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Jan 14, 2009

Morgana Pendragon awoke, her first thought being surprise that she was alive.

Her first sensation was the hard, clumped dirt against her palm, between her fingers, as she made a tight fist. It loosened, struggling with her as she managed to raise herself to her knees and look around.

It was the Dark Forest, the place she created to hide her castle, erected to be her command center and home during the War of Succession. But...why was she here?

Memories collided against each other in her mind, each fighting for dominance. A boy, pulling out a sword from stone. A king, denouncing her name in court. A great battle for Camelot's future. An impossibly bright light.

She shook her head, trying to steady her thoughts, focus on her immediate surroundings. She wasn't far from the castle. If anyone else was here, they would've made their way there already.

Her legs buckled underneath her as she struggled to stand, and she fell back onto cold, indifferent ground. She couldn't even summon the energy to scream.

She wondered if she, Morgana Pendragon, Last Practitioner Of Fey Magic, True Heir to Camelot, would die here, alone and weary. She would not have to wonder long.

"My Lady!"

A man, strong in build but with a boyish face, hefting a lance to his back, sprints to her.

"My Lady! You're..."

She gazes up at him. Her noble second, a knight worthy of the legacy he left behind.

"Alive, yes. Not feeling much else, at the moment." She manages. "Help your commander to her feet, would you?"

"Of course!" He pulls her up, draping her arm over his broad shoulders.

"The castle...we need to get to the castle."

"Right away!" They trudge onward together. As they go, Morgana gazes above the impossibly dark canopy of the impossibly tall trees. The sky looked the same as ever. Her attention is drawn to the North Star. Was it just her imagination...or was it off, slightly? That position, it couldn't be, could it?

Her eyes flick between nearby constellations. She slowly began to understand just what a ridiculous situation she had gotten into. Could it really have been so long...?

It loomed in the distance. Safe haven, at least for now.

They ascended the steps slowly. He dares to ask a question.

"My Lady...I feared I would never see you again. 'Tis truly you?"

She would laugh, if she could muster it.

"I'll explain everything to...whoever is left."

"There are fewer than you would like."

"I'll take anyone, at this point."

He nods his understanding.

Fey magic thrummed in the throne room. Deep in the bowels of the castle, Morgana felt life return to her body.

The boyish man helped her into her throne.

"Gather the others. Bring them here," she commands, even her voice seeming to grow stronger as magic fills her lungs, along with the air.

He salutes, bows, and goes on his way.

As she waited, she put the pieces of the puzzle together. They were there, at Camelot. Victory was within their grasp. Then, that light. What was that light? Could it have been...?

It shouldn't exist. It was a Quest, a fantasy used to send knights away for a time, cull those who could not survive. Yet, something about this situation still bothered her. Her magic, even as it filled her, was not whole.

Something was...sealing her. Fracturing her. There was only one source of magic powerful enough to do so. One source of magic, that should not exist in this world.

Her thoughts would have to wait for her own explanation, as footsteps, echoing plate, mail, and chain, distract her.

They gather, in a small semi-circle before her on the throne.

The boyish lancer at their fore bows once again.

She stands.

"Greetings and good tidings, one and all. After the events of the Battle of Camelot, I am not quite sure what to begin with. I think, however, we can all agree on this: even as we stand here, we find ourselves in a rather dire predicament."

She descends the steps of the throne, pacing back and forth as she speaks.

"There are too few of us to wage a war, and, furthermore, I have made a startling discovery on my way here: while we may be in the Dark Forest, it is not the same one that we remember."

The boyish-faced man scratches at his forehead.

"My lady, you must be clear with us. What do you mean?"

A knight wearing a skull-helmet growls to respond, his voice deep and rumbling.

"Allow our Lady to speak, Lancelot, lest I silence that impertinent mouth for you." He says, folding massive arms over a somehow more massive chest.

"Mordred, now is not the time for petty challenges! We must keep a level head." A dark-haired knight, perfectly groomed, counters nearly as perfectly.

"Tristan..." A female knight with tightly woven brown curls places her hand onto the dark-haired knight's arm.

"Isolde, I'm sorry. You're right." He covers her hand with his own.

"Anyone else have any clever questions or comments?" Morgana raises her voice, and all of the knights stand straight and at attention. All...except for one.

"I sure as hell do. Where are the rest of us? Did we win at Camelot? What happened to Arthur and his Knights? What was that blasted li--" A boisterous, blonde female knight swings her hand to and fro.

"Lady Bors, please try to remain quiet and listen to our Lady." Isolde reprimands softly, but firmly.

Lady Bors moves her hand through her hair and sighs. "Fine, fine. But this better be the best drat explanation I've ever heard, Morgana."

"As I was saying," Morgana continues, seeming unperturbed by her followers' behavior, "the question is not where we are...but when. Comrades, this news will be hard to hear."

She takes a deep breath. The room brims with anticipation. Someone in the back clears their throat.

"Since the Battle of Camelot, we have been trapped in magical stasis, a deep slumber, if you will...for a thousand years."


EPISODE 1: The Awakening! Of Good and...!?

Shirayama. An unassuming city, but one with a surprising size and complexity. Sometimes called the 'Camelot of Ibaraki,' due to its relative calm, even for these days in Japan.

It is here, among all the places in the world, where the Knights of the Round will gather once more, where a tapestry unlike any before seen will unfol--


"Egads, Nyneve, that was rather hard. What did I do to...?"

"Head in the game, Merlin! We're here to find the Knights, not stand around speechifying! Who were you even talking to!?"

"My apologies, Nyneve." Merlin bows his head.

"Whatever. Anyway, this is the right place, right? Shirayama High?" Nyneve says, pointing at the building in front of them and a map she's holding.

"Well, the guidebook did mention the rather large tree in the courtyard." Merlin says, looking at the map, and then the tree.

"It's nice, right? I mean, even though the plant is, uh, Japanese."

"Speaking of which, Nyneve, you have learned the language, I hope?"

"Of course! It's my big debut, after all!" She says, pumping a fist. "I've always wanted to go to school!"

