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Aug 23, 2019

For mods click here | For genre recommendations click here | There's a FAQ section at the end of this post

Go here for news and patch notes (2.0)

There is a Cyberpunk RED thread in Traditional Games

Q: What are the highlights of 2.0?
  • New Police System
  • Vehicle Combat
  • Combat AI Enhancements
  • Netrunning Changes
  • New Perks and Skill Trees
  • Clothing are mostly cosmetic. Armor mainly through cyberware.
  • Better traffic behaviour
  • Enemy levels will scale to PC.
  • Weapon damage scales according to tiers.
  • Simplified crafting
  • Updated vendors. Will not sell quickhacks. Updated prices.
  • New radio stations
  • Updated UI looks and usability.
  • DLSS 3.5
  • And more
And the system requirements have been updated. You can find the new req. here:

Cyberpunk 2077 is an FPP Action Adventure with RPG mechanics in which you can talk to interesting people in interesting places and make decisions.

Decisions such as "should I shoot this enemy or incapacitate them?", and "maybe I should just stab this enemy instead", or perhaps "should I make this enemy shoot this other enemy?", and of course "am I a bad person if I make this enemy shoot themselves?".

You will make many such decisions throughout the game.

Everything we know about Cyberpunk 2077 | posted:

Cyberpunk 2077 is an open-world, action-adventure story set in Night City, a megalopolis obsessed with power, glamour and body modification. You play as V, a mercenary outlaw going after a one-of-a-kind implant that is the key to immortality. You can customize your character’s cyberware (in 11 slots; Frontal Cortex, Ocular System, Circulatory System, Immune System, Nervous System, Integumentary System, Operating System, Skeleton, Hands, Arms, and Legs), skillset and playstyle, and explore a vast city where the choices you make shape the story and the world around you.

Become a cyberpunk, an urban mercenary equipped with cybernetic enhancements and build your legend on the streets of Night City.

Enter the massive open world of Night City, a place that sets new standards in terms of visuals, complexity and depth.

Take the riskiest job of your life and go after a prototype implant that is the key to immortality.

In contrast to previous CD PROJEKT RED games, Cyberpunk 2077 is an FPP game. This lets you immerse yourself fully in the game’s world, and makes using all the weapons provided to your character much easier, and satisfying, to use.

The arsenal V can use in Cyberpunk 2077 is huge! Revolvers, machine guns, shotguns, pistols, knives, swords – you name it! 12 corporations produce weapons distributed on Night City’s streets – from top tier arms from Arasaka, to Rostovic products that almost anyone can afford. As for types of weaponry, you can choose from power weapons, tech weapons, smart weapons (with guided ammunition), and melee weapons (along with razor-sharp katanas). In many cases, once you’ll find your favorite arms’ type, it’s up to you to customize its parameters.

The same diversity applies to vehicles you’ll encounter in Night City. 12 car manufacturers will supply V with cars. This includes luxurious Herrera and Rayfield vehicles to middle-tier cars from ThorTon, and even small, cheap cars from Makigai. It’s already confirmed that one of the game’s best cars will be a 1977 Porsche 911 owned previously by Johnny Silverhand. Natural born rebels can chase the wind with motorcycles from Yaiba or Arch (a real-live company owned by Keanu Reeves). There are also military vehicles from Arasaka and Militech corporations, but getting behind the wheel of one of them may prove quite the challenge!

As we already mentioned, another one of Cyberpunk 2077's important features is cybernetic enhancements, which can turn your body into a killing machine. Cyberware can modify your character’s stats, with two important limitations – how much your body can take in, and how much your wallet can give out. Cyberware also gives our hero a gate to Braindance, a sort of personal version of the net. Thanks to it, you can not only indulge yourself in virtual reality pleasures but also access other people’s memories in extreme cases.

You mentioned something about being a cyberpunk. What's that about?

click image for larger version

Alright, so you're a cyberpunk, and you're in Night City. But where's that?

Well, before we go into that, it's probably better to talk a little bit about the world the game is set in.

Cyberpunk 2077 is based on Cyberpunk 2020 - a tabletop roleplaying game designed by Mike Pondsmith and sold by R Talsorian Games. The setting of Cyberpunk goes all the way from the start of the 20th century and up to the 2070's. That's a lot of lore to read about, but here I'll try to collect some highlights that I think are especially relevant to the game's story:

A selective timeline | posted:

• The Event known as The Collapse begins.

• The Fourth Corporate War begins.

• Nuclear device detonated in the Arasaka Towers facility, much of central Night City destroyed.
• Over a half million people are killed. Another quarter million die in the resulting aftermath.
• Arasaka forces expelled from continental US.
• Fourth Corporate War ends.
• NET shuts down.

• The Diaspora begins. Groups displaced from ruined cities set out to reclaim locations abandoned since the Collapse.

• Resettlement of Suburban Night City.
• Reestablishing of Nomad High Roads.
• Start of Night City Reconstruction.

• Netwatch attempts to clear out the R.A.B.I.D.S. fail, all major nodes into the old NET shutdown.
• Rebuilding of old factories and old tech begins to be replaced, New Corps begin to rise.
• Events of Cyberpunk Red take place.

• Oct.12: V is born

• Haiti officially abandoned after a series of vicious storms.

• Unification War starts

• Unification War ends by Free States signed a treaty known as the Treaty of Unification and Arasaka is welcomed back to Night City.

• The events of the game take place.

So that is the world the game takes place in. Now let's zoom in on Night City - a metropolis located in the Free State of Northern California:

click image for larger version

Let's take a closer look at the city's districts:

The World of Cyberpunk 2077 posted:

About fifty years ago this place was a ruined battlefield, still smoldering after the climax of the
Fourth Corporate War, when a nuke was detonated on floor 120 of the Arasaka Towers.
After years of rebuilding and reconstruction, City Center was restored to its former glory and
is once again the seat of Night City's financial and economic power.

Watson used to be a place to live and thrive. During the time of Rebuilding the Watson district had it all.

It all ended when Saburo Arasaka came back to Night City after the Unification War.
Saburo's lawyers and bankers finished off his competitors here--one and all.

That's when Watson changed. A lot of people became unemployed, and Arasaka took over the Watson Waterfront.

Heywood is a neighborhood of contrasts. The northern part is modern and well maintained.
Further to the south and east the district is visibly poorer and more dangerous. This is where
gangs like the Valentinos and 6th Street run their businesses - legal and illegal alike.

The idea was to make money on tourism. Investors poured massive sums into
a project in an attempt to turn the poor southern suburbs of Night City into
a booming tourist resort.

