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John Dyne
Jul 3, 2005

Allergic to Seinfeld.

=Imperial Date: 1710014M31=
For several days, Holy Terra has been under siege. The klaxons of war have been sounded, and ships from all around the Imperium have been called back to aide in the defense of the heart of Sol. Many ships have been waylaid en route, ambushed by traitors pledging their allegiance to the Warmaster.

Of the ships that escaped notice was The Warmaster's Son, an Emperor class battleship of the Sons of Horus, Horus' own legion; the vessel itself was not unique, but aboard it remained the only Sons of Horus who had remained loyal to the Emperor, rather than betray him at the order of their primarch. As their true alleigance was unknown to the traitors that surrounded them, they were in a perfect position to ambush the Warmaster and bring about a quick end to the siege.

However, fate conspired against them. The vessel jumped into the warp, and was never seen again. Their firepower may have proven pivotal to breaking the siege, but all of that has been lost to history. No mortal has seen the vessel in ten thousand years, but it has been glimpsed in the warp, an untouchable trophy to the dark forces that dwell beyond the thin veil of reality; for ten millenia it has drifted, its gellar fields flaring strongly within the unholy realm of daemons, its crew and components untouched.

Sorcerors, prophets, and mystics have seen it in fevered dreams and in the whispered voices of the creatures they consort with. Some have lead expeditions to hunt the vessel and reclaim it, and few have returned. For most throughout the Imperium, good and evil, the ship is hardly even a footnote in the annals of the eternal war that has been since fought.

But now, in the 41st millenium, near the planet of Cadia, a ship has drifted from the Eye of the Warp, an amazingly immaculate vessel blaring an SOS on ancient and near forgotten channels. It bears the markings of the Sons of Horus of old, and it bristles with technology long since forgotten by man.

Now, the contest begins. The dark gods watch the vessel with amused interest; it is a prize befitting any of the four, and claiming it in the name of Chaos would deliver a tremendous blow to the followers of the corpse god. Countless warbands launch from within the Eye of Terror to claim the ship. The Imperium recognizes the worth of the ship and also makes ready to claim it, and for all the forces converging upon the ship, it has caught the eye of the xenos as well.

That is where you come in. You are a Blood Raven, one of the finest and most renowned chapters in all of existence. Your specialty? The reclamation of artefacts and treasures once thought long lost to the Imperium. Your name is spoken in hushed, reverant whispers by other chapters, and indeed, there are few who do not know your reputation.

But there are those in the Imperium who would posture and race against your chapter for personal glory. These men and women shame themselves and the God-Emperor with their vain attempts to improve their standing, a thing most trivial in the grand scheme of things.

Who but the Blood Ravens is better trained and equipped to scour the vessel for its holiest of prizes? Who but the Blood Ravens can claim these gifts for the betterment of the Imperium? Those who would oppose the chapter are no more than heretics in the eyes of the Emperor.

They will be found wanting, for the Emperor is with you! Claim His treasures, in His name!

Welcome to Beta Legion, where you will be undergoing the greatest heist reclamation of Imperial artifacts in history. The Ravens have pulled out all of the stops for this, and every serf and scout will be serving alongside the battle brothers in fighting off the xenos, heretics, and glory-blinded oaf that would stand between you and this beautiful bounty before you. Feel free to flavor the different classes how you like to make them seem loyalist, like Champion to Tactical Marine, though obviously some may be a little difficult to finagle. Looking at you, plague-king or whatever the human Nurgle sorcerer is called.

The crunch you need to know is as follows:

Roll 10 for stats, drop the lowest.
15k XP, including your starting XP.
One free non-exotic Weapon Proficiency of your choice.
Nurgle sorcerers use toughness, Slaaneshi use fellowship
6 people total
+15 infamy, +30 corruption, ignore the modifiers in advanced class selection, no mutations yet

Due to it being the holidays, recruitment will run until July 8th.

If you have questions about character creation, feel free to join us in our Discord, or hop into #acolyte on Synirc.

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Jun 12, 2007

after a great meal i like to lie on the ground and feel like garbage

Brother (?) Catchibald (??), Thousand Suns Sorcerer Blood Raven Librarian

An Excerpt From The Files Of Gabriel Angelos posted:

Brothers, I have heard your concerns for the last time. Brother Catchibald may, indeed, seem to be... different, shall we say, from the other Brothers. His hair is unusually shiny, his face unusually small. His voice! Like one of the Emperor's own angels, or perhaps a malfunctioning servitor. A tendency to have half-whispered conversations with unseen entities and, indeed, the fact that we've never seen him outside his battle-tested armor. That all is irrelevant. Catchibald has found us many relics long lost, relics that might, to the untrained eye, look like armaments and gear taken from other chapters. We know that they were always ours. If he has some idiosyncracies, that is far removed from what he has done for the Blood Ravens. So, in conclusion, stop complaining or you'll be cordially reassigned to scout out Chaos strongholds. And I won't let you have any of Catchibald's famous Battle Brother Pies.

Tzeentch posted:

I swear to god, you can't make this poo poo up. I'm in. Let's give this "Catchibald" a little juice and see what happens.

Cat Hogberry-Patch posted:

Eyyyyyyyy! I don't know about time holes or future things or nuttin', but these bloody ravens are a hoot and a holler! Ya'll figure out the arms and legs down there?

Name: Brother Catchibald
Archetype: Thousand Suns Sorcerer Blood Raven Librarian
Alignment: Tzeench
Pride: Devotion
Disgrace: Hubris
Motivation: Ascendency

WS:  41 (30+11) 
BS:  41 (30+11) 
S:   36 (30+ 6) [-5 Devotion]
T:   41 (30+11) 
Ag:  43 (30+13) 
Int: 33 (30+ 7) [-4 Hubris]
Per: 51 (30+11) [+10 Advances]
WP:  76 (30+16) [+5 Devotion] [+5 Ascendency] [+20 Advances]
Fel: 40 (30+10)

Wounds:   18/18 [-2 Ascendency]
IP:         4/4   
Infamy:      40 [+2 Hubris]
Corruption:  31 [+1 Thousand Suns Sorcerer]


Common Lore (War, Good Eats)
Forbidden Lore (All)
Linguistics (Low Gothic)
Navigate (Surface)
Operate (Surface)
Scholastic Lore (Occult, Legend)


Ancient Warrior
Bulging Biceps
Excessive Wealth
Legion Weapon Training
Heightened Senses (Hearing, Sight)
Nerves of Steel
Psy Rating (x10*)
Psychic Powers
 - A Lot
Quick Draw
Resistance (Cold, Heat, Poisons, Psychic Powers)
Strong Minded
Unarmed Warrior
Warp Sense


Psyker (Bound)
Rubric of Ahriman
Mark of Tzeentch
Unnatural Strength (+4)
Unnatural Toughness (+4)
Unnatural Willpower (+3)


Legion Power Armor
 - Death Is Joy (DW)
 - Auto-senses
 - Sustainable Power Source
 - Vox Link
Legionnaire Bolter
 - Four Clips
Legion Bolt Pistol
 - Two clips of Tzeentchian Inferno Bolts
Legionnaire Combat Knife
Force Sword
Talisman of Tzeentch
*Shimmering Robes [-30 ER +10 Single +10 EW]
*Golden Eye of Tzeentch [-30 ER +10 Single +10 EW]
*Psychic Hood [-30 ER +10 Single +10 EW]
*Warp Staff  [-30 ER +10 Single +10 EW]

Advances:              14950/15000

Khorne   - 1
Nurgle   - 0
Slaanesh - 2
Tzeentch - 27

Thousand Suns Sorcerer        3600
Willpower +5                   100
Willpower +5                   250
Willpower +5                   500
Willpower +5                   750
Perception +5                  250
Perception +5                  500
Excessive Wealth               250
Psy Rating 4                   750
Psy Rating 5                   750
Psy Rating 6                   750
Psy Rating 7                   750
Psy Rating 8                   750
Psy Rating 9		       750
Glimpse		       	       100
Thought Sending 	       100
Mind Link		       200
Flicker			       400
Gholam Curse		       300
Befuddling Curse	       250
Winds of Change	  	       300
Bolt of Change		       500
Precognitive Dodge	       200
Precognitive Strike	       300
Forbidden Lore x10	      1000
Psyniscience +10	       200
Mind Over Matter	       100
Precision TK	      	       100
Abhorrant Ward		       300

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Nov 20, 2007

That warm and fuzzy feeling.

Oh my, oh yes. PC incoming.

Feb 14, 2013


Lord Captain Vespasian Osgrim Thurgood-Redcliffe XIV (of the Ultramar Thurgood-Redcliffes)

Ah, now that one is one of my favorites, a true feather in my hat. Not my favorite hunt or the finest part of my collection, but it's a fine tale nonetheless. Indeed, my friend, that is an ork-- and not just any ork, but a veritable warboss! Come, let's go crack open the amasec I've been saving and I'll tell you all about it. I seem to recall he called himself "Grimgutz Steelgob." Yes, that would've been... oh, a few decades ago. I'd go back and check the plaque, but really, it doesn't matter. So, as I was saying, we'd found ourselves surrounded on this miserable little desert rock. I'd hoped to hunt a squiggoth, you see, but the natives had other ideas, ho ho! So: the rummy orks had knocked down our emergency shuttle by ramming it with some preposterous flying contraption of theirs and now we were hunkered down behind a small ridge. Their primitive bullets had already cut down a few of my fellows, and it would be another five minutes before my emergency emergency shuttle arrived. My arch-militant risked a peek over the ridge and informed me that the closest orks were no farther than a hundred meters out, and that the biggest ork she'd ever seen was at the head of the pack! Well, I happened to know that size is synonymous with leadership among those beastly xenos, and so I ordered my surviving crew to give me covering fire.

In hindsight, I shouldn't have bothered with covering fire, since orks only get more excited when fired upon, but hindsight is 20/20, eh wot wot? I stand up and raise my trusty long-las, and down the scope I see the greenskin leader opening his mouth to roar something or other. Well, he got as far as his name, and then I put a hot-shot through his eye. That didn't kill him, mind you; it was the third headshot that brought him down. As soon as the beast fell, the orks fell to fighting among themselves to determine who would be the next leader, and we were able to chase them off with the guns of the shuttle. It took six servitors to lift that carcass and prepare it for transport up here. You know, an interesting thing about orks is that they produce spores that grow into new members of their species, especially at the moment of their death, and ever since I brought him aboard we've had occasional feral orks in the underdecks! Ha! Well, I think it keeps things from getting too dull for the lads down there. A good ork hunt raises anyone's spirits.

What else have I hunted? Oh, friend, what you really mean is "What HAVEN'T you hunted!" I bagged the feral carnifex of Jogon IX, although sadly its own overactive digestive juices ruined the carcass before I could get it into stasis. I faced the legendary mutant blood grox and lived to tell the tale. 12 feet at the shoulder it was, with acid blood and a surly disposition! I have the head of a Catachan Screamer somewhere around here. Just the head, mind you; I killed it with a minor orbital bombardment. I'm not a fool. I've hunted wall-walking chimaerae and scurrying loxatl, played cat-and-mouse with an Eldar, stalked hullgheists through the bilge of drifting ghost ships and found genestealers instead. I've... well, I've even killed something unnatural, although it left no trophy, nothing but a puff of that intoxicating pinkish cloud that surrounded it.

Well, I've kept you for too long, I can tell. Please, send the rest of your Brothers my regards, my good Blood Raven. Rest assured that my ship and crew are at your command, and we will be honored to assist you in reclaiming this Horusian vessel. I look forward to accompanying you aboard-- who knows what wonderful beasts I can find within such a craft. And I wonder what you seek within: secrets, perhaps? I know fellow hunters when I see them, Brother Matthias, and I also know what it means to be a hunter who has stories he will never tell. Hunters like us should stick together. See you at the hunt.

[Brother Dercius, I have removed the initial 4 hours of rambling nonsense from this recording. I have never encountered a mortal with such inexhaustible lungs, or such a high opinion of his own skills. Still, he does possess all of the trophies he claims to. I deeply dislike him, but not for his self-important rambling. I dislike him because of what I see under that exterior. Note his blithe references to proscribed knowledge regarding the forces of Chaos and xenos, in the presence of one of the Emperor's Angels of Death, no less. Note also his disturbing insight into our goals. I know a veiled threat when I hear one. I don't know what he knows or thinks he knows, but I believe we should permit him to make his demands and accompany us for now. I prefer to keep a potential threat within easy reach of my chainsword, and until we have actual proof of what he knows and where that information is stored, we cannot afford to kill him.]

Name: Vespasian Osgrim Thurgood-Redcliffe XIV
Archetype: Pirate Prince Rogue Trader
Alignment: Slaanesh
Pride: Wealth
Disgrace: Hubris
Motivation: Perfection


WS:   30 (33 -3 Motivation)
BS:   55 (40 +5 Motivation +10 Advances)
S:    32
T:    41 (36 +5 Advance)
Agi:  50 (35 +5 Archetype +10 Advances)
Int:  42 (36 +5 Archetype -4 Disgrace +5 Advance)
Per:  41 (36 +5 Advance)
WP:   28 (34 -3 Pride -3 Motivation)
Fel:  52 (37 +5 Archetype +10 Advances)

Wounds: 13
Infamy: 43 (36 +5 Purchase +2 Disgrace)
IP: 4/4
CP: 31 (+1 Cold Hearted)


Awareness +10
Command +10
Common Lore (Imperium, War, The Ragged Helix)
Dodge +30
Forbidden Lore (The Warp)
Linguistics (Low Gothic)
Navigate (Stellar)
Operate (Voidship)
Stealth +10
Trade (Armourer)


Cold Hearted
Crack Shot
Deadeye Shot
Double Team
Enemy (Imperial Navy)
Excessive Wealth
Eye of Vengeance
Hip Shooting
Hotshot Pilot
Lightning Reflexes
Mighty Shot
Nerves of Steel
Quick Draw
Rapid Reload
Step Aside
Weapon Training (Chain, Power, Las, Primary, SP, Bolt, Shock, Melta)


The Quick and the Dead

Maniacal Narcissist (Ballistic Skill)
Creature of Comfort


GC Long Las (RDLS, Fire Selector, Silencer)
GC Meltagun (RDLS)
BC Bolt Pistol
BC Neural Whip
BC Light Power Armor (+5 Charm)
--None Shall Escape (+5 BS, -10 Dodge in melee)
--Careful Maintenance
-Osmotic Gill
-Vox Link
-Magnetized Boot Soles
-Sustainable Power Source
Xenos Hides
GC Displacer Field
GC Alcohol
GC Cartograph


GC Displacer Field (-50 NU -10 GC +20 Wealth +10 Single +10 EW +10 CoC)
BC Light Power Armor (-20 VR -10 BC +10 Single +10 EW +10 CoC)
GC Long-Las w/ RDLS, Fire Selector, Silencer 
(+0 Scarce -30 Upgrades -10 GC +10 Single +10 EW +10 CoC)
Hot-Shot Charge Packs x100 (+10 Average -20 Vast +10 EW)
GC Meltagun w/ RDLS (-20 VR -10 GC -10 Upgrade +10 Single +10 EW +10 CoC)


S: 5
T: 2
N: 3
K: 0

XP Spent       14950/15000

Pirate Prince-4600
Agi +5-250
Agi +5 (2)-500
BS +5-250
BS +5 (2)-500
T +5-500
Int +5-250
Per +5-250
Fel +5-100
Fel +5 (2)-250
Dodge +20-400
Dodge +30-600
Stealth +10-350
Mighty Shot-1000
Infamy +5-500
WT (Melta)-250
Crack Shot-500
Eye of Vengeance-750
Step Aside-750
Rapid Reload-200
Characteristics: 36 35 36 40 37 31 34 36 33 32
Infamy, Wounds: 2 3
Power Armor Customization: 5
Armor Table + History: 1d5 1 1d10 2

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Sep 13, 2012

#acolyte GM of 2013

Kyle Von-Straten-Straten, Heir of former House Straten-Straten and all around nice guy.

