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Dec 27, 2008

Sanity check

I've got a 2014 Subaru Outback with around 34k miles. I've had oil consumption issues with it since I bought it. In November, Subaru replaced the short block under warranty. It's part of the class action lawsuit against Subaru for oil consumption.

Am I crazy for considering getting rid of it and getting something else? Not sure what the something else would be yet. No signs of high oil consumption yet but I also haven't driven it enough. The car had 31k miles when the short block was changed. I'm at 34k now and usually the low oil light would turn on around 4k miles between oil changes.


Dec 27, 2008


Why do you want to sell it?

nm posted:

I assume that he's worried that the issue will re-occur and he'll be up poo poo creek.
I'd ask the subaru thread if they know if the issue is fixed.

Basically this. After 2 years of taking it to the dealership every 3,000 miles or so, I'm just tired or dealing with the burning oil issue. Unfortunately, I don't think the Subaru thread knows. I think I was the first to have my short block replaced under warrranty

Regarding Costco pricing, for me it was a few hundred off of invoice. Echoing what the others are saying, you may be able to do better but if all else fails, you've got that.

Dec 27, 2008

Volkerball posted:

I'm going to have 4-5k saved up for a down payment shortly, and I've been kicking around some ideas for vehicles in the 8-12k range. Most of these choices are really unrealistic given that they are likely to cost a hell of a lot more than a car payment in the long run, but it's a starting point that should at least set me up for some recommendations. Ordered from the ones I think are most feasible on down.

Mazda RX8 - This one could either be the most feasible or the least feasible, but I don't have the firsthand experience with it to be able to tell. There's a lot more that goes into owning one of these than any other car I'm looking at due to the rotary engine, but I'm not super concerned about pre-mixing, topping off the oil every fill up or two, and making sure I follow the proper start up and shut down procedures. I don't mind fiddling with cars when it's not "take out part, put in $300 replacement" constantly.

The problem is that there seems to be two trains of thought when it comes to the car. The first is that the rotary engine is junk and the car is a break down waiting to happen. Given that the last models retailed at close to 30k and can now be had at really low mileage for 10-12k, they could very well be pieces of poo poo. But the other train of thought is that they will run well for a long time if you just maintain it the way you are supposed to. If that's true, then maybe it's just getting a bad rap due to people not maintaining them properly, and getting a really nice one for 10k would be a steal. Of course, if they do piss poor with bad maintenance, then you're relying on the previous owner to have kept up with it, but still. Anyone got any experience with these?

BMW Z4 - Not a huge fan of convertibles, but these are really reasonably priced. I'm guessing replacement parts cost an arm and a leg, but BMW's have a reputation for holding up, don't they? Would I be likely to get by without a whole bunch of really expensive part failures with good maintenance?

Nissan 350Z - Probably my favorite car on the list, but probably the least feasible as well. I've seen a few that looked to be in really good condition, but I do think you're scraping the bottom of the barrel a bit at this price range. Comes with more miles than the RX8 and you can add things like brakes to the list of parts were routine maintenance and replacement are way more expensive than your typical grocery getter. Also it's horrible in the snow and life is unfair and I should not buy this.

Porsche Boxster - In this price range, they're late 90's, early 2000's, so they're the oldest car on the list, might be the most expensive of them all to maintain, and I personally think that generation are ugly cars. Probably quite a bit of fun to drive though. Not likely to go with this one but it's a fun idea to kick around.

As far as recommendations, my only criteria is that I want a manual, I want it to handle really well (yeah I know, 350Z, but it's a sweet rear end car), and bonus points for being not horrible in the snow with winter tires. I care most about enjoying driving it, and I'm fine with paying a premium on maintenance and repairs when the time comes for that. I just don't want poo poo breaking down every time I go to start it. I'm also likely to trade it in in the next 2-3 years once I finish school, so it'd be best if it was fairly well depreciated by this point so I'm not losing a whole lot.

Any of those cars should be fine with snow tires. It sounds like you're really worried about maintenance. RX8s aren't exactly known to be reliable and are known to be use a lot of gas. Get a compression test if you find one you like. I don't have too much experience with any of the others. I don't think the porsche is the right car for you though.

Honestly, I'd going to be recommend buying a Miata with a hard top. Overall, pretty reliable, cheap and not too difficult to find. Besides that, since you're still in school, why not consider something that could be considered "fun to drive" like a Civic or a Mazda 3?

Dec 27, 2008

Alfalfa posted:

Appreciate it and I'm actually totally open. I'll definitely look into the tsx amd see what I can find regarding a Lexus. Just the ES or would you say an IS falls in there as well?