Merlin chuckles. "Oh, I'm sure today will be a learning experience for us all..."


Ray, Tomoe, Junko

It was supposed to be a boring day, like any other...

The students shuffle into their desks with a sort of practiced lifelessness that Tomoe would find amazing, if she wasn't so used to it.

As the last bells chime, signaling the start of another morning, she makes eye contact with the final student to enter: tall, dark-skinned. Has a small cut near his lip.

Do Ray and Tomoe know each other? What's their reaction to one another, and their impression of one another?

Junko calls for all the students to rise, and they do so, bowing with varying degrees of politeness (Ray, in particular, really half-asses it) before sitting back down.

"Good morning, everyone!" Greets Mrs. Plumbrook. "Boy, you think you'd all be a little bit more engaged, because today we have exciting news: a transfer student!"

The whispers and murmurs fill the room. A transfer student? Is it a boy or a girl? Maybe it's a super-hot foreigner! Come on man, don't be like that, probably just a normal-looking guy. Sheesh, so boring...

The transfer student doesn't wait for an introduction, bursting into the room.

"Woo~ what a day to be alive! Hello all you beautiful people out there! I'm Ny--" she stops, grabs a piece of chalk, and furiously scribbles onto the chalkboard.

"I'm Nina Nicely!" She says, stepping back. The writing, a sort of vague mish-mash of katakana and English, gets the point across, but is extremely messy, almost like she's never written before.

"While I'm really glad to see all of you, there's a couple in parrrrrticular..." she says, squinting, looking out at the seated students. "A-ha! I knew you'd be here!" She exclaims, pointing at Tomoe and Ray.





Charging out her front door, Ryoko dashes with gusto, faster than she ever has in her life. Come on, legs, work, work, work!!

Why was Ryoko late?

Crashing through, over, and around everything in her path, she leaps, in a single bound, straight over the closed front gate!

Rushing up flights of stairs, nearly knocking several people over, she barely makes it to her classroom, to see...well, she wasn't quite sure what she was seeing. Everyone appeared to be in some kind of panic.

A blonde girl, standing by the chalkboard, turns to her as she slides open the door. "And Galahad too?! Man, this is just great! Did you know that the world is in serious danger? It's really quite --"

"Alright, alright, take your seats, settle down, everyone." Mrs. Plumbrook appears to be trying to maintain order, and failing.

What the heck is going on here???


Jun, Elsa, Aiya

The illustrious Gressenheller University. A place of dignified learning, of scholarship and knowledge. Yes, this is a place quite suited to an old man such as myself, Merlin thinks, stroking his impressive beard.

I'm sure Nyneve can handle herself at the school...I just hope that she doesn't cause too much trouble. That girl, she certainly is not the Lady of the Lake anymore. What happened after the Grail's power...? No matter.

Striding into the nearby academic building, Merlin cannot stop taking in the sights. The students, walking around campus, who, rightly so, give him some looks and some snickers. Is this guy for real? Looks like he missed the Ren Faire. I know, right? Totally medieval lookin'.

The sheer...scale of it all. Chapterhouses looked nothing like this. Cathedrals almost weren't as impressive. 'Twas almost as if these were all places of worship, rather than learning. It was overwhelming. Perhaps they have some volumes on the study of magic...

Merlin realized, in the middle of a hallway, that he did not put on a convincing disguise, as Nyneve did. For his purposes, he could go without. After all, magic can work enough miracles on its own. Let's see, which room was it...?

He entered, quietly, a lecture hall. Elsa Crowley was currently discussing...wait, is that Camelot on that screen? Merlin couldn't believe his eyes. Glancing around, he confirms that his targets are all here, in this room. But, he just had to ask about this first.

He waits for a pause for questions, and then speaks.

"This may be a tad unbecoming to ask, did you get an entire kingdom-state onto that screen?"

A kingdom-state? Who is this guy, what is he smoking, and where do I get some?



Jimothy works frantically, as Janine sits calmly at her desk, reading. A television, somewhere in the background, plays a rather interesting segment.

" this time, it's unclear as to the exact nature of their appearance, but multiple sightings of the creature have been recorded by eyewitnesses, and descriptions run the gamut.

...while authorities promise to confirm the nature of these supposed rumors, others are taking direct action.'

Jimothy turns to the television, transfixed. "Dr.! You've gotta see this. Dr.!"

Janine, rolling her eyes, turns to look as well.

But something she sees there is familiar...what is it?


Hello and welcome everyone, to what is sure to be a giant clusterfuck.

Answer the bolded questions in your prompts, and feel free to ask each other or me any questions in return!

Link to your character's post in the other thread, and we'll be good as gravy!

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Mr. Maltose
Feb 16, 2011

If you ever need the Defenders drawn as ponies or the cast of Doctor Who, I know where to hook you up.

Please don't want those things.

Dr. Janine Quist

"I swear to god Jimothy you promised me that you wouldn't be distracted any more if I restored your television privilege and you know I need those....Wait, what?" Dr. Quist, Master of Memory, Sultana of Sensation, felt the image on the screen pull at her passenger. The soul of that Questing Beast in her bubbles up as she fully processes the sketch the local news had drawn up from witness testimony. It was a Cat Fish. No, wait, that's already a thing and this was definitely not a catfish but a Fish Cat. Somehow both scaled and furred, finned ears and webbed paws. By the sound of it this was a big kitty to boot. Lion sized if not bigger. She stared at the screen and pushed aside her own thoughts to give the Beast room to recall. "Tell me, Quest." she mutters under her breath to give it permission to drag her along.



Janine blinked away the reverie as the television moved on to the weather. It was far more detailed than any previous memory she had dredged up from her ride-along. "Jimothy, do I have any appointments for the rest of the day? I've suddenly remembered a very important errand."

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Toph Bei Fong
Feb 29, 2008

You can't see me at all...

Sakai Ryoko

Oh gosh oh gosh oh gosh oh gosh oh gosh! This is not good! I told you we needed to be in bed earlier!

