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I am the scary clown with the tearaway face
i dreamt of snow which i'd never seen before. i befriended the two thugs who towed my car and i fell in love with an older woman.



I am the scary clown with the tearaway face
about a week ago i dreamt of someone close to me who was impressed that i knew that it wasn't just a dream. she called me the Magician and i asked if she was the Hierophant, but she said she was more like the king's court, which i don't really understand.

after a google search, perhaps she meant courtier -- an advisor to the king -- and was using simple language for me so that i might understand later.

edit: perhaps she did say courtier, too, and i misunderstood her but she was clear enough so i that might still understand later.

calhoun fucked around with this message at 12:02 on May 19, 2024


I am the scary clown with the tearaway face
Very funny.

I dreamt of King Charles and a girl I was in limerance with in high school. We were all at a banquet or a play, and I was in a very low position, and they were exalted.

The king moved very fast. I still thought of him as a prince but surely he was king. No Elizabeth. The girl humilated me at every turn. I was poor and foolish, making faux pas everywhere. Once, I stood before Charles' seat as he glided about the room and she laughed at me, saying I thought I was he. Trying to get me into trouble. But no one was alarmed by me at all.

This vivid dream lasted a long time. It was like a day or two. It started with me in some random girl's apartment. But I was sleeping on the floor. I suppose it must have been a room for rent, but I thought it was a Tinder date gone wrong. There were others. Perhaps it was for the event. I believe the event took place there and I was sleeping on the stage!

I slept somewhere else too, as I navigated my feelings for my limerance girl. Somewhere humiliating, like out of a car, as she made fun of me. Like a hostel situation. Punishment for posting my dream online? Reward? A test? Or just a random dream? It was all teasing.

The dream ended strangely. I walked past a house with cute monsters who needed help with bigger monsters inside. I went inside to help, it felt reminiscent of FFXIV. I saw a bigger monster, I know, and it cornered someone and I woke up.

More about the king.
He had a hidden agenda, certainly. He was concerned with his son, Harry. Very concerned, as if he were into drugs, which is why he moved so fast. He looked much younger. I think I did see Harry but I would think of him as William, but whatever, I don't think that's important.
He is not the king I had ever, ever thought of since I had the last dream a week ago of a king.

The girl.
Not like her irl counterpart except that she knew I liked her here, too, and was like a jester tormenting me. But it's how I think of her, yes, which is unfair.

What was I doing? Mostly trying to impress her by fitting in.

Why did I move in front of the king's chair? Because he left it, so I thought I had to, but I didn't, and it was wrong. (He was gliding about the room like a beast, but it had a social aspect.) Most important part of the dream? edit: I suppose I was trying to protect his seat.

The Tinder girl.
There was another man and children all sleeping in bean bags on the floor. Her children. She was always getting ready in the other room. The children spoke of things I can't pinpoint to each other. It started here. They spoke of food, I think, at least, and how to get it. Were they setting the scene? Was I just hungry, so I went to the king's banquet?


I am the scary clown with the tearaway face

Finger Prince posted:

That's like a 10mg melatonin dream!

i had been taking 5mg for about a month, but skipped the last two nights accidentally. i had a lucid dream last week on melatonin, but not for long. the other two dreams i posted here were off melatonin, not lucid, and very vivid. i'll be back on melatonin tonight. fingers crossed!


I am the scary clown with the tearaway face
too unsavory of a dream. down with the crimson king!

calhoun fucked around with this message at 11:22 on May 21, 2024

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