we find this just to the left of Omori's room.

This is the map of Headspace. Here's all the locations we will be visiting before the credits roll. You can access this with "W", another little thing that impressed me. With both menus unlocked, the door allows us to pass through it again.

Omori! Thank goodness you're here!

Have you seen Basil? We can't find him anywhere...

We should go tell Mari you're okay. She's been worried sick!

Huh, so Basil is missing? And our friends just appeared here when we teleported to whitespace? Interesting... let's head to the park and talk to Mari then.

...but not before getting 200 clams from the snake.

Ah! Our first hangman key. There's also some red footprints leading towards it... that's not creepy at all.


When you get a correct key, the game will let you know how many keys are left. As well, correct keys will leave a marking behind on the ground, like this one did.

Can you figure it out without any help based off of this alone? The letters also give hints as to where they are, but that's not super neccesary.



Don't worry me like that.

Where's Basil? He's not with you, Omori?

No... I'm afraid not. The last thing I remember was sorting photos with Basil in his house... And next thing I know... I'm waking up in Neighbor's room with Aubrey and Kel.

At least we found you, Omori... but I hope Basil is okay. Who's going to protect him if we're not there?

Don't be such a downer, Aubrey! We'll find Basil for sure!

You're absolutely right, Kel. It's at times like these when we gotta stay positive!

Hmm... Why don't we go back to Basil's house? There might be something that we missed.

That's the spirit, Hero. And as always, I'll be here if you need me!


So some definite weirdness going on. We know this is a dream world, but it seems to be reacting to... whatever happened when Basil saw that picture. I've had some funky dreams, but that's kinda out there.

Before we head out, let's talk to Mari again.

Hey, Omori! How are you all doing?

Just the other day, Nose was telling me about a cute little leaf she met... but... when she tried to be its friend, all it wanted to talk about was how much it hated bunnies...

How could someone hate bunnies!? I just don't understand some people...

While I do not hate bunnies, we... may be helping out said leaf in the future. For the good of us all, you see. If we talk to Mari again...

She acts as a quest hint/waypoint system. A very good way to know what quests you have available, get a reminder of what to do or get a slight hint of where you need to go. She also gives a nice little closing remark on completed quests. I'll try to run through these at the end of sections too.

There's your first one, it's a freebie. :colbert:

Something that also accompanies almost every Mari picnic spot is the ability to have a picnic with your friends! You'll get some unique dialogue for every single one.

Let's see... There's Daisy... then there's Neb... then Happy... Brows... Nose... Wait, no... That's Daisy...

Whatcha doin', Kel?

Nothin'... Just trying to remember everyone's names...

You still don't know everyone's names? How could you?

I'm sorry, okay? I just wanna have a good time... We're all having fun here, aren't we? Everyone's names are secondary!

It's alright, Aubrey... Hero never remembers anyone's name either. It's probably a family trait...

Hey, I've been working on that! For some it's natural, but for others it's a learned skill! We can't all have a memory like Omori's...

I've got an incredibly good memory, to the point that I can remember really specific details about certain events like the exact time or where things were placed in a room. But names? I forget a person's name the moment they tell me. :sigh:

Only including this for Boss' peak behind the tree-sticker. I just love everything to do with this tree.

This wanted poster is so old that Pluto is still considered a planet. Also, what.

One last thing prevents us from leaving, Daisy has a quest for us. Let's see what's in store.

Simple enough. Find a flower puzzle, got it. If we talk to Mari, she says that someone used to have one but threw it away. So if we head to any junkyards in the future, we'll need to keep our eyes open.


There's quite a few of these scattered about, and we're going to find them all. Not because there's any achievement stacked to it, but because it makes me feel a little happier.


Oh no, the flowers are dying!

Thankfully, we can just pour water back over them and bring them back to life. So far, only one of the sunflowers had died but if we don't come by every now and then the rest will begin to die too.

Well, his home seems okay. No portal to hell or empty void here.


Well... There doesn't seem to be anything out of the ordinary.


Do you think Basil just left somewhere without telling us?

I don't know... that doesn't sound like him. He's usually so considerate about these things.

... Guys, I'm really worried. Is there nothing we can do?

What if we can't find him? What if he's in danger?

Stay calm, Aubrey... I'm worried too, but that won't solve anything. Let's go look around the forest. Maybe he wandered off and got lost.

Yeah! Cheer up, Aubrey! We'll find Basil!

Sniff... you guys are right...

Okay! We gotta keep our hopes up! Let's go look for Basil in the Vast Forest.

There's nothing else to investigate in Basil's home. There is that little hole in the ground in the middle of the house... but we can't investigate it or even acknowledge it. So I guess it's back into the forest we go.

We're going to head to the right to go deeper into the forest.

Leaving this here for future reference. It's a fast travel point! We'll be using this later. Now to head a bit more to the right...