But, the ending to the saga of the young woman and her love for the mechanical man was so moving, a true devotional story the likes of which can--

Can get me in major trouble because I can't afford to be late again! I'm usually more responsible than this, but ever since you moved into my head, now I'm thinking for two.

It is hardly my fault if you cannot resist temptation, and have an alarm which does not--

An alarm which gets smashed because now I somehow don't know my own strength half the time! I should probably join the softball club or something now, with this freakish strength. Who'll marry me if a single hug is going to break their ribs?

Surely there are more pressing matters than relationships, and those of the world's defense must come before those of the heart--

What use is defending the world if I can't even get asked out by someone cute? I'm going to die old and alone and bitter with only you to keep me company, which is a fate worse than-- who is that?

Ryoko pauses in the doorway, taking in the strange exchange student. Alright, time to act decisively, to keep Mrs. Plumbrook happy -- she's a good teacher, and sometimes she needs help.

"Don't worry, Plumbrook Onee-Sensei, there's an empty seat next to mine! I'll take care of her and show her the ropes," and with a yoink Ryoko will drag Nina back towards her seat in the back by the window. And, if she plays this off right, it'll look like she wasn't late for class at all.

Mors Rattus
Oct 25, 2007

FATAL & Friends
Walls of Text
#1 Builder

Jun Shimada

Jun sits near the front during lectures, largely because he's often late enough that few better seats remain. That means he's right up close when the old man stumbles in - and a good thing, too, for his inveterate do-gooding instincts. The young man stands up, heading over to the mysterious beardy guy.

"Are you okay, jii-san?" The old man seems to be really confused, after all. Jun pats him on the shoulder. "It's okay, I'll help you out. Are you looking for your grandkid, maybe? Come on, let's go over here so we don't disturb the class..."

What are you doing? That's-

Quiet, you. This old man needs help and I'm not putting up with you arguing.

But I recognize-

Last time you recognized something you told me someone was an enchanter.

Angry Walrus
Aug 31, 2013

Quinn it
Win it.

Ray Batista

Ray slid his eyes across the classroom, following Ryoko as she dragged the new girl over to the window.

So. Galahad, that was someone from your time, right? I've heard that name before.

Indeed he was. A noble soul, and a knight in the truest-

Cliff's notes, Morien.

You keep using that term and I still do not know what exactly it means. I can only assume 'tis another way to tell me to "shut up." Which is quite rude.

Yeah, I'm a rude dude. Anyways, she didn't seem to notice the new kid calling her Galahad.

It could be that she merely concealed her reaction.

Ray dug through his bag and pulled out a slightly crumpled sheet of paper and began smoothing it out as Plumbrook began collecting the class's English homework from the night before.

Nah, that's not the way she acts, at least from what I've seen. Galahad probably just doesn't hold any meaning to her.

Assumptions are dangerous to make

Whatever. So-
Ray glanced over towards the new kid, trying to keep it a sneaky corner-of-his-eye glance. Either he wasn't as stealthy as he thought or she was extremely observant, because she noticed and gave him a smile and energetic wave. He quickly shifted his gaze to the paper in front of him, staring intently at it and raising his hand to the side of his face, blocking his line of sight to her. -Nina Nicely. Does that name ring any bells?

I cannot say that it does.

Ray scanned over his homework last time, saw it was still missing his signature in the corner, and hurried to scribble it down before handing it to the waiting Plumbrook. She looked it over, sighing at its condition, then moved on to the next desk up

So what I'm thinking is, she's like me, and has someone like you tagging along with her.

An extreme assumption. Prithee, explain how she would have acquired the knowledge that my spirit dwelt within you.

I...don't know. How do you know she doesn't?

I have no such knowledge of the presence of any of my old comrades. Merely hopes.

And what if you're just the odd man out?

Let us suppose your conjecture to be true. Why, then would she not have already made contact with us? Or any of the others that lived and knew? Why has there been no organization already created between any surviving knights if they know and can locate their brethren old?

Okay, fine, scratch that. But she clearly
knows, yeah?

It is certainly possible. But knowledge of our situation does not necessarily make her an ally. It could quite easily mean the opposite.

Alright. So what about the other two? I still think we can safely rule out Ryoko knowing anything about this.

You keep making assumptions. You should desist.

But Tomoe...
Ray cocked his head to the side, thinking. She'd made that lame community service club, which he'd just assumed was college application padding, but the name...

Aye. Quite the coincidence, when viewed alongside everything else. We should find out what it is she may know. Coincidence may be nothing more than coincidence, but if she is as you are, she would be a valuable asset. Both in solving the immediate mystery of Nina Nicely, and to constructing a better understanding of our situation, and if it is as I fear, and Morgana's cloud drifts ever closer to our sun.

You lost me on that last metaphor there, bud.

Jan 20, 2011

I am now all animes

Elsa Crowley

"And of course, while King Arthur himself has become synonymous with England, one cannot discount the French contribution to the modern tale of Camelot. This next slide is a..."

My Intro To Arthurian Legend class is the one I'm most famous around university for teaching. Many an unwitting freshman takes my class in the hopes of an easy literature credit, only to be dashed against the rocks of their own hubris.

Ah yes! You're quite a forceful teacher, I've seen that much.

Now, I'm no stranger to people coming in to sit in on my lectures. However, this old man's question...I'm not sure what he's asking.

"Well, sir, this is not the real Camelot here. As I was about to say, this slide is a 16th century engraving by the artist Renee LaCroix. There are no actual historical records of the kingdom of Camelot or any kingdom that may have been a direct basis."

Elsa! That man!

What, do you know him?

Unfortunately, I do.

There's only one person YOU'D be unhappy to see, but could it really?

I'm sure of it!

Let's not jump to conclusions.

"Sir? It's not that I don't mind you sitting in, but who exactly are you?"

Comrade Gorbash
Jul 12, 2011

My paper soldiers form a wall, five paces thick and twice as tall.

Tomoe doesn't quite know what to make of Ray. On the one hand, he definitely looks and acts like a delinquent. On the other, he seems like he's gone through some hard things, so maybe he needed help? Either way, she'll keep an eye on him!