Also why would none of those be a good idea?

You mentioned in your original post that you had some concerns about reliability and maintenance costs. Audi and BMW are known for being a bit more expensive to maintain and not being the most reliable cars. I don't know anything about Infiniti. It's not just labor, parts for those cars are more expensive. Going to an independent mechanic can save you some money on labor but there's no way of getting around the high cost of the parts themselves.

Have you looked up the service schedule for any of these cars? Within your budget, you're probably looking at higher mileage cars and there's the potential of a high cost repair coming up. For example, you may buy a car and within a few thousand miles have to get the timing belt changed and that's pricey on all cars.

Dec 27, 2008

IOwnCalculus posted:

Nissan is the Chrysler of Japan. Infiniti is Nissan. That should tell you enough right there.

I've heard this before. Anecdotally, my family has an '07 Altima that has never really given us trouble. I think it's sitting at 125,000 miles and there's nothing we've done for maintenance besides wear items.

Dec 27, 2008

Alfalfa posted:

Speaking of Mitsubishi would a Lancer 2012-2015 be a decent car for my original goals?

I'm opening up the search window some so things like Mitsubishi Lancers, Ford Fusions, Mazda MX6, and base Nissan Altimas are starting to show up.

Thoughts on any of those?

Most websites seem to bash on the Lancer so they don't seem that great but I thought they were basically gone.

Older Lexus ES (2010 or older)
Infiniti G37 (2009 or newer)
Mitsubishi Lancer (2012-2015)
Ford Fusion (2013-2014)
Mazda MX6 (2012-2014)
Nissan Altima (2012 - newer)

I really appreciate the help and feedback you guys have provided so far.

Hope this post isn't too old to reply to.

Mistubishi isn't exactly known for reliability.

I think the biggest problem with your list of cars is that they're all over the place. You have a luxury car, a sporty luxury car, a compact, and then a few midsize cars. I'm assuming you mean a Mazda 6 and not a MX6. The MX6 is Mazda's midsize car from the 90's. I think you need to narrow down more of what you want.

If you want a reliable, daily driver, I would look more at the Fusion, Mazda 6, and Altima. The 6 might be more of what you want since it's supposed to be more fun to drive. The Lexus is a fine choice but possibly out of your price range or will have more miles than you want. The gap between "normal" and "luxury" cars has closed considerably. An upper model of the Fusion, 6, or Altima may have enough luxury features that you're looking for. You may want to look at the Honda Accord or Toyota Camry too.

Dec 27, 2008

I don't know what the Canadian market is like but have you considered a Subaru Crosstrek or Outback? Both are lifted versions of a car. A CUV like a CX-3 or HR-V might be more of what you're looking for but I'm guessing they're out of your budget though.

Dec 27, 2008

sex swing from IKEA posted:

Proposed Budget: under 25k
New or Used: either
Body Style: Small truck or SUV
How will you be using the car?: commuting mostly, going up to the mountains for skiing (2 hour drives), hauling my bike places to ride
Do you prefer a luxury vehicle with all the gizmos? Definitely want bluetooth, back up camera, and preferably blind spot sensors
What aspects are most important to you? (e.g. reliability, cost of ownership/maintenance, import/domestic, MPG, size, style) Reliability, fun to drive (meaning I want something more fun than a Prius. I like having a little get up and go when entering the freeway, etc.)

I bought a 2015 Mazda 3 hatchback, which has been fine, but the clearance in snow really sucks. It fits my skis and my bike with the back seat down and gets great mileage. So besides the clearance issues in the snow, the other problem is I bought a manual because it was more fun to drive. After having had it for 2 years driving around Boston, stick shift is starting to suck, so I'm looking at trading it in for an automatic with whatever I get.

Right now I'm between a Mazda CX-5 and a Toyota Tacoma, but am open to other cars, new or used, that might fit the bill. The rankings of cars at UsNews sucks because it seems like no vehicle I look at is great at anything. They constantly go back on themselves saying things like "The CX-5 is fun to drive and has great gas mileage, but their reliability looks like it's going to suck. Look at the CR-V for a more reliable vehicle". Then you look at the CR-V and it says that while it has ok gas mileage and is very reliable, it's not fun to drive. Maybe UsNews doesn't go back on themselves, but they definitely seem to go the route of buying a laptop, ie: Cheap, Light, Powerful...pick two.