Then came 2069 and the Unification War... Most investors withdrew their funding
and abandoned Pacifica. This left thousands of people without a place to go.

Then, in an unprecedented act of civil initiative the Voodoo Boys unified the locals
to create a new Creole community in Pacifica.

These are the residences of the rich and powerful situated on the hillside of North Oak.
Charter Hill, the promised land for all ambitious mid-level corporate employees.
Lastly, Japantown, the entertainment center of Night City.

Parts of Westbrook adjacent to City Center suffered during the Nuke Incident in 2023, and
for the next twenty years crumbling skyscrapers haunted the landscape.

Then came the Rebuilding in 2040. Asian corporations began to erect new megabuildings,
restoring Japantown to its former glory.

Santo Domingo is one of Night City's oldest districts. Its unique location saved
it from destruction during the Fourth Corporate War.

Divided into two subdistricts, Arroyo and Rancho Coronado, Santo Domingo is
subject to constant change. Various corporations are continually buying and
selling land for new investements, and demolishing old factories and warehouses.
Construction sites are guarded by corporate security forces - supported by drones.

A district added in the Phantom Liberty expansion. Located between Santo Domingo and Pacifica [...]

Not an official district of Night City, the Badlands are home to the Nomads.

Nomads emerged as a seperate caste of society during the collpase at the end of the previous century. The global crises caused by worldwide financial meltdown had resulted in an estimated one quarter of the US population becoming homeless.
It was then that groups of refugess began to move from one city to another in search for a better life. These people eventually came to be known as Nomads.

The Nomads are divided into families, clans, tribes, and nations. Families can be as few as two people to as many as one hundred. A clan can range from a few hundred to over a thousand members. Tribes are much larges, consisting of several tens of thousands of people.
Nomads are expected to contribute to their society from a very early age.
Nomads today are divided into Seven Nations and Raffen Shiv. As the name suggests, the Seven Nations are comprised of seven different groups, each with a single respected leader. Raffen Shiv are outlaws and outcast from Nomad society, and do not form a single nation.
Robberies, ambushes, and raids performed by various Raffen Shiv gangs are often reported by victims as "Nomad attacks", and are the reason that innocent Nomads are sometimes greeted with a negative response.

Night City has many "factions". In this game the big guys are the corporations. Their influence is everywhere, and they can make life very difficult for anyone who crosses them. In Cyberpunk 2077 we'll be able to see:

click image(s) for larger version

But these are all faceless mega-conglomerates! What about the people?

click image(s) for larger version

Alright, alright. I get there's a lot of lore. What about the main character?

Everything we know about Cyberpunk 2077 | posted:

In Cyberpunk 2077, our hero is highly customizable. Apart from his or her appearance, along with details like eyes and hair color, body shape, or tattoos, we can select our character’s Lifepath from the three distinct options available. Our choice will not only affect the character’s stats and traits but also will give them a unique narrative background.

When you create your character you'll be able to choose between two body types (seen above).
V will be voiced by Gavin Drea, and by Cherami Leigh.
Your character's gender will be tied to the voice pack you take.

While creating your character you'll also be presented with a choice of lifepath to take:

click image for larger version

Your lifepath will determine where you start the game. It will also influence some conversations.

Everything we know about Cyberpunk 2077 | posted:

• If you choose the Nomad Lifepath, the hero will come to Night City from the polluted Badlands, where independence and resourcefulness are top qualities.
• If you decide on the Streetkid Lifepath, the main character will know more about life on Night City’s crime-infested streets.
• Finally, if your choice is the Corporate Lifepath, you’ll be skilled in the subtle art of intrigue, honed in the corridors of the Arasaka megacorporation.

When creating your character you will also have to decide how to distribute your points between the game's 5 main attributes;

Character Attributes Guide | posted:

The Body Attribute modifies Shotguns, Two-Handed, Melee, and Athletics skills.

The Intelligence Attribute modifies the Device Hacking and Target Hacking skills.

The Reflexes Attribute modifies Handguns, Rifles, and Blades skills.

Technical Ability
The Technical Ability Attribute modifies Crafting and Engineering skills.

The Cool Attribute modifies Assassination, Nerve, and Sniper Rifles skills.

For a full breakdown of Attributes/Skills/Perks:

And of course, you'll be able to cuztomize the looks of your character. In the game you will have the choice of:


6 skin types. 35 hairstyles. 17 eyes. 8 eyebrows. 17 mouths. 17 jaws. 17 ears. 9 cyberware. 10 scars. 7 facial tattoos. 12 piercing. 5 sets of teeth. 8 eye makeup. 6 lip makeup. 3 blemish types. 3 nipple types. 3 breast sizes. 5 body tattoos. 2 body scars. 2 penis types (or none). 3 penis sizes. 1 vagina type (or none). 5 pubic hair types.

Oh boy, that's a lot of options. You can also be a ken/barbie doll, if that's your thing.

The game's soundtrack is full of original songs specially made for the game. The OST is almost completely electronic.

The artists that we already know about are: A$AP Rocky, COS and CONWAY, Deadly Hunta, Gazelle Twin, Grimes, Ilan Rubin, Nina Kraviz, Rat Boy, Raney Shockne, Refused, Richard Devine, Run the Jewels, Tina Guo, HEALTH, Let’s Eat Grandma, Sophie, and Shygirl.

Refused will also be making the music for Keanu's character - Johnny Silverhand.

1, 2, 3

Some samples:

Q: What are the highlights of 2.0?
  • New Police System
  • Vehicle Combat
  • Combat AI Enhancements
  • Netrunning Changes
  • New Perks and Skill Trees
  • Clothing are mostly cosmetic. Armor mainly through cyberware.
  • Better traffic behaviour
  • Enemy levels will scale to PC.
  • Weapon damage scales according to tiers.
  • Simplified crafting
  • Updated vendors. Will not sell quickhacks. Updated prices.
  • New radio stations
  • Updated UI looks and usability.
  • DLSS 3.5
  • And more
If you want to revert to an older version of the game for w/e reason there are instructions here:

Phantom Liberty Details posted:

When to Start the Expansion posted:

Q: I know it's been asked before, probably a bunch, but to anyone posting still: When do we think the best time to do PL is?

Two more specific sub-questions on that. First off: I kinda remember hearing main game characters interact with PL. Is that right? Would it mean that if I jumped into it before having met, idk, Kerry or Panam that I'd miss some interactions? Secondly: I read some things that gave me the impression that the new ending comes at the end of PL, not at the end of the main game. That is, if you pick it you'll get a game over then and there instead of playing through the main game to the point of no return. Did I understand that correctly?

