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Fartington Butts
Jan 21, 2007

Banshee is a crime drama that aired on Cinemax from 2013 to 2016. It was recently added to HBO Max which is why I've made a thread about it.

Pitch: After 15 years in prison a con has been released. We aren't given his original name, but after a few gnarly events he is able to assume the identity of an incoming sheriff in Banshee, Pennsylvania. Yes, this show has nothing to do with screaming Irish ghosts. The town, with a healthy population of Amish folk, is controlled by a crime lord and the gubment wants the new sheriff to fix that.


Antony Starr as Lucas Hood/Unknown Real Name: In the first episode he's called something like "The best thief in America." But he got caught after stealing from a Ukrainian mobster. After being let out of prison 15 years later he immediately tracked down his ex-partner, who lives in Banshee. Ended up staying there.

Ivana Milicevic as Carrie Hopewell: Past partner of Lucas. She has settled down in Banshee and married the DA of Banshee County. She has two kids, the rebellious teen Deva and dangerously asthmatic Max.

Ulrich Thomsen as Kai Proctor: Crime lord of Banshee. Likes to get his dick sucked by African-American women that he makes wear Amish bonnets. Look. There's a lot I could explain here, but just know he's your typical way-too-smart ruthless crime lord character. He "works" at a slaughter house and gets to eat very good beef every day.

Frankie Faison as Sugar Bates: An ex-con ex-boxer that runs the bar that Lucas lives above. Nice dude. Stereotype old guy that looks over the protagonist.

Hoon Lee as Job: Pronounced like the Gob from Arrested Development... or the Bible I think? Counterfeiter computer genius person that straight-up blows up their salon in the first episode. Comparable to Whiterose from Mr. Robot (although they came first).


Jose Oquendo
Jun 20, 2004

At the end of 2018, a study was published by London Metropolitan University showing that certain bacteria, normally present only in intestinal tracts or feces, were found on McDonald's self-service screens.

This show is really good. I watched as it aired on Cinemax but I'm starting a rewatch since it just dropped on HBO Max. Check it out for sure if you haven't.

Fartington Butts
Jan 21, 2007

Oh yeah. There's like... A LOT of fuckin'. It's Cinemax after all.

Sep 11, 2001

Banshee is loving amazing and more people need to get on it. Then check out Warrior which was made by the same showrunner and is also on HBO Max.

For those people just starting: the opening credits change in subtle ways each time to indicate things that are going to happen in the current episode. Also there are post credit scenes that foreshadow future events.

Fartington Butts
Jan 21, 2007

I didnít realize Warrior had the same show runner. I got pretty far into the first season and dropped off for.. no reason at all. Thatís awesome and Iíll need to get back to it ounce I binge the poo poo outta Banshee.

Jan 16, 2005

Banshee has some of the most incredibly brutal fight sequences put to the American small screen, it's a real treat.

Fartington Butts posted:

Oh yeah. There's like... A LOT of fuckin'. It's Cinemax after all.

This sure don't hurt either.

Open Source Idiom
Jan 4, 2013

No mention of Quarry in the thread?

I like Warrior, but it's not Quarry.

Black Sunshine
Apr 4, 2004


Lilli Simmons deserves to be in the OP because...goddamn.

Also, Chayton is a badass and reminds me of Maero from Saints Row 2.

Anyway, this show really leans into making fights brutal as hell. I'd compare it to Spartacus in the "fun show with tremendous amounts of sex and violence" category. I also love seeing The Wire alums in other shows.

Show is great, watch it.

Jun 3, 2003

banshee is entertaining but warrior is better

Apr 21, 2007
Let's go to the abyss!

Open Source Idiom posted:

No mention of Quarry in the thread?

I like Warrior, but it's not Quarry.

I recommend Quarry to people whenever I can. A drat shame we never got a season 2.

I watched the first few seasons of Banshee which I really enjoyed. I should probably get around to finishing it up...

Good Soldier Svejk
Jul 5, 2010

Great times call for great men

This show owns. Job owns. His line read of "sea motherfucking gulls" is something my wife and I still quote to each other years later

Fartington Butts
Jan 21, 2007

Good Soldier Svejk posted:

This show owns. Job owns. His line read of "sea motherfucking gulls" is something my wife and I still quote to each other years later

"Go get pregnant!"

Oct 3, 2013

"Not you, Snooki."

Someone needs to gif the little wave off he did at her after saying that.

Open Source Idiom
Jan 4, 2013

Oh, and in other news I just heard about, Jonathan Tropper is going to be showrunning the second season of See, Jason Mamoa's post apocalyptic blind cave people action show.

It's pretty good.

(This is probably bad news for Warrior, in case the writing wasn't already on the wall.)

Jun 18, 2004

High on the Lions.

This is my first recommendation whenever anyone asks what show should they watch next.

It's basically perfect.

Jun 18, 2006

Banshee is fantastic, just not all the way through. The last season kind of sucks compared to what came before but it's 1000% worth watching anyway. When he beats the poo poo out of the boxer is the exact moment I realized I was seeing something special.

Apr 29, 2013

I liked the last season! It suffered from a smaller budget (the fight scenes probably saw the biggest downgrade) but I thought it satisfyingly wrapped up most of the character arcs. Sadly, much as I love Warrior, there's almost 0% chance we'll ever come close to seeing that show's true potential.

Inspector 34
Mar 9, 2009


Been rewatching lately, up to s3e1 and you know what? 'Bout drat time Brock got a sex scene. Everybody else of age has by this point, why not Brock? Good for you Brock, good for you.

I kind of hate how fast I'm blowing through this again. There's just nothing else new I'm interested in watching and I spend too much time in front of a screen for new shows to really provide much content. I have like 1 or 2 new shows a day and another 4-6 hours to fill with whatever. I really hope things bounce back in a big way once COVID is under control but I have a feeling I'm going to just be rewatching stuff for a while as new stuff trickles out.

Anyway, I don't think I've rewatched seasons 3 & 4 since they originally aired so it's kind of nice to revisit them.

Jul 17, 2003

This was a good show.

Jun 8, 2012

nope just me lain

i just finished the season 2 finale and holy poo poo this show is more bleak and nihilistic than 24 nothing good is allowed to happen to these people lol.

Schneider Inside Her
Aug 6, 2009

Please bitches. If nothing else I am a gentleman

BANSHEE! *raises elbow*

Apr 8, 2010

Hell yeah, I'm currently rewatching this after finishing up Warrior, and it's just as insane as I remembered. Have to agree that the later seasons aren't quite as strong as the first two, but they're still good fun and worth watching. Chayton is just an incredibly menacing villain, and it's always fun seeing neonazis get the poo poo kicked out of them.

Fartington Butts
Jan 21, 2007

Just ripped through season 3 in two days. poo poo goes real hard off the rails and it's awesome. Hood having a very "Bourne" backstory with David Harbour is pretty lol

Tyler Whitney
Jan 21, 2020

Why don't you make it sing?

I forgot on the other end of Season 4 is Eliza Dushku and oof.


Fartington Butts
Jan 21, 2007

Season 4 immediately feels like one of those shows that has been off the air for a while and comes back 4 years later.

Tyler Whitney posted:

I forgot on the other end of Season 4 is Eliza Dushku and oof.
And I just got to this bad poo poo.

Fartington Butts fucked around with this message at 08:24 on Mar 29, 2021

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