I only have thought of a Tacoma because I've always wanted one. I had a 2010 Frontier, but I didn't like driving it because it was on the Titan chassis and was a lot bigger than I wanted and a pain in the rear end to park and maneuver, which led me back to wanting a Tacoma. Honestly, something like a Ford Ranger (I had one growing up and it was a tank) or other would be great in that size, though I'd probably get it in an extended cab. I don't see the need for a 4-door truck yet, plus the shorter bed seems useless to me. The CX-5 I'm thinking mainly because it has all the creature comforts my 3 does, but a bit bigger.

Open to any suggestions I'm not thinking of or other places to look at reviews though.

Subaru Outback or forester?

Dec 27, 2008

Harminoff posted:

Proposed Budget: $15,000
New or Used:Used
Body Style: (e.g. 2 door? 4 door? Compact/Midsize/Fullsize Sedan? Truck? SUV?) 4 door
How will you be using the car?: (Do you tow things? Haul more than 5 people on a regular basis? Have a super long commute? How are you going to use this vehicle? 30 min drive to work as well as taking kids to school each morning.

So I currently have an 01 grand prix and it's getting to the point where fixing it is costing more than it is worth. The transmission is starting to go now so I figured I should just sell it and get a new car.

I've been speaking with a local Honda dealer in regards to a couple of Civics and am trying to decide to go with one of these.

2014 Silver Civic LX 32,510 miles $12,923 certified pre-owned
2014 SIlver Civic EX 54,442 Miles $13,954 certified pre-owned

I looked at the carfax for the LX and it was leased from this same dealer, with all maintenance done there on schedule. Will be going back this week and can take a look at the EX.

My question is, is it worth getting the ex for the addition $1k even though it has the extra miles on it? Most of the add ons would be nice to have but are not needed (moonroof, push start, etc) Though the upgraded audio with the EX would be nice to have as I do have a nice amp/sub now that I wouldn't mind bringing over. Is there any other reason to go with the EX over the LX?

Also, do dealers not really haggle anymore? When I got the grand prix I spent a good amount of time negotiating the price, but the Honda dealer wouldn't budge. It's within my budget and kbb prices though so I'm fine with these prices.

For that many more miles, I would expect a bigger price difference. Have you looked at a Corolla? I imagine a Corolla of a similar age would be about the same price.

As far as haggling, some dealers do. From my understanding, compact cars have smaller profit margins so there's less wiggle room. There's also less haggling you can do when it's a car with a higher demand. A Civic has its market so it shouldn't be hard to sell but they're common too. If they sell from underneath you, you should be able to find more similar cars for about the same price.

Dec 27, 2008

Harminoff posted:

Do you mean the lx should be cheaper?

And yeah Toyota seems to be about the same.

2014 Corolla le plus 40k miles $13870

Any reason to go with one over the other?

I think the ex is priced too high with so many more miles.

Both the civic and corolla are fine and it's down to personal preference.

Are used car prices this high across the board? I know someone who paid $16.5k for a new 2014 corolla s.

Dec 27, 2008

Cowslips Warren posted:

My Altima is at 270k miles. So the debate now is do I pick up another used Altima (I found one at a dealer, no PPI, that is a 2008 with 120k miles on it for about 5k) or keep using my own until she dies? My mom wants me to trade it in, but she's a 1999 Altima whose door locks don't work, the windows don't roll down, etc.

When dealerships do the "at least 4k for your trade, no matter the condition!" what kind of con are they pulling? I mean, going in and announcing you want to trade in your vehicle is the first step of being a dumbass (I learned this watching my stepdad enter a dealership yelling how we needed to trade my car in for something better. I can still see the dollar signs in the salemens' eyes.) but do they just flip the cars or what?

You'll have to double check but I believe Altimas of that vintage had transmission issues. The warranty was extended to 10 years or 120k miles but that should be expired by now due to mileage. I have no idea how likely it is to run into that kind of issue though. Might be worth looking at and getting a PPI if it drives fine. If it has any signs of transmission issues though, I would run away.

As for your current car, it might be easier to just donate it to a charity. You'll get a tax write off of a few hundred dollars.

I imagine any dealer that advertises "$4k for any trade" will give no discounts on the actual car itself or raise the price of the car above MSRP. "We have to raise the price of the car since we're giving you such a big discount."

Dec 27, 2008

Zosologist posted:

Proposed Budget: Under $20k

New or Used: Either, probably used realistically

Body Style: something that fits a rear facing car seat comfortably with a stroller in the back. My wife's Matrix isn't cutting it. (Yay fatherhood)

How will you be using the car?: Short commute, Costco runs, general dad stuff.

What aspects are most important to you? I'd like it to be not a total pig to drive. Reliable. Probably fuel efficient.