A: Phantom Liberty is open to you after finishing the Voodoo Boys quest in the base game. I think it's best to do in Act 3 but it can be done whenever.

There's two sidequests and a main quest that involves base game interactions. The two sidequests are limited to texting your friends (if you've finished their quests). The main quest that features base game characters only happens on one of PL's two branching endings, and it actually lets you contact multiple people to finish it, based on gigs and companion quests you've finished.

Apart from that there's a ton of little moments of reactivity sprinkled throughout the DLC depending on options you've chosen in the base game, but the three I've alluded to are the big ones. You can also call your friends and get some new dialogue telling them about your adventure in the DLC.

As for the ending, when the option presents itself, you can take it and finish the game regardless of how far along you are in other quests. It's a hard stop, smash cut to an ending option.

Q: What are the system requirements?

Q: How long is this game?

Q: Where can I buy this?
A: GOG | Steam | Humble | Epic | Playstation | XBox | Stadia (lol)

Q: Will [My PC] be able to run this?
A: Ask the guys over at Serious Hardware / Software Crap. Alternatively you could try (Can You Run It)

Q: Are there any guides?
Q: Can I do [X] on PC?
Q: I heard Keanu Reeves is in this?
A: Yup. He'll be playing Johnny Silverhand - a central character to the Cyberpunk series (the tabletop). Reading more on him may or may not contain spoilers for CP2077.

Q: Can I play this game in third person?
A: No. There is no official third person mode. But you can drive in third person.

Q: Can I respec my character?
A: Yes, via certain vendors.

Q: Is there a photo mode?
A: Yes.

Q: I like romance in my RPG's. Is there any?
A: Yes. You won't be able to romance every character though, since they have their own preferences and may reject you.

Q: What determines my character's gender?
A: Your gender will be determined by the voice pack you pick for V.

Q: Sex?
A: Sex

Q: Will I be able to customize vehicles?
A: Sadly, there is no (official) vehicle customization.

Q: I don't like all of this sex talk. Can I ignore it?
A: You don't have to romance anyone, and you can even create a character with no genitalia whatsoever.

Q: Can I play this with my kid?
A: The game is rated ESRB M, and PEGI 18.

Q: Can we pet the cats?
Q: I want to know more about the setting
Q: I don't like edginess or GTA, but I do like The Witcher 3. Will I like this game?
A: There's way more of The Witcher 3 in Cyberpunk 2077 than you've been told (PC Gamer)

Q: Skye or Angel?

Sources and cool stuff:
1. - The official site.
2. - wiki
3. - A fan made interactive map.
4. - All the Night City Wire.
5. - If you have problems with the game on PC, this site will probably have fixes.
9. - Most of the pictures in this post came from this book.
10. - These guys have free worldwide shipping.
11. - lol
12. - "And I haven’t even mentioned the Butt Plugs or Anal Beads – also lootable junk."

Sachant posted:

This is pretty cool, 3D map (with markers etc.) of Night City.

v1ld posted:

Chesapeake is an Iconic Smart SMG from the Amazon Prime tie in. It's great and you can keep it upgraded to the end of the game. Use a mod like this one to get it without loving around with Twitch and stuff: Phantom Liberty exclusive items

Or cut and paste this into the CET console to have all the extra drop items added to your inventory, includes Chesapeake
	Game.AddToInventory("Items.Twitch_Drop_Specs", 1)
	Game.AddToInventory("Items.Twitch_Drop_Vest", 1)
	Game.AddToInventory("Items.Twitch_Drop_Pants", 1)
	Game.AddToInventory("Items.Twitch_Drop_Boots", 1)
	Game.AddToInventory("Items.Preset_Ashura_Twitch", 1)
	Game.AddToInventory("Items.Preset_Warden_Amazon", 1)
	Game.AddToInventory("Items.Preset_Nekomata_Amazon", 1)
	Game.AddToInventory("Items.Preset_Kyubi_Amazon", 1) 
	Game.AddToInventory("Items.Preset_Grit_Amazon", 1)
	Game.AddToInventory("Items.Preset_Crusher_Amazon", 1) 
	Game.AddToInventory("Items.Preset_Ajax_Amazon", 1)

Comte de Saint-Germain posted:

Miles Tost talking about level design and the lessons we learned in his GDC talk from this year.

forest spirit posted:

Roundtable discussion with Josh Sawyer, Mike Laidlaw, Strix Beltran, Paweł Sasko, and Lis Moberly on RPGs


"Witcher 3 has so many loving tricks," Sasko said, explaining one in particular—the way it would often cut to black to stage scenes or transition between bits of a quest, letting the developers spawn or despawn objects, and change the weather or time of day. "Sometimes there's a scene of a guy behind a bar, and he's like, submerged waist-up to the terrain because we didn't have animation. So he's just sitting there. But he looks perfectly fine in that scene, and it looks like he actually matches and everything works.

"Then you look at Cyberpunk. No cuts, no black screens, you're 'in' V all the time. Staging is in-person. It got so incredibly more expensive to generate branches. Adding branches to Witcher 3 was so easy in comparison to Cyberpunk. This article really sparked that discussion."
The article about big budget RPGs

forest spirit posted:

I'm timestamping to a fun part:

Link to this guy's mod list:

For people asking for mods, the entirety of this video will give you plenty of ideas of where to start and the link means you can piecemeal out what you want.

sean10mm posted:

:siren: Cyberpunk Mod Reviews :siren:

2house2fly posted:

I'm only halfway through this video but it's a pretty cool essay on the narrative themes; there's so much talk online about the technical state of the game and the gameplay systems that I'm inclined to boost any talk about the story:

Farm Frenzy posted:

New Jason Schrier article about the games' development is a pretty good read. very classic story of how game development goes wrong

also this:

itry posted:

Somebody compiled a bunch of photos into a satellite-like map of the game area :stare:

Bronze Fonz posted:

Found this chart to be very useful for PC settings, shows performance cost each option has:

ughhhh posted:

Even Jacobin is in on it :argh:

It's actually a good article tho. Didn't think about capitalist realism (which both works well and is inevitable for the cyberpunk gaae) when thinking about choices and consequences presented to the player.

Comte de Saint-Germain posted:

We named all the quests after the "prologue" after song titles, mostly stuff we imagined that Johnny might have liked or been influenced by (and era appropriate to the alt-history). We made a few exceptions because of reasons (usually quest designer REALLY wanted a specific song, or the title was perfect and we were too exausted to keep looking).

Tidal (for jerks):

Not quite everything is on there, cause some songs aren't on streaming services, so we've also included a few covers and substitutions. Obviously minor spoilers for quest names.