Kyle was born as the last male heir to House Straten-Straten, as his father died in a dastardly assassination plot shortly after Kyle’s conception. House Straten-Straten was known as the manufacturers of the Clovis-Pattern Las-Pistol, a very popular and ubiquitous las-pistol found throughout Segmentim Solar as a side arm favored by local Imperial Navy and Astra Militarum. The family was quite rich, and had leveraged the money earned from production of the Clovis-Pattern into many investments.

Unfortunately, Kyle was born with a laundry list of medical complications that would have been a death sentence for a child not born from such a wealthy family that relied on the child to propagate an heir. While his parents were of differing families, both families lineage were known for having “close” marriages to consolidate power, and generations of inbreeding likely led to this sorry state.

Kyle was born with, among other things, albinism, color-blindness, congenital heart defects, and worse of all a rare bone marrow disease that left Kyle without an immune system. Even the slightest germ would cause the young boy to get sick with infections and viruses that most human immune systems could handle.

Due to his fragile state, Kyle spent all of his life either receiving surgery, or in a state of the art clean room his mother had built at the estate. He never had physical contact with others, and outside of family, tutors, and the various Medicae, Chiurgeons, and Hospitaliers, he had no contact with others. This has led Kyle to being a very friendly, trusting, and outgoing man. He abhors violence, and thanks to his years dealing with his own illness, he became an expert in human biology and anatomy. However, his lack of proper socialization also leaves Kyle as clueless, unable to pick up on social cues, and saying inappropriate or irrelevant things most people would stay silent on.

The Dark Gods would impact his life when his mother turned to a Rogue Biologis for assistance. This biologis was studying the powers of the Dark Gods, and came upon the idea of creating a Nurgle inspired disease that could be introduced into Kyle’s body, by this time a young man, to attack foreign cells. Surprisingly it worked. The Nurgle virus did not viciously attack Kyle’s body, and since Kyle had no immune system to speak of, it did not attack the virus. Likewise, the virus was adept at attacking rogue cancer cells, bacteria, and even other viruses in Kyle’s system. The Biologis created an entirely artificial, and heretical, immune system.

However, as these things often play out, it was not long until the Inquisition caught wind of everything, and Kyle had to go into hiding. The hope of his mother was he would return one day to take over the Von Straten-Straten family, but Kyle was so happy to just be out in the world, he didn’t much care.

Since then Kyle has bounced around from planet to planet, keeping his identity a secret. He does genuinely go to worlds where there are illnesses, plagues, work induced maladies, and does his best to help the people. He usually will set up in the lower hives and work among the masses, just glad to help. Kyle happened to be on one of the Blood Raven's recruiting worlds, and they pulled Kyle in when they started pulling in serfs to help with this expedition.

However, there is a secret lurking below Kyle’s surface. We are the Phalanx. We protect the Hostform. The Hostform does not defend itself from external threats. When the Hostform is attacked, we must spring into action. Phalanx can channel the pure putrid power of Papa Nurgle from the warp. Phalanx channels that power to save Hostform. Phalanx dies if Hostform dies. Phalanx cannot infect any other Hostform. Nurgle has plans for Phalanx virus and Hostform.

Whenever the Phalanx virus takes over Hostform he never remembers anything done. Phalanx seems to intervene to protect Kyle, even when presented with video evidence of what he does.

This is basically a nurgle version of Venom, if Venom didn’t increase strength, and had psyker powers. Essentially Kyle will be a pacifist running around doing first aid on allies. However, if he gets hit by an attack (even if he doesn’t take damage) is suppressed, or fails a fear test, the virus will take over. Where I will then proceed to push Nurgle powers and divination stuff to protect him, and play him differently.

I am actively requesting the Intelligent Cyst mutation so I can use that as a basis to role play.

Name: Kyle Von Straten-Straten
Archetype: psyker
Pride: Crafstmanship
Disgrace: Regret
Motivation: Perfection

WS: 25=31-3(pride)-3(motivation) 
BS:  29=35-3(pride)-3(Motivation)
S:   30=30
T:   (7)63=43+20(advances)
Ag: 40= 37+3(pride) 
Int: 54=41+3(pride)+10(advances)
Per: 57=42+5(motivation)+10(advances)
WP: 43=38+5(psyker)
Fel: 37=37
Inf: 40=39+1(pride)

Wounds: 19/19=13+6(sound constitution)
Corruption: 32+5(disgrace)

Common Lore (Tech, administratum)
Forbidden Lore (psykers)
Linguistics (low gothic)
Medicae +30
Psyniscience +10
Scholastic Lore (chymistry) +20
Tech use 
Trade (Chymist) +20

Psy rating 6
Weapon training (primary)
Weapon Training (las) 
Child of the Warp (unnatural Decay aura)
master chirurgeon
Mastery Medicae

Psyker powers:
precognitive dodge
Mind over matter
TK shield
Choir of poxes
Inviolable flesh 
Field of Pestilence 
Rain of foulness 
Leper’s Curse 
Peutrifying embrace
Corpse burst(ToF)
Ward of worms(ToF)
Tendrils of corrosion (ToF) 
Gift of Chaos 
Abhorrent ward

Quick and the Dead
unbound psyker
Haunted: Opponents get +10 to intimidate tests on Kyle
Stuff of nightmares
Unnatural toughness +1

Common Craftsmanship Las pistol
Good craftsmanship sword
flak cloak
psy focus
dataslate with lore
heavy carapace
poor quality conversion field
black blood implant 
Best quality medkit

14800/15000 XP spent
Medicae known 100
Medicae trained 200
Medicae Experienced 400
Medicae veteran 600
Psyniscience trained 500
Scholastic lore (Chymistry) known 200
Scholastic lore (Chymistry) trained 350
Scholastic lore (Chymistry) experienced 500
Trade Chymist trained 350 
Trade Chymist experienced 500
Master Chirurgeon 400
Mastery (medicae) 750
Psy rating (4) 750
Psy rating (5) 750
psy rating (6) 750
TK shield 200
Choir of poxes 100
Inviolable flesh 200
Nurgle’s Rot 400
Filed of pestilence 300
Rain of foulness 300
Gift of Chaos 400
Corpse burst 300
Ward of worms 500
Tech use 200
Tendrils of Corrosion 300
Toughness simple 100
Toughness intermediate 250
Toughness trained 500
toughness expert 750
intelligence simple 250 
intelligence intermediate 500
Perception simple 250
Perception intermediate 500
Sound constitutionx6 1200
Leper’s curse 400
Peutrefying embrace 200
Abhorrent ward 300

N:23!!(Mark of Nurgle granted)

Mark of Nurgle
One gift/Mutation

starting stats: 10#2d10 10 16 12 5 4 12 13 17 18 6

starting infamy: 1d5+19 24

starting wounds: 1d5+8 11

psyker corruption: 1d5 2

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Oct 13, 2010

"It cannot be overstated how much we have forgotten, and how vital it is that we remember. The citizenry of the Imperium cannot recall our Golden Age because of the Age of Strife that followed it. They are insulated from and kept ignorant to the greatest achievements of our past to protect them from the corruption that followed. It prevents Chaos from sowing its seeds, but it also erodes the people's will--their spirit even. It drives them down into a support that only serves to grind the gears of our War Eternal. This is a recipe for generations of people knowing nothing but war, and with no idea of how to do anything else.

"I endeavor to create something better. The correct knowledge can uplift us once again and return the Imperium's splendor. It must only be found. And it is out there, hidden or forgotten, but not lost. It is in the worlds swallowed by the Eye of Terror and in the cogitators of the Men of Iron. It is in the ancient STC formulas and the venerable Machine Spirits of our grand battleships. Consequently, one of those just happened to come out of hiding, and the prospect of unlocking its secrets is...tantalizing.

"We'll get there first. I'm sure of it. We are the Blood Ravens and acquiring the secrets of the past is what we do. I have an entire Reliquary brimming with Saint-Blessed icons, daemonic grimoires, sacred machines, and illuminated scrolls that say we are very good at our divine task. Yet, none of them come close to the trove on that ship. It will not be the final step, but it is certainly the next step that we must take to defeat our enemies and lead the Imperium back towards our own light. His Will be done.

"For the Emperor."

Name: Xaiphos the Erudite, Blood Raven Antiquarian
Archetype: Alpha Legion Marine
Alignment: Unaligned
Pride: Foresight
Disgrace: Deceit
Motivation: Legacy

WS:  37 (30+07)
BS:  54 (30+14) [+10 Advance]
S:   38 (30+08)
T:   50 (30+15) [+5 Advance] 
Ag:  49 (30+14) [+5 Advance]
Int: 60 (30+19) [+5 Archetype] [-4 Motivation] [+10 Advance]
Per: 51 (30+16) [+5 Archetype] [-4 Disgrace] [+5 Advance]
WP:  48 (30+13) [+5 Advance] 
Fel: 35 (30+10) [-5 Archetype]

Wounds:  19/19 
IP:        4/4    
Infamy:     42 [+2 Disgrace] [+2 Motivation]
Corruption: 30


Awareness (+10)
Common Lore (All)
Deceive (+30)
Dodge (+10)
Linguistics (Low Gothic)
Navigate (Surface)
Operate (Surface)
Scholastic Lore (All)
Stealth (+20)
Tech-Use (+10)
Forbidden Lore (Adeptus Astartes, Archeotech +10, Daemonology, Psykers, The Horus Heresy and the Long War,
                The Warp, Xenos)


Ancient Warrior
Bolter Drill
Bulging Biceps
Combat Formation
Deadeye Shot
Enemy (Inquisition)
Excessive Wealth
Eye of Vengence
Legion Weapon Training
Heightened Senses (Hearing, Sight)
Hip Shooting
Infused Knowledge
Mighty Shot
Nerves of Steel
Quick Draw
Rapid Reload
Resistance (Cold, Heat, Poisons)
Storm of Iron
Technical Knock
Unarmed Warrior
Weapon Training (Plasma)
Wisdom of the Ancients


Deceitful Tactics
Unnatural Strength (+4)
Unnatural Toughness (+4)

Legion Power Armor
 - Scavenged Reconstruction
 - Auto-senses
 - Sustainable Power Source
 - Vox Link
Legion Bolt Pistol w/ 3 Mags
Legion Boltgun w/ 3 Mags
4 Legion Frag Grenades
Demolition Kit
Cameleonine Cloak

Legion Combi-Plasma
Infernal Star
Good Embedded Auspex

Advances:              14950/15000

Khorne   -  1
Nurgle   -  3
Slaanesh -  1
Tzeentch - 12

Weapon Training (Plasma) Free
Alpha Legion Marine 3600
BS +5 250
BS +10 500
Toughness +5 250
Agility +5 250
Intelligence +5 250
Intelligence +10 500
Perception +5 250
Willpower +5 250
Forbidden Lore
--Archeotech 200
--Archeotech +10 350
--Daemonology 200
--The Warp 200
--Xenos 200
Logic 200
Stealth +20 500
Survival 200
Tech-Use 200
Tech-Use +10 350
Infused Knowledge 750
Wisdom of the Ancients 500
Polyglot 250
Deadeye Shot 250
Excessive Wealth 250
Technical Knock 250
Weapon Tech 250
Marksman 500
Sharpshooter 500
Storm of Iron 500
Bolter Drill 750
Mighty Shot 750
Eye of Vengence 750


WS     BS    S     T     Ag     Int    Per    WP    Fel  
37     54    58    50    49     60     51     48    35

Wounds: 19/19    Infamy 4/4   Fatigue Level: 0    Initiative: 1d10+6
Ground: 5/10/15/30

SB: 9  TB: 9
Awareness: 51 (+10 for sight and hearing, +10 with helmet, +20 with auspex)
Command: 35
Dodge: 59
Parry: 37

Armour: 8 All
Field: 50/1-10

Legion Bolt Pistol     30m  S/2/-  1d10+9  X  Pen 4  Clip:  8/8    Full   Tearing
Legion Bolter         100m  S/3/-  1d10+9  X  Pen 4  Clip: 24/24   Full   Tearing
Legion Combi-Plasma   100m  S/3/-  1d10+9  X  Pen 4  Clip: 24/24   Full   Tearing, Reliable
                       90m  S/-/-  1d10+8  E  Pen 10 Clip:  1/1   5Full   Maximal, Overheat, Reliable
Legion Frag Grenade    21m  S/-/-  2d10+2  X  Pen 0  Clip:  4/4     --    Blast 4  
Unarmed                ---  Melee  1d10+9  I  Pen 0  Clip:  ---     --    Primitive 7

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Jan 26, 2004

You ever do the chicken dance at a wake? That really bothers people.

Here's my initial sheet. Background (and possibly more characters) to come later as I'm in the middle of a move.

First through the breach. That's what the Adeptus Astartes drill into their assault squads. Granted, it's not their sole role. Descending from above on wings of fire is a valid tactic, but Arietes was never much of a flyer. From the beginning, he was one of the ground-pounders, riding the chapter's transports into the thickest fights to break the enemy's momentum and their spirit. A shock trooper in true fashion, Arietes carved his way across countless battlefields. Learning early that fear was as much a weapon as any other, he sought to sow terror among the enemies of mankind, breaking their morale before wading into the fray.