She'll need to keep an eye on Junko too, though for other reasons. Tomoe really doesn't get why Junko doesn't like her. They should be allies!

I'm sure Junko wants to help people too so why is she so short with me all the time?

Tomoe can feel the amusement radiating from her recent... she doesn't quite know what to call the spirit that's bonded with her. Besides Guinevere of course.

Your way of helping people isn't exactly what that girl has in mind. She's the type that thinks there has to be order or everything will just go to hell. You on the other hand...

Tomoe rolls her eyes. For a knight, Guinevere is pretty cynical. Thinking about that distracts her as the new transfer student makes her unorthodox introduction.

God preserve us, it's Nyneve.

Tomoe snaps back into the present to see Nina pointing right at her, before Ryoko - late again - hustles her away.

If she's back, others are too. Maybe even that old coot... worse, his ex-lover and Arthur's bastard too. Or worst of all, Lancelot.

Disdain practically drips from Guinevere's - voice? Regardless, Tomoe chooses to ignore it.

I have to talk to her! If there are other knights, we should work together! A new Round Table! And she thinks Ray's one too! We should all be fighting for justice together!

Lord save me from idealists.

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Feb 27, 2010

Could people please stop fighting the avatar war over my avatar. I really appreciate people being nice about it but I'm feeling crappier that people are wasting money because someone is an asshole than I am about the avatar in the first place.

Junko was expecting this to be just a normal day, running through her routine for today, until the new student starting pointing and declaring names of long dead knights.

Now I see why you were being quiet, presuming if you don't say anything no one can see you

That was mostly idle conjecture, and her taciturn was not giving any response if anything.

Regardless she kept to herself, which was out of character for her at least: She'd be the first to chide a girl for being late and/or making a scene... she had done such for Tomoe countless times in the past.

Jan 14, 2009

Aiya, Elsa, Jun

Merlin shouldn't have been surprised by the young man's reaction. After all, he did just basically barge in the door and ask a...well, he thought a rather pertinent question, but one that apparently was confusing to the rest in attendance.
However, Ms. Crowley's question stops him, and the helpful young man, in their tracks. Disentangling himself, he brushes off his robe and adjusts his hat.

"Ms. Crowley, I am not quite sure you will believe me, but...I suppose your question deserves an answer." He stands taller, straighter than he did when he entered.
He clears his throat. "I am Merlin, former court wizard of Camelot. You, and your students," he continues, pointing to Ms. Crowley herself, Jun, and Aiya, "are destined to save this world from unimaginable evil."

Just as he finishes, someone in the classroom holds up their phone, clearly panicking. "Oh my god! There's..." All eyes are on the student. "There's some kind of...thing, downtown! Look at this poo poo!"

Merlin makes his way to the student. "Show me!"

Hand shaking, the phone screen turns toward him.
His brow furrows deeply.

"Ms. Crowley, you and your students will need to follow me. It appears your first test as Knights has arrived."

What is Merlin looking at? Did he just say Merlin? And what's this about Knights and a test?


Junko, Ray, Ryoko, Tomoe

Ryoko drags Nina to her desk...for a short while. Then, she seems to go along with the idea.
Smiling and waving at Ray, she turns back to Ryoko as attendance starts. "That's Sir Morien! He was the handsome foreigner," she whispers, giggling. "He got along pretty well with Galahad, if I remember correctly." She says, stroking her chin, clearly in deep thought about the past.
She leans over and looks at Tomoe. "And up there," she points to the back of her head, "is Guinevere. She was a strong lady, that's for sure! Never wanted to get in her way." She says, nodding to herself in confirmation.
Somehow, the rest of the morning goes normally, despite Nina's constant barrage of questions, some which cause the room to burst into uproarious laughter.

Then comes English.

"Alright, so for this next passage..." Mrs. Plumbrook starts, before, well, you might guess what happens. Nina shoots up out of her seat. "Oho, allow me, Sensei!" She radiates confidence.
Before she can read, however, chiming bells signal a school-wide announcement.

Attention, students and staff. Everyone is advised to remain in their classrooms until further notice. I repeat --


A small, muffled scream from outside causes everyone to rush to the nearest window. A female student, up against a pillar, watches...well, it's just a shadow now, bounding away.

"Look, over there!" Someone says, beginning a chain reaction.

"Did you see that thing!? It was HUGE!"

"Some escaped zoo animal, maybe?"

"No way! That's gotta be what the announcement was for!"

For the second time today, Mrs. Plumbrook is forced to contain a rowdy room. "Everyone PLEASE stay calm! We don't know what's going on yet!"
Nina makes eye contact with Ryoko, Ray, Tomoe, and Junko, before herding them into a nearby corner.

"This is a bit sudden, but it looks like the world needs our help sooner rather than later."
She looks back at the other students and Plumbrook-Sensei, then whispers an incantation.


Everything seems to turn a shade of blue, and time seems to stop.
When she speaks again, it sounds as if she's underwater.

"No time to lose, guys...we're following it!"

She sprints away, but to the untrained eye, it looks like she's not moving at all. But she's out of the room?

What was that thing? Did that girl just cast some kind of spell? Are you going to follow her?



"Doctor, I simply can't advise just going out whenever you --"

Jimothy turns to Janine...but she's gone, of course. How does she always do that?

Going on instinct, gut feeling, and QB's instructions, Janine arrives somewhere in downtown Shirayama.
It's quiet around these parts, very quiet.

This is too strange, she thinks. There should be people around. Derelict students, salarymen and others in business, people with today off of school or work...

Rounding a corner, she finds her answer. A particularly large, blue answer.

It turns to face her.
Cath Palug. The scourge many knights was it again?

Rippling muscles. Twitching horns. Swaying tails. What was this thing?

The air seems to grow colder around it, and the road, signs near it, even the air seems to freeze.
To her credit, she stands her ground. Now, there was only one question on her mind

What am I going to do next?

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Jan 20, 2011

I am now all animes

I sigh and collapse my pointer, placing it on the ledger in front of me. Looks like I'm not going to be able to finish today's lecture.