That Italian Guy posted:

Doing a rough transcript of the spoilerfree Q/A from this super long video so that you don't have to go through 3h of it. I may miss some short Q/A here and there but it should be most of the content. Also, I'm going to skip Qs where the answer is "I don't know". I've skipped Q/A that were too spoilery for my taste, although I've included some very light spoilers under spoiler tags.


Wet Fifty posted:

The screen you get after trying to start the game after the PC preload. No spoilers.

itry fucked around with this message at 21:47 on May 28, 2024


Aug 23, 2019

Before using mods you should probably backup your saves and any original file.

The mods in this list were collected before the expansion, some even before 1.5, and may or may not work as-is.
The major mods got updated. If not updated, usually in the mods' comment sections there are mentions if they work or how to make them work (when possible).

General Links

• Want to change keybindings, disable TAA, force higher FOV, or just find out where your save files are? Try
• For mods:
• CheatEngine, Tables for CheatEngine


• If you want to add a specific item to your inventory you can try using Cyber Engine Tweaks (console commands), or Virtual Atelier (for clothing).

• If you're at the endgame but can't access the secret solo ending, you can force it by using Cyber Engine Tweaks. In the console paste the following line: Game.SetDebugFact("sq032_johnny_friend", 1)

• Manually add/spawn vehicles:

• If you want to turn off the wanted levels / crime prevention system, you can do so using the CET console:


• ArchiveXL, TweakXL

• Cyberscript Core - "CyberScript is a scripting framework written in Lua, using CET, to execute .json script." - Datapacks, Wiki.

• REDmod Wiki

• Redscript is a script compiler that can be integrated with the game and used to add/replace game scripts. Source code available through github.

• Cyber Engine Tweaks is a framework that a lot of mods use. Provides an in-game console. It also has a wiki:

• Virtual Atelier is a framework for adding virtual stores in-game for modded clothing items (With "an example shop with all clothing items in-game in files")

• If for some reason you need a save editor, there's Save Editor (Project CyberCAT-SimpleGUI), an offshoot of SirBitesalot's CyberCAT, an in-development save editor. This fork focuses on ease-of-use and, as the name implies, simplicity.

• WolvenKit: WolvenKit is the ultimate modding tool for Witcher 3 and Cyberpunk 2077 allowing you to edit the files of the game and add new ones.

• A list of all clothing with attached images and item ID's:

• Another resource for clothing and item ID's:

• For a list of INI values:


• FidelityFx Super Resolution 2.1 will "boost your FPS in Cyberpunk by replacing DLSS with FSR 2.1 which works on all GPUs."

• Adaptive Graphics Quality will "automatically switch graphics quality depending on the game context" using adjuastable presets.

• Settings Manager - "Save your game settings to presets, and switch between them anytime (Also with hotkeys)."

• Custom Crowd Density Optimization

• DeckTraffic - "Tweaked traffic for Steam Deck and low end."


• Auto Unequip Weapon Mods / Attachments When Selling Or Disassembling

• Quickhack Hotkeys - " and activate quickhacks with keyboard number hotkeys."

• FX Begone (Full Vignette Removal and Modular Effects Options)

• Disable vignette and-or sharpening

• Infinite Attribute Reset - REDmod (2.0 compatible)

• Find-EX - Text search codex / shards / quests / messages.

• flib's UI Improvements

• Purify The UI - "disable 2D ghosting, blur and 3D perspective shader effects"

• No More Hard-coded Keybinds - "Adds options to the key bindings menu for actions that are not able to be changed by default."

• Hide Read Shards "removes world placed shards which you have already read."

• Custom Quickslots for Consumables Grenades and Cyberware Abilities.

• Almost AutoLoot - "Loot everything in your line of sight, at the press of a button."

• Muted Markers "allows to tweak some interaction and loot markers visibility behavior."

• Annoy Me No More - modularly disable Landing Movement-Lock/Mantis Blades Finisher/Relic Malfunctions/Walk-Dont-Walk/Jump restrictions/Fall Damage, or Skip Call Dialogue/Spawn cops further away.

• InventoryMaid lets you configure filters to sell/disassemble Weapons, Armor and Junk.

• Smarter Scrapper "extends Scrapper perk logic to auto disassemble clothes, weapons, mods, grenades and healers depending on item quality (configurable)."

• Simplified Inventory - "Simplifies your inventory by automatically applying custom filters to: food, drinks, alcohol, junk, armor, weapon, mods, health items, and grenades." (see fixes in the posts section)

• Untrack quests: 1, 2

• Unequip Cyberware

• Unequip Mods

• Custom Map Markers

• Real Vendor Names - "Displays the actual names for vendors world map icons instead of generic type labels."

• Instant Disassembling and Crafting - "\Cyberpunk 2077\r6\config\inputContexts.xml" change.

• Toggle Quest Tags - "Toggle quest tag on items with right mouse button click, you may use it to prevent sell/drop/dismantle of your favorite gear."

• Mark To Sell - "Mark any item in your inventory as Junk."

• Bulk Disassemble Junk And Mark To Sell Items

• Instant Wardrobe - Removes the loading bar.


Gameplay/Difficulty Expansion/Overhaul

• SDO - Scissors Difficulty Options

• Enemies of Night City - "New stats, movesets, and animations" for enemies/bosses.

• Immersive Cyberpunk City - Modifies combat vs civillians/police. Various changes to loot and interactions.

• Stealthrunner - Stealth Gameplay Expansion (check the list of mod dependencies in the description)

• AI Netrunners Enhanced - "Improves enemy netrunners by adding a bunch of hacks (most are restored cut content) they can use on the player, and fixing some CDPR bugs that stop netrunners from hacking you some of the time."

• HARDCORE22 Realistic Combat Overhaul - Guns have no levels. HP is globally maxed at 100. More at the link.

• HARDCORE44 - A modified version of HARDCORE22

• Perks Overhaul - "Massively reworks the Cold Blood Tree, with other perk reworks for Assault, Annihilation, Crafting, and Stealth."

• JWL Cyberpunk BLACKWALL - Complete Gameplay Overhaul and Rebalance

• Damage Floor is "a combat damage mod that aims to enhance the vanilla experience without drastic changes."

• Level Scaling - Add NPC level scaling, set damage multipliers for NPCs and/or the player. Configurable.


• Stop spammers will block the car and apartment on-screen notifications.

• Simple Loot Icons will replace loot icons with simple circles.

• HUDitor allows the player to move & resize some of the main HUD widgets.

• Limited HUD "hides main HUD widgets by default and shows them only on certain events (configurable)."