I know! I bet my pet rock will know what to do!

Hector, be a good boy. Go find Basil!

This is no time to fool around, Kel!

Hey! Why you... Hector was just trying to help!

Let it go, you two... We need to keep ourselves focused.

Welcome to the first true gameplay part of the game! You can see that little bunny on the right side, that's a random encounter! This sections will mostly be brief and just have highlights, since I assume the reason people are following an LP of a game like this would be to skip the boring combat sections. So let me waste that time instead since I'm afflicted with a terminal disease that makes me enjoy JRPG combat.

Thankfully Mr. Parrot is here to let us know where to go.

Just like with those red hands in White Space, when enemies spot you, they get a "!" over their head and being marching towards you. They can be avoided easily in open space, but enemies won't always be in open spots.

First battle! Here's the only two enemies of the forest: the bunny, and the lost mole. Like in the tutorial fights, some monsters start battles with emotions already. Making bunnies sad is a good move because they are a lot less likely to attack, though they gain an ability to look sad at people inflicting sadness on them. You can't withstand the power of a sad bunny.

Both are pretty easily downed, as will be the next 20 battles I have with them.

I will, however, quickly go over all follow-up attacks so we're familiar with them.

  • Attack Again - Omori bakes the enemy a cake and then plunges the knife into the enemies chest a 2nd time
  • Trip - Omori becomes so indescribably sad that he curls into the fetal position and the enemy trips over him, doing small damage and reducing their speed.
  • Release Energy - THE POWER OF FRIENDSHIP

  • Pass to Hero - Kel passes the ball to Hero who gives a soliloquy about the nature of man, causing damage to all enemies
  • Pass to Aubrey - Kel passes the ball to Aubrey who plays any-minie-miney-moe and attacks the enemy who gets moe'd
  • Pass to Omori - Kel passes the ball to Omori, but due to Omori being clumsy, fumbles the ball causing damage from embarassment and he gets sad (this one isn't a joke)

  • Look at Hero - Aubrey looks at Hero who encourages her and makes her feel happy :unsmith:
  • Look at Kel - Aubrey looks at Kel and gets angry from the sight of him :smith:
  • Look at Omori -

The game did a much funnier explanation than I ever could.

  • He looks at one of the three party members, who attacks again and heals 15% of Heart.

These are the basic forms of follow-ups and will either improve in quality or get better forms. For instance, at the next follow-up - Hero's follow-ups will heal 25% Heart and 15% juice. Meanwhile, Kel's pass to Omori will actually work and Omori will get to perform an attack like Aubrey but become happy instead of sad because he didn't fumble. :unsmith:

Beating major sections of the game is what causes improvements, and the game lets you know as well. They're quite good even in random battles, since they can speed things up quite a bit.

Green Watermelons contain items, like healing items or battle toys. Blue Watermelons will contain equipment or special items. This one contained apple juice. I'll mention when we get equipment, but unless people really want to know, I won't detail what regular items we have until pre-boss plannings.

Over in this clearing we hav-


I'm not a fan of whatever that is, and I'd like it to go away.

Following the red footprints leads us over here. The tree roots can be cut by Omori to clear the way.

Eh... It's pretty tall... but not as tall as the one east of the stump! That one goes all the way up to space!

You're really afraid of heights, aren't you Omori? It's okay... We don't have to look up there.

Our progress is stopped here, since Omori is afraid of heights. I'm not giving the boy poo poo either, I'm also afraid of heights. I live on the third story and I can't really look down the stairs towards the ground floor, I have to maintain my sight with the steps because I might get a bit dizzy. It sucks.

Hmm? What's over here...

Aww, a doggy home. Where's the doggy though?

For some reason, if you leave and then immediately come back...

We've got ourselves a ghost dog!



The dog hands over some Life Jam, a very good item that brings characters back from TOAST. It's quite expensive usually, so a very good boy/girl giving us some for free is a very good reward for doing one of life's little pleasures.

After reaching the end of this part of the forest, we head over to what Mr. Parrot called the "Foggy Bridge". It appears there's more red footprints to follow here.

A Place by A Lake

A new area is before us, with even calmer music somehow. There's also a B here as well.

Hmmm... I don't know, guys... I don't think Basil is in this forest.

But we haven't even searched the whole forest yet! We can't stop now!

Cheer up, Aubrey. We'll keep searching until we find him.

If we don't find Basil soon, maybe we should meet up with Mari at the playground and figure out what to do from there.

First things first, let's grab that B


This was another correct key. We're doing good for having only found 2 keys.

Continuing down the bridge for a while (maybe 30 seconds) we finally come to a crossroads. Heading to the right will loop us back to the forest, but we want to go up to see something.


And then he fades away. Something weird is definitely going on with that kid... not like we aren't weird too, granted.