This requires our attention much more urgently, Ms. Crowley!

Fine, fine.

"Alright, class. I'm going to be ending early today. Everyone get to a safe place and stay there. I'll put the Powerpoint and some notes up on Blackboard tomorrow. Dismissed!"

As the students file out of the classroom, I walk over to the man in the robe calling himself Merlin, along with the two students he singled out.

"And here I thought I was the only one being haunted by a ghost. I was about to make an appointment with the mental counseling office."

MS. CROWLEY! You dismiss me as the mere ramblings of a madwoman's mind?!

Occam's Razor, Sir Bedivere.

Angry Walrus
Aug 31, 2013

Quinn it
Win it.

Magic, Morien growled inside Ray's head. I smell a trap

You think this is a set-up?

'Tis extremely convenient timing.

You think the girls are in on it?

I think it unlikely Tomoe is, considering how the young lady Nicely reacted to the two of you the same way, with no specific names given. But Ryoko being late, and being identified specifically as Galahad...and your class representative being pulled into the fold with no prior notice...I would watch those two.

We can't just ignore the people outside though. They need our help.

Aye. But be cautious.

If it's a trap, you think they'd handle me going off script well?

Unlikely. From what I knew of her, Morgana was very...exacting, precise, in her demands to those beneath her. If they work for her, 'tis likely they would be loathe to act contrary to specifics she provided.

Excellent. Let's see what happens when I don't just blindly follow little miss Nicely.

Ray clapped his hands together. "Alright, so, I'm Ray, you probably already know that, and I've got a dead, uhhhhhhhhh," he wracked his brain, trying to think of a decent Japanese synonym for "dude," eventually settling on, "guy named Morien in my head. I'm guessing you guys are in the same boat. As it is, I don't know if I can trust the new kid who just did some weird mamajama," Ray didn't bother trying to figure out a translation or equivalent for the slang, continuing, "And the dead dude doesn't know if he can trust you. Anyways, there's some weird poo poo going down outside and I'm gonna see what it is and if I need to kick some rear end."

He took a couple steps over to the window and threw it open. "So I'm just gonna, uh, clamber on outta here and go help some people. Feel free to come with." Ray slung his body out of the window, gripping the sill tightly while he slid his legs down until the very tips of his toes met the edge of the window the next floor down.

Looking at the the girls' various expressions, he shrugged, or at least attempted to shrug as best as he could with his hands full of windowsill. "What, none of you guys ever sneak out of your house before?"

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Toph Bei Fong
Feb 29, 2008

You can't see me at all...

Okay, so, Nina is a little weird. That's alright. She got me out of trouble, so that's good, and she's probably just overwhelmed by the whole situation, and--

She knows our names, and of our holy crusade! How dense can you be, girl! She is the one we have been awaiting!

Awaiting for what? The point is, we're making new friends, which is a precious thing that will leave lasting memories for us to reflect upon throughout our age, even when we are wizened gran--

But right now, the world is in danger! Her appearance heralds the call to action! This is the time! This is--

And then everything stops. Like, not everything, but, you know, almost everything. Not me, not Ray, not Tomoe, not Nina, not the class rep, but, like, everything else. Then Ray starts shouting stuff.

Sir Morien is a brave hero, a true companion that fought alongside us in many battles, strong and hearty, a warrior of peerless--

Enough! Gosh. Fine. "Yes, I've snuck out of the house before. Yeesh." Launching herself out the window, Ryoko lands with ease on the roof of the Principal's car, leaving some deep, school shoe shaped dents. It'll be fine, probably. He'll understand because there was trouble, right?

Now, where the heck is Nina? She ought to be able to explain all this.

She has answered the call to action! She is possesses a true hero's spirit,
unafraid to face danger or risk her life to--"

Just point me in her direction and I'll start running! Gosh, I'm trying! What good are you if you can't even get me to the battle?

Angry Walrus
Aug 31, 2013

Quinn it
Win it.


Indeed. She truly must be one with Galahad.

Ray quickly finished climbing down the side of the building and began to look the area over for some trace of...whatever it was that had been running around outside.

Mors Rattus
Oct 25, 2007

FATAL & Friends
Walls of Text
#1 Builder

"What are-" Jun follows Merlin over to the phone.

You can't trust his words, but any lies are for Arthur's sake. You can trust the man himself.

I still don't really know who Arthur actually is.

Jun's eyes narrow. "Whatever that monster is, though...I'm going to go stop it. Where is it?"

Good! Just remember-

I got this.

"If you all are going to come with me...well, I'll be your shield."

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Feb 27, 2010

Could people please stop fighting the avatar war over my avatar. I really appreciate people being nice about it but I'm feeling crappier that people are wasting money because someone is an asshole than I am about the avatar in the first place.

Junko tried to open her mouth as Ray opened the Window "he-" but before she could even manage that Ryoko jumped out, then the thud of metal crumpling.

At that point you could almost hear the wordless scream that escaped her, something that would be terrifying if audible.

Could they not have just used the stai... wait... ohgodno

Juko slowly turned her head to Tomoe

Please still be there... please still be there.. please don't break a window

Mr. Maltose
Feb 16, 2011

If you ever need the Defenders drawn as ponies or the cast of Doctor Who, I know where to hook you up.

Please don't want those things.

"Bigger than I was expecting." Third hand information, the passage of time, or something more sinister? It is too drat cold to be considering the historicity of the size of a cat. Fish. Ice. Magic. Thing. "You do not belong here, misbegotten thing." That's old timey talk for something like this, right? "But we'll take care of you, little kitty. Send you back to your pig mother." Janine's face is predatory. Her smile is gluttonous. It widens visibiy, taking up more real estate than humanly possible. It was freeing to stop holding her shape distinct from the memories of fangs and talons and fury. Janine's form is like hot wax, slightly amorphous. She closes distance in a flash, giving a powerful punt into the beast's body. "Stay down!"

Basic Attack: 5#1d6 5 3 5 6 5
That's 4 successes.

Mr. Fowl
Mar 8, 2008


You really should go down there with them.