Arietes' use of cyber-mastiffs came from the cleansing of Hive Rubrum on Declan II. The local PDF made extensive use of the beasts in their search for survivors or, more likely,
cells of enemy troopers holed up to plan and execute a guerrilla war after the invasion had faltered. The metal hounds rooted out dozens, if not hundreds of soldiers and civilians. They comforted the latter, and tore apart the former. Their brutal efficiency appealed to the marine, and he has since traveled with a small complement of the machines and taken them into battle time and again.

Out of combat, Arietes is still an imposing sight. While not intentionally hostile or intimidating, he stands tall above most of his battle-brothers. The physical enhancements he's had incorporated into his body don't help. He seems ready to burst with deadly strength, and those who have seen him in action understand just how potent that strength is. Even so, he is quietly confident. Arietes is used to command and leadership. He leads from the front and does not back down.

Name: Arietes, The Storm of Steel
Archetype: Khorne Berserker Assault Marine
Alignment: Khorne
Pride: Martial Prowess
Disgrace: Hubris
Motivation: Perfection

Characteristics: 10#2d10 5 9 2 14 16 17 10 9 15 18

WS:  72 (30+17) [+5 Archetype] [+5 Pride] [+15 Advance]
BS:  32 (30+ 5) [-3 Motivation]
S:   91 (30+16) [+5 Archetype] [+5 Motivation] [+20 Equipment] [+15 Advance]
T:   40 (30+10) 
Ag:  44 (30+14) 
Int: 30 (30+ 9) [-5 Pride] [-4 Disgrace]
Per: 36 (30+ 9) [-3 Motivation]
WP:  45 (30+15) 
Fel: 48 (30+18)

Wounds:   19/19 Wounds: 1d5+16 19
IP:        4/4    
Infamy:     40 Infamy: 1d5+19+15 38 [+2 Disgrace]
Corruption: 40 [+10 Armor]


Athletics +10
Command +20
Common Lore (Imperium)
Common Lore (War) +10
Dodge +10
Forbidden Lore (Astartes)
Forbidden Lore (Horus Heresy)
Forbidden Lore (Pirates)
Intimidate +10
Linguistics (Low Gothic)
Navigate (Surface)
Operate (Surface)
Parry +10


Air of Authority
Ancient Warrior
Battle Rage
Berserk Charge
Blade Dancer
Bulging Biceps
Cold Hearted
Combat Master
Crushing Blow
Enemy (Inquisition)
Excessive Wealth
Flesh Render
Heighetened Senses (Hearing, Sight)
Iron Jaw
Legion Weapon Training
Lightning Attack
Lighting Reflexes
Minion of Chaos
 - 2 Kursian Warp Hounds (Cyber-mastiffs)
Nerves of Steel
Pity the Weak
Quick Draw
Resistance (Cold, Heat, Poison)
Step Aside
Swift Attack
Thunder Charge
Two Weapon Weilder (Melee)
Unarmed Warrior
*Weapon Training (Shock)
Whirlwind of Death


Avatar of Slaughter
Fear 1 (in armor)
Unnatural Strength +8
Unnatural Toughness +4
Unstoppable Wrath
- +10 Fear Tests


Mark V 'Heresy' Legion Power Armor  Armor pattern: 1d10 2
 - Armor history table: 1d5 2
   - Armor Battle Scars: 1d10 1 Blood of the Enemy
 - Armor history table 2: 1d5 3
   - Armor Legends of War: 1d10 1 Warp Taint
 - Chain Bandolier armor mod: 1d10 6
 - Auto-senses
 - Sustainable Power Source
 - Vox Link
 - +10 Fellowship with other Astartes, -10 Fellowship with Inquisitorial agents
Legion Bolt Pistol
 - 4 Mags
Legion Combat Knife
Legion Chainaxe
Legion Chainsword
2 Legion Frag
2 Legion Krak
* Infernal Star
* Best Synthmuscle
** Legacy Best Legion Power Sword
   - Cursed Metal
   - Legacy of Blood
   - Merciless Pattern
      - Terrorizer Legacy ability: 1d10 6 (-4 for IB)
      - Ripper Legacy weapon ability 2: 1d10 2 (+4 for IB)

Advances:              15000/15000

Khorne   - 11
Nurgle   -  2
Slaanesh -  3
Tzeentch -  0

Khorne Berserker              3600
Weapon Skill +5                250
Weapon Skill +5                500
Weapon Skill +5                750
Strength +5                    100
Strength +5                    250
Strength +5                    500
Command +10                    200
Command +20                    400
Intimidate +10                 350
Dodge +10                      500
Iron Jaw                       250
Excessive Wealth               500
Thunder Charge                 400
Two Weapon Weilder (Melee)     500
Battle Rage                    300
Takedown                       250
Swift Attack                   300
Whirlwind of Death             300
Blade Dancer                   750
Step Aside                     750
Blademaster                    400
Lightning Attack               400
Air of Authority               500
Counter Attack                 500
Minion of Chaos                500
Minion of Chaos                500
WS     BS    S     T     Ag     Int    Per    WP    Fel  
72     32    91    40    44     30     36     45    48

Wounds: 19/19    Infamy 4/4   Fatigue Level: 0    Initiative: 2d10k1+4
Ground: 5/10/15/30

SB: 17  TB: 8
Awareness: 36 (51 Sight or Hearing)
Command: 68 (78 with other Astartes, 58 with Inquisitorial agents)
Dodge: 44
Parry: 102 (+10 Best Power Sword)

Armour: 8 All  9 Body
Field: 50/1-5

Legion Bolt Pistol     30m  S/2/-  1d10+ 9 X  Pen 4  Clip:  8/8    Full   Tearing
Legion Frag Grenade    51m  S/-/-  2d10+ 2 X  Pen 0  Clip:  2/2     --    Blast 4
Legion Krak Grenade    51m  S/-/-  2d10+ 8 X  Pen 6  Clip:  2/2     --    
Legion Power Sword     ---  Melee  1d10+31 R  Pen 8  Clip:  ---     --    Balanced, Best Quality, Cursed Metal, Power Field, Ripper
Legion Chainsword      ---  Melee  1d10+24 R  Pen 3  Clip:  ---     --    Balanced, Tearing
Legion Chainaxe        ---  Melee  1d10+26 R  Pen 3  Clip:  ---     --    Tearing
Unarmed                ---  Melee  1d10+21 I  Pen 0  Clip:  ---     --    Primitive 7

WS     BS    S     T     Ag     Int    Per    WP    Fel  
38     --    56    42    37     26     46     38    10

Loyalty: 58
Wounds: 32/32
Ground: 10/20/30/60

SB: 10  TB: 8
Awareness: 66
Dodge: 47
Parry: 18

Armour: 0


Awareness +20
Dodge +10
Survival +30


Berserk Charge
Furious Assault
Two Weapon Wielder (Melee)

Brutal Charge ()
Dark Sight
Deadly Natural Weapons (Jaws, Talons)
Fear 1
Leap of the Hunter (+20 to Jaw attack if both Talon attacks hit)
Resistance (Psychic Powers)
Size (Enormous)
Unnatural Strength +5
Unnatural Toughness +4

Adamantine Talons      ---  Melee  1d10+10 R  Pen 2  Clip:  ---     --    Razor Sharp, Tearing
Dagger-Fang Jaws       ---  Melee  2d10+14 R  Pen 4  Clip:  ---     --    Razor Sharp, Tearing, Toxic 1

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Sep 13, 2012

#acolyte GM of 2013

Aster the Blue Wake

Spoken in the most General Knoxx voice imaginable

Wow, boy do I have the worst damned job in the whole damned Imperium. A Chaplain, for the Blood Ravens? Do you even know their history? Because neither do they. Yeah, we Chaplains don't preach the Imperial Faith, we preach the sacred beliefs of the Chapter. So like, a Salamanders Chaplain preaches "oh, be nice to all da little people!" Or an Iron Hands chaplain preaches "CUT OFF YOUR ARM!" or something.

The Blood Ravens believe in tracking down our mysterious origin, as well as stealing anything that isn't nailed down. And I mean steal. As a Chaplain I know what our Chapter does; we will still everything from anyone. If you scratch down the paint on my armor a couple layers its loving Ultramarine blue for shitsakes! But as Chaplain I can't go out there and advise that the faith is to "steal that Chapter's poo poo." No, I have to couch it in, "it is a sacred relic" or "it can't fall into the Enemy's hands!

The best thing to say is, "that bolter that the Inquisitor we just killed was carrying? It might contain secrets about our past!" Holy Emperor's rotting ballsack all I have to do is even hint that a roll of toiletpaper might contain Chapter secrets and they'll kill a damned under-hive full of younglings to get it.

So here I am, the lead Chaplain on this cursed campaign to rob the Warmaster's Son. Chances are everything we're about to go in and steal is likely corrupted by Chaos. Not that that has stopped us before. My Crozius started out as an Imperial Fist Crozius, was stolen by some damned Black Legion Dark Apostle and was cursed, the retrieved 300 years ago and was un-cursed, or so the Tech-Marines assure me.

gently caress, at least there better be good poo poo to kill.

Name: Aster the Blue Wake
Archetype: Dark Apostle Chaplain 
Alignment: Unaligned
Pride: Charm 
Disgrace: Gluttony 
Motivation: Perfection

WS:  59=44+5[motivation]+10[advance]
BS:  41=41
S:   40=43-3[motivation]
T:   36=41-5[pride]
Ag:  32=37-5[disgrace]
Int: 42=42
Per: 34=37-3[motivation]
Fel: 62=47+5[archetype]+5[pride]+5[advance]

Infamy: =37



Charm +30
Command +30
Common Lore (war, any one)
Forbidden Lore (Adeptus Astartes, The horus Heresy and the long war, Daemonology+20, heresy,
 The book of Logar Lectitio Divinitatus+20, the warp +20)
Linguistics (low gothic)
Navigate (Surface)
Operate (surface)
Parry +30
Scholastic Lore (Occult)

Air of Authority: affect 10xFB with command
Ambidextrous: no penalty for using off hand
Ancient Warrior: anything with "legion" in the name is one step more available, +10 loyalty on minions
Berserk Charge: +30 on charge instead of +20
Bulging Biceps: can fire heavy weapons without bracing
Combat master: No one gains benefit of teaming up
Counter attack: on a successful parry can make singe attack with -20
Demagogue: can effect 100xFB with charm or intimidate, +10 loyalty from minions
Double team: Bonuses for outnumbering
Enemy (EclisarchyChaos Cultists): -10 to fellowship tests with group
Heightened Senses (sight, hearing): +10 to tests using sight or hearing
Legion Weapon Training: proficient with all non exotic weapons
Inspire wrath: as full action, can make charm test to pass on my hatred to listeners
Iron Discipline: Followers (not other players) can re-roll failed fear and pinning tests
Nerves of steel: +10 to willpower to resist intimidation 
Polyglot: can make linguistics tests untrained (still take -20 penalty)
Unshakable will: can reroll failed fear tests
Quick Draw: can ready pistol, basic, and one handed melee as free action
Radiant Presence: all those near by get +10 to resist fear or intimidation
Resistance (cold): +10 to resist cold
Swift attack: can make +0 test, score melee hit with every 2 DoS
Unarmed warrior: all unarmed attacks are 1d10+SB primitive (7)
Whirlwind of death: Do extra damage to hordes equal to half WSB

Minion of Chaos:

Unnatural Strength (+4)
Unnatural Toughness (+4)
Harbinger of Heresy THE EMPEROR
DarkHoly Devotions

Legion Power armor
-chain bandoliers
-sustainable power supply
-osmotic gill life sustainers
-vox link
Legion combat knife
Totally not accursed Crozius
Legion bolt pistol x2
unholy Icon
2 legion frags

Legion power sword
legion plasma pistol w/extended mag
Black Blood

Khorne   -9
Nurgle   -  
Slaanesh -4  
Tzeentch -8

3600 (starting package)
fellowship Simple 250
Weapon skill simple 250
weapon skill intermediate 500
parry trained 350
Parry experienced 500
Parry veteran 750
Berserk Charge 250
Combat master 500
Counter attack 500
Double team 250
Swift attack 500
Polyglot 250
Radiant Presence 250
Whirlwind of death 500
charm exp 500
Charm vet 750
Command exp 500
Command vet 750
FL Lectitio Divinitatus trained 350
FL Lectitio Divinitatus exp 500
FL daemonology trained 350
FL daemonology exp 500
FL warp known 200
FL warp trained 350
FL warp exp 500
Minion of Chaos 500 
Dominus class sword bot: 

WS: 31 
BS: 25 
S:  27 
T:   31
Ag:  29
Int: 22
Per: 24
Fel: 21

Wounds 8/8

Athletics +10
Dodge: +10
parry +10

two weapon wielder (melee)
Flesh Render
weapon training (chain) 
Sound Constitution (2)
Berserk Charge

Machine 4
unnatural strength 2
Unnatural toughness 3
brutal Charge

Light carapace armor

starting atributes: 10#2d10 13 17 9 11 11 7 7 14 6 12
starting infamy: 1d5+19 22
starting wounds: 1d5+16 20
power armor history: 1d10 6
Minion's stat rolls: 9#2d10 7 6 16 9 12 16 10 10 14

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Viva Miriya
Jan 9, 2007

im mad gay and im gonna also app to this game

Sep 23, 2009

Ignorance, the root of all evil

Brother-Captain Orlov, Keeper of the Armoury

"How can I help you today, Brother? Planning to slaughter vast hordes of daemon-possessed genetic-mutant zombie ape-creatures? Intent on forcing insectoid hive-minds to see the benefits of the Imperial Creed? Facing imminent xenocide from ancient berserker-bots with no off-switch? Hoping to draw down on the Eternal Brotherhood of Independent Thought? I've got death dust, hallucinogen gas, world-wreckers, hell-weapons, atmosphere-eaters, self-replicating mind-viruses, WMDs incorporating the latest cloaking technology from Mars, atom bombs the size of atoms, hand grenades that can obliterate the galaxy..."