Looking at the Mazda SUVs, Subaru Forester and outback, almost pulled the trigger on a Kia soul turbo because of the 0% financing available but it wouldn't quite fit the car seat in the back comfortably.

I think what you want is a cx5.

Dec 27, 2008

Wasabi the J posted:

Thanks for the advice. Now we get to be just as confused as ever!

Really, though, as I understand it, if they're giving us maybe $2k off the top, of a 2017 it would be a better investment than spending $5k less on a used one? The monthly payment differences look to be about $100 less.

How old are you looking?

There was a class action lawsuit again Subaru for excessive oil consumption. The link above lists all cars that are affected. Might be something to consider when you're looking at used Imprezas and something to look out for when you're looking at car maintenance records.

Dec 27, 2008

TapTheForwardAssist posted:

Follow-up on my earlier "looking at Suzuki Sidekick in Montreal" question.

The woman selling the red Sidekick in downtown Montreal is flakey and hasn't answered my call or email, so I'm letting her sit so I don't look desperate. Again she's asking around US$2.2k for a '97 4-cylinder automatic in pretty clean shape with around 100k miles. However, a guy an hour out of town has a visually similar model, but a '90 with manual transmission, with 115k miles, but the interesting thing is he's dropped a Mazda V6 into it.

How do I read that? Is it more "huh, that's clever but that *decreases* the value unless it's an amazing job" or is it actually "that's awesome and a needed upgrade so get that one"?

Alternately, albeit 3 hours away, this guy has an automatic '91 with 135k miles, supposed to be in overall good shape except the oil pan leaking, and he's asking only $1.1k for it:

I would stay away from the one with a V6 Mazda in it.. Don't buy someone else's project car. You have no idea what kind of work was done on it to get it to work. It will probably cost you more money in the long run. If they have paperwork to prove that it was done by a reputable shop and it's a common swap, maybe. I would avoid it though.

I would also stay away from the one that's 3 hours away. The pictures don't tell you much and I get this feeling there's more wrong with the car than the owner is leading on.


It won't match and unless you've done a cover before you're liable to do a lovely job.

Seconding this. It's not as simple as telling them the color of your car and then having them paint it.

For them to match the paint, you would have to put the new bumper on and then paint the bumper and blend it with the surrounding area. It probably wouldn't look right and would cost more than it's worth.

mariooncrack fucked around with this message at 01:52 on Jun 2, 2017

Dec 27, 2008

Actuarial Fables posted:

Hi friends. This is all part of my Dad's goal to have his children know how to drive a manual. The first time he tried to teach us (years ago), it was in a Toyota FJ Cruiser and it did not go well, so now we're looking for a car not quite as intimidating now that the lease on our Infinity 50q h ends in a month.

Proposed Budget: Under 50k as an absolute, would like it closer to 25k.
New or Used: New is preferred
Body Style: 4 door, Family car/Sedan. I like smaller cars (easier to park!), but I'm tall, Dad is kind of large, and my brother is both so finding one that fits us is tricky.
How will you be using the car?: Learning how to use a manual transmission, commuting to work, driving around the city.
What aspects are most important to you? Safety, manual transmission, able to fit tall people (6' 4"), AWD, "fun".
Other: Snow often exists.

We checked out the Subaru WRX yesterday and my Dad absolutely loved it - handled great, shifting was easy, panic stopped on a dirt road very well, people in the back had leg room, fun to drive. As I don't know how to drive a manual yet, I just sat in the driver's seat and made sure there wasn't an issue with my height (there wasn't). It's a strong contender, but we'd like to check out some other cars before committing to anything.

What cars are similar to the WRX, but aren't as sporty? Any other cars that would be easy/fun to learn manual in that we should check out? He has a half-baked plan to check out the Mini dealership and see what they have to offer (and to see if I fit), and then check out VW for the Golf R.

I would recommend checking out both the Civic SI and Focus ST. These would both be sportier options though. If you decide to check out an Accord, I would also recommend checking out a Mazda 6.

Dec 27, 2008

incogneato posted:

I'm looking for a quick reality check on renting cars for trips into the mountains versus buying a car that can handle it.

We currently own a 2006 Pontiac Vibe. 150k miles, runs great, no major issues (although need some new tires soon). From what I understand, the Vibe is a solid car and should last a while. I'm not eager to replace it, and we don't want or need two cars.