"No...They couldn't have been talking about me."

Oh? And aren't you clever? Aren't you brave? Why wouldn't they be talking to you?

"Brave? Brave? I can barely go outside and you want me to-to-to-go and do whatever weirdness that old man is asking about?"

And yet you persist! That is bravery, Aiya. If I had been so brave in life, I might have seen so much more.

"But didn't--" At this moment, she realizes that she's been talking with the voice in her head at full, conversational volume, drawing the attention of the three below. She sinks beneath her desk. "I can't."

Aiya...I told you that one day you would be called to help people. That time is now.

"I thought you meant, like, as a doctor. I..."

Don't worry. No matter how hard it gets, I'll be there beside you.

Aiya gathers up her courage, stands up, and walks down to the others. She waves weakly at Elsa. "Hi, Dr. Crowley. I'm, uh, Aiya Goto. I'm normally in the back. I don' much..." She looks to Jun awkwardly, realizing that she doesn't know his name. To be fair, she doesn't know the names of any students in this class. But that doesn't make it any less awkward. "So...I guess you two have ghostly life coaches in your head too, right?" She begins laughing, because it's ridiculous. Ghosts, ahahaha. The only thing more ridiculous is saying it out loud.

She is mortified.

Comrade Gorbash
Jul 12, 2011

My paper soldiers form a wall, five paces thick and twice as tall.

"Hey, wait up!" Tomoe stopped to pull grab her bag of fencing gear, putting her a few steps behind Ryoko, but fully realizing Junko's fears, she's next out the window on the other girl's heels.

You might be an even bigger idiot than he was Guinevere complains, but it's half hearted at best, and Tomoe can feel the other's anticipation of action. For all her cynicism, seems that the Black Knight has as much desire for adventure as Tomoe.

"Which way did that girl go?" Tomoe asks Ryoko.

There's no hope of doing it quietly with Nyneve involved anyways, so you might as well just shout for her.

Tomoe glances away for a second, then looks back at Ryoko. "My knight - you've got one too, right? - anyways she says we should just shout for that girl. Her name was Nina, right?"

Toph Bei Fong
Feb 29, 2008

You can't see me at all...

Wha-what? That crazy fencing girl is-- Oh. My. Gosh! Okay, so maybe right now isn't the best time for a hug, but, you know what? People don't hug enough. How are we supposed to express that we care about one another if we don't show it?

Ryoko, this is no time for--

Shut up! We are doing this, and it is happening. I'm not crazy, and you are going to be nice to whoever is in her head. We are making new friends, and that is that.

"Yes! I thought I was the only one! This is awesome! Mine calls himself Sir Galahad, how about you--? Wait, wait, she? Lucky! I've just got this weirdo guy in my head all the time, but you got a lady? That's so cool!"

Ryoko! Pay attention! The situation is dire and we must--!

Alright, alright, yeeesh. "Hey, Nina! Where the heck are you, girl?!" If that bellow can't summon her, I don't know if anyone's can.

Mors Rattus
Oct 25, 2007

FATAL & Friends
Walls of Text
#1 Builder

"Oh, you have a ghost, too? That's great. I thought maybe you guys were secret martial arts masters or something. But you said doctor, right? That's good. I can only do basic first aid, and this looks like it might be tough, even for me. So, where is this thing?"

The sun is rising. We will be at our strongest for this.

"Yeah, yeah, I know that. We just need to be done before I need to pick up sis."

Jan 20, 2011

I am now all animes

"Unfortunately, my own medical experience is about as much as yours. My doctorate is more honorary than anything."

You are still quite wise, Lady Crowley!

Is this really the time?

"I agree, though. Merlin, take us there right now."

Angry Walrus
Aug 31, 2013

Quinn it
Win it.

Oh, how wondrous, the Lady Guinevere graces us with her presence. Mayhap Sir Lancelot be in tow, or even good King Arthur himself!

Was that a spitting noi-
"Did you just spit in my head?!?!"


Yeah, what
ever. I'm not talking to you right now.

"Just so you all know, my knight's a douche," Ray muttered in Ryoko and Tomoe's general direction. "Wait a minute, where's...oh, of course she wouldn't have yet."

"OY!" Ray hollered up at the window. "Goody two-shoes! You gonna get out here or just keep practicing your horror movie victim face?"

Jan 14, 2009


Bounding off of walls, street lights, and anything else in her way with inhuman efficacy, Janine closes the distance between her and Cath Palug.
Giving it no time to react, she kicks it square in the midsection, flipping backwards off the momentum.

Cath Palug howls as it slides backwards, crashing into a wall.

Janine found her vision blurring. She fights it, blinking, shaking her head, but before she fully comprehends it, everything is dark.
Silhouettes come into focus, stark white lines rather than shapes and colors. She felt a ravenous hunger, but not for food.
She needed to feed on energy. Magical energy. More than that, she felt as if she wasn't in control of her thoughts, her movements. Something was...taking over. Something, or someone.

Cath Palug is back on its feet quickly. With a roar that seems to splinter the air around it, it sends icicles shooting upwards, along the ground, straight at her!

Janine deals 4 damage to Cath Palug, and needs to roll Defense!


Junko, Ray, Ryoko, Tomoe

The girls' shouting seems to fail to reach Nina, or anyone else for that matter.
But then Tomoe nearly jumps back, startled.

She cups an ear. She hears...something. But where is it? It sounds like an animal of some kind, maybe a cat.
Explaining this revelation seems to trigger another strange phenomenon.

Ray smells Something unlike he's ever smelled before. It was like animal for, sure, but it was also...cold? Not just a little bit either. Could something smell cold?

The two peculiar senses point in what seems to be the right direction, as the three (with Junko frantically trying to keep up, just behind,) seem to move towards rubble, trapped civilians, signs of destruction, panic.
Given the fact that they were still in school uniforms, anyone would be suspicious of a group of students out at time like this: shouldn't they be confined to their school building?