Name: Brother-Captain Jed Orlov
Race: Chaos Space Marine
Archetype: Warpsmith Techmarine
Alignment: Unaligned
Pride: Wealth
Disgrace: Destruction
Motivation: Innovation

WS   48  (30 + 13 + 5 (Advances))
BS   42  (30 + 12)
S    43  (30 + 13)
T    54  (30 + 14 + 5 (Archetype) + 5 (Advances))
Ag   39  (30 + 9)
Int  67  (30 + 14 + 5 (Archetype) + 3 (Motivation) + 15 (Advances))
Per  43  (30 + 13)
WP   44  (30 + 12 - 3 (Pride) + 5 (Advances))
Fel  33  (30 + 7 - 4 (Disgrace))
Inf  43  (19 + 2 + 15 (Chargen) + 2 (Disgrace) + 5 (Advances))

Wounds  22
Corruption  32

Common Lore (Adeptus Mechanicus, Tech +10, War)
Dodge +20
Forbidden Lore (Adeptus Astartes, Adeptus Mechanicus, Archaeotech, Daemonology, The Horus Heresy and the Long War)
Linguistics (Low Gothic, Techna-Lingua)
Navigate (Surface)
Operate (Surface)
Scholastic Lore (Occult)
Sleight of Hand +30
Tech-Use +30
Trade (Armourer)

Ambidextrous: Reduce penalties for wielding two weapons.
Ancient Warrior: +10 to Fel Tests when dealing with other veterans. CSM Minions increase loyalty by +10. 
                 Legion weapons count as one Availability category easier.
Armour-Monger: Increase AP of worn armour by 2.
Bulging Biceps: Fire heavy weapons without bracing. No penalty for failing to brace.
Crushing Blow: Add half WS bonus to melee damage.
Disarm: Make a Full Action Opposed WS Test to force enemy to drop weapon. At 3 DoS, may take the weapon instead.
Disturbing Voice: +10 to Intimidate, -10 to Fel in non-threatening situations.
Enemy (Adeptus Mechanicus): -10 to interactions against Enemy.
Excessive Wealth: +10 to Acquisition tests.
Ferric Summons: May summon ferrous items up to 2xWP bonus in kg from 40m away.
Heightened Senses (Hearing, Sight): +10 to Per tests relating to sense.
Legion Weapon Training: May use any non-exotic weapon without penalty.
Master Enginseer: +10 to Tech-Use tests. May spend Infamy Point to auto-succeed at Tech-Use test.
Mechadendrite Use (Utility): May use mechadendrites.
Nerves of Steel: May reroll failed Pinning tests. +10 to resist Intimidation.
Precise Blow: Reduce Called Shot penalty by 10.
Quick Draw: Ready weapons as a Free action.
Rapid Reload Halve time taken to reload weapons.
Resistance (Cold, Fear, Heat, Poisons): +10 to resist effects.
Sound Consitution (4): +1 wound.
Sure Strike: Reduce Called Shot penalty by 10.
Swift Attack: May make Swift Attack actions.
Technical Knock: May unjam weapons as Half Action.
Total Recall: May automatically remember trivial information.
True Grit: Reduce Critical damage by TB, to minimum of 1.
Unarmed Warrior: Gain Natural Weapons trait.
Unshakeable Will: May reroll failed Fear tests.
Weapon-Tech: Increase damage and Pen of all Melta, Plasma, Power and Exotic weapons by Int bonus for one round.
Whirlwind of Death: Add half WS bonus to damage against hordes.

Amphibious: Can stay underwater indefinitely.
Binaric Curse: As a Half Action, may spend an Infamy Point to curse one piece of tech within 10 metres.
               Weapons gain Overheats or Unbalanced until the end of the encounter. Other technology fails in some way.
Cybernetic Dominion: Minions that possess the Machine Trait gain +10 Loyalty.
Machine (1): Immune to vacuum, cold, mind-influencing psychic powers. +1 Armour Point. Armour Points reduce fire damage.
Master of Mechamorphosis: Gain a +10 Sympathy Modifier during the Ritual of Binding for daemon engines.
                          May spend an Infamy Point to gain an additional +20 to the Binding Ritual.
Mechanicus Implants: May use Mechanicus cybernetics.
Unnatural Intelligence (+2): Increase Int bonus.
Unnatural Strength (+4): Increase S bonus.
Unnatural Toughness (+4): Increase T bonus.

Legionnaire Power Armour
  Mk.V 'Heresy'
   - Helm of Mordicus: Provides AP 7 to the head, Mk2 Auto-senses, +5 Ballistic Skill, 
                       +10 to Command Tests, +5 Fellowship against Space Marines.
   - Pristine Condition: +1 AP until the wearer suffers injury or becomes dirty, 
                         then –3 Initiative until the armour can be repaired.
Legionnaire Bolt Pistol
Legionnaire Combat Knife
Utility Mechadendrite
Good Cerebral Implants
Good Mechanicus Assimilation
Fallen Magos Power Axe
Ferric Lure Implants

Good Legionnaire Meltagun (Acquisition)
Best Legionnaire Plasma Pistol (Acquisition)
Scrap Code Generator (Acquisition)
Servo-Arm (Acquisition)
Best Legionnaire Terminator Armour (Pride)
  - A Fury like Lightning: +5 Agility, +1 to Initiative.

Experience: 14,950 / 15,000

Int +5                        250
Int +10                       500
Int +15                       750
T +5                          250
WP +5                         250
WS +5                         250
Inf +5                        500
Common Lore (Tech) +10        350
Dodge +10                     350
Dodge +20                     500
Forbidden Lore (Archaeotech)  200
Sleight of Hand               200
Sleight of Hand +10           350
Sleight of Hand +20           500
Sleight of Hand +30           750
Tech-Use +20                  500
Tech-Use +30                  750
Armour-Monger                 500
Crushing Blow                 750
Disarm                        250
Excessive Wealth              250
Ferric Summons                250
Master Enginseer              750
Precision Blow                500
Sound Constitution            250
Sound Constitution            250
Sound Constitution            250
Sound Constitution            250
Sure Strike                   250
Swift Attack                  500
True Grit                     750
Weapon-Tech                   250
Whirlwind of Death            500
Characteristics: 10#2d10 13 12 13 14 14 6 12 9 7 13
Infamy: 1d5 2
Wounds: 1d5 5
Armour Mark: 1d10 2
Armour Histories: 2#1d5 4 2
Armour Histories #2: 2#1d10 10 9
Terminator Armour History: 1d5 5
Terminator Armour History #2: 1d10 5

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Jo Joestar
Oct 24, 2013

Francisco de Borja

Francisco was born in the Borja block, one of the decrepit and lawless stretches of the lower Navarre Hive. Like many other Borjans, he turned to scavenging through the ruins sunken into the toxic swamps of the Underhive to put food on his table. What distinguished him from most scavengers was his ability to survive long forays into the toxic environment and its roving mutant tribes, and his knack for finding the truly ancient secrets hidden in the swamps - some dating back to the Horus Heresy, or even the pre-Imperial era. He accumulated a long list of patrons, willing to finance his expeditions for the chance of discovering some ancient secret or piece of Archaeotech - dilettante nobles, the Adeptus Mechanicus, and professional scholars.

His work made him wealthy, unimaginably so by the standards of Borja block. With his patronage, he was able to buy a home in the upper hive, where he took a name more suited to his new circumstances. Despite his new wealth and home, the frequency of his expeditions to the Underhive increased. What had originally been a way to put food on the table and keep a roof over his head had become a genuine interest in secrets lost to time, and a desire to penetrate beyond the legends passed down in the Imperium. He began financing his own expeditions, recovering and studying relics of the ancient past for its own sake.

Over time, though, he found that his old territories yielded fewer and fewer new discoveries; the places that hadn't been picked clean had nothing he hadn't seen before. When the Blood Ravens came to Navarre to recruit serfs and initiates, rumours swept through Francisco's network of patrons of the prize they were trying to claim, and the chance to explore a Heresy-era battleship was all the incentive Francisco needed to leave his home. Using some of his higher-placed contacts, he presented himself to the Blood Ravens as a veteran mercenary with some experience of Heresy-era technology, willing to work for a pittance in exchange for transport off-planet. Now all he needs to do is get on board the Warmaster's Son, help the Blood Ravens fend off every other group trying to claim the ship for themselves, all the while secretly memorising every scrap of information they find, collecting all the artefacts he can carry, and smuggling them off the ship with the Blood Ravens none the wiser. How hard could it be?

Name: Francisco de Borja
Archetype: Chem-Hunter of Messia
Alignment: Unaligned
Pride: Foresight
Disgrace: Greed
Motivation: Arcane


WS:  60 (= 40 + 5 (Archetype) + 15 (Advance))
BS:  49 (= 39 + 10 (Advance))
S:   40 (= 38 - 3 (Arcane) + 5 (Advance))
T:   41 (= 36 + 5 (Archetype))
Agi: 50 (= 40 + 10 (Advance))
Int: 43 (= 36 + 2 (Arcane) + 5 (Advance))
Per: 41 (= 31 + 5 (archetype) + 5 (Foresight))
WP:  31 (= 31) 
Fel: 32 (= 37 - 5 (Foresight))

Wounds: 13 (=12 + 1) 
Infamy: 40 ( = 19 + 1 + 15 + 5 (Advance)))
IP: 4/4
CP: 39 (= 30 + 4 (Greed) + 4 (Arcane) + 1 (Cold Hearted))

Awareness +10
Common Lore (Adeptus Arbites, Imperial Creed, Tech)
Dodge + 20
Forbidden Lore (Mutants, Archaeotech, Horus Heresy)
Linguistics (Low Gothic)
Navigation (Surface)
Operate (Surface) +10
Scholastic Lore (Legend)
Stealth + 10
Survival +10
Tech-Use + 10
Trade (Archaeologist)

Berserk Charge: The Charge Action gives a +30 bonus to the WS roll.
Cold-Hearted: Seduction attempts automatically fail, and +20 to Willpower rolls against Charm.
Combat Master: Enemies in melee gain no bonuses for ganging up.
Excessive Wealth: +10 to all Acquisition rolls.
Exotic Weapon Training (Blastmaster)
Fearless: Immune to fear and pinning, but retreating or backing down from a fight requires a successful Willpower test.
Hatred (Mutants): +10 WS when fighting against Mutants, but must test Willpower to back down or retreat against them.
Jaded: Immune to Fear from non-warp sources.
Light Sleeper: Always counts as awake, even when asleep.
Lightning Attack
Lightning Reflexes: When rolling Initiative, roll twice and take the higher.
Nerves of Steel: Rerolls failed Pinning tests, +10 Willpower to resist Intimidation.
Quick Draw: Drawing and readying Pistol, Basic or one-handed Melee weapons is a free action.
Rapid Reload: Reload time is halved for all weapons, rounding down.
Resistance (Poisons): +10 bonus to resist poisons.
Step Aside: Can dodge or parry twice per round, but can only make one attempt per attack.
Sure Strike: The penalty for Melee Called Shots is reduced to -10.
Swift Attack
Takedown: As a half action or part of a Charge, can attempt to make a takedown attack. If the attack succeeds, and would have done damage, 
the opponent takes a toughness test to avoid being stunned for 1 round and knocked prone. Additionally, reduces the penalty for the Stun Action to 0.
Technical Knock: Can unjam one weapon per round, as a half action.
Total Recall: Eidetic memory for simple information, complicated information requires an Int test.
Weapon Training (Chain, Las, Primary, SP, Power)

Habitual User: Add +10 to skill bonuses, +1 to characteristic bonuses or +1 die to duration for drugs, -10 penalty to #addiction test.
Overwhelming Need: -10 to all Commerce attempts.
Taste of Home: Can create a drug that gives +1 Unnatural Strength/Toughness. Two doses also cause Frenzy, and a +20 toughness test to avoid 1d10 E damage.
The Quick and the Dead: +2 to Initiative.

GC Autogun (w/ 2 magazines)
GC Stub Automatic (w/ 2 magazines)
GC Chainaxe
GC Knife

GC Polix Heavy Khopesh Archaeotech Power Sword (-10 = -20 (VR) + 10 (Single) + 10 (EW) - 10 (GC))
Blastmaster Archaeotech Sonic Cannon w/ Scavenged (-10 = -50 (NU) + 20 (Scavenged) + 10 (Single) + 10 (EW))
GC Light Power Armour w/ Power Supply Tampering, Autosenses, Osmotic Gill and Sustainable Power Source, +5 Intimidate (-10 = -20 (VR) - 10 (GC) + 10 (Single) + 10 (EW))
Conversion Field (-10 = -30 (ER) + 10 (Single) + 10 (EW))

XP Spent:                   15000/15000
Advanced Archetype          4600
Infamy + 5                  500
Excessive Wealth            250
Ballistic Skill + 5         250
Ballistic Skill + 10        500
Weapon Skill + 5            250
Weapon Skill + 10           500
Weapon Skill + 15           750
Agility + 5                 250
Agility + 10                500
Strength + 5                250
Scrutiny                    200
Stealth                     200
Stealth +10                 350
Fearless                    750
Dodge + 20                  500
Logic                       200
Exotic Weapon Training 
(Blastmaster)               500
Scholastic Lore 
(Legend)                    200
Forbidden Lore
(Horus Heresy)              200
Total Recall                250
Intelligence + 5            250
Tech-use +10                350
Swift Attack                500
Lightning Attack            750
Step Aside                  750
Combat Master               500


K: 4
N: 1
S: 2
T: 4
WS     BS    S      T     Ag     Int    Per    WP    Fel  
60(65) 49    40(50) 41    50     43     41     31    32

Wounds: 13/13    Infamy 4/4   Fatigue Level: 0    Initiative: 2d10k1+7
Ground: 5/10/15/30

SB: 5  TB: 4
Awareness: 51 (61 Sight or Hearing)
Dodge: 70
Parry: 60 (+15 Archaeotech Power Sword)

Armour: 7 All
Conversion Field: 50/1-10

Archaeotech Sonic Cannon
(Explosive Crescendo):    Heavy   250m  S/-/-  3d10+10 E  Pen 8  Clip:  ---   ---   Blast (4), Devastating (2), Scavenged*, Unreliable
(Hail of Noise)  :        Basic   150m  S/2/-  1d10+12 E  Pen 6  Clip:  ---   ---   Devastating (1), Storm, Scavenged*, Unreliable
Archaeotech Power Sword:  Melee   ---   ---    1d10+13 R  Pen 8  Clip:  ---   ---   Balanced,  Power Field, Concussive (1)**, +5 WS
GC Autogun:               Basic   100m  S/3/10 1d10+3  I  Pen 0  Clip:   30   Half  Reliable
GC Stub Automatic:        Pistol   30m  S/3/-  1d10+3  I  Pen 0  Clip:    9   Half  Reliable
GC Chainaxe:              Melee   ---   ---    1d10+9  R  Pen 2  Clip:  ---   ---   Tearing, +5 WS
GC Knife:                 Melee   ---   ---    1d5+5   R  Pen 0  Clip:  ---   ---   +5 WS
Unarmed                   Melee   ---   ---    1d10+5  I  Pen 0  Clip:  ---   ---   Primitive 7

*: Weapon is destroyed on a natural 100.
**: When wielded 2-handed.
Stats: 10#2d10+25 39 40 36 31 31 38 40 30 36 37
Wounds, Infamy: 2#1d5 1 1
Power Armour Customisation: 1d10 2*

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Viva Miriya
Jan 9, 2007

Sergeant Matias Solomon, 10th Company






A Terran born operative, active since the inception of the Alpha Legion. Solomon has spent a significant portion of his life embedded as an infiltrator within various Space Marine chapters, usually adopting the identity of a captured or slain Astartes whose memories can be plundered and then re implanted into Solomon's mind. He served as one of many spies for a cabal of Alpha Legion sorcerors, whose mission since the end of the Horus Heresy has been to bring about the fall of the Chaos Gods. It took until the 43rd millennium for them to succeed in provoking a shift in the balance of power in the Warp. In the metaphysical wars that would follow Slaanesh would perish, then Khorne, followed shortly thereafter by Nurgle. So too would perish the remainder of the Eldar Gods. A reborn Kaela Mensha Khaine would fall dealing the final blow to Khorne, Isha would perish to see the end of Nurgle, and Cegorach would fall as the cabal and its allies made war against Tzeentch. The Cabal too would perish attempting to cast a spell that would bind Tzeentch. Solomon survived by virtue of being the only non-psyker Legionnaire to penetrate Tzeentch's Impossible Fortress and was banished to the warp as he attempted to shatter Tzeentch using an ancient Eldar artifact. Although greatly weakened, Solomon was able to avoid being completely consumed by Tzeentch's daemons and escaped, with the help of a dying Cegorach, back to the past. Now back in the 41st millennium, Solomon has taken up the mantle of Scout Sergeant among the Blood Ravens, one of the Chapters he spent time among when he operated as a seeker of archeotech and forbidden lore for the cabal.