• Do not Disturb Me moves calls from the middle of the screen to the right hand side.

• More UI and HUD colors

• Better Minimap

• Non-Hideable Hud Removal - "Hides various hud elements."


• Immersive First Person - "Improved body presence and free look."

• Vehicle Free(er) Look - "...changes the max and min camera pitch inside vehicles."

• Weapon FOV Mod - "Customize Weapons, Vehicles and World Camera Position / FOV individually"

• TPP MOD - WIP third person

• Draw Distance Boost - "Increases draw distance with a simple ini tweak."

• Eye Adaptation Auto Exposure Fix "let's you drive your vehicles in first person without going blind at daytime."

• No Camera Auto Centering



• No Paper Bags From Vending Machines - "Replaces vending machine paper bags with proper food/drink items."

• Wilson's Range - "...usable outside of the competition side quest. Includes 60s countdown and target hit counting/score."

• Megabuildings Expanded And Enhanced

• Immersive Bartenders

• Immersive Rippers "...Works for all of Night City's Rippers except for Vik who has his own mod, and Buck the Kabuki guy who works with scavs and should always be killed."

• Better Vending Machine Hacking - "Hacked Vending Machines drop their inventory"

• Hooligan - Vandalize vending machines for fun and profit.

• Immersive Driving "...changes acceleration to be more gradual..."

• Multilingual NPCs will let NPC's speak their native languages for a truly multi-lingual Cyberpunk experience, while V will speak your chosen language. Files are modular.

• Tyger Claws Speak Japanese

• Valentinos Speak Spanish

• Apartment Overhauls Nexus user ProximaDust has several mods to overhaul V's apartment.

• Extra Vehicle Controls adds Controls for Headlights On/Off, Headlights Brightness and Vehicle Windows Opened/Closed.

• GTA Travel "replaces the fast travel loading screens with realtime dynamic camera transitions."

• CyberTrucking World - "Ever wanted to become a delivery driver in the future?"

• Make A Living - Courier - "...delivering packages from one Drop Point to another Drop Point."

• Car Theft Mod - "Find one out of 30+ car models and bring them to a random location to earn some eddies and receive some rare items."

• Enhanced Police - "adds the possibility of being pursued by different police vehicles."

• Immersive First Person - "Improved body presence and free look."

• Metro System "adds a fully useable Metro System, with 19 explorable stations."

• Enhanced Weather "increases the number of weather changes in the game and adds more weather conditions."

• Sleeves - "Prevents sleeves auto roll up for long-sleeved clothes when first person perspective camera is active."

• Street Vendors - "This mod allows you to trade with most of the street vendors you will encounter in Night City."

• Lizzy's Bar Enhanced "...unlocks previously locked rooms/doors and also lets you purchase a room at lizzys bar."

• Chop Shops "adds places where you can sell stolen cars across the map."

• Basic Stock Market - "stock broker added as a phone contact."

• Stock Market and News System - "...dynamically reacts to quests and player action."

General Gameplay

• Night Vision Mod - "Adds a new "Night Vision" cyberware mod for the Kiroshi Optical cyberware, that can be purchased at selected ripperdocs."

• Grappling Hook

• System-EX - "Install Cyberdeck and Sandevistan / Berserk at the same time"

• Toggleable Cyberware (deactivate at will)

• Wannabe Edgerunner - A simple Cyberpsychosis mod

• Silent Silencers and Throwing Knives - "stops combat state from auto triggering ... enemies will still become alerted and look around for you."

• WE3D - Drugs of Night City "adds 23 drugs to the game..."

• Custom Level Cap

• Kiroshi Optics Expanded with "versions ranging from Common to Legendary featuring 1 to 5 mod slots in that respective order."

• Remove Quality Requirement for Clothing Mods

• No Auto Switching for thrown knives.

• Nano Drone "adds a purchaseable, upgradeable and useable Nano Drone to the game, that can be used for scouting out areas but also offensively."

• Remove Street Cred Requirements will remove all Street Cred requirements required for purchasing items.

• Respector is "for managing player builds in the form of spec files containing player experience, attributes, skills, perks, and equipment, with useful extra features."

• StreetStyle "adds depth to clothing by making your stylistic fashion choices directly interact with gameplay in meaningful ways.", with an optional disguises ("Mimicry") feature.

• Neu-ReSpec - "Respec / Manage attributes, perks and skills / Integrates into Hub menu."

• RipperDeck - "Manage your cyberware without visiting ripperdoc / Dispose unwanted cyberware / Integrates into Hub menu."

• Reduced Loot - "Removes or reduces drop chances for chosen loot categories from in-game containers, NPCs and world placed objects, highly configurable. "

• Better Netrunning - Hacking Reworked - "Makes netrunner gameplay more difficult by preventing quickhacks until the network is breached."

• ILLUMINATY - Wearable lightsource

• No Cyberware Requirements

• Weapon Roulette


• Drone Companions "adds a new type of Operating System to the game which allows for the crafting and control of companion Drones, Androids, and Mechs."

• Enhanced Craft "extends default crafting capabilities allowing you to choose clothes and weapons skins, plus weapons damage type and name while crafting."

• Scrap items/equipment to obtain recipes - If the recipe exists in-game it will be added to your list (does not include Iconic items).

• Crafting Quality of Life - "Re-craft Iconics... Craft mods at lower quality levels..."


• Ultimate Spreader - "Edit every (spreadable) quick hack's spread values, as well as bonus jumps after spreading."

• Breaching Breached - "...adjust Breaching to be harder or easier, or be automatically resolved"

• Breach Protocol Autosolver(s) - 1, 2.

Radio and TV

• RadioExt - "This framework mod allows for the easy addition of new vehicle radio stations."

• Improved Radio "allows full control over the in-game radio. Features include disabling individual songs on each radio station, skipping the current song and creating custom playlists of songs from any station that can be shuffled and saved."

• Pocket Radio - "Listen to Radio Stations on foot."

• External Radio - "Triggers external media player (such as Spotify or VLC) when entering and exiting cars."

• Mute Voices in tv ads

• Turn Off World TVs


• New Quest - Californication - "This new quest is/was an experiment in modding a whole new quest [...]"
• New Quest - One More Light

• Scavenger Hunt 1 - "Find all of the shards to unlock a new apartment." IMPORTANT: If you have Hide Read Shards installed, the shards will not spawn.

• Missing Persons - Fixer's Hidden Gems will add new fixer gig's with over 400+ new SMS messages to walk you through finding the "Hidden Gems" built into the vanilla game. They will be given one at a time by their respective district's fixer and provides a map waypoint to help find the goal. More info at the link.