Which is why they all stop dead at a corner, hearing what sounds like police chatter.
They peek around, immediately darting back when they see a pair of officers walking towards them.
They're probably busted, they think. They're probably going to get detained, or at least sent to a 'safe zone.'
But Junko motions everyone to huddle together, and she puts a hand on either side of the group, palms flat against a wall. Somehow, the pair don't notice them as they come around wide. It was like...they were invisible.

"Cliff, this looks real bad. Did you get a good look at that thing?"

His partner nods grimly. "Looked like a monster, a real monster. Not sure if we can put that thing down, with tranqs or bullets. I don't buy the zoo angle. Sonozaki, this smells. Real bad."
Sonozaki also nods. "I'm just glad we're here on disaster relief and not having to face that thing down. I'd probably poo poo my pants."
This gets a wry smirk from Cliff. "Do that pretty often, I hear."
"Oh har, har. That was one time!"
"It's no joke, buddy. Some day, you're going to get a wife, and I'm gonna tell her the story."
"Oh grow up! Look, over there!" Sonozaki points, and the two run off to investigate.

With the coast clear, Junko removes the field, and everyone is left to wonder what exactly has awakened within them as they arrive downtown, in a particular side-street.
What they find...a crazed, bestial looking woman. A giant blue cat monster, shooting icicles. Today was getting weirder by the second.

Initiative rolls, ya'll!


Aiya, Elsa, Jun

Merlin smiles at the group's determination. True Knights, one and all.
"Each of you," he starts, turning to each present in turn. "Was chosen, by a spirit from Camelot, from a thousand years ago. Their dormant souls, along with untold amounts of magical energy, were contained within The Holy Grail."
"Now, it has come time to see if Fate has chosen correctly." Merlin continues, drawing his staff and beginning an incantation.


The room seems to press inward, folding into itself. A squeezing sensation, stronger than any hug they've ever received, contorts their bodies, forcing them to nearly collapse together...
But as quickly as it was there, it was gone. Not only that, but they weren't exactly in a classroom anymore. It was...a rooftop? Overlooking somewhere. Somewhere they definitely weren't before.
"Teleportation never gets any easier to bear, I suppose." Merlin shakes his head as he surveys the group. Everyone seems to have made it safely, if maybe a bit woozy or disoriented. "It's more like dispersion, however; the magic is really quite fas--"

"Shut it, old man!"

He turns to regard a blonde schoolgirl standing nearby.
"Ah, Nyneve; good to see you. I found a few Knights, but there's --"
"A giant freaking monster!"
He nods, clearing his throat. "Yes, of course. We must act quickly, all of us."

The group surveys from a rather high vantage point.
"Nyneve, I'm curious, what are you doing up here?"
"I found my Knights, too, but they just ran off without me!" She pouts, "Talk about frustrating!"
"I have another question, if you don't mind. How are we going to get down? I've exhausted my magic for the time being getting us here."

Before she can answer, Aiya suddenly looks at her hands, blinking rapidly. Why did they feel so...Oh God.
Thick strands of...fabric? Rope? Thread? of something appear out of her hands, and snake their way down the building, arriving at the ground. They press in tight to it, serving, it would appear, as ample repelling/climbing material.
"Well. That will do nicely." Merlin cocks an eyebrow, and Nyneve "oohs" and "ahhs."

"Looks like their powers are developing pretty fast." She comments, as the two are the first to move to the makeshift escape route.
"As I'd expect of those chosen by Fate." Merlin replies, a twinkle forming in his eye.

Jun passes, choosing instead to simply jump down. With the light of the sun behind him, it's a simple task for him to jump between the building and the adjacent one, sticking the landing on solid ground.
Elsa, preferring the safety and security of the...things, finds that her grip with her left arm is...well, it's impossibly strong. She moves rapidly down using only one hand.
Aiya climbs slowly, carefully, down her own hands' creation, and they whip back into her hands as she...commands them to? Somehow?

With all present and accounted for on the ground, they were ready to move.
Except they didn't really have to.

A giant blue horned cat slides into a nearby wall, crashing into it. A woman, moving more like a wild animal than a human, jumps after it.
It stands back up, roaring, shooting what appear to be giant icicles.
Just after, four more people dash into the same general area, a boy and three girls.

"The Knights have assembled! And, that monster, is it...?" Merlin narrows his eyes.
"It's Carth Polog!" Nyneve half-screams.
"Cath Palug!"


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Comrade Gorbash
Jul 12, 2011

My paper soldiers form a wall, five paces thick and twice as tall.

Tomoe skids to halt as the group comes around the corner. She stares at the cat monster and the woman, the unzips her bag without really looking at it. She pulls out a pair of swords attached to a white harness. Tomoe cinches the belt around her waist and shrugs the straps over her shoulders, never taking her eyes off the monsters.

Finally she grins and draws the longer blade.

You're going to do it aren't you? Of course you are.

"All right, let's do this!" Then Tomoe's charging them.

God forgive me, but I do love a good fight!

Initiative: 1d6+9 12

Toph Bei Fong
Feb 29, 2008

You can't see me at all...


It is time! Tis the beast, Cath Palug, a fierce-some foe of old, reawakened to bring terror and anguish to the populace. Our duty, as knights of the round table, is--

Hey, there's Nina. What's the she doing with that old guy? And some college kids? "Hey, Nina! Look, cat pug!" Lots of waving. She must have heard me yelling. I am awesome at finding people.

Now is not the time for socializing, Ryoko! We must defeat the beast and its handler before destruction and woe are brought to the--

"Are those guys more knights? Cause-- Hey, Tomoe! Where you going?" Yikes! Those are real swords!

Initiative: 1d6+5 8

Mors Rattus
Oct 25, 2007

FATAL & Friends
Walls of Text
#1 Builder

The teleportation is...unpleasant, but Jun recovers quickly. He's always been tough, after all. He doesn't need help getting down, of course - and doesn't bother waiting for it, laughing as he moves more easily than he ever has. "All right!" He races for the cat, already fighting someone else. That doesn't matter. "Carth, Cath, Cat, it doesn't matter to me! Listen up, you monster!"

That's right! Go for it!

Jun roars, racing for the thing.