The appearance of the Warmaster's Son was a good omen for the cabal, but as his memories were ripped apart one by one in the warp, Solomon can't remember why it was a good omen. All he knows is that something of importance is on that ship and he will search every meter of it until he finds it. In the meantime, the Chapter will no doubt commend him for all the other "relics" he finds along the way.

Name: Matias Solomon
Role: Alpha Legionnaire
Alignment: Unaligned
Pride: Wealth
Disgrace: Regret
Motivation: Violence

10#2d10+30: 10 # 35 [2d10=3, 2] 46 [2d10=7, 9] 33 [2d10=1, 2] 36 [2d10=1, 5] 35 [2d10=2, 3] 40 [2d10=8, 2] 44 [2d10=7, 7] 47 [2d10=8, 9] 38 [2d10=1, 7] 41 [2d10=9, 2]

WS:   59 = 30 +  14 [+10 Advance] [+5 Equipment]
BS:   45 = 30 +  5 [+5 Advance] [+5 Equipment]
S:    60 = 30 + 10 [+20 Equipment]
T:    40 = 30 + 5 [+5 Advance]
Ag:   56 = 30 + 16 [+10 Advance] 
Int:  40 = 30 +  8 [+5 Archetype] [-3 Motivation]
Per:  41 = 30 +  6 [+5 Archetype]
WP:   38 = 30 + 11 [-3 Pride]
Fel:  47 = 30 + 17

Wounds: 16/16  Wounds: 1d5+15 16
IP    : 4/4
Infamy:     40 Infamy: 1d5+19+15 35 [+5 Advance]
Corruption: 40 [+5 Disgrace] [+5 Motivation]


Awareness +10
Command +10
Common Lore (Imperium)
Common Lore (War)
Deceive +30
Dodge +10
Forbidden Lore (Astartes)
Forbidden Lore (Long War)
Forbidden Lore (Psykers)
Linguistics (Low Gothic)
Navigate (Surface)
Operate (Surface)
Scholastic Lore (Tactica Imperialis)
Security +10
Stealth +30


Ancient Warrior
Berserk Charge
Blind Fighting
Bulging Biceps
Cold Hearted
Crippling Strike
Crushing Blow
Enemy (Inquisition)
Excessive Wealth
Furious Assault
Hatred (Astartes)
Heightened Senses (Hearing, Sight)
Hip Shooting
Legion Weapon Training
Lightning Reflexes
Nerves of Steel
Preternatural Speed
Quick Draw
Rapid Reaction
Rapid Reload
Resistance (Cold, Heat, Poison)
Street Fighting
Swift Attack
Unarmed Warrior


Dark Sight (Auto-Senses)
Deceitful Tactics
Unnatural Strength +4
Unnatural Toughness +4



Mark 4 Maximus Legion Power Armor
 - History
   - To forget is to forgive. Forget nothing - Gain Hatred (Astartes)
   - Blood of Those Who Came Before - +10 to Pinning Tests
   - The Emperor's Finest: +5 to Pinning, Fear, and Command Tests
 - Auto-senses
 - Chain Loinguard
 - Enhanced Ceramite
 - Sustainable Power Source
2 Legion Bolters
 - 7 clips
Legion Bolt Pistol
 - 3 clips
Legion Chainsword
Legion Combat Knife
4 Legion Frag
Cameleoline cloak
*** Best Legion Combat Knife
     - Mono
     - Venom Drip
* (Elevate Combat Knife to Legacy)
* Infernal Star
* Best Bionic Legs
* Beguiling Gem

Legacy Combat Knife:
 - Legacy of Betrayal
 - Artful Legacy weapon abilities: 2#1d10 6 4
   - Backstabber (6 modified to 10 with IB)
   - Fast (4 Modified to 8 with IB)

XP:                      14950/15000
Advances by Alignment: 9 K/1 N/9 S/2 T

Alpha Legionnaire               3600
Agility +5                       250
Agility +5                       500
Ballistic Skill +5               250
Toughness +5           [N]       250
Weapon Skill +5                  250
Weapon Skill +5                  500
Infamy +5                        500
Acrobatics             [S]       200
Berserk Charge         [K]       250
Blademaster            [K]       750
Blind Fighting         [T]       250
Charm                  [S]       250
Command                [K]       200
Command +10            [K]       350
Crippling Strike       [S]       500
Crushing Blow          [K]       750
Excessive Wealth       [S]       250
Furious Assault        [K]       500
Intimidate             [K]       250
Lightning Reflexes     [S]       250
Paranoia               [T]       500
Precise Blow           [S]       500
Preternatural Speed    [S]       750
Rapid Reaction         [S]       500
Security                         200
Security +10                     350
Stealth +20                      500
Stealth +30                      750
Street Fighting        [K]       250
Sure Strike            [S]       250
Swift Attack           [K]       500

WS    BS    S     T     Ag     Int    Per    WP    Fel  
59    45    60    40    56     40     41     38    47

Wounds: 16/16    Infamy 4/4   Fatigue Level: 0    Initiative: 2d10k1+7
Ground: 6/12/18/30

SB: 10  TB: 8 (10 to the Legs)
Awareness: 51 (71 for Sight/Hearing)
Dodge: 66
Parry: 59
Stealth: 96

Armour: 8 All  10 Body
Field: 50/1-5

Legacy Combat Knife   Melee  ---   1d10+18 R  Pen  6  Clip:   ---    ----   Backstabber, Fast, Toxic 0
Legion Bolter         100m  S/3/-  1d10+ 9 X  Pen  4  Clip:  24/24   Half   Tearing
Legion Bolt Pistol     30m  S/2/-  1d10+ 9 X  Pen  4  Clip:   8/8    Half   Tearing
Legion Chainsword     Melee  ---   1d10+20 R  Pen  3  Clip:   ---    ----   Balanced, Tearing

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Viva Miriya
Jan 9, 2007





Role: Chosen
Alignment: Unaligned
Pride: Foresight
Disgrace: Destruction
Motivation: Perfection

Characteristics: 10#2d10 9 17 7 11 11 15 6 18 11 7

WS:   41 = 30 +  9 [-3 Motivation] [+5 Armor]
BS:   68 = 30 + 18 [+5 Motivation] [+10 Advance] [+5 Armor]
S:    56 = 30 +  9 [+20 Armor] [-3 Motivation]
T:    41 = 30 + 11
Ag:   51 = 30 + 11 [+10 Advance]
Int:  57 = 30 + 17 [+10 Advance]
Per:  50 = 30 + 15 [+5 Pride]
WP:   41 = 30 + 11
Fel:  35 = 30 +  9 [-5 Pride] [-4 Disgrace] [+5 Advance]

Wounds: 17/17  Wounds: 1d5+16 17
IP     : 4/4
Infamy:     41 Infamy: 1d5+34 39 [+2 Disgrace]
Corruption: 30 


Awareness +20
Common Lore (War)
Commerce +10
Dodge +20
Forbidden Lore (Astartes)
Forbidden Lore (Long War)
Linguistics (Low Gothic)
Navigate (Surface)
Operate (Surface)
Security +10
Stealth +20
Tech Use +20
Trade (Armorer) +10


Ancient Warrior
Armor Monger
Bulging Biceps
Crack Shot
Deadeye Shot
Excessive Wealth
Heightened Senses (Hearing, Sight)
Hip Shooting
Legion Weapon Training
Lightning Reflexes
Mighty Shot
Nerves of Steel
Quick Draw
Rapid Reload
Resistance (Cold, Heat, Poison)
Step Aside
Storm of Iron
Target Selection
Unarmed Warrior
Weapon Tech


Cold Killer
Unnatural Strength +4
Unnatural Toughness +4


Flesh-Fused Weapon (Lascannon)


Mark 6 Corvus Legion Power Armor Armor pattern: 1d10 5
 - Hero's Shame - +5 to WS and BS, -10 Command
 - Unknown Provenance - Roll to see effects during mission
 - Auto-Senses
 - Black Legion's Armor armor customization: 1d10 10
 - Sustainable Power Source
 - Vox Link
Legion Bolter
 - 4 clips
Legion Bolt Pistol
 - 2 clips
Legion Combat Knife
Legion Chainsword
* Hellhammer Lascannon
* Combi-Tool
* Good Cerebral Implants
* Cameleoline Cloak

XP:                     14900/15000

Ballistic Skill +5              250
Ballistic Skill +5              500
Agility +5                      250
Agility +5                      500
Intelligence +5                 250
Intelligence +5                 500
Tech Use                        200
Tech Use +10                    350
Tech Use +20                    500
Stealth +10                     350
Stealth +20                     500
Dodge +20                       500
Awareness +10                   350
Awareness +20                   500
Trade (Armorer)                 200
Trade (Armorer) +10             350
Fellowship +5                   250
Ancient Warrior                 250
Weapon Tech                     250
Excessive Wealth                250
Armor Monger                    500
Hip Shooting                    500
Sharpshooter                    500
Marksman                        500
Storm of Iron                   500
Crack Shot                      500
Step Aside                      750
Target Selection                750
Mighty Shot                     750
True Grit                       750
Eye of Vengeance                750
Security                        200
Security +10                    350
Commerce                        200
Commerce +10                    350

WS    BS    S     T     Ag     Int    Per    WP    Fel  
41    68    56    41    61     57     50     41    35

Wounds: 17/17    Infamy 4/4   Fatigue Level: 0    Initiative: 2d10k1+6
Ground: 7/14/21/35

SB: 9  TB: 4
Awareness: 70 (90 for Sight/Hearing)
Dodge: 81
Parry: 41

Armour: 11 All  12 Body

Lascannon             300m  S/-/-  5d10+13 E  Pen 10  Clip:   5/5    Full   Best Quality, Proven 3
Legion Bolter         100m  S/3/-  1d10+12 X  Pen  4  Clip:  24/24   Half   Tearing
Legion Bolt Pistol     30m  S/2/-  1d10+12 X  Pen  4  Clip:   8/8    Half   Tearing
Legion Chainsword     Melee  ---   1d10+12 R  Pen  3  Clip:   ---    ----   Balanced, Tearing
this is a comedy app

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Apr 22, 2010

Royalty is a continuous cutting motion

Sargeant Thyrakos, 1st Company


You know what this is? A drat chore. I had to show up that loving chaplain one too many loving times, and now I get hulk clearing duty. Ah, what the hell. It'll let me take the volkite for a spin.

No-one seems to know why a warrior of Thyrakos' valor and experience has been assigned to this mission, and he glares at anyone who asks until they leave, which means it's probably the ugly specter of chapter poltics rearing its head. Regardless, he's definitely the man for the job -- as the saying in his squad goes, when you don't have a bulkhead, take cover behind the Sargeant -- and no one can yell quite as loud as he can when it comes to leading a charge.


Name: Thyrakos
Race: Marine
Career: 1st Company Veteran (Vetran of the Long War)
Pride: Readiness (Wealth)
Disgrace: Hubris
Motivation: Perfection
Heroic Ideal: Sanguinius (Aligned Khorne)

WS : 64 = 30 + 9 + 10 + 15
BS : 28 = 30 + 1 - 3 +
S : 44 = 30 + 4 + + 10
T : 59 = 30 + 9 + + 20
AG : 32 = 30 + 5 - 3 +
INT : 28 = 30 + 2 - 4 +
PER : 35 = 30 + 5 + +
WP : 35 = 30 + 3 + 2 +
FEL : 43 = 30 + 8 + + 05

Infamy: 44=24+15+5
Wounds: 19
Corruption: 30
Initiative: 2d10k1+3

Awareness +10
Charm +10
Common Lore (War, Tech)
Forbidden Lore (Adeptus Astartes, The Horus Heresy and the Long War, Heresy, Psykers)
Linguistics (Low Gothic)
Navigate (Surface)
Operate (Surface)
Parry +10
Scholastic Lore (Tactica Imperialis)

Air of Authority
Ancient Warrior
Bulging Biceps
Enemy (Traitor Astartes)
Hatred (Traitor Astartes, Heretics)
Legion Weapon Training
Lightning Reflexes
Heightened Senses (Hearing, Sight)
Nerves of Steel
Peer (Astartes, Imperial Officers)
Quick Draw
Resistance (Cold, Heat, Poisons)
Unarmed Warrior
Unshakeable Will

Unnatural Strength (+4)
Unnatural Toughness (+4)

Veteran's Resolve (Unstoppable Wrath): Spend an IP to make an opposed Strength +0 roll to ignore an enemy's parry, or to roll Toughness +0 to ignore Injury, Stunning, Fatigue, or Death (once per fight) for 1 round.
Holy Contempt (Abhorrence Unchained): When killing an enemy who fits a Hatred talent, roll Infamy +10 to gain Fear 2 and +1 Damage against that type of enemy for the rest of the encounter.