• Sell Stolen Car Mod - Dakota gigs. Keep cars. Paintshops.


• Let There Be Flight "enables a configurable flight system for all vehicles with custom thruster models, visual & sound effects, and animations."

• Car Modification Shop will let you modify your favourite vehicles, all in a physical location with native UI.

• Vehicle Combat "enables the player to use weapons while driving and overhauls the police system to create frequent vehicle chases and combat."

• Vehicle Customizer "allows you to swap around alternate appearances on your player owned vehicles."

• Better Vehicle First Person - customize "vehicle first-person driving experience with presets."

• 95' McLaren F1 - "add-on vehicle, no replacement required"

Guns and Armor

• Auto Scaling Weapons and Armor

• The Edgerunner Bazaar adds a "menu to be used with CET to upgrade/downgrade weapon, clothing & mod rarity/level", and more at the link.

• Wear What You Want lets you move mods around and add slots to armors.

• Always First Equip - "Repeats firstEquip animation each time you equip your weapon or press a hotkey. Allows to trigger additional weapon inspection animations: IdleBreak and SafeAction. Highly configurable."

• (Simple) First Equip Animation - "Always play the first equip animation when drawing a weapon [but only] while out of combat."

• All Drops Legendary

• Simple Vendor Expansion - "Uncaps vendor inventories and greatly expands the number of items they have."

• Better Vendors - Vendors will have larger and expended stock, and will have unlimited eddies. Has 3 presets.

Fun With Objects

• Companion mod is "a simple companion mod, makes the target follow you as a companion upon button press."

• Object Spawner "lets you spawn anything from a list of over 16k objects."

• Object Appearance Changer - "Swap NPC, car, vending machine (etc.) appearance presets."

• Entity Inspector - "An inspector tool created for inspecting/editing entities in Cyberpunk 2077."

• Open Sesame - "Press E to open Locked Doors and Cars", also Kill NPCs and blow up cars.

Cheats and Glitches

• GodMode - Edit various PC stats through an in-game menu.

• Str8up Menu "with useful features and cheats: GodMode, NoClip, Item Loadouts, Custom Warps, TP to Quest, Favorite Items, Freeze Time, No Fall, and more."

• Simple Menu - "A user interface that provides gameplay, cheat and utility features to be executed by a press of a button. Also includes hotkey functionality."

• Restore Slide Fall Glitch

• Restore Kerenzikov Dodge and pre-1.3 movement

• Suppressor Ricochet Restored

• Easier Roach Race

• Remove Roach Race Highscores

Photomode Stuff

• Appearance Menu Mod - "Spawn Companions. Change Appearances. Decorate Your House. Direct Your Actors."

• Photo Mode Unlocker - "A Photo Mode overhaul and framework that removes most restrictions, adds new features and poses."

Fashion Stuff and Texture Swaps

• Cat Replacers for Nibbles - "Replace Nibbles and the generic world cats."
• Nexus user 'deceptious' is adding cats to every apartment.

• 4K Trees and Vegetation
• 4K Newspapers
• Upscaled Textures

• EQUIP MULTI SLOT will allow you to equip more than one item in clothing slots.

• A Trip 2 The Moon - "A Trip 2 The Moon, moon"
• Death Star Moon

• Cloud Strife's Buster Sword
• Flamingo Weapons - Baton and Katana

• All Vanilla Clothes Atelier Store
• Black and Gold Netrunner Jumpsuit
• Daft Punk Helmets
• Judy's overalls for female V - with physics
• Arasaka Ninja Clothes
• Trauma Team Set
• E3 Femme V Leather Pants
• Better Timeworn Trenchcoat
• NPC Dress for V - various colors.
• Jackie's Jacket for Fem V - REFIT
• River's Jacket With Colors
• Heels for Male V
• Modular Jewelry Collection - Necklaces and Chokers
• Fresh Kicks - Clean vanilla Converse-style shoes.
• Denim Warehouse

• Custom Yaiba
• Yaiba Kusanagi - Neon Rims
• Porsche Paintjobs
• ARCH Nazarι and Yaiba Kusanagi Reskins
• STAR WARS Speeder Bike

• Alt's cyberware hand with Evelyn's golden fingertips
• Battle Angel Alita inspired arms - For female V.
• Arasaka Cyberarms - "...many skins to choose from, for all cyberarms"
• CyberArms Collection
• Cyber Arm Emporium

• Tarot Tattoos
• Gang Tats

• Hairstyle collections: 1, 2, 3
• Custom Hairstyle - The Major
• Yennefer's Hair

• Blade Runner - Pris Complexion - "Replaces face complexion Nr. 1"
• Chrome Female V
• Ciri Swap for V
• Droid Swap for V MultiColor
• Droid Heavy Swap for V Factions
• Yennefer of Vengerberg
• Adam Smasher Swap for V
• E3 V, E3 V (Upscaled)

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Aug 23, 2019

Because people kept asking for recommendations in the last thread - here's a goon recommendations list of cyberpunk (and cp adjacent) genre movies/tv/books/comics/manga, some with goon reviews attached.

If you don't care for recommendations, there's a broad list of cyberpunk works on wikipedia.


• Akira (Anime)
• Altered Carbon: Reesleeved (Netflix Anime):

Spuckuk posted:

I'd really recommend Altered Carbon: Resleeved in particular, the standalone animated movie, it's VERY CP2077 in looks and execution, even moreso than the TV show imho.
• Blade Runner (1982)
• Blade Runner 2049
• Dredd (2012):

Shoehead posted:

The role Karl Urban's chin was born to play.
• Elevator to the Gallows
• Escape from New York
• Ghost in the Shell (1995)
• Hardware:

Shoehead posted:

Guy buys some weird scavenged robot parts from a junk vendor for his artist girlfriend to use and... uh it goes really well.
• Johnny Mnemonic
• Split Second:

Shoehead posted:

Ok this movie sucks but its got Rutger Hauer and Kim Cattrall and all Hauer does is smoke and ingest coffee and it's all on youtube
• Tetsuo: The Iron Man:

Mantis42 posted:

Tetsuo is about a guy who gets infected with this living metal organism and goes full cyberpsycho. Think of it as less of a robot and more like a tangled mass of metal and wires jutting out of human body and you'll understand why this is a famously grotesque film. Like if Adam Smasher was cobbled together by the people on Junkyard Wars. A really silly and relatively brief Japanese indie film on a small budget.
• The Matrix
• The Animatrix (Animated) (Shorts collection)
• The Thirteenth Floor
• Upgrade:

Shoehead posted:

A paraplegic man is given an experimental nerve-chip that allows him to walk again and starts using it's help (with it's AI assistant) to investigate the mugging that injured him.
• Strange Days:

CobiWann posted:

I'd recommend Strange Days as well. It gives off the "high tech/low life" vibe very well mixed with police corruption.
• Videodrome:

Mantis42 posted:

Videodrome is about a pirate snuff channel that alters your mind's eye and the rebel new flesh that seeks to overthrow it. Does Jean Baudrillard better than The Matrix and completely by coincidence, having been written concurrently with Simulacra and Simulation.