Initiative: 11.

Jan 20, 2011

I am now all animes

The power in my arm is unlike anything I've felt before. It's only one arm, though....That's right! Bedivere was a one-handed knight!

W-Well, you don't have to put it like that, Lady Crowley.

Wait, Cath Palug?

"The same Cath Palug who haunted the Isle of Angelsey?! In the Welsh Llyfr Du Caerfyrddin, he was dispatched by Sir Kay, but the French L’Estoire de Merlin has him defeated by Arthur. Now, which story is true, is the question here..."

Initiative: 10

Mr. Fowl
Mar 8, 2008


"What?" No, I'm not a doctor.

"What?!" Chosen by fate--no no no, I have enough trouble balancing my home life and my secret life, thank you very much.


"WHAT?!" Where did this thread--oh no, wait, don't I--aaaaaaah oh god he actually jumped over the side and the professor actually used the light...rope. "Ohhhhhhhhh..." She ties one end of the rope to an AC unit and slowly, carefully works her way down with some encouragement from the Lady "You can do it!"

She shuffles next to the others. "It's a cat though, right? I wonder if it likes string?" Suddenly she hears an odd sound that she somehow knows is the whirring of a loom and more thread appears in her hands. "Oh! Thanks."

Rolled 10 on initiative.

Feb 27, 2010

Could people please stop fighting the avatar war over my avatar. I really appreciate people being nice about it but I'm feeling crappier that people are wasting money because someone is an asshole than I am about the avatar in the first place.

It has been a while, I suppose it was inevitable

"Tomoe what are you doing?" she hissed out, staying back... mind racing, this couldn't be happening this was not happening.

Even still a fire started to burn in her breast, a silver light threatening to erupt.

Initiative: 1d6+7 9

Angry Walrus
Aug 31, 2013

Quinn it
Win it.

"She gets to carry around real, honest to god swords around town, just ready to fuckin' stab someone, and somehow I'm the delinquent," Ray grumbled, scanning around the alley for something to try and use as a weapon. Trash, trash, a couple chunks of concrete leftover from the last time work was done on the sidewalk, more trash...

You are overlooking the obvious tool at your disposal.


Amusing as ever. No. What is the trash

"Ohhhhhhhh." Ray snatched the lid off one of the garbage cans, then bent down and grabbed a fist-size chunk of concrete.

No. Take another shield.

Why on earth would I do that?

The shield can be used as a bludgeon just as well as that rock, but is easier to hold and by its very nature you put limb at less risk using it than you would the rock.

Fair enough.
He tossed the rock aside, replacing it with a lid off a second trash can.

Now charge, Raymond!

Rolled 12 for initiative.

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Mr. Maltose
Feb 16, 2011

If you ever need the Defenders drawn as ponies or the cast of Doctor Who, I know where to hook you up.

Please don't want those things.

This is the best! Everything is more.....more more more more. But then it all slips sideways. No more colors, just white wireframe and the burning of her belly. This wasn't memory. This was the now. Hunger. Dominate. Consume. Devour. She wasn't in control now. The beast wasn't in control now. Control was surrendered to the instinct and the lowest lizard brain. The unspoken third party. The prey attacks? THE PREY IS PREY. DEFY. DOMINATE. DEVOoooooh good god drat! The pain brings her back to herself enough to realize that running right into some sort of magical ice bullshit was the dumbest of all possible things. If she was human that may well have killed her. She struggles, regroups, notices she's no longer alone. "Who the hell are you all?"

Defense!: 2#1d6 6 3 Well that could have gone better.
Initiative: 1d6+10 12

Jan 14, 2009

Janine flies backwards, recovering in mid-air and landing on all fours. Her question is growled more than said, voice distorted, twisted by the being that now held control of her psyche.

Janine takes 2 Damage from Cath Palug!

Cath Palug turns to each group that now stands before it, head on a swivel. Roaring that same roar at the prospect of a new challenge, nearby windows freeze and shatter, the ground shakes slightly beneath everyone's feet.

One thing crosses your minds as you hear that roar. Battle is joined...and it's a battle for your lives.

Welcome to combat! We're going in reverse initiative order, Cath Palug having attacked first already.

Our map, drawn by master artist Yours Truly, features large black squares (buildings,) a blue circle (Cath Palug,) A black triangle (Team Springtime of Youth,) a rounded rectangle (Team The August Autumn,) a purple circle (Tomoe,) a green circle (Jun,) and an orange circle (Janine.)

Once everyone starts taking actions, their positions on the map will be updated accordingly, but this is just a visual for where everyone is starting and, roughly, how much space is between them as we begin.

So, what's our initiative order, and who's going next? Great questions!


Cath Palug: 6
Ryoko: 8
Junko: 9
Elsa/Aiya: 10
Jun: 11
Ray/Tomoe: 12
With Cath Palug having used its turn, next up is Ryoko! However, everyone should be planning their actions accordingly, based on who wants to do what and when.

What's up with those ties? Without any specific rules to go by, my rule is those actions happen at the same time. Great minds thinking alike, perhaps?

Keep in mind that the map is just a visual metaphor. Anything plausible you want in the enviornment to do cool poo poo with or otherwise interact with our ongoing battle is yours to dream up! Good luck, and have fun!

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Toph Bei Fong
Feb 29, 2008

You can't see me at all...

Eep! It's coming right, holy cow...! It just hit that pretty lady, and--!

The battle is upon us, call the holy words, and let the lance of truth shine bright!

But it's...

Now, girl!

Alright. Lance. Right. I guess that... Is it called rebar? Why isn't it just a bar? It's a bar of metal, isn't it? What's been re'd about it? Was it once not a bar, and needed to be remade into a bar?

Ryoko! Concentrate!

Right, right. And here's where all that year of Track and Field club comes in handy. Step step crossover slide don't fudge your grip and delivery! Off you go!

Special Attack the Cat Pug! Holy Lance Divine Imbuement!: 6#1d6 3 6 2 2 6 5

Aaaaaaand that is not the thing I was throwing a second ago. Wait, what the heck am I wearing?

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