However, we're taking more trips into mountain areas. We're not offroading or anything, but we're driving on forest service roads and offshoots--most are fine gravel roads, but a decent percentage are much worse. While the Vibe is wonderful in town, it's pretty bad in mud, bad roads, pot holes, etc. So we've taken to renting a compact SUV (i.e. the cheapest rental SUV class) for these trips. A bit more power, ground clearance, AWD/4WD, and the peace of mind that we're less likely to be stranded with no cell signal an hour from the nearest town.

The rentals average $150 to $300 a trip, depending on length. We're taking maybe four such trips this year, but future years may have more as we get back into camping. There are inconveniences to using a rental, such as having to pick it up and drop it off while still trying to leave early with a carload of camping gear. But of course it's nice not to put the miles and wear on our own vehicle.

How should I approach this? I don't know much about cars, so it's not like I have our next possible vehicle picked out to price compare. I'm not looking for an excuse to buy a new car, but sometimes I wonder if it'd make more sense to throw these rental payments at a monthly car payment rather than our local Enterprise. The fact that our car is starting to get up there in miles makes me wonder as well.

If we did get a new car capable of backroads, I'd rather something smaller than a giant SUV, as we mostly do around town and highway driving. Maybe a Subaru or something? If I have to pick a budget, let's say $30k or lower--although that's flexible. (Side note: if I had to get a new car today but not worry about this whole mountain road issue, I'd probably look at a Prius or Mazda 3 or something pragmatic but a bit fun)

Sorry for the vague question. I'm mostly looking for suggestions on how to approach the math here (or a simple "keep renting, stupid").

What kind of tires do you have on the Vibe? Better tires might help the Vibe handle better on the roads.

Keep renting until you know you're going to be doing this more. It seems like you're looking to buy a car for something you might be doing more often but you're not sure. Doesn't seem like a good idea to me to get a car payment for something you might be doing.

It really sounds to me that you're trying to buy a new car. It sounds like you're considering a new car because it might be a better use of money for car payments instead of rental fees. Then you mention the cars you would buy today that are likely no better at mountain driving than your current car. If you bought a prius or Mazda 3 today, would you still be renting a small SUV for these trips? If so, you're spending $150 - $300 for your rental + your monthly payment.

You said you're doing this about four times a year. If we assume the rental is $300 and you go four times, that's $1200 a year and likely cheaper than a car payment for a year. I recommend revisiting the issue when you start camping more often. I think you'll also need to narrow down more of what you want out of a car.

Dec 27, 2008

Larrymer posted:

Proposed Budget: 20k, less is preferred always
New or Used: Used preferably (more for my money)
Body Style: 4 door, hatchback, wagon.
How will you be using the car?: Fun DD that is capable of being a baby hauler, can haul my mountain bike.
What aspects are most important to you? Mileage, space, fun to drive. Doesn't have to be a manual, but preferred. Located in Detroit, Michigan. I'll buy snow tires for whatever I get and don't care too much about AWD vs RWD. I drive 2 RWD vehicles year round currently and it's been fine.

I currently have a G35 6MT RWD coupe which I like very much and don't want to get rid of. I also have a 2001 Silverado V8 2WD that I bought to tow, yet haven't towed poo poo except a bicycle around with it. I could probably consolidate my vehicles a bit and get something better suited to my needs but I'm not sure what to look for at the moment. I like the G35 but have a feeling it's going to suck for getting a car seat in the back (baby on the way). The truck is big and old and that would be less of a problem, but it's a bit much to daily drive since it gets <20mpg.

What vehicle could I get to simplify things that's still fun to drive and also fit a car seat in the back? Also, my garage is small and the max length has to be under about 190 inches. An 06 Volvo V70 fit in there, so that's not exactly tiny but a giant SUV probably wouldn't fit (the garage or my wants for "fun").

Thinking about an ATS sedan since depreciation has hit them fairly well but curious if goons have other good suggestions.

Edit: Wife has an Outback that we'll be using for trips and such to fit everything in. This will be for short stuff around town and pickup from daycare and such more than likely.

Before you make any car decisions, have you tried to put the car seat you're going to use in the G35 yet? I would see if it fits and how much of a pain it is before deciding to get a new car.

Dec 27, 2008

prom candy posted:

I don't have kids and have never owned a fun car... is it that you can't really get by with kids in a hot hatch/sport sedan, or that hot hatches/sport sedans aren't really that much fun to drive? Growing up my family always just had sedans (except for a loving SICK 1983 Volvo 240 wagon that I didn't appreciate at all), but that was just 2 kids and 1990s safety standards for car seats and strollers. Minivans were for families with 3+ kids. Am I wrong in thinking something like a GTI or Civic Si sedan would be fine for 1-2 kids as long as we weren't trying to go camping or something?