Legionnaire Power Armour, Legionnaire Bolter, Legionnaire Combat Knife, four magazines for starting weapon
Legion Bolt Pistol with 2 Magazines, 1 Legion Frag Grenade, 1 Legion Krak Grenade, Legion Chainaxe
Company Standard (Trophy Rack)

Acquisitions (4 starting):
GC Legion Terminator Armor (-30 rarity/AW -10 GC +20 wealth +10 single +10 ex wealth)
Heresy-Pattern Volkite Spraygun (Clarion Cannon (-20 rarity +10 single +10 ex wealth))
The Testing Fist of Saint Drusius (Bonecrusher Mace w/ cursed metal (-30 rarity +10 single +10 ex wealth +10 CM))
Battle Honor of Virtuous Choler (Skull Totem (-20 rarity +10 single +10 ex wealth)

Advancements (14900/15000):
VotLW 3600
Clarion Cannon Prof 500
INF +5 500
Hatred (Daemons) 300
Hatred (Mutants) 300
Hatred (Orks) 300
Hatred (Eldar) 300
Excessive Wealth 1000
WS +5 250
WS +10 500
WS +15 750
S +5 100
S +10 250
T +5 250
T +10 500
T +15 750
T +20 1000
Berserk Charge 200
Crushing Blow 400
Hammer Blow 400
Swift Attack 300
True Grit 750
Command +10 200
Command +20 400
Command +30 600
Fel +5 500

chargen: 10#1d10 5 4 2 9 8 5 1 1 3 9
inf wounds: 2#1d5 5 4

Just how many things can you fit on one terminator's back, anyway?

John Dyne
Jul 3, 2005

Allergic to Seinfeld.

Apps will remain open another day or so; one applicant needed a little more time due to being with their family over the weekend, so everyone gets an extra day or two to polish off your characters.

Viva Miriya
Jan 9, 2007

John Dyne posted:

Apps will remain open another day or so; one applicant needed a little more time due to being with their family over the weekend, so everyone gets an extra day or two to polish off your characters.

i mean should I? I feel mine is perfectly vague

John Dyne
Jul 3, 2005

Allergic to Seinfeld.

Viva Miriya posted:

i mean should I? I feel mine is perfectly vague

Yours is the loving Samurai Jack opening.

Viva Miriya
Jan 9, 2007

John Dyne posted:

Yours is the loving Samurai Jack opening.

I thought it was atlatl OC

Nov 20, 2007

That warm and fuzzy feeling.

Scout Sgt "Honest" Joaquin.

Picked about as late as you can and successfully go through the space marine training process, Joaquin also managed to keep intact hive juvie adolescent features such as a driving hatred of authority and stealing everything not nailed down. Smart enough to, you know, not to tip off your betters, he stuck with the part of the space marine chapter that lets you fart off and do your own thing within reason. A regrettable incident with a power armor catheter has left him with an abiding dislike of chapter serfs and similar dregs, but you know, they're some of the best sellers of neat tech gizmos that fall off the backs of servitors. You also get around to patching yourself up once you and your friends get bits shot and hacked off of them, waste not, want not.

In any event, things break and people gotta eat and tech marines and priests are creepy, so come out and hang with him on the underdeck for the potluck hullghast bbq/flea market. Throne knows you weren't going to make better use of your time.

Foresaken Scout Marine
Pride: Foresight
Disgrace: Dread
Motivation: Innovation

WS  41
BS  52=42+10xp
STR 41
TOU 40
AGI 57=47+10xp
INT 55=47+3+5xp
PER 56=41+5+5+5xp
WIL 38=38-5+5xp
FEL 42=42-5+5xp
INF 35

Wounds: 18=15+5-2
Corruption: 33=30+2+1CH

Starting Skills: 
Common Lore (War)
Forbidden Lore (Adeptus Astartes, The Horus Heresy and the Long War, Archaeotech+10, Cold Trade)
Linguistics (Low Gothic, High Gothic)
Navigate (Surface)
Operate (Surface)
Sleight of Hand
Survival +10
Trade (Cook)

Starting Talents: 
Bulging Biceps
Cold Hearted
Dead eye shot
Legion Weapon Training
Heightened Senses (Hearing,Sight)
Hotshot Pilot
Master Chur.
Mighty Shoot
Nerves of Steel
Quick Draw
Resistance (Cold,Heat, Poisons)
Step aside
Unarmed Warrior.

Starting Traits: 
Unnatural Strength (+4)
Unnatural Toughness (+4)

SPECIAL ABILITY: RESOURCEFUL, +10 in aq tests for rare or lower.

Starting Equipment: 
Legionnaire Power Armour + Osmotic Seal+Sustainable Power source+vox link
Legionnaire Bolter or Legionnaire Bolt Pistol
Legionnaire Combat Knife, four magazines for starting weapon.
Legion Chainsword
4x legion frags
legion shotguns 2 clips
*Advanced +20 medkit
*Good Quality Cham Cloak
*Longlas+melee attachment+reddot sight

bs+5  250
bs+10 500
agi+5 250
agi+10 500
int+5 250
per+5 250
fel+5 250
wp+5 250


stealth 200
stealth+10 350
awareness+10 350
FL Archae+tech 200
FL Archaeotech 350
FL Cold Trade 200
dodge+10 350
deceive 200
medicae 200
medicae+10 350
sleight of hand 200
trade cook 200
tech use 200
tech use+10 350
scrutiny 200
charm 200
command 200
commerce+10 350
acrobatics 350
linguistics (HG) 200
Security 200
Security+10 350
200 x13 2600
350 x9 3150


catfall 250
blindfighting 250
foresight 500
hardy 500
hotshot pilot 500
hipshooting 500
leapup 250
marksman 500
master chruigen 750
mighty shot 750
paranoia 500
stepaside 750
dead eye shot 250
sharp shooter 500

15000 total

Jul 24, 2007

sanitize your lovebot
between users

"My man, Did I ever tell you about that time I was in the foul Tau Xenos world and was putting Tau to the sword." D'jasper slurred to his companion

Name: D'jasper Probincrux III
Archetype: Apostate
Alignment: Unaligned EMPEROR
Pride: Charm
Disgrace: Hubris
Motivation: Perfection


WS:  25 +5 		= 30
BS:  25 +17 +5 +5 +5 +5 = 62
S:   25 +6		= 31
T:   25 +12 +5 +5 +5 +5 = 57
Agi: 25 +13 +5 +5 +5 +5 = 58
Int: 25 +6		= 31
Per: 25 +9		= 34
WP:  25 +11 +5 +5 +5 +5 = 56
Fel: 25 +15 +5 +5 +5 +5 = 60

Wounds: 11 +3 = 14
Infamy: 37
CP:  30

Charm [+10] +5 From Armor
Common Lore (Adeptus Arbites)
Dodge [+20]
Forbidden Lore (Archeotech) [+10]
Forbidden Lore (The Inquisition)
Inquiry [+10]
Scholastic Lore (Bureaucracy)
Scholastic Lore (Heraldry)
Scholastic Lore (Imperial Warrents)

Air of Authority
Iron Discipline
Radient Presence
Serpents Tongue
Sound Constitution (3)
The Quick and the Dead
Total Recall
Unshakeable Will
Weapon Training (Las)
Weapon Training (Primary)
Weapon Training (Melta)


Chaos  IMPERIAL Symbol Pendant
Good Alcohol
Guard Flak Armour
Laspistol (Good Craftsmanship)
Lho Stick
Power Blade
Unholy Tomes

GQ Meltagun
Basic 20m S/–/– 2d10+10E 12 5 2 Full Melta

GQ Light Power Armour
All 7 +10S Sustainable Power Source, Vox Link, Magnetized Boot Soles, Power Supply Tampering
Armor history: 1d10 10 REROLL
Armor history reroll: 1d10 1 REROLL AGAIN
Armor history reroll #2: 1d10 2

CQ Inferno Pistol Pistol 
10m S/–/– 2d10+10E 12 3 Full Melta 3kg

XP Spent:           		        14600/15000
BS +5 						250  		Unaligned
BS +10 						500 		Unaligned 
BS +15 						750		Unaligned
BS +20 						1000		Unaligned
Fel +5 						250		Slaanesh
Fel +10 					500		Slaanesh
Fel +15 					750		Slaanesh
Fel +20 					1000		Slaanesh
Agi +5						250		Unaligned
Agi +10						500		Unaligned
Agi +15						750		Unaligned
Agi +20						1000		Unaligned
Weapon Training (Melta)				250 		Unaligned
Sound Const. 1					250		Nurgle
Sound Const. 2					250		Nurgle
Sound Const. 3					250		Nurgle
WP +5 						250  		Tzeentch
WP +10 						500 		Tzeentch
WP +15 						750		Tzeentch
WP +20 						1000		Tzeentch
Marksman					500		Unaligned
Dodge +10					350		Slaanesh
Dodge +15					500		Slaanesh
Dodge +20					750		Slaanesh
T +5						250		Nurgle
T +10						500		Nurgle
T +15						750		Nurgle
T +20						1000		Nurgle


K: 0
N: 7
S: 7
T: 4
WS     BS    S      T     Ag     Int    Per    WP    Fel  
23      49    22    40   45      21    25      45     60

Wounds:  14  Infamy  15    Initiative: 1d10+4 

SB: 2  TB: 	4
Awareness: 	25
Dodge: 		64

Armour: 	All 7 Sustainable Power Source, Vox Link, Magnetized Boot Soles, Power Supply Tampering
		-Inf Power, Can charge pistol energy weapons
		-Can Listen To Radio thru it
		-Can walk on walls and stuff

Weapons: 			Class 	Range	RoF	Dam.		Pen		Clip		Reload		Special
CQ. Inferno Pistol 		Pistol  10m 	S/–/– 	2d10+10E 	12 		3Inf		Full 		Melta
GQ Meltagun			Basic 	20m 	S/–/– 	2d10+10E 	12 		5 		2Full 		Melta, Reliable
Infamy: 1d5+19+15 37
Chargen 2: 10#2d10 3 15 5 11 13 12 17 6 6 9

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John Dyne
Jul 3, 2005

Allergic to Seinfeld.

Just a quick note, but advances from your archetype do NOT count towards alignment, so anything you start with doesn't align you.

Only stuff you purchase will align you.

I'm giving the guy who wanted to put in an app until tonight, and then I will make picks tomorrow afternoon.

Apr 10, 2010

This ship, come at last out of the warp, is the greatest prize imaginable. Endless hordes of the enemy will come to try to find it and claim it for their own. They will be the sea that washes over his battle brothers. But man builds dikes to hold back the sea, and the Blood Ravens have Devastators. Tobias will stand until he can stand no more, beating back the hordes of Chaos that seek to overcome his friends and allies, This is his vow....he will not be moved. There may be other members of the company that are faster than he is. There may be members who are smarter than he is, but his vow is that there won't be any members of his company who can withstand as much as he can.

Name: Brother Tobias
Archetype Plague Marine Devastator Marine
Pride Fortitude
Disgrace Destruction
Motivation Vengeance


WS: 43
BS: 51
S; 48
T: 58
Agi: 24
Int: 39
WP: 43
Fel: 32

Wounds 26
Infamy 39
IP 3
CP 30


Awareness +10
Common Lore (War, Any)
Forbidden Lore (Adeptus Astartes, The Horus Heresy and the Long War, Daemonlogy)
Intimidate +10
Linguistics (Low Gothic)
Navigate (Surface)
Operate (Surface)
Parry +10


Ancient Warrior
Blind Fighting
Bolter Drill
Bulging Biceps
Crack Shot
Deadeye Shot
Exotic Weapon Training (Plague Knife)
Flesh Render
Iron Jaw
Hip Shooting
Legion Weapon Training
Heightened Senses (Hearing, Sight)
Nerves of Steel
Quick Draw
Rapid Reload
Resistance (Cold, Heat, Poisons)
Sound Constitution
Storm of Iron
Unarmed Warrior


Unnatural Strength (+4)
Unnatural Toughness (+4)
Abominable Physiology
Hideous Resilience
Infectious Miasma


Legionnaire Power Armor
Legionnare Bolt Pistol/w 4 magazines
Legionnare Combat Knife
Legion Bolter /w 2 magazines
Plague Knife
3 Blight Grenades
2 Legion Krak Grenades
Legion Heavy Bolter
Legion Chainsword
Legion Heavy Flamer


Legion Heavy Bolter
Legion Chainsword
Legion Heavy Flamer

XP Spent 14850 xp/15000 xp

Simple Weapons Skill (Unalligned) 250 xp
Simple Strength (Khorne) 250 xp
Simple Ballistic Skill (Unalligned) 250 xp
Storm of Iron (Khorne) 500 xp
Hardy (Nurgle) 500 xp
Flesh Render (Khorne) 250 xp
Intermedite Ballistic Skill (unalligned) 500 xp
Crack Shot (Tzeench) 500 xp
Sound Constitution 250 xp




Sep 23, 2009

Ignorance, the root of all evil


So, what did I do wrong in my character? So I know to avoid that in the future? Given how my character was actually Done, as opposed to a character sheet with no background or other information?

Or did I just get unlucky and apply for a position that someone who was promised a spot wanted?

Long story short, I'd just like to know what removed me from consideration so I don't make that mistake in the future.

Viva Miriya
Jan 9, 2007


So, what did I do wrong in my character? So I know to avoid that in the future? Given how my character was actually Done, as opposed to a character sheet with no background or other information?

Or did I just get unlucky and apply for a position that someone who was promised a spot wanted?

Long story short, I'd just like to know what removed me from consideration so I don't make that mistake in the future.

chin up everything sucks
Jan 29, 2012


So, what did I do wrong in my character? So I know to avoid that in the future? Given how my character wasn't actually Done, as opposed to a character sheet with no background or other information?

Or did I just get unlucky and not apply for a position that someone who was promised a spot wanted?

Long story short, I'd just like to know what removed me from consideration so I don't make that mistake in the future.

Sep 23, 2009

Ignorance, the root of all evil


Name: Diona Kaine		Homeworld: Imperial World (Calabria)	Career: Guardsman (Grenadier)
Rank: Guard (2)		Divination: The Wise Man learns from the Deaths of Others (+3 Int)
Skin Colour: Fair		Hair Colour: Reddish Brown		Eye Colour: Dark Brown
Age: 18				Experience: 50/500 XP					


			Start		Advance		Final
Weapon Skill:		31		+0		31
Ballistics Skill:	37		+5		42
Strength:		37		+0		37
Toughness:		36		+5		41
Agility:		33		+0		33
Intelligence:		35		+0		35
Perception:		29		+0		29
Willpower:		35		+0		35
Fellowship:		29		+0		29

Wounds: 11
Fate Points: 2
Insanity Points: 2
Corruption Points: 0
Prestige: 0/0 


- Blessed Ignorance: Your wise blindness imposes a -5 penalty on Forbidden
Lore (Int) Tests.

