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Feb 20, 2006

Yeah, I forgot to pick a thread icon because it's been like 10 years since I made a new thread.

God, this is dumb.
What's even dumber is MLB owners who are trying to run MLB into the ground.

In an attempt to do something baseball content-related, let's draft some players.

Except full MLB roster drafts take way too loving long.
So let's draft some Wiffle(tm) ball teams to be filled out with MLB players.

Snake draft with order TBD
There will be a round timer
Failure to pick within your alloted time will advance to the next team and then you can pick at any time
Failure to pick within 12 hours of your alloted time will result in me assigning a player of my choosing to your team.

[MLB rules unless specified]
1. Games last 7 innings.
2. Standard extra inning rules beyond 7 innings (no runner on second)
3. 7 players in each starting lineup, including a pitcher who must bat
4. 3 bench players follow standard MLB substitution rules (players removed from the game may not re-enter)
5. All defensive lineups must have a pitcher, catcher (who stands behind home plate), and 5 players behind the pitcher.
6. No steals, no bunting
7. Defensive shifts are fine (and necessary)

Roster rules:
1. Rosters consist of 12 "current" MLB players with 10 game-eligible players and 2 reserves (like NBA rosters can carry reserve players)
1. (a) "Current" means not retired and have played MLB or equivalent-level baseball in 2020 or later or sat out due to injury or opt-ed out of season
2. Rosters must carry at least 2 players whose primary MLB position is "pitcher" (Just specifying: Shonei Otani meets this qualification)
3. Rosters must carry at least 1 player whose MLB position is "catcher"

1. Bases are 45 feet apart
2. Outfield 'fences' must be at least 80 feet down the foul lines and 95 feet to CF

Schedule: TBD

What you need to provide before drafting

1. Team location and nickname
2. Team home field location and dimensions
3. A number between 1-100 (just pick any number)

"How do we know who won?"
gently caress if I know, homie. If you're insane enough to figure out how to reverse engineer an old copy of BBM or OOTP to use less than 9 players, then go for it.

tadashi fucked around with this message at 18:31 on Jan 28, 2022


Sep 18, 2005

Take me to your Shida

yeah sure I'll play

Aug 16, 2010


Hell why not. Gonna have to figure out how wiffle ball with pros will work. XD

Feb 20, 2006

Glad this won't be a waste. Posting the thread Friday afternoon probably wasn't the best time so I hope we can get some more buy-in next week.

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