The problem is that modern car seats and strollers are huge. They can fit into a GTI or Civic SI but it may not be the most comfortable ride for someone sitting in the passenger seat if the seat is moved up all the way. These are hypothetical though. Each car seat is different so it's not an absolute.

Larrymer posted:

Oh I'm definitely putting the cart before the horse here. I haven't tried the seat but I have a feeling it will suck. It doesn't really have a middle seat in the back so it'll have to go behind the passenger seat. Wife rarely rides in the car with me (we take her car everywhere) so maybe it will be ok with it just moved really far forward. I just hear tons of people bitch about coupes and car seats and was trying to think ahead since there are about a billion other things to prepare for.

Ah that makes sense. I would breathe a little. Once you figure out what car seat you want to use, I'd do a fit test and then decide what you need to do. You have plenty of other things to think about so I'd focus on those. To answer your first question though, you're probably looking at a GTI, Focus ST, or Civic SI. If you take your wife's car everywhere, it shouldn't be a problem to move the passenger seat if need be. With whatever you end up looking at, I would take your wife with you and the car seat you're going to use to see if the car seat fits and if your wife can sit in the passenger seat comfortably, just in case.

Dec 27, 2008

Earlier Nissan CVTs were not good and known to break. Some cars had the warranty extended to cover them, 10 years or 120k miles.

Dec 27, 2008

Deteriorata posted:

Probably the most important thing is regular car washes (mainly the undercarriage, not just the paint) through the winter to keep the salt washed off. Keeping it waxed will help keep surface nicks sealed, as well.

This. Ideally, after every large snow storm you should get the undercarriage washed so keep the salt from sitting there and rotting away.

Dec 27, 2008

If you want to get a new car, that's fine. Based on what you've told us, it doesn't sound like your car is about to die at all. At your car's age and mileage, things like spark plugs and hoses are routine maintenance. Is there something else wrong with the car like the engine idles rough or it has died on you while driving? Last time you took your car in for service, did your mechanic give you a long list of things that might need to be fixed soon?

If you can find all the maintenance receipts from the last year and add them up. Let's suppose you borrow $20k for 60 months.

20,000/60 = $333.33

Now take that and multiply by 12 for one year's worth of payments:

$333.33 * 12 = $4000

If you spent more than $4000 on maintenance for your car, sure, go buy a new one. $4,000 is a lot of money to spend on a car that it doesn't sound like you'll be driving much. You'll still have to pay for routine maintenance on a new car.

Dec 27, 2008

Welcome to GBS posted:

Proposed Budget: $5k-$7k
Sedan, coupe or hatch. Girlfriend has a Highlander that takes care of our heavier lifting

My first though is to get a Golf, but my friend also offered me his 2006 beamer (3-series of some kind) with 90k miles for $6500. It's a salvage title (from what he can tell it was a pretty minor accident) but he's kept it in great condition and says it's never given him any troubles and he's had it for a while.

Echoing the previous posters, do not buy this. It's near 100k miles so it probably has some major maintenance needed that will be very costly.

Golf might be a good choice. I think some turn of the century VWs that had electrical issues. You'll need to do some research on this. Otherwise, I think you're looking at the usual Civic, Accord, Corolla, Camry, Fit, etc.

Dec 27, 2008

Your budget is gone but s lot of the cars you've asked about are cheap but have high maintenance costs.

If you want something in your price range and relatively reliable, you should look at Japanese econoboxes.

Dec 27, 2008

I've got a 2014 Outback that I'm thinking about trading in. I've never traded in a car before. Should I tidy up the interior and give it a wash before getting an appraisal?

Dec 27, 2008

Don't buy a dart.

Have you considered a focus or fiesta? Around me the manuals start around $12.5k new so you should be able to get a decent used one in your price range.

Dec 27, 2008

Scionix posted:

Proposed Budget Around the 40k area
New or Used: Can do both, would prefer used
Body Style: 2 door coupe, can be small, I can fit in a Miata fine
How will you be using the car?: Daily driver, track occasionally.
What aspects are most important to you? Basically want a sports car that I can drive to work every day and not kill myself and/or the car. Has to be a legit manual I refuse to use paddles good drat it get off my lawn.