Graphic Novels

• Akira (Manga)
• Appleseed (Manga) (There's also an anime adaptation)
• Ghost in the Shell (Manga)

Novels and short stories

• Altered Carbon (Takeshi Kovacs trilogy)
• Axiomatic (short story collection)
• Brave New World
• The Bridge trilogy
• Burning Chrome (short story collection)
• Distraction - A Bruce Sterling novel. Appears to be out of print, so it'll have to be :filez::

Simone Magus posted:

Most cyberpunk writers get hyper focused on the neon, the grime, the transhumanism - all good stuff - but only Gibson, Sterling and a few others get the details which, for me, make the setting appealing.

doingitwrong posted:

In all the chat about what to read, I’m surprised not to see much mention of Bruce Sterling, “the other cyberpunk guy” who has a standing slot at SxSW as a kind of uncle figure for weird Wired tech.

Islands in the Net is a classic. Distraction is my favourite.
• Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep? - Inspired Blade Runner

2house2fly posted:

I reread Do Androids Dream and it absolutely rules. I'm so mad at ~23 year old me for not liking it because Deckard just shoots Roy Baty mid-paragraph instead of having a climactic rooftop chase and tearjerking monologue. Read it if you haven't for some wonderful (albeit depressing) vibes
• Hardwired - One of the inspirations for Cyberpunk 2020
• Islands in the Net
• Johnny Mnemonic (short story)
• Neuromancer (part of the Sprawl Trilogy)
• Permutation City
• Schismatrix
• Simulacron-3
• Snow Crash:

Son of Rodney posted:

I only read snow crash from Stephenson and I distinctly had the impression that I was reading a kind of comedic tribute to Gibson and the genre. It was so tongue in cheek and over the top that I never got the idea that people would see it as a serious novel. The main guy is named hiro protagonist and delivers pizza in a batmobile for an Italian mafia boss who's name is papa Giovanni or something. That's like fanfic level of plot points.

Simone Magus posted:

Snow Crash is of-course a parody, but it is still pretty... bad. There's juvenile fun to be had there, sure. Just be prepared to cringe a lot.
• The Diamond Age
• The Peripheral
• The Stars My Destination
• The Quantum Thief
• Ubik
• Voice of the Whirlwind
• We Can Remember It for You Wholesale (short story)


• Ζon Flux (Animated)
• Akudama Drive (Anime):

Spuckuk posted:

If you need a really ott, cyberpunk in mostly aesthetic only, ultimately fun show, the anime Akudama Drive thats airing right now might do you.
• Altered Carbon, (TVIV Thread), (Netflix TV series)
• Armitage III (Anime)
• Battle Angel, (ADTRW Thread) (Anime)
• Cowboy Bebop (Anime) - Not cyberpunk per se, but it has some of the themes.
• Cyber City Oedo 808 (Photosensitivity Warning) (Anime)
• Edgerunners - A Cyberpunk 2077 tie-in, made by Studio Trigger. (ADTRW Thread) (Netflix Anime)
• Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex (Anime)
• Kill Switch - An X-Files episode co-written by William Gibson
• Mr. Robot
• Person of Interest:

Spuckuk posted:

Person of Interest is lighter on the scifi stuff but does a great job of portraying a runner group (and dystopian as heck)
• Psycho Pass, (ADTRW Thread) (Anime)
• Texhnolyze (Anime)
• Total Recall 2070 (1999 show):

Splorange posted:

Since this thread keeps firing neurons that connect to related media and speaking of that cop quest: I remember Total Recall 2070 as being a fairly compelling tv show that lasted only one season.

I don't know if you can get hold of it now and I fear that it might turn out to be garbage that doesn't hold up in 2020. But I think it did have an overarching plot and a really nice aesthetic.

I do remember the main actor being a poor man's David Duchovny as in; could easily have been doing soft porn before this gig.

Video Games (check The Great Games Index for threads)

• Beneath a Steel Sky (it's free on GOG), and recent sequel Beyond a Steel Sky; (Adventure Games Megathread)
• Blade Runner (1997)
• Cloudpunk; (Games Thread):

Axel Serenity posted:

I made a video awhile back about some of my favorite futuristic/cyberpunk games to play while waiting if we're looking at recommendations.

Was pleasantly surprised by Cloudpunk, even though it might be a bit too chill for some people.
• Encodya P&C
• Deus Ex; (Games Thread)
• Deus Ex: Human Revolution
• Deux Ex: Mankind Divided
• Gamedec Be a game detective for games:

Phenotype posted:

I just rolled credits on Gamedec, and I think it was a pretty good ride all the way through. The gimmick is that in the cyberpunk dystopia, people spend entire days jacked into VR and you're a private detective who solves cases that intersect with VR worlds. And the detective stuff is pretty good! Lots of fairly three-dimensional characters, lots of clues to find, lots of stuff that you'll read and it ticks over in your head and you're like "ohhh poo poo", a deduction mechanic where you have to commit to your theory of what happened or whodunnit. As far as the narrative, I don't think it "flubs it" at all -- some of the twists were a little predictable but in a well-foreshadowed, purposeful sort of way, y'know? You don't say "how predictable" when someone gets shot with the gun that's been on the mantle the whole time. And it still shocked me quite a few times, too! Definitely worth looking at if you're at all interested in Cyberpunk or Disco Elysium style games.
• Ghostrunner
• Mechajammer Retro TB cRPG
• Observer
• Prey (2017); (Games Thread)

Basic Chunnel posted:

I'll keep banging this drum but Prey is a cyberpunk game in which you are an Arasaka scion
• Ruiner Twin-Stick Shooter
• Shadowrun Returns and its two subsequent sequels (Dragonfall and Hong Kong)
• Stray Be a cat; (Games Thread)
• Syndicate (1993)
• Technobabylon (Goon-made)
• The Ascent

• Nivalis; sim game, being made by the Cloudpunk dev.

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Blue Raider
Sep 2, 2006

Good writeup, here's to running around aimlessly in the wasteland.

Mar 29, 2007

Locked and loaded for some crushing disappointment!