- Hagiography: Common Lore (Imperial Creed, Imperium, War) (Int) are Basic Skills.

- Liturgical Familiarity: Literacy (Int) and Speak Language (High Gothic) (Int) are Basic Skills.

- Superior Origins: Willpower +3.


Common Lore (Imperial Creed, Imperium, War) (Int)
Literacy (Int)
Speak Language (High Gothic) (Int)


Speak Language (Low Gothic) (Int)
Drive (Ground Vehicle) (Ag)


- Melee Weapon Training (Primitive): Use weapons without penalty.

- Pistol Training (Las): Use weapons without penalty.

- Basic Weapon Training (Las): Use weapons without penalty.

- Basic Weapon Training (SP): Use weapons without penalty.

- [i]Basic Weapon Training (Launcher): Use weapons without penalty.


Lasgun with auxiliary grenade launcher and 2 charge packs
4 frag grenades, 2 smoke grenades
Good Quality Guardsman Flak Armour, 4 AP All (Microbead in helmet)
Uniform (Common Quality Clothing)
Web Harness
--Combat Knife (No Primitive Tag)
Field sack
--Imperial Infantryman's Uplifting Primer
--Mess Kit
--Personal grooming kit
--9-70 entrenching tool (May be used as an Axe in combat)
--Sandbags (10)
--Weapon maintenance kit
--Combat ration pack

Ballistic Skill Basic: 100 XP
Toughness Basic: 250 XP
Grenadier Role: 100 XP
Life on a Paradise World generally sucks when you're not one of the nobility vacationing there. The daughter of menial bureaucrats who would undoubtedly wind up either being shuffled to a brothel somewhere if pretty enough (Which she wasn't, a combination of a hostile-demeanour and only average looks managed to dodge that bullet) or following in the footsteps and being another generic bureaucrat.

So it came to a complete surprise that, when running an errand, she found herself conscripted into the guard. She hasn't yet decided if dying in a glorious blaze of destruction is better then dying a slow, boring death just yet./i].

Stats Rolled:


Fate Points:


WS     BS     S      T      Ag     Int    Per    WP     Fel
31     42     37     41     33     35     29     35    	29
Wounds: 11 / 11        Fate: 2 / 2
Armour: Arms 4, Body 4, Head 4, Legs 4

Lasgun   100m  S/3/–  1d10+3E  Pen. 0  Clip 60  Full  Reliable
Combat Knife          1d5R     Pen. 0                 Primitive
Aux. G.Launcher 45m   S/-/-            Clip 1         
Frag Grenades  9      2d10X    Pen. 0                 Blast (4)
Smoke Grenades 9                                       Smoke

May 30, 2011

Let me axe you just one question.


So, what did I do wrong in my character? So I know to avoid that in the future? Given how my character was actually not done, as opposed to a character sheet with background and other information?

Or did I just get unlucky and not apply for a position that nobody who was promised a spot wanted?

Long story short, I'd just like to know what removed me from consideration so I don't make that mistake in the future.

John Dyne
Jul 3, 2005

Allergic to Seinfeld.

As usual there was a tough decision on who all to take for the game, and even with the added time to study the characters and gauge interactions, I had a rough time narrowing it down to six.

So we're taking eight, under the premise that the two humans are supporting the marines in their endeavors. To those of you who didn't get in initially, I do intend to have you cycle in or at the very least take part in some way.

Either way, here's the final cast list:

Tricky - Brother Catchibald, Blood Ravens Librarian
ilootthecorpse - Xaiphos the Erudite, Blood Ravens Antiquarian
Werix - Aster the Blue Wake, Blood Ravens Chaplain
MaliciousOnion - Brother-Captain Orlov, Keeper of the Armoury, Blood Ravens Tech-Marine
Viva Miriya - Sergeant Matias Solomon, Blood Ravens Scout Sergeant
wiegieman - Sergeant Thyrakos, Blood Ravens 1st Company Terminator

Dachsundofdoom - Lord Captain Vespasian Osgrim Thurgood-Redcliffe XIV, Rogue Trader
Jo Joestar - Francisco de Borja, Bodyguard

While I get the OP ready, let's have everyone post initial, probably completely inaccurate impressions of the other characters.

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Feb 14, 2013


Lord Captain's Log. Stardate: too drunk on fine amasec to remember.

Tomorrow we shall venture aboard the... The Warmaster's Son, yes. Who names their bloody ship after their commander's title? Space Marines, that's who. Not a trace of imagination. Speaking of Astartes, I shall be working alongside quite a few. Here's hoping they don't steal all the interesting kills.

First we have Brother Catchibald, who frankly seems a little short for a Space Marine. His armor also makes the oddest sounds. But he's a Librarian, and I suppose psykers are always strange. I once hunted a renegade feral shaman for sport; he committed a rather unusual suicide with witchery rather than let me capture him in the end. Sore losers, those psykers. I believe his final words before he turned inside out were "Oops," which is no doubt some vile defiant curse among his people.

Xaiphos the Erudite, not to be confused with Xaiphos the Crudité. High Gothic humor which ignores proper pronunciation, ho! A very dour fellow, very clever and determined. I trust him implicitly!

And we have Aster the Blue Wake, whose bubbly personality and joie de vivre are nearly as infectious as the Aspis Fungal Blight, which I believe wiped out one quarter of the crew. In hindsight I should've known that insect-beast I brought aboard was far too slow and stupid to be healthy, nor were those waving white tendrils around its eyes part of its natural anatomy. What was I saying? Ah, yes. That was a joke. The first part, I mean. I am legitimately shocked that that Aster fellow doesn't end every sentence by blowing his brains out. He should really cheer up! There's things to be hunted and we're the ones to hunt them!

Brother-Captain Orlov, who is like all Tech-Marines. Really, you've met one, you've met them all. At least, in my experience. They're much like your basic Astartes Vulgaris, except that Astartes Cogboyus occasionally yell things about the Omnissiah in addition to the Emperor, and they carry fancier weapons by virtue of having cogitators in their brains that allow them to fill out armory requisition forms correctly.

Sergeant Matias Solomon, who reminds me of Xavier the Edified or whatever his name was, insofar as I trust him with my life and I am entirely confident in him, above and beyond even his fellow marines. I am an unimpeachable judge of character and I expect great things from both of them!

And last among the marines we have Sergeant Thyrakos, who is determined to make sure every one of the Emperor's foes hear him coming regardless of where in the universe they are. He is loud, his armor is loud, his gun is loud. My ears will no doubt be ringing even harder than the time I pursued that Screamer-Killer beneath the hyper-resonant glaciers of the fourth moon of Sotha.

Lastly, we have the only other human of any significance on this little expedition, Fransisco de Borja. He too is a hunter, although he specializes in archaeotech rather than beasts. In that respect he is far more similar to my hosts than I am. Still, it's good to not have to put up with these sanctimonious supersoldiers alone.

Sep 13, 2012

#acolyte GM of 2013

Log of Chaplain Aster the Blue Wake prior to Operation Clean Sweep

Gah, I hate doing these things. I get it, it is my job as Chaplain to met the spiritual needs of my marines, and I don't know if they're slipping if I don't keep logs, but poo poo, I'd rather keep Mental Notes. Anyway, here are current impression of my battle brothers, including information I know from prior campaigns.

Brother Catchibald:Well this one is a Librarian, which means we all gotta shut up and give a poo poo, because our chapter geneseed must be cursed. Only we would think "highest number of Psykers since the Thousand Sons" is a feature and not a bug. drat good at nicking stuff from other chapters, and I will say his pies are a bright spot on an otherwise dreary deployment, but gently caress I don't trust any psykers as far as I can throw them.

Xaiphos the Erudite: No surprise he's here. He currently hold the Chapter record of most "relics" "reclaimed" of any living member, and is third overall, when you count in Force Commander Hairgel. I don't have to preach too hard at him since he's bought the Chapter rhetoric hook line and sinker. He's also damned smart, and when I want to have a chat with someone about daemons and the warp who isn't a loving sorcerer he can keep a conversation.

Brother-Captain Orlov:Oh Orlov loving knows. He might be the only damned marine outside of the Chapter Master and the Chaplains that knows that 90 percent of our kit is loving stolen, and about half of that from traitor legions. He's the one that says my Crozius isn't cursed. Then again, you can't cross the damned keeper of the armory, or else you'll get poo poo gear.

Sergeant Matias Solomon:Scout Company Neophyte. So I'm supposed to care since my job is all about teaching the new members, but Chaplain Clegain is on neophyte duty this rotation, so I really hope I don't have this one asking too many questions until he can get back. Like, I hate neophyte duty. Taking some newly enhanced person full of hope and a zest for helping the imperium, and then pumping their head full of the Chapter's lies? Thor's balls Neophyte duty is a depressing.

Sergeant Thyrakos: I'm glad to serve with Thyrakos again. He and I were actually scouts at the same time. Recruited in different trials from different worlds, but served through scout, devastator, and assault marine phases together. He moved on to tactical, and I got tapped for Chaplain duty. Kept tabs on him though over the years, felt a sense of pride when I heard he got Terminator Honors. Then he crossed the Reclusiarch . Man, whatever he did to piss him off was a poor loving move, since the Reclusiarch is the second highest Chaplain in the whole damned chapter. You piss him off, then you're hosed. When I heard I was being sent into this hulk with Thyrakos, I got excited. It'll be good to fight along side him again.

Apparently we got two non-astartes with us.

Lord Captain Vespasian Osgrim Thurgood-Redcliffe XIV: By the time he's finished introducing himself with that dumb loving name he's already dead. If we didn't need his ship he'd be a non-issue. Just talks and says nothing. I got the briefing from Brother Dercius. First proof of heretical taint we off him and annex his ship. Hope he doesn't take long to do it.

Francisco de Borja:uh, who cares? Just some old damned scrap dealer. If anything we'll have to worry about him trying to claim anything the chapter wants. He lays his hands on any "relics" the rest of the astartes in the squad best rip him apart before I have to. I just don't have the energy.

Viva Miriya
Jan 9, 2007

Squad Notes

Astartes Personnel

The Antiquarian (Xaiphos the Erudite): Potential asset, though I may have to kill him if he acquires a critical artifact before I do. Has an obsession with the past that borders on the heretical. This can mean one of a few things in my experience: either he is one of the many radical souls genuinely interested in advancing the Imperium in the universe, he is a Chaos plant subtly trying to compromise those around him, or he is simply a Blood Raven. Due to the nature of this Chapter, it is hard to tell which at times. If he happens to be a brother Legionnaire, I also might have to kill him if his aims diverge with my own. Our work cannot be stopped if the species is to survive. For the Emperor.

The Armourer (Techmarine Captain? Orlov): I like this guy. Witty for a Techmarine and somehow a Captain to boot? He's more akin to an Iron Warrior warsmith in knowledge and responsibilities and that makes him incredibly useful. This one may be suitable to lead a tertiary cell because of his knowledge and expertise. Perhaps he will need a lot of convincing and manipulation to take the job. Then again, I have a gut feeling that at this point in life, he's more interested in destroying xenos and daemons in new and exciting ways. I've always had pretty good luck recruiting loyalists. Generally when you tell them their job is "same as before, except you get to kill the real enemy" they tend to get on board fast, just like we did. Oh the Cabal. They really had us convinced their way was the only way. And look where that got us. Now we gotta figure out a way to undo the damage we did before the species is kaput. I feel like we came close but my memory is all fuzzy.

The Chaplain (Aster the Blue Wake): One of the most jaded Chaplain's I've ever met. He's right to be so tired of this bullshit. Living through most of 12 MILLENNIA in real time got old quick after the first few hundred years. Anyway this guy is definitely an Asset to be recruited mach fething schnell. Thats old Terran Imperial Fist slang for NOW MOTHERFETHER NOW! Man I miss those guys, even if I had to kill a lot of them. The mission at all costs though eh? Chaps might not be too smart though, because he somehow has me confused for a fething BOOT! We're gonna have to sort that at some point but right now it's good to be underestimated.

The Librarian (Brother Catchibald): He's one of the most powerful psykers to ever live. And he's obviously compromised by Tzeentch so he's going to have to die at some point. I will be certain to convince that Rogue Trader that one of the most powerful psykers in the universe would make a great trophy and an even greater story of triumph. Because feth that, I'm not going up against him.

The Terminator (Sergeant Thyrakos): A grunt who hosed up and forgot to kiss the right pissbaby's shiny ceramite rear end. He's not going to open up to me, or anyone, easily. But if I ever find out why he got sidelined, I can definitely use it.

Me (Cover: Matias Solomon, 200 years active service): This one's so I remember who I need to be incase a Keeper of Secrets feeds on my memories again or some poo poo. I am Matias Solomon. I hail from the underhives of Meridian and was inducted into the Blood Ravens Chapter on my 16th birthday after being swept up in a purge of some of the underhive gangers. Most of my intake did not survive implantation. I was a scout during the Cleansing of Obscurus, a Devastator during the Tartarus Campaign, an Assault Marine during the Koronus Campaign, and I made Tactical in time for the Targa campaign where I fought the Tau. I returned to the 10th Company because I wanted to ensure the next generation of Blood Ravens are trained properly, ensure that no trash makes it to the Fleet, that sorta thing. I turned down a chance to be seconded to the Deathwatch for the opportunity to make Sergeant in the 10th so other Marines may have mixed feelings on this. If anyone asks me more than that and I can't remember, tell them you have to return some dataslates to the Librarium and walk away really fast. It usually buys you time to read up on whatever the feth they were talking about so you can lie about it later.

Human Personnel

The Rogue Trader (Feth your name): If he isn't a Slaanesh worshipper, he soon will be. Incredibly loud and annoying when drunk, but that's par for the course for most humans/post humans. Has his own agenda so cannot be considered a reliable asset. However he can be exploited for short-term use and he's a competent combatant. He will be useful on the ship. Whether he lives to get off of it will be reevaluated as the mission progresses.

The Mercenary (Francisco de Borja): Normally I'd just throttle some human and put the fear of the warp into him, but he's got none. I'm just gonna have to play to his greed and kill him if he takes something that should be mine.

