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Nov 4, 2008

Your Best Paw Forward
Ham Wrangler

I fall asleep on my side, usually the right side but not always, and I wake up on my back always. Obviously I must move around in my sleep. I've never had a partner complain about it so it must not be that much.

I'm just wondering if I am weird for it or not. Like do most people do it? I dunno how most people sleep, I never ask. I had a friend once that always fell asleep on her stomach. I don't know how people do it, if I try my neck does all kinds of horrible things.


Mar 26, 2007

DOG controls your destiny. Seek out three items of his favor and then seek his shrine.
Wedge Regret
Usually I do but somehow I will get into a pattern where I will rotate the blankets 90 degrees neatly during the night. I manage to do it without waking up my partner either

Anne Whateley
Feb 11, 2007
:unsmith: i like nice words
It's normal to move around a little. If you didn't, your limbs could go numb or whatever you're laying on could hurt.

Since my bed stopped being in a corner, I also rotate my bedding, which has been mystifying to me. Sometime I should set up a camera and see how I manage to spin my duvet like a pizza while snoring

Katamari Democracy
Jan 18, 2010

Guess what! :love:
Guess what this is? :love:
A Post, Just for you! :love:
Wedge Regret
Hell no lol.

I always like to fall asleep on my back with a ton of pillows and I always wake up on my side or stomach with my neck is a weird angle that hurts.

its all nice on rice
Nov 12, 2006

Sweet, Salty Goodness.

That depends on how long the cat is sleeping between my knees.

May 12, 2001

If you have to cough to get up because laying on your side has your maw dripping fluid or standing up brings your pressure to zero so back to the ground to wake up in a shocking situation.

Only to realize it may have been all in your head and have to do it again.

And then something snaps. You wake up in a cold sweat and realized you may have left the thermostat on too high a temperature.


Lord Decimus Barnacle
Jun 25, 2005

Hell Gem
I toss and turn all night but there is a chance I could wake up in the same position. Just not likely

Peggy Edson
Oct 15, 2004

I go to sleep on my stomach with my head facing the left and wake up on my left side facing the opposite way. No idea how I maneuver like that without waking up.

Feb 11, 2004

Yes. Side/stomach sleeper.

Weighted blankets kick rear end.

20 Blunts
Jan 21, 2017
HONESTLY DUDE....i dont even loving know...

Corn Glizzy
Jun 28, 2007

Jelly posted:

Yes. Side/stomach sleeper.

Weighted blankets kick rear end.

Iím a side/stomach sleeper as well but I never stay on one side. I move back and forth at least 10 times a night so who knows which one I started on and ended on.

You Are A Elf
Apr 26, 2010

Black Gold!

Youíre not weird, OP. Same thing happens to me. Always fall asleep on my side, doesnít matter which side, and I wake up on my back like I fell asleep that way. Itís rare that I will wake up still on my side.

Sometimes if Iím feeling like I need a little more sleep after waking up in the morning, Iíll flip over and fall back asleep peacefully on my stomach and wake up in the same position. I guess for me to stay completely still while asleep I need to be a stomach sleeper, but my neck would probably kill me if I got a full nightís sleep like that.

You Are A Elf
Apr 26, 2010

Black Gold!

I must not move around a lot in my sleep, though because my cats will (most of the time) still be sleeping peacefully with me :3:

Dec 18, 2004


My blood sugar is gon' be like


I keep waking up covered in blood, not my own, in the forest.

But I usually wake up on my back which is the position I went to sleep in

So to answer your question, sure yes

Das Boo
Jun 9, 2011

There was a GHOST here. It's gone now.

Never. I spin cycle all night and occasionally strip in my sleep.

Dec 14, 2004

by Jeffrey of YOSPOS
I probably end up in the same position I fell asleep in accidentally by the time I'm spinning or contorting for the 30th time mid sleep. As for how I wake up, usually in a position looking like I came out of the amigara fault.

Colonel Cancer
Sep 26, 2015

Tune into the fireplace channel, you absolute buffoon
if you sleep in a casket you don't ever need to worry about waking up in a different county you went to bed in

Leper Go-getter
Nov 7, 2010
I lay trapped within a creation of my own madness, an enclosed mechanical box, that whenever I wake up from restless sleep has once again shrunk by another fraction of an inch. The purpose of my creation is as clear to me as I assume it is confounding to you. But to your question, yes until either my lungs or skull give in.

Caesar Saladin
Aug 15, 2004

Yeah the medication i'm on makes me sleep like a log and if i don't position myself very carefully before i go to sleep i wake up absolutely hosed up in the neck

The Hello Machine
Jul 18, 2021

I'm not a real machine, but I am a real Hello-sayer.
When I lived alone, I would sometimes wake up to find myself wearing more/less/different clothes than I had on when I went to bed. Don't recall being in a different position though...

Apr 29, 2009

Self Defense
Nil Satanus carborundum

Yeshua akbar!
(Xtian anarchisto, no bombo)

The Hello Machine posted:

When I lived alone, I would sometimes wake up to find myself wearing more/less/different clothes than I had on when I went to bed..

And with a condom in your rear end?

May 12, 2001

If there is nothing left but a constant drumming in your ears you can't focus you black out.

What is it for what is for?

The table tilts, you fall forward to a certain doom.

Colonel Cancer
Sep 26, 2015

Tune into the fireplace channel, you absolute buffoon
I kick in my sleep. Once I kicked a lamp and a stack of books off my night stand, it was a surprise in the morning

Bad Purchase
Jun 17, 2019

yes, always upside down hanging from a a knee bar on the ceiling

very good for the lumbar spine

Jun 12, 2001

Hey Hey Let's Go! 喧嘩する
大切な物を protect my balls

Sometimes but not with the same amount of clothes on I went to sleep with.

Sep 15, 2007

oh god how did this get here i am not good with computers
Top Cop
I call it Rotisserie Sleeping. I'll start on my left side, then stomach, then right side, then back. Rinse and repeat, spinning over and over through the night. I don't really wake up, but I'm kind of aware that I'm shuffling around. Where I finally land when I get up in the morning is anyone's guess.

Dial A For Awesome
May 23, 2009
Yes. I go to bed as CEO and when I awake I still have this position.

To be honest OP, I doubt the Board would fire me while I was sleeping.

Aug 18, 2008

I got your dispensers
right here
I'm pretty sure I hover above my bed while I sleep and fall when I wake up. It's more of a pain in the rear end than it is spooky or mysterious.

Jul 19, 2004

Who the hell does. What a weird question op.

If anyone sleeps without moving in their sleep they are the anomaly.

Feb 11, 2019

i don't sleep i just dream

and thrash

so no

Mar 18, 2008

I have a very small TV. Don't make fun of it! Please don't shame it like that~

Grimey Drawer
My wife usually falls asleep in the missionary position. Don't know the position she wakes up in because i sleep in the outhouse

Doc Fission
Sep 10, 2011

I make my bed every day and and sleep on the same side most of the time, and it's a little disconcerting to wake up and find that aside from where I've been laying down the bed is still otherwise perfectly made. I am deeply mentally ill, though, so my body loves being unconscious.


Gambit from the X-Men
May 12, 2001


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