Cars I have looked at:

BMW M2 used
Toyota FRS new
BMW 2 series or w/e the 2 doors are called
Miata RF new
Porsche Cayman used

Basically at first I was pretty sure I was just gonna get a new mx-5 RF, but for like 3-4k more I can get a drat 2014 cayman, which is a whole lot more car for not a lot more money. I don't really have a good grasp of what 35-40k will get you so asking g for advice here. If I had to pick tomorrow I would probably get the cayman but I don't know how bad insurance and maintenance would gently caress me verse the Miata. I've heard the cayman is fine wrt cost of maintenance if you do the basic stuff yourself but I'm not a big wrench guy so I dunno. Also have no garage so I would feel a bit funny leaving that car outside. But, y'know, ~porsche~

Also I know the FRS is super popular but goddamn is that an ugly car

e: I am completely uninterested in muscle cars

If you haven't worked on a car I don't think a Porsche is a good place to start. You're paying for maintenance on a $70,000, not a ~$40,000 it's probably more than you think.

Have you considered a WRX STI, Golf R, or Focus RS? Neither are a coupe but they would fit the bill.

Another option would be to get a hot hatch like a Focus ST, FiST, WRX, or GTI and use the leftover money for upgrades.

If you're serious about taking your car to a track, if you buy a convertible like the Miata, you'll need to install a rollbar to take it on the track. You also may need to replace your seats when you install the rollbar. In the event you get into an accident, with stock seats, you may end up bashing your head against the rollbar.

Dec 27, 2008

There are new manual focus going for about $12k in my area.

Dec 27, 2008

BoyBlunder posted:

Looking to upgrade from my 2016 5dr Impreza:

Proposed Budget: < 30K
New or Used: Either or
Body Style: 4dr, midsize or SUV
How will you be using the car?: Commuting to work, so I would like something that's fancy inside with lots of nice features. Will also be used in snow, so AWD would be nice.
What aspects are most important to you? Comfort, gadgets inside, safety

I currently have a Impreza with the sport premium package, but it's just too small (my knees constantly hit the steering column), and my wife feels claustrophobic in it. I'm looking for something larger, with more creature comforts than what the Impreza offers (auto climate control would be fantastic!).

I've been poking around CarMax, but feel weird buying from these strange car wastelands. How are their warranties? Any other suggestions?

If you like how the Impreza drives, have you considered an outback or Forester?

Dec 27, 2008

BoyBlunder posted:

I do like how it drives but the infotainment systems in the Outback and Forester seem a bit....dated.

If you like the car, you can can replace the radio.

Dec 27, 2008

I don't know who suggested it but thanks to whoever suggested taking my Subaru to Carmax. They gave me an offer that was near private party value.

I wanted to get a second opinion from you guys. I saw a 2015 LX Honda Fit Manual for $12.5k with 10.5k miles on it. The price seemed suspiciously low but I went to go take a look at it. I test drove it and it drove fine. Turns out it's a former 2-owner car. Both were short term leases. The first owner put most of the miles on it and the second owner only had it for a few months before returning it. It's Honda certified used car.

Is there something I'm missing or something I should look for? There seems something really off. Not a huge fan of the dealership, the sales person and manager were a bit pushy about how they thought it was a good deal and how it was certified. It is about $2k lower than most other Fits in the area.

Dec 27, 2008

Aesirstorm posted:

Helping my girlfriend find a replacement for her 03 civic which is threatening to get very expensive to mantain

Proposed Budget: Under 22K
New or Used: Either
Body Style: Hatchback
How will you be using the car?: City commuting, occasional road trip, general use i.e. groceries, etc
What aspects are most important to you? Reliability, safety, cost of ownership (maintenance), mpg, something that can handle the snow would be nice, that happens here.


Another civic? I believe the new hatchbacks can be had for that price. If she doesn't like the styling, Mazda 3?

Dec 27, 2008


You're mixing up your size classes quite a bit. The Mazda3 and Golf are the same class as the Corolla, which is larger than the Fit.

The Yaris is a hateful little piece of poo poo, but the Yaris iA is a lot better since it is an entirely different, Mazda Demio based car - though not a hatch.

edit: anyway the only half way decent subcompacts right now are the iA, the Fit, and the Fiesta.

What's wrong with the current yaris?

Does the Fiesta still have transmission issues?

Dec 27, 2008

The nice thing about older Hondas is that many of the cars share the same parts. You may find that parts from a different Honda or an Acura may fit the bill.

As said before, it depends on the state but 25 years is the usual designation for a classic car.

JnnyThndrs posted:

That said, it’s quite common for very low-mileage older vehicles(the proverbial ‘old lady who only drove it to church’) to have widespread issues with seals and gaskets throughout the brakes/drivetrain; it’s bad for rubber parts to sit for long periods of time, then be used a bit, then sit again. It’s also hard on the internal engine parts to sit, since all the oil runs off everything during the downtime, although religiously changing the oil can partially mitigate wear issues.