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Jun 12, 2007

after a great meal i like to lie on the ground and feel like garbage

Chaplain Aster: This one is pretty funny! He's all grumpy-gus about everything, but the moment there's a shiny bit it's all, "For the Emperor! Get that fiddly thingum! It's definitely ours!" Fine taste in pies 'n such, probably not a crazy.

Xaiphos the Erudite: Definitely a crazy! He keeps lookin' at me like he knows Catchibald is a made-up name, but how could anyone possibly see through my fool-proof disguise? Wait, what, it's his job to know everything...? Uh oh.

Brother-Captain Orlov: Another smarty! This one likes the fiddly bits I keep finding wherever — especially the ones with stars and bleeding and screaming — but I think he's too busy shoving his bits in mechanical thingums to notice my ploy.

Sergeant Matias Solomon: This one is a hoot and a half! You're all, "Eyyyy, Matty, what'd you eat for elevenses?" and then he freezes for a minute like you caught him with a hand in the chapter's cookie jar before stammering out some nonsense and running away. I figger he's probably one of those chaos whatsits, but I'll leave that for the rest to sort out!

Sergeant Thyrakos: You know what they say about a guy with a big gun and bigger armor right? No? By Sigmar's glorious tits, what the heck is wrong with the future? Ya'll are crazy.

Lord Captain Vespasian Osgrim Thurgood-Redcliffe XIV: Y'know, I half expect him to start pipping and popping and cheerioing about hunting the most dangerous game: obviously me. Of course, he's a loon, so mebbe he'd go for Thyrakkie first? Though... he does have some of the best eats this side of the warp on that fancy ship, so I guess he's alright.

Francisco de Borja: Now this is a man of taste and drugs and other things! Y'know how hard it is to get a good smoke in the future? Really hard! This guy let me try some of his stash and hooooooo boy. I ent got that high since my nameday.

Jo Joestar
Oct 24, 2013

Francisco de Borja

Brother Catchibald: Underhive psykers always made my flesh crawl, but Catchibald seems like an alright sort. It's not what I'd expect from a space marine, but he's actually a good cook, and very wide-read, though I think I could beat him on depth in a few subjects. We shared my stash and some of his excellent pies, which makes him the closest I've got to a friend on board. I should probably be more cautious with what I offer him, though; we ended up finishing my entire stash, which I'm surprised he survived. I'm beginning to miss the taste of home, though; I'm going to have to make some more with whatever I can find up here, because this is the worst possible time to go cold turkey.

Xaiphos the Erudite: As far as I can tell, he's forgotten more about the Heresy and pre-Heresy eras than I've ever learnt. If it were possible, I'd like to sit down and talk with him about our mutual fields of study, but I'm trying to keep my real interests here hidden, and everything I've seen of the Blood Ravens has shown me that they don't like outsiders learning their secrets. If I can avoid burning all my bridges on this job, maybe I'll be able to have that conversation one day. He's also one of the ones I'll have to keep an eye out for if I'm going to smuggle anything worthwhile off the Warmaster's Son.

Aster the Blue Wake: He fething hates this mission, and makes sure everyone knows it. He's not too fond of the fact that there's a Psyker on board, or that this isn't a Marine-only thing, either. The best I can say is that, as a lowly human, I'm beneath his notice most of the time. I've heard him discussing things with Xaiphos occasionally - arcane knowledge seems to be his speciality. Not something a humble Emperor-fearing citizen like me would have any interest in, of course. He's another one to watch out for; I'm half-sure he already thinks I'm going to steal from him, on general principles.

Brother-Captain Orlov: He's the local arm of the Mechanicus, and, like seemingly every other Marine on this ship, very well-read. I think he might be interested in my small collection of archaeotech. Given that he's in charge of supplies and has privileged access to all the ship's systems, he's probably the person to talk to about my unusual medical needs. Maybe I could make some sort of deal with him? As before, someone to watch out for.

Sergeant Matias Solomon: The only Scout Marine I've met so far. If I remember Mersadie Oliton's Notes on the Dissemination of the Codex Astartes correctly, that makes him a sort of apprentice to the real marines, until he earns his power armour. He might be the only person here who's younger than me, which is a funny thing to think about a superhuman killing machine. Apart from that, there's not much to say. He doesn't keep to himself, but despite that he doesn't give much away.

Sergeant Thyrakos: He's a walking treasury of historical relics. Most of what he carries is post-Heresy, which makes it too recent to fall into my area of expertise, but I'd give a lot for a few hours spent examining a genuine Heresy-era Volkite weapon, or even a later-model suit of Tactical Dreadnought armour. Of course, if this mission goes well, I might be able to examine one at my leisure. As for the man himself, I don't know much. Mostly he seems like a lower-key version of Aster, which I suppose would explain how friendly the two of them are.

Lord Captain Vespasian Osgrim Thurgood-Redcliffe XIV: The only other unaugmented human who'll be going into the Warmaster's Son with us. He says he's here for the hunting, but I find it hard to believe he doesn't have an ulterior motive. Still, when I think about why I'm here, I have to admit that maybe it isn't so unlikely. I'm going to need to a way to get whatever artifacts I find off the ship without the Blood Ravens noticing, so getting to know him can't be a bad idea; his ship's the only alternative to trying to smuggle it out on a Blood Raven vessel.

Oct 13, 2010

Xaiphos Preliminary Investigation Report; Operation Clean Sweep

Brother Catchibald: The Chapter Librarian has been a vexing enigma to me since I endeavored to verify the truth about him. Convivial rumors about Brother Catchibald suggest that he may in fact be three Ratlings in a stolen suit of armor. The Librarian's tiny face and even tinier voice seem to support that, but I've never read anything to suggest a Ratling could be one of the most potent psykers in recent history. I have attempted on several occasions to place him under close personal observation, but thus far all I have been able to conclude is that Brother Catchibald is never outside of his armor, even in leisure, and that he must have determined a way to infuse his pies with psyker energies. The Codex has no guidance on whether this is blasphemous.

Discovering Catchibald's secret would provide considerable leverage. Continue observations.

Aster the Blue Wake: The Chaplain and I have built somewhat of a professional rapport in recent years. The dynamic generally follows that he find me in the Reliquary, begins something with "You know what I loving hate?", and then proceeds to spend the next one to five hours expressing exactly what it is that he hates. It is generally some variation on how nobody knows why the Chapter Master chose our current mission, how a particular neophyte cannot discern their own head from their rectum, or how the Reclusiarch is giving him "hemorrhoids from being so far up his rear end." If it weren't for our physiology making it quite impossible I would swear he was very drunk. Still, his droning is meditative when I am hard at work and he accepts the occasional "hmm" or "you don't say" as conversation.

Aster's belief in our piety to the Chapter's ideology provides an opportunity. Precise syntax may allow us to perform actions contrary to the interests of the Chapter without provoking suspicion.

Brother-Captain Orlov: It would be impossible to not feel a kinship with the Keeper of the Armory. He and I both maintain a fervent interest in the exotic and secret technologies of the Golden Age, although his interest rests more in their destructive capabilities. I have attempted to engage him in debates about whether weaponized force or caustic politics are more destructive to a society, but he refuses to see the danger from anything that does not leave behind craters or molten slag. I suppose when you spend every day cataloguing the full force that can be brought to bear by a complete Chapter of the Emperor's Right Hand it makes anything less than a total invasion from a Hive Fleet seem unworthy of consideration.

Orlov is very enthusiastic to experiment with new methods of causing destruction. It may be possible to evoke an excessive escalation of force if he is given the opportunity to use a new technology. Possible daemon weapon candidate?

Sergeant Matias Solomon: The Sergeant has a very interesting record of service. It occurred to me that I had not heard much about him prior to his inclusion on this mission, and so I thought to take a trip down to the librarium. His record was in a section much older than I had expected and his commendations appear in sporadic bursts between years of apparent inactivity. I haven't heard a word against him from any of the other Brothers, but that only raises my curiosity. I should keep a close eye on him during the mission to discern more about him. It's odd to know so little about him when I know so much about everybody else...

I suspect that he is an agent for another power. His secrecy and how convenient his appearance is suggests that he may be part of the Inquisition. However, if he is in the employ of the Ruinous Powers I have a certain suspicion about to whom he belongs. I'll root out the truth before this is over. For the Emperor

Sergeant Thyrakos: It is hard to imagine a greater boon to have on this mission than Thyrakos. His record of service in inscrutable and his wealth of experience will be invaluable. He also comes equip with Terminator armor and a full heavy weapon compliment. Unfortunately the sergeant and I haven't had much by way of personal contact. Occasionally he will happen by the Reliquary to drop off something acquired during the proceeding mission, but he doesn't have much interest in staying a while to listen to the relic's possible history and significance.

Thyrakos is the preeminent threat on this mission. His protection and firepower are practically insurmountable given my current armaments. It would behoove me to maintain positive interaction unless a significant advantage is available.

Lord Captain Vespasian Osgrim Thurgood-Redcliffe XIV: When I heard that there was going to be a Rogue Trader on the mission I took it upon myself to research his Charter. It has an impressive history of exploration and conquest, but since the Lord Captain has taken command the ship's missions have taken a dramatic turn towards trophy collecting. Mostly biological specimens I understand, but all experience has its merits. I suppose having use of his ship will allow me to inspect them once we are on board. I have had a scant few opportunities to speak with Captain Vespasian, and in most of those cases I generally remember listening. He has a tendency to ramble from one thread to the next along his stream of consciousness.

The Lord Captain has a taste for exotic adversaries and a wandering mind. I believe that verbal coaxing may be able to implant suggestions in such a way that he believes them to be his own ideas.

Francisco de Borja: This one is most certainly playing cuckoo. I enjoy a good ruse and his was rather refreshing to puzzle out. The story downplaying his origins and abilities were believable and his interactions with the rest of the crew haven't been so specific as to let anything crucial slip. I have also notice that he is most careful to minimize his contact with me. Understandable, but futile. I am aware of anything being brought into this fleet and a personal box containing well-maintained archeotech weaponry is not something that escapes my notice. That the weapons belong to him was an easy deduction, which leads me to believe that he has considerable expertise.

Francisco is a likely candidate for initiation. He most certainly has ulterior motives for this mission. So long as those motives align with my own, I will begin memetic conditioning for future recruitment.

Apr 22, 2010

Royalty is a continuous cutting motion

Deployment Journal of Sargeant Thyrakos, 1st Company
At least I won't be dying alone. Half the bloody chapter have been mobilized for this operation - everyone who wasn't already deployed, all their serfs and support staff, even some mortals who owed the chapter master a favor. I doubt those latter will last. Of course, I've been lumped in with some of the worst of the lot, because apparently you shouldn't duel an enemy commander before the Reclusiarch gets a chance to offer a challenge. Ingrate. Well, keeping this journal is my duty - not that anyone will ever read it - so in no particular order, here are the men who will share my grave.

Brother Catchibald: If Catchibald's here, either the deployment can't be all that bad or I'm doomed for sure. Command wouldn't risk those pies unless it was absolutely necessary.

Antiquarian Xaiphos: A little overzealous in the chapter's quest, but who says that's a bad thing? One look at my weaponry will tell you just how far we've fallen. He keeps doing it, I'll tell you. Won't stop asking about what my armor can take. Probably means someone plans on using me as cover. Again.

Chaplain Aster: About the only skull faced bastard in the chapter I actually like. At least he has the stones to stand up front with the real fighters. Let's hope he still remembers to give me room to swing.

Captain Orlov: They're even deploying the master of the armory. Outrageous. Who keeps track of logistics if he dies in the field? drat it, my whole job is to be the man in the middle of the mess so he doesn't have to be. Well, he'll be here to patch up my armor punctures. Throne knows I'll be getting them.

Sargeant Solomon: At least we're getting the organ grinder, and not the animals. I don't think I could manage a gaggle of initiates right now. He's about as reliable as any of those sneak-thieves who stay with the recon elements, which is to say, not very. There's just something about him that puts me off.

The nitwit with the long name: I'm not going to try to remember it, and I'm certain it won't matter. I think this man has been completely sloshed for the whole trip. He must spend a fortune on augmetic livers.

Francisco de Borgia:Here for the payday, I suppose. Not that it matters. The librarium will hold everyone who isn't chapter personnel upside down and shake them before they step onto a ship off this scrap heap, but who knows? Men have gotten rich on riskier jobs.

Sep 23, 2009

Ignorance, the root of all evil

++Brother-Captain Orlov Pre-Deployment Observations - Audio Log++

++Appendix I - Low Gothic Transcript++

Brother-Librarian Catchibald:
Spends entirely too much time focused on the abberant nature of the Warp, and sustenance. Should spend more time on the dependable nature of ballistic weaponry. However, from his predilection for remaining within his battle armour at all times, I can infer that he realises that the flesh is weak. This is acceptable.

Brother-Antiquarian Xaiphos: One of the few Ravens whom I would consider my equal in understanding the importance of hoarding the relics of our chapter. Perhaps devotes too much focus on books and iconography - such things have no use in the crucible of battle. Perhaps that is a good thing - he can keep those relics in which I have no interest, and pass on those that I seek.

Brother-Chaplain Aster: An entirely superfluous position, the Chaplain. We are Astartes, we do not require spiritual guidance. Nevertheless, I have seen Brother Aster training in the melee pits, and am eager to see how he handles the accursed crozius I provided him.

Brother-Sergeant Solomon: Tasked with one of the most important roles within the chapter - training our initiates to be future Blood Ravens. I have Sergeant Solomon to thank for uncovering an error in my armoury catalog - he turned in a bolt pistol with a serial number far higher than any other weapon. I had to spend fourteen days, six hours, three minutes and twelve seconds re-cataloguing the entire armoury, but it was time well spent. One small error resulted in the rediscovery of eighty-one artifacts previously thought lost.

Brother-Sergeant Thyrakos: The perfect test-bed for any new and unproven relics. Unafraid to put himself in danger. Incidentally, it is surprising how trivial it is to convert a Traitor sonic cannon into a Volkite relic by simply attaching some spare vents and Aquilas.

Lord Captain Vespasian Osgrim Thurgood-Redcliffe XIV: For a civilian, his collection of military hardware is impressive. Preliminary inventory of his vessel would indicate a ninety-eight point seven four five per cent chance he has holy Adeptus Astartes equipment in his possession. If so, this will need to be rectified. Even if they are not Blood Raven relics.

Francisco de Borja: Passive olfactory scans indicate a high concentration of chemicals within de Borja's vicinity. While battle-stimulants can be beneficial for civilians, their overuse can have serious side-effects, including increased aggression, reduced high-level cognitive function and permanent damage to the male reproductive system. The civilian should be passively monitored for potential complications.


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