If we head back to the crossroads and towards the right, we loop around to the other side of the forest. We have some roots blocking us but is nothing compared to the power of KNIFE.

The path forward is to the right, as that will let us see the last bit of the forest. The path upwards though...

This advice is kinda expensive, but let's try some out.

WISE ROCK: Anything is okay as long as you don't get caught! I hope this helps!

Now the fun part is to figure out which category of advice this is from.

Above leads to a train station, where suplexing has been deemed illegal since the phantom train incident. There's a clearing down below as well, but lets check out the train station first.

Forest Chillin'

Why yes, that is the back of the line. This truly is a train station.

Every. Single. Character. Requires a button push here. I hate this bee, I hate it so much.

SPROUT MOLE: Excuse you! I am no ugly plant creature! I'm a Sprout Mole, a very high-functioning and intelligent creature. What you are referring to is a Lost Sprout mole. When Sprout Moles become lost, they can often become hostile and attack without warning!

SPROUT MOLE: Hmm... actually... Where am I? Could it be that I'm... lost? Urgg... Suddenly, I don't feel so good.

I always love a good gag involving changing the nameplate, even more so when it leads to a battle.

Ah, so the train line hasn't moved because there is a man with a lemonade stand set up in the middle of the line. I'd say that'd do it, but uh how many times has that ever happened before?

Anyway, the train is inaccessible to us right now, so we will need to head back into the forest. Let's talk to a couple people here first, specifically that leaf with a quest marker over its head.

Welp, I think we found that leaf Mari was talking about.

LEAFIE: I just hate them so much. If I had one wish in the world, I would destroy all of the world's bunnies. Hey, you look like you've defeated a few bunnies! Yeah, that's right. I can tell how many bunnies you've defeated just by looking at you. That's how much I hate bunnies. Say, tell you what. Let's make a deal. If you defeat at least 5 bunnies, come back and report to me... I'll give you something nice.

We've actually already defeated 5 bunnies at this point, so we get the cotton ball he offers. The cotton ball gives +1 def and 3 spd and goes on Omori to help give him a little bit more protection and let him act first every turn. The next accessory unlocks at 25 and is amazing. I will be coming back to get that later because we're going to have it equipped for maybe half the game.

Only one last person to talk to here of importance. There's a lot of decent one-off characters here in the station with some cute/funny lines, but one towers above them all - figuratively and literally.


*sniff* beautiful. We've explored the entire forest and come up short on Basil... except for that ghost Basil thing on Foggy Bridge, but no one else seemed to acknowledge it. We'll check in with Mari and see where she suggests to go next.

Hey, Mari... No luck so far, I'm afraid.

Oh... I'm sorry, guys. I wish there was a way I could help more.

We're all doing our best... Maybe we should start looking outside this forest.

I know! Why don't we try climbing that really long ladder? The one east of the stump!

We can't do that! Omori is afraid of heights!

But what if Basil is somewhere up there? We gotta take our chances!

I know... but...

Omori! You're growing stronger and stronger every day. You can handle climbing a ladder, can't you? Come on, little brother. Face your fears!

It's natural to be nervous at first, but you should know that we all believe in you.

Come on, Omori! It's just one measly little ladder... What's the worst that can happen?

He falls and dies? That's a pretty awful worst case scenario Kel!

I don't know about this... Do you think you're going to be okay, Omori?

Well... he should be! I believe in the kid too!

Okay! If you're okay with it, then I'm okay with it too! But if you get scared... you can always count on me to back you up.

Thanks, Omori. You've got some real courage.

Let's go! Let's go! To the ladder east of the stump!

We'll see you later, Mari!

Bye now! Stay safe! Remember, Omori! You're stronger than you think!

D'aww, we have just the best friends!

Aug 23, 2007

It's okay if you have any questions.

Are you missing an image of the hangman puzzle after having found the second key?

Oct 9, 2012

Why would a leaf hate a bunny?

*screams in lettuce*

Feb 18, 2014

When you play the game, the letters in the word "bunnies" shake violently when you talk to the leaf. Speaking of bunnies, any plans on if you'll show us any foe facts?

really queer Christmas
Apr 22, 2014

ultrafilter posted:

Are you missing an image of the hangman puzzle after having found the second key?

No, the image that says "10 keys left" signifies that its a correct key. If you're wanting to know what the phrase is so far, it's

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ B _ A_ _ _ _ A _ _

Solitair posted:

When you play the game, the letters in the word "bunnies" shake violently when you talk to the leaf. Speaking of bunnies, any plans on if you'll show us any foe facts?

Yeah, when I bold a word that's to show off that the word is shaking in some way. Sometimes its just kind of wavy... for this guy its quite violently. And foe facts will be in the next update! I will try and have them shown at the end of each major section of gameplay.


Apr 20, 2015


Whoops, I was trying to think of funny joke answers and accidentally figured out welcome to black space

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