This so much. I would probably avoid that particular car unless you have some proof of recent maintenance history like changing the timing belt and routine oil changes..

Dec 27, 2008

Carfax isn't the end all be all of car maintenance. If I remember correctly, the mechanic has to submit the service to carfax and not all mechanics do. I could be wrong on this. That said, the last oil change might be 8k miles ago, which sounds awful.

It's an Arizona car too. Have your friend check out the dash and anything rubber on the car. I'd be worried about the rubber drying out, especially if the car has been sitting outside.

Dec 27, 2008

Unload My Head posted:

8K is totally acceptable change interval for a frequently-driven vehicle in a temperate climate while running full synthetic.

While true, I don't think that's the case for this car. If you look at the Carfax, said car has an average of 2500 miles per year with a possible last documented oil change in 2012.

Dec 27, 2008

devicenull posted:

Proposed Budget: 25-30k max
New or Used: Used
Body Style: Thinking either 4 door hatchback or sedna
How will you be using the car?: ~20 minute each way highway commute to work, never really drive more then 1 passenger.
What aspects are most important to you? Manual transmission, reliability

I have a 2015 Jetta (essentially base model) where the lease is ending in a few months. I was looking for something with more power or more fun to drive.

I don't really need/want all the features, pretty much would be happy with bluetooth + heated seats.

I've been eyeing the GTI for awhile now, but my wife might end up getting one instead. BRZ is interesting looking, though I've never driven RWD before. I'm in NJ, so a few months of the year are usually snowy. I can't stand the hood scoop on the WRX. My parents have a Mazda3 sedan, and I didn't really fit in it too well. I'm only 6'1", but my head hit the ceiling.. is the hatchback any better?

Half my commute is on a major truck highway, so I don't really want something that I'm going to worry about every rock kicked up. My current windshield is covered in marks from that.

Civic SI of some osrt?

Dec 27, 2008

powderific posted:

Werenít there some years that had water intrusion issues? Iím assuming it was early on.

The first generation had issues with the sealant. Here's a brief explanation of the issue:

mariooncrack fucked around with this message at 23:11 on Jan 27, 2018

Dec 27, 2008

Are you budgeting anything for repairs? Any car in the $3k - $5k range will likely be higher mileage and need repairs within a year or so.

It's more important to find a car that's been well maintained rather than the car or brand in your budget.

Dec 27, 2008

Banana_Boy posted:

This is mostly just a thought experiment. I already have the right car for my situation. But damnit I can dream!

Currently driving a 2013 Prius, tons and tons of life left in it, only 93,000km (57,500 miles) on it. I do 680-860km a week for my work commute. Been doing this for a year. The drive itself is totally fine. Stress free, mostly doing 90-95 km/h on back roads. Thing is, as we all know, the Prius is loving boring.

I constantly find myself thinking what I could replace the Prius with; get a 3rd vehicle (wife drives a CX-5) I drive say once a week into work for fun? Get a Miata? Hot hatch? Who knows!

Any and all suggestions and thoughts are welcome, including the very, very obvious, donít do anything you idiot.

Proposed Budget: $1-$25,000 (CAD)
New or Used: likely used
Body Style: Iím open, though a backseat is preferred despite my mention of the Miata above
How will you be using the car?: commute
Do you prefer a luxury vehicle with all the gizmos? I like them but probably not what Iím looking for here. Aux in or blue tooth and Iíll get by
What aspects are most important to you? Fun then somewhat reliable and fuel efficient. Gas in Canadian fun bux ainít cheap so still needs to be a consideration considering how much I drive.

Just wondering, why do you want a backseat for your fun car?

Having an extra fun car is nice but it means another car you have to maintain and insure. Can you drive stick? Being able to drive stick or open to it gives you more options.

Do you have garage space? Getting something older, may require garage space since they'll rust away if you drive them in snow or have them outside. You're in Canada, which has more lax importing laws, so you could go nuts and import something from Japan.

Have you considered trading in the Prius for a more fun daily driver?


Dec 27, 2008

Your Loyal Vizier posted:

Picky fiance car hunt update: miracle of miracles, we've stretched the budget to $7k and she's actually considering a Subaru Forester. The catch is, she only likes the 2008 and earlier body style. I'm feeling better about this than say, a Sonic or Mini or Fiat, because even if it's older than I'd like it's still a Subaru. Is that legit, or am I just rationalizing because I want to be done with this?

For Subarus from that era, the headgasket, water pump, and timing belt should done around every ~100k. I wouldn't buy one without that done or without a price cut and expectation of getting that done.

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