Mar 19, 2007



Pretty hyped since I managed to build a computer decent enough for this.

Not godly ray tracing or whatever but should play smoothly.

Dec 2, 2009

Oh god, not again.

Thank god we're free of the other thread

Apr 21, 2008
Hot drat, a nice, full-bodied OP. Just a couple more days!

Red Alert 2 Yuris Revenge
May 8, 2006

"My brain is amazing! It's full of wrinkles, and... Uh... Wait... What am I trying to say?"
dang this game has more threads than gameplay reveals

Jun 6, 2006

Reassisted Retrogression
I can't wait for the DLC!

(dick length content)

The Last Call
Sep 9, 2011

Rehabilitating sinner
A hell of an OP, great job, you did beyond imagination.

Feb 14, 2007

something to play while waiting:

Feb 14, 2012

Im glad my instant dislike in you has been validated again and again.
i am ready for a enjoyable/good if buggy time. can't wait to play green haired/puss peepered redeedmed corpo V and cut up some corpos with Neo.

also loving amazing OT.

Mar 19, 2007



I just hope the story is, you know, actually punk instead of just a neon shooter RPG.

Aug 23, 2019

Dapper_Swindler posted:

i am ready for a enjoyable/good if buggy time. can't wait to play green haired/puss peepered redeedmed corpo V and cut up some corpos with Neo.

also loving amazing OT.

The Last Call posted:

A hell of an OP, great job, you did beyond imagination.

Thanks :)

kloa posted:

something to play while waiting:

Added to OP. I'll blame you if anything bad happens.

Toxic Fart Syndrome
Jul 2, 2006

*hits A-THREAD-5*

Only 3.6 Roentgoons per hour ... not great, not terrible.

...the meter only goes to 3.6...

Pork Pro
I'm really excited for this and will have almost two weeks uninterrupted to enjoy it! :shobon:

Jul 27, 2013
Nice OP. I am excited for this game like a kid excited for Christmas.

Feb 14, 2012

Im glad my instant dislike in you has been validated again and again.
so when are reviews hitting? i heard the 7th or 8th?

also exclusive corpo gameplay.

Funky See Funky Do
Aug 20, 2013
Yay nomad wins. My thinking is that since I don't know much about the setting and the focus is the city choosing a path where I'm coming in as an outsider would be best for a first run.

rap music
Mar 11, 2006

good op, op

thank you for your service

Aug 11, 2008

Lipstick Apathy

Aug 23, 2019

Funky See Funky Do posted:

Yay nomad wins. My thinking is that since I don't know much about the setting and the focus is the city choosing a path where I'm coming in as an outsider would be best for a first run.

Yeah, same here. Even though I'm sure I'll be taking the other two on consecutive playthroughs.

Apr 27, 2011

Is Penis 3 a GameStop exclusive?

Oct 26, 2002

They tapdance not, neither do they fart
So consoles get it like 5-8 hours later than PC and Stadia?

Suck it console owners, Stadia is more important than you.

Toxic Fart Syndrome
Jul 2, 2006

*hits A-THREAD-5*

Only 3.6 Roentgoons per hour ... not great, not terrible.

...the meter only goes to 3.6...

Pork Pro

Sachant posted:

Is Penis 3 a GameStop exclusive?

I was leaning towards Nomad, since that seems like a good start learning Night City with the character. But now I'm thinking a Corpo, used to the ~good life~ and thrown into the slums may be more of a fish-out-of-water...

So I think I'll try Corpo, then Nomad, and finally take all of that knowledge for a Street Kid final run! :woop:

Sachant posted:

Is Penis 3 a GameStop exclusive?


Sep 10, 2010

OP, whenever the spoiler thread goes up, can you add that to the OP too?

Thanks OP + nice thread

Jun 23, 2008
Good work on the o.p.

I am hyped both for the game and the nerd rage that will accompany it.

Aug 23, 2019

ShallNoiseUpon posted:

OP, whenever the spoiler thread goes up, can you add that to the OP too?

Thanks OP + nice thread

Sure thing

punk rebel ecks
Dec 11, 2010

A shitty post? This calls for a dance of deduction.
Imagine if this game turns out bad. lol

Sep 23, 2007

Great work can’t wait for this game.

Back Hack
Jan 17, 2010

Dapper_Swindler posted:

the rockateer is a loving amazing movie and i am glad someone else remembers that scene too.

You can't talk about the Rocketeer without post it's amazing movie poster. :argh:

The Gadfly
Sep 23, 2012
I'll take the over on 180 dildos in this game

Jul 22, 2008

It's bananas to think we're less than a week away from playing the game. Here's hoping it's good!

DC Murderverse
Nov 10, 2016

"Tell that to Zod's snapped neck!"

I cannot wait to download 100GB to play a game that I bought on disc on its day of release

Darth Walrus
Feb 13, 2012
Definitely in this for Corpo (puts you right in the middle of the game's main plot, immerses you in all the cool futuristic technology of the setting, and offers plenty of fun fish-out-of-water options when you get tossed onto the street), and still interested to see how feasible (and playable) full wizard builds end up being. Why play a cyberpunk game where you're mostly using your own primitive meat-sleeve to fight people?

Zeta Acosta
Dec 16, 2019

what would be faster on steam: preload and unpacking on the ssd or downloading the game release day?

nice thread

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Sep 10, 2010


DC Murderverse posted:

I cannot wait to download 100GB to play a game that I bought on disc on its day of release

Good thing it's out at the start of the month so it can chew through entire data caps

Feb 14, 2012

Im glad my instant dislike in you has been validated again and again.

Darth Walrus posted:

Definitely in this for Corpo (puts you right in the middle of the game's main plot, immerses you in all the cool futuristic technology of the setting, and offers plenty of fun fish-out-of-water options when you get tossed onto the street), and still interested to see how feasible (and playable) full wizard builds end up being. Why play a cyberpunk game where you're mostly using your own primitive meat-sleeve to fight people?

i am more curious how much you can gently caress corpos over with your knowledge, we already know you can do it with the flathead quests.

Jul 7, 2011

Actually you owe me 6! But who's countin?

Corpo with dicks out 24/7


DC Murderverse
Nov 10, 2016

"Tell that to Zod's snapped neck!"

ShallNoiseUpon posted:

Good thing it's out at the start of the month so it can chew through entire data caps

my new month literally starts on the 13th so once it flips over to midnight EST I'm gonna drain the data of like a third of the devices on my data plan (my home internet is through my wireless provider because living outside city limits means that those rear end in a top hat ISPs don't give a single poo poo about you)

internet is a right folks

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